Thai Bar Girls Have A Scoring System on You Vlog 1 of 3

Thai Bar Girls Have A Scoring System on You Vlog 1 of 3

tie bar girls have a scoring system on
you did you know that hi everyone I’m Simon thanks for coming along and having
a chat so today it’s 16th of March choose this is Wednesday Wednesday I’m
halfway through my Gold Cup week and today a one of the Tigers one of the
bigger bloggers put a video up where he suffered some pain from having a some
dealings with the tiger who I think works in above and it sparks off some
thoughts in my head so I’ve decided to do three blogs and hopefully this will
explain maybe my understanding of the Tigers and the bar scene maybe it will
give you some insight over the three vlogs and maybe I’ll help that person
given it’s a touch of understanding from my experience so today’s vlog is going
to be tie bar girls have a scoring system on you
the second vlog will be when does a Thai girl become a real Barger and the third
vlog will be tight bar girls hidden secrets I want to be controversial can
be hard to make that one positive but I do these three vlogs together and I’ll
upload all three together so you don’t get teased so for you my subscribers
they already know my history for anyone coming knew I was a bar manager in
Pattaya Thailand for two years I managed two bars
in Main Street areas and quite a lot of girls work in there so in that time as a
bar manager I never touched any of the girls or worked in my buzz I never
bought them presents never bought them food I gave them birthday cards and that
was it the mamasan who was like a supervisor
any bar that has girls Mama’s at – Ann is their manager she interviews the
girls she employs the girls she decides who works when when she said jump they
jump as a bar manager you’re nothing to do with the girls but the girls they may
be they assumed I owned the bars some of them did some Aladdin I was just a bar
manager they become they became my friends
in the bars you can lose girls every month I’ll move around they get bored
and you get new girls but some stuck with me for quite a long time in those
two years and because they opened up to me and told me some of their family tips
and secrets and some of their life and might I started getting better because
they were teaching me I started understanding the bar scene more and
more they I started learning rapidly learning that there was lots of games
going on under the hidden and what I couldn’t work out was when customers
come into the bar and it’s probably all the bars one girl used to sort of get
the choice of the guys now that every month bars usually give some money
salary to the girls maybe free accommodation every month you pay the
salaries to the girls now it could be a bit of couple of thousand but for
working in the bar and then all the bar fines that they get from customers
but take them out of the bar a percentage goes to the girl and every
time they get a lady drink they get say 20 bar fries lady drink and that when it
was payday the girls all used to come we used to watch them they always did be
there at all together comparing their salaries and the girl that used to get
the most bar finds the most lady drinks the most money seemed to become like the
top dog in the bar and she then commanded that all the girls when a
foreigner Frank came into the bar she would get first choice if she wanted
because she was the queen of the bar so I that twigged after a while okay that’s
how that works so I started speaking the one girl every
month was top in my bar after speaking to her for quite a few months and then
some of the other girls that were there abouts I started learning that the Thai
girls in the bars had a scoring system they had a wish list for their customers
and it amazed me and it emily’s logical it’s quite a supposed common sense but
how does it work what number e you in that list in the girls in the bars so
right at the bottom of the list the person they see as not worth their time
or they’re not going to make money from is the guy that walks into the bar and
speaks Thai why so in their understanding of how they explained it
to me if a guy comes in as a foreigner and speaks Thai the girl automatically
knows that he has been in Thailand for a while or he’s living in Thailand or he’s
got a Thai girlfriend the fact he speaks Thai he’s been around
the block and he knows the score he knows what’s what so they automatically
assume maybe that he’s going to be a cheap charlie
he’s not going to be the dream catch because he’s clued up East streetwise so
in fact you you were walking down the street and regularly walking down the
same street those girls will remember you and they will know right we know who
that is not good bottom of the list bang you’re down there then what did the
pills look for I was asking what are you looking for what’s the number one top of
the pile that you as a tight bar girl a dreaming of looking for and nearly all
the girls wanted to get out of the bar they wanted a partner they wanted
someone to take care of them they wanted someone with a bit of money that was
going to maybe take them out of the country to another country raise their
status level up give them a new living look after their family and be nice to
them take care of them treat them properly they are looking for that but
how do they spot that perfect partner now one of my customers very tall guy
had money American work for Big Sugar Company came into my bar and the girls
within seconds but all over him like a rash and if I every bar walking down the
road the girls work on him and when I talk to the girls about this they
explain why if you walk down the street get into a bar and you don’t think any
tie whatsoever maybe you speak one word
