TESTING TASTY Buzzfeed Recipes || PARTY FOOD Edition: Were They Any Good?!

TESTING TASTY Buzzfeed Recipes || PARTY FOOD Edition: Were They Any Good?!

All right guys who’s ready to party? Oh you’re not? yet ima stay. Unless that party is mario party. Hello everyone I’m here today to share with you guys a new tasty tested And today we’re going to be testing out some Party recipes and I don’t care what kind of party it is it could be a party of one but I have three different recipes here that I want to play around with and test out and See if they’re any good how easy they are to assemble and if they look like they do in the actual video So, we’ll see how much magic there is behind the camera. But I hope you guys enjoyed this video Give it a big thumbs up if you do and make sure you are Subscribed so you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday and you can check out my playlist where I’ve done a bunch of other Tasty tested videos if you are interested, and now without further ado, let’s get into this So the first recipe I want to test out is a classic it is a party food ring now And I say classic saying that I’ve never made one before. It’s it’s a thing people do right? And the one that I’m gonna be testing out is a buffalo chicken one It has like the little crescent rolls and you like wrap it over so it’s like in a wreath form So we’re gonna see if it works We’re gonna see how easy it is to eat if it is Cuttable and like dipable and all that stuff It actually if it tastes good cuz like obviously that’s numero uno So the first thing that I need to do is I-I need a bowl and in said bowl I’m gonna put in some softened cream cheese and then to it I’m gonna add a hot it says hot sauce I’m using like a buffalo ketchup, which is kind of the same ” its not the same thing” What I’m trying to say is I don’t like things to be super hot. So this is like a milder version mix that together until its smooth cannot stress enough how important it is that the cream cheese be softened This would be a disaster if it wasn’t and then into the cream cheese, I’m gonna mix in some rotisserie chicken This is two cups two and a half cups worth and a cup of shredded Monterey Jack cheese Mix this all together until you get a mixture that looks like this not super appetizing looking but thats fine now to do the ring part of it. So I have a tray like a lined Tray down and I have a bowl of mozzarella which they seem to have planted firmly in the middle and then I’m gonna take these little crescent rolls things and We’re just gonna take the little triangles and place them around the outside like the petals of the flower And this usually scares me like every single time that I do this Every time like I know it’s coming and it’ll still scare me Alright, so now I have to like break apart All these like little triangle things Which I did not think ahead because I do like to move the mozzarella thing out of the way. Where did they put all these triangles? Yeah, I need like another baking sheet. All right. Okay, hold on Okay so I had to have like an extra area on the side over here to like roll out the dough and Then doing four at a time and placing them around the outside of this bowl, and I have a much smaller Baking sheet than they seem to so like just keep that in mind like it’s like draping over the side of my tray here But you know, we’re gonna roll it up. It’ll be fine. All right look at that one package down and One to go Again scared me again. Alright now I have my Crescent rolls finally down So we’re gonna take half of this mozzarella and kind of sprinkle it around the outside of the bowl Okay, now they seem to lift the bowl out of the middle to put on the chicken mixture I don’t know why but all right feels like this would be easier with the bowl there, but Let’s do it this way. Looking good so far now I’m just going to sprinkle the rest of the mozzarella on top and then we’re gonna start rolling It might seem to be like super long. So I’m like tucking them in a bit at the bottom at the base here I don’t know And last one One piece of cheese. There we go And now I’m gonna take this and we’re going to bake it at 375 for 35 minutes and then it’ll be done I’m excited right 35 minutes and it is done. Can you hear that sizzle? Okay, now it’s cool down a little bit and now we’re going to taste test it It seems to have kept its shape really. Well. It’s not oozing everywhere. So that’s really good See what this tastes like though Dipping it in ranch dressing in case anyone’s wondering. Oh It’s just kinda “blah” to me and that could be because I don’t have any hot sauce in it And that would give it that extra kick that it’s missing. But I feel like it could really Use some extra herbs and spices or something just to give it another level I feel like all the components are there and I