Thailand Bar Stories Does Age or Weight Matter

Thailand Bar Stories Does Age or Weight Matter

hi guys again Simon yeah so this is a
carry-on from the last video I did about Stefan
and I’m referring to talking to the girls again in the bar late afternoon
5:00 in the afternoon when I’m sat eating with the girls and I must point
out that I only have about ten girls in the bar and a couple of freelancers
would come in so what I’m asking the girl is not hundreds and thousands of
girls to quit it’s just six ten girls so it’s a small small amount of girls
but today’s story is about age first a lot of people have emailed me message me
and some in the comments as well asking about different age groups reactions the
girls give them and quite a few asking I’m know 50 60 70 even 80 would the
girls be interested in me so it’s quite a few people what few emails possibly
questions same question I can’t believe there’s a style video in another
airplane that’s annoying I took me through me that loseth traders
born so I can remember this guy when we first opened Sully 7 this guy was over
70 he seemed to we finished building down the bar from day one he appeared
lunchtime came in always pretty much always a vest white vest shorts socks
I remember color socks training shoes and he was 70 plus very tanned possibly
German Austrian oshel ah very fast every day come in lunchtime orange juice and
lemonade I can remember orange juice and lemonade would go to the front of the
bar where we had a chrome bars of the front and a little table top you could
sit drink on the little table top looking onto the SOI mind you three
meters yells like a wall there so not much to look at but it was the traffic
coming down destroyed and people all the time
he polite settlers of the girls and but told him not interested just sick people
watch and he did this every day that plague was they have a year in nine
months and when I departed he was still there literally go but it made me think
age because the girls seem to be interested but he wasn’t so so I
remember sitting down several occasions as well same question and the first time
I sat down I can remember there was about six girls seven girls and I asked
the question and half the girls said one thing and the other half complete
opposite and it threw me a bit so I was saying to them what’s your favorite age
of a customer and the first girls the girls are being in the industry in the
bar scene for let’s say yeah they all said and they pretty much agree
50 up 61 the modern represent Pat’s a passive 80 but 50 60 up and then the
other girls were saying 20 25 now I for wire difference an item interrogated
them the girls who’ve been in the scene for a while all said older guys were
their favorite customers now I thought again I assume that a lot of girls their
dream is to get a foreigner let’s say 30 up as a cancer that they’re going to hit
it off with a foreigner get married and leave the country you go back to the
foreigners country so I thought here they’re going to say 30 35 up but not 50
60 80 these first one said and I said why and they said because they’re gentle
they’re friendlier they treat the girls treat much better with respect they
don’t rub it in their faces of what the job they do and as a fair chance they’ve
got a bit more money don’t youngsters say so I thought well
yeah that’s okay you know that they’re not going to knock the girls around
they’re not of the cause and problems and they they like that so the other
side of girls they wanted 20 25 they were new to the scene and they were all
saying they wanted fun excitement more horizontal aerobics action and so I
analyzed that and I’m thinking okay they’ve come from say a farm or a small
times they’ve come for the excitement the lights of the city and everything
that goes with it and at first it that’s what they want the excitement the young
guy the six-pack everything all wonderful they’re not thinking of the
business side of it like apples so a couple days week past there was
more girls than one afternoon pause with her and I asked the same questions and
again the girls have been in the scene longer all said 50 60 70 and the other
girls young 20 25 times and I asked Apple come on Apple you know you’re the
expert you’re the professional what do you say and Apple actually said 40 up is
going to have more money and she preferred guys 50 55 60 and she put it
down to in black and white less work easier going friendlier happier times um
and then they I thought fair enough it exactly the same
the younger ones in a fun I’m I even asked a friend ran her friends Bahrainis
wait these girls were all pretty new and they all went for the young guys so from
that you can determine that if you’re 50 plus and the girls attractive they’re
more than likely going to be the girls that have been in the scene a bit longer
if they make a beeline for you which I think it’s a fair assumption and then
the other thing I was asking his size and again I’ve had emails and messages
about guys that are overweight very much overweight media different
weights but larger than what they perceive as the
average weight and I asked all the girls this and even Apple as well they all
preferred a guy that’s out of shape or overweight
and that was just down to I well I thought it was the horizontal aerobics
but no the larger the guy the more chance he’s going to eat more food and
take them for better food yeah that they were thinking of their stomachs they did
joke about being squashed by a kite but they were like no problem
any size don’t care big guy like food we like food going to be good restaurant
and I suppose it makes sense and it sort of comes back to the scoring system I
did that video and I had the girls school things and I said to the girls
medicine you know the ideal guys and all the rest of it but the perfect guy I
suppose I I never actually asked what the perfect guy was from everything I’ve
learned and gone through in life I would guess you know I said about the scoring
system the white socks with sandals the money the clothes probably the perfect
guy he’s someone like I was at the time you know I was what just under 40 and maybe not me someone maybe 40-ish had a
bit of money was divorced it beaten up in life and wanted a fresh start you
know what does Israel perfect oh it maybe not maybe else I had a couple
ladies email me as well wants any names but
they’ll ask questions about Thai guys got no experience I can’t really answer
that one for there are bars that guys are working had
to in the same jobs of girls it’s just a case you’re going to have to find
someone with a bit more knowledge than myself on that so I’m not a hunter in
those words mm-hmm my criminal self me you know now now not sure so that age
and that size and the last one we covered Anatomy a couple of emails about unshaven and
obscure things I don’t think the girls really care about yours on your hygiene
is good I don’t think they care about beards or no beards and mustaches and
things like that you will find one of the things about Thailand is Thai girls
shower so handle because of the weather they shower they’re so clean hygienic
really are take lots of showers every day yeah so now I’ve got to try and wrap
my brain over the next few weeks of other little things I’ll ask the girls
and some other customers I can remember some of the characters my own tribe with
some stories together for you on those ones so that’s just short video follow
on from the last one and it hopefully it’s answered a couple of your questions
I hope so and that’s it really for today that very small video I will catch our
next one I think in two days I start putting these basic videos up so watch
out for those and comments I’m still the less comments as they were we’ve sort of
sort of leveled out on the channel I’m getting a bit more time to look at the
comments and chironji comments so if I’ve missed it put it back through again
and I’ll get to you or email me as I said Land of Smiles Thailand I had I always see the emails click even comes recently phone so I can do
that while I’m working in between jobs so that’s probably easier ok I will
catch you on the next video – I

