Teaming Up with T-Pain | Bar Rescue Sneak Peek

Teaming Up with T-Pain | Bar Rescue Sneak Peek

So I have an important friend
to help me. T-Pain is here
to do recon with me. Joining Jon for recon
is Grammy award-winning
artist T-Pain. With over 15 years
in the music industry, he has a history of investing in unique startups
around the country. T-Pain possess a sixth sense
to help unearth the problems haunting Sactown. So look at this,
this is Old Town Sacramento. About 3.9 million tourists
come here. Spend almost
$4 billion a year. Oh, wow. The bar we’re going to
is called Sactown. This is it, man.
You’re looking at it. – So this bar was opened by
Chris three years ago.
– Okay. I love you guys
like a third cousin. He opens up this sports bar. They now have about
$300,000 into it. – Guy’s losing
8 grand a month.
– Ooh. And he has enough money
to make it about two months. – Mm.
– So here’s what I did. I got about 40 people. – They’re standing
around a corner.
– Okay. – We’re gonna put on these hats.
– Oh, we going in spy style! – We’re gonna walk in
that line incognito.
– Yeah. And let’s experience this place
from the inside. All right, cool, cool.
I’m following you. Jon and I are gonna do
recon together. I think it’s gonna be great. I have no fears except for,
you know, raw food. I’m not real good
with raw food. Not looking forward
to that part. But let’s do it! Just get– just go in. Like nothing ever happened. Oh, my gosh. ( bleep ) Come on in.
It just got crowded. Ow! Welcome to our
very quiet bar. – Thank you.
– Yeah. We’ll be right with you guys. – Big place.
– It is huge. Sactown,
a 9,600 square-foot space, is divided into
two large upstairs rooms– one used as a main dining room, the other holding a large bar
with three wells, 40 taps,
and tabletop seating. Below the main level
is the kitchen– haunted by the spirits
of old Sacramento. You know what’s interesting? – This is old
historic Sacramento.
– Right. – This is sort of a
historic-looking building.
– Absolutely. Look at this
sports memorabilia. “Sports bar” is the most
popular concept in America. – Right, right.
– There’s thousands of ’em
in every city. – A lot. Yeah, I get that.
– So, if this is
a tourist neighborhood, and you came here
with your family, you’d wanna do stuff
that was indigenous to here. – Right? You’re in
a historic neighborhood.
– Absolutely. No question.
Yeah, I wanna see
all Sacramento. Hey, guys? What do you wanna try, buddy? – I’m gonna try the wings.
– Sure. Definitely wanna try
the New York steaks. A French dip as well. – Yeah.
– What’s your favorite drink? Should we try one of each,
see if we like ’em? – Yeah, I’m down with that.
– All right. – Did you know that
T-Pain’s here?
– Where? He came with Jon Taffer. Danielle:
Shut up! Stop. Shay: He is!
He’s right there.
I see him! – My– my–
– What? – My ( bleep ) is like–
– “Where’s baby daddy? Wait, did he leave already? Where’d he go?” Who wants to eat
a sandwich like this? It’s not ( bleep ) melted
for shit. – Did you serve it?
– Ricardo brought it up to me. Like, I already knew
no one wants to eat it. Why is everybody
so freaked out? Guys, no–
they don’t wanna eat this. It’s not melted enough.
They need it melted. Just make it again.
( bleep ) make a new one. It’s ( bleep ) bullshit, man. – Chris: You all right?
– I’m ( bleep ) pissed. Well, you seem flustered, but… It’s not funny, bro.
I’m very frustrated. When I partnered up with Chris, Crystal was the kitchen manager that Chris already
had here in place. She’s not cutting it, man. It’s a grilled cheese. Something so simple
my kid can do it. All right,
that’s the New York steak. – Okay.
– And that’s the French dip. – It’s very popular here.
– All right. We should probably toast
before we eat this. – ‘Cause we may never
live to toast again.
– Absolutely. It was good knowing you, man. – Holy shit.
– Oh, man. Okay, what’s in this thing? Jon, I can’t lie, man,
I think I’m drunk. T-Pain: Oh, my God. I was expecting a completely
different taste. It was just mostly alcohol, and at that point, I could be
drunk really quickly. Jon:
Does that look good to you? I think they could’ve
brought in just a live cow and put it on the table,
and I think it would’ve been
about in the same area. Look at this, Pain. – You don’t?
– You don’t recommend the food. How come?
What did you have? – So it was sort of
like this one.
– Woman: Exactly. You gotta–
oh, come on, Jon. I mean, look at this. This is not
what a French dip is. Jon, you gotta stop. Jesus. Got the wings here. I’m gonna tell you now, Jon.
I’m serious about my wings. I’m very serious
about my wings. If these wings are wrong,
we may have to leave. Well, let’s see
what you got, man.
Let’s see what you get. Man. The wings came undercooked.
The skin was rubbery. It wasn’t breaking off. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to have in your hand. – Can I ask you a question?
– Sure. Is there a cook or
a kitchen manager or somebody? Yeah, let me take that
to show them and– – No, leave this here
and have him come up, okay?
– Sure. – Thank you.
– That’ll be the better part. – Ricardo,
a table’s looking for you.
– Yes, sir? – What table?
– And it’s the guy. – The guy?
– That guy. ( bleep ) – How you doing?
– Not too bad. Would you wanna eat that? – No, sir.
– Would you wanna eat that? – No, sir.
– Why not? It doesn’t look appealing.
It doesn’t look appetizing. – Where is Chris the owner?
Is the owner here?
– Yes, he’s here. This is not the experience
I wanted Jon to have tonight. This is ( bleep ) embarrassing. – What?
– He’s there, bro. – Huh?
– He’s sitting right there. – Who is? Where?
– Jon Taffer. Are you ( bleep ) serious,
Chris? – Really? Oh, my God.
– Are you that– Oh, crap, here we go. My heart just kind of sank and I’m literally just waiting
for the explosion to go off. Ricardo:
In the middle, bro. Oh, shit. Not good. Holy shit. I’ve been walking
around the whole night and I didn’t see him. Welcome to our
very quiet bar. – Thank you.
– Yeah. Oh, crap. So, clearly my blinders
are on, right? Hi this is John tapper. Click here to suscribe to
Paramount Network on youtube. For more Bar Rescue.