so decap maybe you can say it properly you can’t speak Thai the girls
immediately click click click this guy could be here first time in Thailand
this guy doesn’t know any time then your appearance if you’ve got a tailored
shirt at a shirt with the collar that you haven’t bought in Thailand and they
can tell if that shirt you’re wearing is made in Thailand if you’ve had a
tailored in Thailand you’ve already been there two or three days so you drop down
to one and a half number two maybe but if you’re wearing a shirt short-sleeved
but smart shirt and shorts that are not necessarily tailored but maybe at 30 $40
shirts shorts you know 30 paying 20 per but quite smart shorts the girls will
see the shirt they’re going to see the shorts or if you’ve got long trousers on
they’re going to see that and it’s smart they’ll then look at your shoes now if
you’ve got flip-flops on you’re going down the list if you’ve got socks and
sandals on we’ve all seen the guys the smart shorts smart share socks and
sandals you’re going up the list then the colour of your skin if you’re
showing that you’ve caught the Sun for a week you know you’re going Brown again
you’ve been in Thailand a week they know bang you’re not worried you know you
know you’re not pale I mean like my wife if you’re half-caste or or dog skin
they’d be like not sure how long you’ve been here
if you’re red you burnt only been here a couple of days the skin colour you’re
just going to drop down slightly maybe to one and a half number two until they
can assess out and you come in the bar Bend smart shirt shorts sandals soft
shoes and my shoes and you don’t speak Thai bang
it’s a lottery win it’s the jackpot they look this person has never been to
Thailand they’ve looked no idea what’s going on the girl in the violets the
number-one girl is immediately going to be on the back to you straight on you
you’re a number one potentially the life changing guy and I saw this with this
gentleman that came to my bar and he would have been the perfect catch now if
you’re that mount or you’re not that man but you want to try this experiment you
put a nice shirt shorten everything you go down and don’t speak Thai in the bar
you see what happens you see if I’m right and you will get a different
reaction from your clothes and not speaking Thai in the bar totally
different reaction and I couldn’t believe this from the girls I started to
understand right that’s what they’re looking for they’re scoring people by
just the clothes they look and you’re going down a SOI saying potato you’re
200 meter soy with 50 bars all the girls are clocking you coming down and then
looking at all the different guys you’re living there you’re an expat you see
this you sit at the bar and watch you can see which guys are coming down which
in you never been to Thailand and you just stand out a mile and the girls are
looking for number ones little deviation sometimes I noticed the girls in the bar
would go a young boy would come down 18 to 24 maybe a backpacker maybe not but
no shirt six-pack good-looking guy and the girls will interest will perk up and
my one girl in my bother could grab one young guy want and I said to a couple
days after why she’s a woman she does like sex this young guy great body
slim chance he’s got money maybe not but she was going to have some fun and that
day maybe things were quiet bang grab the young guy for fun so
there’s a little bit of a twist on there so it is true there is this scoring
system the girls are looking for somebody to take them away from the bar
see now the other thing bar girls tend to be between 20 and 30 years old in
their eyes when you get to 30 you’re pretty much on the shelf and passed it
unless you’re stunning so you start noticing the older girls 30 29 30 up a
bit or step back in the bar and there’d be more like service girls now they
don’t get bar find as much but they can still make a living on just lady drinks
every drink they’re getting 20 bucks 20 bucks
salary for every ladies drink and you can either you know 5 drinks a day every
day the money it adds up to a few thousand bar and it also makes the bar
look like there’s more people in there so but those girls do come to the back
of the bar more often but you did find some some guys prefer an older girl one
tip I’ll give you that as a bar manager I hate it now if you go into a bar and
you don’t want the key by a lady drinks 8500 buy a time and you’re getting
hassled the way around it but as a bar mangy you hate it you buy one drink for
the young ladies and then you get fifty bar or a hundred bar you slip it under
the table and put it in the girl’s hand and just nod no more bar drinks and lady
drinks she’ll understand she’ll stay with you because you’ve just given her
enough money for her food for the day maybe the rent of her room and she spend
chat with you said one little tip hated it as a biological app because you’re
not selling the drinks back to the scoring system it does happen these
girls in the bars our business you could even say it’s
quite negative like like a business machine the real strong bar girls that
have been in the scene a long time do become or money is pretty much the first
thing they’re looking for in their job now when I do the third vlog you’ll
understand if it’ll make itself clear about the the money situation in bar
girls and things but there we go so you are a number somewhere between 1 and
10th when you go into every bar which one of you have I guess put the comments
below am i right or is it just me
misunderstanding everyone I don’t know I don’t think that but it is you know I
was a number 9 definitely definitely number 9
anyway leave that one there clogzilla 3 coming up thanks for watching and please
subscribe share I’d be great if you could I’ll see you guys soon bye for now