like the idea and the concept But like this could be even better So now on to the cookies and cream dough cake and I saw this and I was like not only am I interested in Eating this but I kind of I’m very curious on how this is assembled So first thing I need to do is take 15 cookies and cream cookies. Yeah. Okay, it’s just it’s Oreos. It’s okay Tasty go get your money I know you don’t want to name it because they’re not paying you I get it And by the way Oreos is not paying me either Although that would be great Oreos if you’re listening hit me up So I’m going to take 15 of these cookies, and I’m going to separate Them like so and take off the icing and put it in a separate Bowl One done one two, one two, three four. I need to keep track of what I’m doing here. What do you guys think? What’s the best part of an Oreo cookie any thoughts is the icing or is it the cookie? For me? It’s the cookie like hands down without question But I’ve never been like an icing person at all, like even at like kids birthday parties and stuff I would just want to eat the cake. Wish I could do this faster. There’s no like faster way to do this Like I can’t do this like two at once, okay Finally. Done. Now I have my Oreo cookies and a ziploc bag. We’re gonna crush them up with a rolling pin I have a rolling pin, right? Oh, yeah I do and while I do that I’m gonna put this in the microwave for 30 seconds because it needs to melt down This is this is the cream by the way the ice thing if you will Get out those frustrations, I’m regretting my decision to do this by the way. My two-year-old is sleeping Why am I doing this right now? Alright now in a large bowl. I’m going to whip up the heavy cream. So I’m going to do that until soft peaks form I gotta go now That my whipped cream has form soft peaks. I’m gonna go in and add some Sweetened condensed milk like so oh my gosh. That looks so good get it all in there And then I’m gonna also add in the melted down cookie like cream the icing Um, it didn’t melt down the same way as it did on the tasty episode But we’re gonna toss that in and last but not least the cookie crumbs. I didn’t make this like a fine Crumble, but like I like cookie chunks in my cake. Personally. I think you’re crazy If you want it to be like this fine dust of chocolate, that sounds terrible And now I’m just gonna fold this all together to form sort of like the base of the cake. Not the base I guess that’s technically the Oreos the meat of it. I don’t know. I’m going too deep into this It’s taking every ounce of control that I have not to just eat this with the spatula. Okay? now I have to do what I am going to assume is gonna be a difficult process for me and that is taking all of the Oreos and lining it around the inside of another bowl and now I Smushed one of the cookies trying to get it out of the little container. Oh man, that’s how it’s looking like so far It’s not difficult. It’s just trying to get it to like stay in the center of the bowl So I keep like balancing them back and forth to make sure that it doesn’t like slide all over the place That is not enough Oreos Hmm, uh-huh knock off Oreos it is. All right, that feels like enough Let’s throw this ice cream stuff on top just like that right now I’m just going to smooth over the top and then stick this in the freezer and we’ll see how long it needs to freeze before It’s like solid all the way through and then we’re gonna test this cuz this looks epic All right now just smoothing it over and then off to the freezer it goes How long it takes to freeze I have no idea could be overnight could be a couple of hours. We’ll see Okay, guys, it is the next day. I have a plate on all ready to go. But this is it. It is now frozen solid So I’m gonna put a plate on it and I’m gonna attempt to flip it over I think it’ll be fine because the cookies are all on the bottom so it shouldn’t stick but we’ll find out. It’s stuck I’m gonna run it under a little hot water to like loosen it up a bit and let’s hope that works alright, that seems to have loosened it and now To remove the lid Ta-da So that’s what it looks like. Oh, this looks like a hat which is kind of funny I’m gonna try and cut into it. Then we’re gonna taste test it least to try and cut. Oh my goodness You can see I got like a miniscule little sliver right there. And because it’s made of whipped cream It melt fast guys, like I’m gonna go run this down to the freezer again Cuz it is like spilling out everywhere as I’m like trying to like cut through it. Let’s taste test it. Shall we? It’s good But doesn’t taste like ice cream? It’s almost lighter tasting because it’s whipped cream and not like actual ice cream So it has a different consistency to it not 100% sold on it yet. Maybe good to have another bite. Nope You know what? I just had a bite with more chocolate like cookie