100 thoughts on “Thailand Bar Stories Does Age or Weight Matter

  1. Here is a teaser for you guys, i will be doing a funny video titled something like Thailand O.S.E.E Bar Tips soon, but i bet nobody on this channel will guess what O.S.E.E stands for…….lol. simon

  2. I remember as a young guy in Thailand in my early twenties (going back to 2003-2004 times) I would get ridiculous amounts of attention from Thai females: bar girls or normal girls resulting in one night stands, freebies from bar girls and even being offered money by some… Times have changed though. Farang are certainly not flavour of the month anymore.

  3. I don't usually do toking-head videos and was about to click off.  OH well, something you said hit me and wound up watching the entire video.  Really cool and informative.  Best part is you're keeping things down to 10" or so.  Many of these types of videos the blogger needs to learn 30" is too much.  So thumbs up to you. 👍👍👍👍👍  By the way, I'm 77 going on 39 and can still make a 19YO squeal.  😃

  4. really good vid, been thinking of going to thailand for a long time , im a big bloke 6ft 3", 17st, youve helped a lot .THANK

  5. How to find thai girls without the tourist direction? Where is the real girls looking without going to the thai brides sections

  6. Thanks for interesting topic… Thai girls are smart and understood how important money can bring.. I am thinking of one topics that all guys want to know.. That is how to negotiate Short-Time Long-Time at the least paying out of pocket…. I don't know if you want to talk about it but Bar Girls will hate you for this discussion

  7. Thanks for all the information Simon i'm glad i stumbled onto your channel. I'm a newbie and will be going to thailand this summer for the first time. I get that cash is king and basically you can have any age you want when your talking bargirls. But here's my question…I gave up on dating western women around ten yrs ago,because quite frankly when i turned about 40 the age of girls i find attractive to this day is around 25 to 30 ,and where starting to fall off the dating spectrum. I turned 50 recently..I'm not married nor do i have any kids. I've always been athletic,and lets be honest…i'm not one bit interested in a girl close to my own age! And these days if i where to find a girl around that age alot of society would consider me a perv for not dating someone my own age. Be that or not,i'm not ready to be put out to pasture. Are regular thai women more apt to date an older guy,or is it basically the same as here and just money driven? Thanks again.