100 thoughts on “Thai Bar Girls Have A Scoring System on You Vlog 1 of 3

  1. Basically women are the same everywhere. It's Hypergamy.
    The major difference is feminism vs non-feminism.
    Thailand is great.

  2. Ive never been to Thailand but trust me its on my bucket list!…it seems like a very Beautiful culture and the people seem very polite….with that being said, my whole purpose is to go and have fun!…thats it…not looking to get married or such…just have fun……Its like me going to Las Vegas, its all a risk….I go too Thailand to have fun, I go too Vegas too loose money…but as long as you look at your loses as FUN…then by all means GO FOR IT!

  3. I don't ever have to worry ,I don't have money and never will ,so I'm out of all this fun! Lol. That sucks! Sounds like fun!

  4. entertaining video. Most of the guys commenting here are typical dicks you'll find in bars all over Asia. Yeah, they may get laid for money once in a blue moon but they're no catch.

  5. Great video and interesting. Where are you originally from and what brought you to Thailand?  Seems like a fun place to live if you live it in moderation.

  6. the idea is to be at the bottom of the list when they score you, the very bottom, no money, fat, no girl skills is P E R F E C T
    then you get the most bang for your buck, especially now 2019 i hear tourism has taken a huge dump in thailand

  7. The trick is make them think you don’t speak thai I speak pretty fluent northern thai I shock a few girls I pretend I don’t know any ?

  8. If you don’t have a game you will never score. As easy as that I’ve dated them from the ugliest women to the hottest, had to improve my game with lost of fails, carisma is what women like.

  9. I am a Farang lady. Yes, a Equivalent to a Thai ladyboy, Except I have been all the the way,…and even got a Female passport. On My Last visit to Pattaya I went up Soi 8 found a bar that had Motor racing on the TV Sat down ordered a drink Girl came looked at me strange. Next Drink a new Girl Same Reaction, After a While Saw the Bar Manager, hinted my empty glass .I saw he spoke to the 2 girls I, saw they said No… He sent a lady in her late 40s (Found out 48) down from the back off the bar Once she found out i was a lady, after a short conversation , She said I wanna marry U… I know u can't screw around… Yes, I was her ATM for 2 years took her on flights different countries Now after 18 months not paying her She still contacts me every second day But after watching a few more Like Ur Vid and now yours…. I was planning to retire in a few months and retire to Thailand She Comes from around Udon Thani been there a few times love the area was going to build a house for us… But Seriously better to Buy a 5th wheeler here in Australia and travel around I am Going to say GoodBye to Her… Thanks …….

  10. 1,2 0r are you 3 in the rating? you told us about number 3 then you moved to number 1 you then forgot to tell us about number 2 and then finally you ended up by saying "what are you 1 to 10? What it took you two years to work this out??