in it so much better. No, that’s good It looks kind of cool. It’s like fun. It wasn’t super difficult to make it’s a little bit different than ice cream So that was kind of cool. So I liked it. I think it’s good. I’d eat some more of it and now I’m gonna do a recipe called a jalapeno popper bites and they just looked like something that Took more time than it probably does and that’s what I want out of party food I just wanted to look like I spent all day in the kitchen I just want some recognition for my non work man gunk’s gonna be, like all over my bowls in this video so into the first bowl We’re going to combine 2 cups of panko bread crumbs with 2 cups of shredded cheese 2 large eggs And then some salt and pepper and this is gonna act as kind of like the base for the little popper I’m just gonna mix this all together and I wish it was this easy To mix things as it looks in tasty because they like speed it up. Obviously But like I always watch them do it and then I’m doing it. I feel like I’m doing it in slow motion Hmm, I’m gonna spray down these little muffin tins I got look how cute it’s like a little mini muffin tray and then just spooning It seems like a bunch into each of the containers and like pressing it in around the outside to create like like a cup Okay Having filled them all I’ve realized that I have not put enough In a bunch of them as I do have a lot of the filling left You’re gonna have to go back over I didn’t want to like fill them up too much because then I felt like I wouldn’t have enough room for like the filling part Which is coming next. But I guess I need to fill them in more. All right Now I’m gonna set these aside as we to go into the filling. This is a bowl for the filling. We have at 10 ounces of cream cheese four strips of cooked bacon Plus we have four jalapenos chopped and diced and a bunch more that are sliced to kind of put it on top You know for that a little like je ne sais quoi and then a half teaspoon each of salt and pepper Then we’re gonna mash it so that it all comes together I’m gonna take like a little like teaspoon of the filling and kind of like smush it on top Oh, I forgot to keep some of the cheddar for putting on top. It’s fine just shred up some more. How cute are these? I’m excited to eat these actually they smell really good like the jalapenos smell amazing. This is a lot cheese though I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s a lot of cheese. Oh my gosh, don’t make me do more shredded cheese We’re literally won over here not happening and then just gonna take one of these slices and just stick it on Top now that they’re all done very fancy. I’m gonna put them in the oven 375 for 10 minutes. The poppers are done They smell amazing and they’re like all sizzling and everything. It’s gonna be good I’m gonna let these cool down a little bit and then we will taste test them I just realized that were an entirely different sweater in that last bit. Sorry about that. I got a little confused I was also filming another video. But anyway the popper let’s get it. Here it is. It’s all coming out of the oven It’s oozy. It smells good. I don’t know like the smell of the jalapenos like really I’m into it is pretty greasy I will say that like there is a lot of cheese here, but let’s taste test it That’s really cheesy, but if you’re in the market for a cheesy jalapeno bite this this does live up to its name I feel like this one is good. Like I feel like this kind of fills that whole like jalapeno popper vibe very well But one thing though that I would recommend is like first baking the shells first to make them really crispy Then putting the cream cheese in then baking it some more Because I feel like having a bottom like a base. That’s crispy like this is like Solid but it’s not it doesn’t have that crispyness that panko usually has if you like crisp it up And I feel like if you had that this would be even better. But like imma be honest This is like this is good party food would make again. What do you guys think? Have you tried any of these type of recipes before have you served any of the party dishes or anything? That tasty has made at a party or get-together or anything like that Let me know which one you guys have chosen in the comments and let me know if it was good Should I be making more of these and have you tried any of the ones that I tried today? Have you thought they were good? Did you do any like alternatives to make it even better? Let me know I hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on New videos every Saturday and that is everything I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome weekend, and I’ll see you guys all in my next video. Love you all

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    1lb ground beef
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