How to make Star Wars birthday party food – BB8 muddy buddies – The Force Awakens party

Hi, I’m Ashlee Marie and today we’re making bb8 muddy buddies. Let’s get started. Now the bb8 buddies are basically just your regular muddy buddies, so they’re super easy to make with two cups of chocolate chips, a cube of butter and a cup of peanut butter. Now microwave it for about 60 seconds. And […]

Apricot Crumb Bars

>>Howard: Nothing seems to warm up our kitchen, or our hearts, better than a homemade right-out-of- the-oven dessert… and who better to help me than my good friend, J.M. Hirsch, welcome!>>JM: Thank you!>>Howard: a self-proclaimed dorky dad and the food editor at The Associated Press. Welcome back …>>JM: Thank you so much. You know, I […]