  11. oh thanks, this explains a lot. One of them "dream girls" kept coming to my hotel almost everyday. Once I spoke to her about "feeling like a atm for the thai's" she disappeared, Prolly thought I was a bad long term scam. I guess she knew back then that I had wisened up. Too smart for my own good :'(. It's true though they look for the fool that would easily part with his money. The one that thinks with his dick. They'll even put on a "poor" act when they have thousands in the bank.

  12. i always listen when older people give advise no matter the situation. thanx sir, i knew a lot of this but you've sharpened my game. live long and die young

  13. i walked down lk as green as grass and was savaged alive mind, i fell in there and came out half dead, they were vicious with me lol nice shirt, shorts, black sandals and socks and 10,000 bht did the trick, lol

  14. You are right about the scoring system. I had it by myself. Nice shirt, nice short and not speaking Thai. There was a stunning girl who sat wtih me and stayed a fee hours with me. Good time. Next evening another bar, nice shirt and nice short, talked a little bit Thai, and was nearly all the time in the bar alone !! Now I know why. Another expat told me only speak English !

  15. This isn't a shock surely? People are a commodity everywhere in the world, if you have a weakness it shall be exploited. This is common sense.

  16. I am a 5. Like Jim Jeffries would say 'I have hair, but it is shit hair, 5!!! I have teeth, they are not shiny white, but they are all there, 5!!! I have eyes, they do not sparkle, but they are facing in the same general direction, 5!!!

  17. You look amazing better after a year in Thailand.
    This is one of the vlogs that hooked me.
    Such a nice break to hear your voice not being drowned out by roosters 🙂

  18. A guy wearing sandals with his socks high … looks like a victim. Those kind exist in every country, even when they aren't tourists 😀

  19. This is so true I can speak thai when I go into a bar if the girls are annoying me I just speak thai to then a lot just move on

  20. Now I know I fell into the group that the girls just wanted to either have a fun night or get saved from their life. I never spent any cash on them other than just smashing meals, partying or hanging out and seeing the sights. They always stayed by my side and were really affectionate. Now i feel like a dick after watching this video because the whole time I thought they just wanted my cash but just never asked and thought I was getting over. Damn. Once a dog always a dog.

  21. Honestly i would just go for the food and peace. Live in cha am and maybe visit pataya or bangkok every now and then.

  22. Hello. I came across this little video while looking for tips and exploration things to do while in Thailand. I find myself wanting to conduct this little experiment to see how approachable I would be in the eyes of some bar girls, being that I am 21 years young and white and, of course, unable to speak a word of Thai. It seems fun in a way to do such a thing as a social experiment as this. I'm eager to find out how well I rank

  23. Question what if your not white say your Mexican. Because I am Mexican and I was thinking of going to Thailand just to visit look around. What would they rate me?

  24. I've been to Pattaya twice in the last three years. The FIRST thing you do is NEVER bar fine the girl until you confirm with her 100% EXACTLY what YOU want and what she is willing to do. PERIOD…..end of discussion. This goes for free-lancers too! Don't be shy…..ask DIRECTLY if she will do the things you like (kissing on the mouth). If she hesitates or refuses to answer…..MOVE ON TO THE NEXT GIRL!!

    If i get a bar girl back to my room and she "refused" to do something I wanted her to do, I would march right back down to that bar and raise holy hell and demand my bar fine back!!! I wouldn't get it, but at least I'd be sure to get better service the next time from a different girl in that bar.

    YOU NEVER let a bar girl or a free-lancer tell you what she will or won't do….EVER!

    The key to getting what you want from the girl is easy…..simple…..Say she asks for 1000 baht ($30 US) for a long time with you (usually over night). YOU DO NOT PAY HER THE ENTIRE AMOUNT UP FRONT!!!! EVER!! You tell her you will pay her the money throughout the night…..300 baht at first, another 300 in the middle of the night, and the final 400 in the morning…….you can also tell her that if she works very hard (meaning she'll do anything you ask) you will tip her an extra $20 (600 baht) in the morning.

    This will ensure that you get EVERYTHING you want from the girl without her holding out on you. And all that has come out of your pocket is around $50 US dollars….not too bad huh?