  8. Thanks a good topic Simon… Can you talk about the most popular topic regarding to how to negotiate prices and terms with the girls on ST + LT??..the girls will hate you on this.. Thank you.

  9. awesome perspective.
    Having done the bar scene in Pattaya it struck me how close the girls were networking, like a true family unit together. I think the outside world never see or recognise this or are prepared to acknowledge it

  10. Thanks a lot for Your very interesting videos!

    As U said, the "taste" of the bar girls seem to vary a lot. My very limited experience is quite the opposite to what Your conclusion is. I have been in Pattaya some 5 to 6 times, first when I was under 30, then perhaps 5 years later, then a couple of times at around 40 and then last time when I was aroud 45. Haven't been there since – that is for some 7 years.

    As a young guy, I felt I was in paradise. You just needed to wait for the US navy boys do their stuff and leave, and then the town was all open to you. I was the "sexy maaaan", and it was the girls who wanted to do the second rounds once in privacy. One time I got lost with the girl in town, and just handed her the money and said (having lost my face..), "Here is Your money – thanks for the date!" But no, she grabbed my hand and took me to another hotel, and yes, I did have a wonderful time..

    Then next time I went, my expectations were prolly far too high, and it was a disappointment – a little bit fun but far less than the first time. Many guys told me that if you are old, the girls don't really do kissing and cuddling, and they feel embarrassed being seen with an older guy..

    Then I went to Pattaya several years later a couple of times just to accompany one of my friends. I expected little – and got next to nothing. And the last time, some 7 years a go, it was a round zero. What ever I tried – I had long sleeves high quality shirt with proper leather shoes (with socks) and straight trousers.. – nothing. Anywhere I went, not a single girl came to talk to me. I was never drunk and I showed I had the money – but no, nothing. (And now in my early 50s, I'm still quite fit.) Only in the go-gos you do always seem to get attention, because the mamasans order some girl to approach you. And, yes some ladyboys might get a contact, but that's about it.

    However, that is just one man's experience.

  11. Will be traveling in September to Thailand with a female friend of mine who is Bisexual. How difficult is it to find bi girls there? Any suggestions for her?

  12. I dont know if you made this video but im gonna look, "How do they prefer to be approached" and the next, how would we know if they have a disease or at sick how could that be found out?

  13. I'm 58 years old, tall 6'5", grey haired and overweight. Never had trouble on my 6 trips to Thailand. The overweight getting better food is so true. Last year 2017, I picked up a nice friend for the night. We left the bar and some of her friends asked for the to-go. I offered to buy dinner for her three friends. That was the best $100 US I've ever spent. I had 4 girlfriends wanting to do any and everything I could ask. I went home tired and sore. I'm going in September this year, using the same trick thus time to.

  14. Im just over 40, happily married but for a strange reason love watching these vids on Thai girls. Of all the videos… the vids this guy makes are my favorite. Straight to the point, sense of humor, and put into a non vulgar way.

  15. They live to eat, as we eat to live, the differece is they eat a little  many times, seeking any moment for being With friends 😉

  16. The thing that really matters is the Weight of the Wallet, it can be an old wallet or a new wallet it doesn't matter as long as it weighs a lot.

  17. The Perfect Guy … Healthy … Handsome … Works hard for his money … & Remembers his 'Life Lessons" … and so it goes …

  18. My wife is overweight, and loves food. I used to be 50-70 lb's or so overweight, and I shared the same overweight problem that she had our entire 42 years of marriage. We were a typical American, married couple. going thru life overweight oblivious to the health dangers that go with it. We shared the same excitement when a new restaurant opened, or a new blender, cook book, barbeque grill, etc.. about 3 years ago, I got scared about my age , and being overweight. So I exercised, and only ate whole foods, lost that excess "cargo", and really became height weight proportionate, and I obsessive about chemicals, additives in my food. I became very careful about buying grocery's. This was right about the same time I retired..That's about when I detected, or so it seemed, resentment from her.. very small amounts, not obvious.
    My assumption was that it was because I retired, before she did. But I forewarned her several times that I steadfastly was obsessed with retiring, and I was really going to do it. But she never objected.not a peep. Could her resentment be caused from the fact I don't give a hoot about tasty ,yummy, huge amounts of food anymore?…hymmmmm..A relationship requires that both have things in common with each other. Is that really that much of a "biggie"?
    Wow! You guys woke me up. I have been so stupid not to have the sensitivity to realize this.. Shit !!! I have a problem…A serious problem..Resentment in past cases, has turned to hate… I have been so stupid!!!

