7 Times the ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Cast Got Kicked Out Of Bars 🍺 | MTV Ranked

– [Candace] I don’t even think Kortni knew who she was fighting but Kortni decide, who we hitting, and just swing. (people yelling) – I’ll (bleep) you up, bitch! I will (bleep) you up! (bleep), bitch! Yeah, run this way, hoe, I will knock you out! (man yelling) – [Aimee] Hey, we might get in […]


Say hi! Say hi guys! Say welcome to our channel! Say flowers! Say trees! Say water! water! And yeah, welcome! Say, welcome everyone! Oh, you said “again”! Again! Again! You are speaking swahili Again! Should I repeat again? Hello, people, Farook is greeting you all. Farook you really make me happy. How are the plantains? […]

Dollar Tree DIY Birthday Party Decor | Broadway Theme Party Ideas | DIY Party Centerpieces

hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new to my channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button to see more home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a Broadway theme party centerpiece and setup here we go I popular the minute I give […]

Surf’s Up, Mickey! 🏄‍♂️ | Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog Tales | Disney Junior

[barking] Hot dog! Isn’t the beach awesome? [barking] [seals barking] [Mickey] Wow! Pluto, how about we learn to surf? -Together! -Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! [laughs] Surf’s up! [both barking] [grunting] Ooh! Yah! Huh. Boy, water sure is wobbly. [both barking] [fanfare] Ah! So that’s how you stand up! You crouch down low, up with your tush. […]

YAAS QUEEN! 👠 Let’s Get The Party Started | Divina stands up for Veronica – All Together Now

MUSIC: This Is Me from The Greatest Showman I’ve only been here two minutes. You’re going to air me bumping into that microphone, aren’t you? It may come as a bit of a surprise to a few of you that, erm, I’m not a real woman. Growing up, I was just Kevin, but about 13 […]