    The next thing to remember is….don't ever take the girl out to dinner or a movie or anything like that. SHE"S NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND!! It's a business transaction!! Why drop extra money on any event that doesn't get your dick wet??? Doesn't make sense. Take her directly to your room and start doing ALL the carnal things you want to her. That's what she's there for!!!! If she wants to go shopping, SAY NO!!! Open the door to your room and tell her to have fun shopping….BYE!!!

    I never have understood guys who go to Pattaya and don't get EVERYTHING they want?? DON'T let the girls manipulate you!!! You are in control, not them!!!

  25. Lol….you say that is if 75%+ of the girls are not going home without

    5% of the female population sells herself. But only 1% of the male population is buying.

  26. Very strange as my mate speaks Thai and he is Euro-asian and all the women run to him and love him

  27. What about regular thai wemon that don't work in bars, probably have a scoring system too

  28. so when i was there i went to soi cowboy pretty often..probably more than i should have.. i still remember there was this one older lady in one of the bars i went to fairly often.. mid 40s i would say..still in great shape..BIG nomes…man..i would have loved to have kept her…

  29. As far as rescuing one of these girls, remember… You can take the girl out of the bar, but you will never take the bar out of the girl.

  30. Idgi why socks and sandals get u up on the list? Does it work for every bar like isit a real thing amongst all the bar girls? Great tips tho but i think i fare pretty well on the list. i'm young 20s, chinese from singapore n the first thing they assume is singapore rich. I dress real nice, A&FS (but made in thailand), skinny jeans n leather sneakers. I get pulled into bars alot n i notice how some guys even when passing by the girls wouldnt even wave at them just continue chit chat.

  31. What I've noticed is that Indian guys are usually at very bottom of the list, Arab men have a chance thou but only if the girl is smart enough to tell it's funny because Arab men often are the ones that have the money and don't care spending, then you have Japanese, Korean and Caucasian men which women tend to put on top of their list, the funny thing is that Thai women often can't tell the difference between an American and Russian man, if you're a white caucasian man from a developing country you can easily get away just pretend you're American, Aussie or whatever dress sharp and it will be enough Thai girls often can't even tell the difference

  32. Just walk into the first bar you see , ring the bell and say hello ladies its my first time in Thailand , they will love you until your cash runs out , No money No honey

  33. Question: "How long you in Thailand?" meaning: How long do i have to get money from you?
    Question 2: "What hotel you stay at?" Meaning: how much money do you have to spend?
    The best way to play the game is to pretend you don't know it's a game and let them think they are winning.

  34. Now I understand it. .  your Wright  – interesting, ,  I noticed when I was in Thaialnd for 15 years ago first time  women there looked at me —   I coudl get so many nice beautifull girls..   its not  allways just abt money- they very much go after the look like any woman – but I am not nice looking in my own eeys and western women are not interested in me —   but asians are- –  thais filippinas, etc, Singapore my thai friend said to me when she saw me first tiem " you can get any woamn you want here ) –  I was so surprised – man said to me " you look good " I never heard that before.  peole come spontant to me on the street . hotel satf  -even police man smile and said hello to me –   other come and give me compliments..  no one here i neurope woudl do that –     my selfconfidence grown 80% hahahah –  I tryed the very Young promotion grils models. and also  . even I was 50. now amo ver 60 and its a bit harder but still   I get nice comments and its not just from bar girls..    and dress nice as you say – dont speka to much thai ,    but I never felt I coudl thrust a bar girl  ., but you are Wright –  maybe- ,,, thanks Again  – well odne and very informative.. .

  35. But how can it be then a guy WHO stay or live long time in thaialnd he can fidn a stable relationship.  but if I come as a tourist  they are not interested. .   " no Holiday BF" – and what abt the age difference ? I see it often – 30 yo older guy and Young girl – and they are ok  why ? is it just Money or what ??

  36. "To take care of them and take care of their family, and at top that be nice?" Nah that's suicide. I'm well experienced with working thai women.

  37. Good advice. We got seriously ripped off at a bar in Phuket. Before we knew it the drinks bill was astronomical. I tried offering some girls straight cash but they wouldn't take it. What happens if the Mamasan sees you hand a girl some cash?

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