41 thoughts on “Teaming Up with T-Pain | Bar Rescue Sneak Peek

  1. I could tell the food was gonna be shitty by the look of the fries. Anytime I go somewhere and the fries look like that I think cheap food

  2. Hes frustrated but wont go to the stove and make the shit right himself? Fucking idiot. He needs to get out the kitchen as much as the bitch who cant cook a grilled cheese lol

  3. I used to spend a lot of time in old sac and I’ve had lunch at F.A.T.S City, which is in the background outside. I’ve never even heard of this place. Would love to check out the Bar after Taffers done with it

  4. It’s not the bar it’s actually where the bar is located lmao . I live here and where they’re located sucks . Yeah it’s in old sac but nobody really going out there for the bar lmao

  5. I didn't really like Tpain that much until I saw him on the Masked Singer. He told his story that when he came on the scene everyone only wanted to hire him to do his auto-tune thing. but really he is a super talented singer. I have respect for this guy now

  6. I was the first employee to jump ship at this place! They bit off way more than they could chew. The original owner left an now Chris was left alone to handle this place. So glad I left. 10 hr shifts no break no bathroom breaks. Making mayonaise every day cutting frys it was a waste of time and money. The original cook had that place poppin.

  7. At least 1 person from the establishment was trying to take his job serious and with pride . Sadly he has a piss poor owner that obviously doesn't support him , the rest of the staff, or the bar itself.

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