  19. These women play you like a fiddle. They're not "interested" in older men, they want your business. If you think they wouldn't prefer a handsome 25-year-old guy, but with your bank balance, you're fooling yourself

  20. Why do guys even bother to be accepted by a bar girl in the first place ? Lol They are buyable and would go with an Indian for a couple of bucks

  21. Hi Simon hope you are OK.

    The first time I visited Thailand was back in 1997 – I went with 4 friends that had been before, so they knew the score. I had never been anywhere before, so this was my first holiday abroad.

    It was a 2 week package holiday in Naklua, (North Pattaya) & stayed at the Woodlands Resort. The first night out took us to some beer bars across the road from the resort, I was 41 years old, had a fantastic tan as I worked outside, a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger and looks of George Michael. My first thoughts were… WOW this place is fantastic – so many bars, so many women, I was like a kid in a sweet shop! The girls were shy at first but as I smiled and bought drinks for everyone, it seemed that I became more approachable to them and we chatted. As the evening came to an end, me and the guys returned to the resort followed by 3 of the bar girls. We all sat outside the hotel and had a few more drinks, when one of the girls put something in my back pocket? One of my friends said "I don't believe that!" So I checked my pocket to see what the girl had put in it (thinking that it was her phone number) but was in fact 300 bht. I looked puzzled and promptly gave it back to her, at which point she left very quickly and upset. I've had this happen again with another girl a week later? When I tell this story to bar girls today, they say " NO I DON'T BELIEVE! " Girls are there to make money, not give to falang. But one girl said "maybe they think you good boom boom!" What do you think Simon?

    Unfortunately this doesn't happen anymore as I am a balding 62 year old with a beer gut! That said… I have been with the same Thai girlfriend for the past 19 years! – She used to do lesbian shows with her friend in "Pussy Cat a GoGo" in Naklua – Part of The Happy Group.

    I know Soi BJ – we went inside a bar full of Lady Boys all pleased to show us their tricks with bananas, and close ups of their bodged up scar ridden private parts!

    I've been going back and forth to Thailand ever since, sadly ALL of my friends have passed away now, so it's not quite the same (what can I do?) as the Thais would say.

    Love listening to your stories, takes me back to the good old days! – Take care mate.

  22. I never understood people who treat the girls badly just because they're bar girls. It's a job, and they're real people.

  23. I'm not a fat guy, but I like petite cuties, and I insist they get on top and do all the work, lol. They don't like that because guy on top is a Thai thing, but oh well.

  24. id be interested to know as a farang, how is it to own/run a bar over there? always thought about it but had people tell me not to

  25. 1) Thai women are pragmatic, and any decision about you is based squarely on their security.

    2) you are certain not to stick around if you're young, as, statistically, there's a 1% chance you're working a well paid job while living and working in Thailand. It's an unlikely anomaly and they know it.

    3) old men, retirees, are much more secure. They are more likely to stick around, have a guaranteed cash flow (pension), and are soon to receive an inheritance from their parent's passing.

    4) the Thai girls who would choose a young man over an old man are found in government jobs. Because they have an edge in the security department already, and can now choose you based on none financial factors. (Those factors are still there, but to a lesser degree).

    5) younger guys are less likely to be desperate. and if you've ever been in business yourself, you'll know that having a desperate customer is fantastic for business! And these bar girls know it.

  26. What about someone who is 6'5 and 260 lbs.
    who is not fat but is 56 years old and works out all the time? I know a lot of women in the states are afraid of big guys. Thanks for the videos!!

  27. Always love your videos, this one being particularly relevant to me as I am late fifties and visiting Thailand for the first time later this year. I might try to pick up a bar girl, you've given me so much confidence.

  28. im 47 been going to pattaya since i was 43 and do quite well with the bar girls. i do however get rejected by the 9+ girls. only ever got 2 of my top choices. ive always thought because theyre the most beautiful, they can score the hot young guys so rejecting the middle age guy is easy for them cause they know mr.hunk will turn up. in saying that, im not too sure the hot young guys are that good in bed. some would be maybe but id be thinking 35-50 would be the best age cause the guy if hes looked after himself would still be fit enough to give the girls a good hit out but with that experienced touch

  29. Why’s a divorce so expensive?? Cause it’s worth it!! Why’s a Thai wife so expensive?? Cause she’s worth it!! Get it???

  30. Probably you have not stayed here that long, or only stayed in Bars, Dont speak more than average Thai. Or all of above… You dont look very healthy compare to people in my family with same age anyway… You talk same as all red-faced brits that come over here after divorce in UK. Lol

  31. I grew up in Hawaii- Asian girls there, were into Looks. Asians overseas in their home country, just want someone who will treat them right- they don't give two shits about how you look or how much you weigh. If you are a nice guy, you will find a nice girl. The girls also want an older man, because they know young guys are full of shit and mostly BROKE. Less Drama with a mature man… At least that's what my Filipina wife tells me….LOL

  32. got to agree with other posts here, one thing matters – and its money! If you asked which they prefer for no money then in my humble opinion it would be a good looking guy of their age group who treated them well.(for some reason no Indians or coloured men)

  33. The older guys do treat women better, generally, whether they have more a lot of money or not.
    The most annoying thing about being overweight in Thailand is having to hear the joke "when is the baby due" over and over again.
    As for facial hari, their is one thing women dislike, three day stubble.

  34. Love your videos. Heading to SE Asia for the first time, but heading to VN instead of LOS. I'm hoping most of the info you're so nice to share is transferable though I'm sure there's differences between the 2 countries. Thank you

  35. The facial hair topic caught my interest, especially with beards being very popular in the states the last few years. I have seen even recent studies that show women prefer a five-o' clock shawdow over a beard or clean shaven. Not sure if those were American based studies or not. In my own experience dating several Asian women, I had the feeling that I ran in to more that prefered clean shaven.

  36. Can be fun to go to these bars just to drink but I remember for hooking up I would prefer areas like RCA, Ekamai, Tonglo in Bangkok to the "lady bars". Of course, sometimes you get a freebie in those bars.

  37. 7:45 I'm being "forced" to stay fit or she'll kick me out, so Thai girls preferring overweight is not true at all. Generalizing again here.

  38. Basically the older the man, the easier it is to take advantage. It's last chance saloon for most of these guys and they become desperate. Any self respecting lad in his 20s or 30s is not gonna fall for the Bullshit and usually has more options.

  39. Love since the beginning of time, is and always will be, for a man is sex and for a woman it is security. You are nothing more than an insurance policy.

  40. I am 67 i am married to a 46 year old Filupoina we been marfied for 12 years .
    I general ive seen fikipounas take up with older guys . Most are set hp they have a pension

  41. I was marrief in the USA for 20 plus years .
    I had worked for a major corp. For 28 years .
    Thrn i became a expat working for a couple companies in the Middle east .
    I came to the Philippines i liked it i had money .and i get a pension cfom one ompany and get $1989.00 in SS
    My wife and i ate doing well

  42. Most young guys are cheap cjarlies because of there budget .
    Then you have a few that think there gods gift to the women . Most dont play into that

  43. I was Genersl Manager for Filippino that had 7 bars . I jad 7 managers . I belidve its about the same .My wife and i trsveled to Veitnam it was great . As far as the bar sern its about the same some xifferances

  44. Would the girls be interested in me !

    If you ask me that question the answer would be no you have no self-worth !
    You have no balls !

    You don’t have any confidence in yourself !

    Now get out of my way I need to go get laid !

  45. 1. Age- a FWB was taught by her mother only date men 60+
    2. Sexual history – met a sad 30 5'6" 125# FWB 30-47. Then I met her ex step dad he was 95 he could have been my twin.
    3. Sexual history – FWB I eventually learn sexual history . what they want Mr right now/ Mr right
    4 fetish history – had limo biz we catered to closet bi women visit town . leather gear clubs dungeons.
    5 Sex workers – my neighbor lived near jail they were released at 4 am. She had clothes makeup tobacco booze phone was paid back. Just as u talked about "D" or "L" words.
    6. Pda has 100 strip clubs because clubs are membership protected OR state bill of rights.
    A PNW view of sex workers
    Race- a single culture in Thailand. Family support of kids and parents. Opiate addiction in USA has made sex workers out of addicts. Has impacted every family. Had lunch a friend he has 7 family members are addicts today.

  46. Yes, indeed; a bar girl's age and weight DO matter. If she is old (over age 35) overweight (and covered with tattoos) along with unattractive breast implants – then men will NOT buy her drinks or bar fine her.

  47. They tell men what they think those men want to hear. You sometimes get a clever clogs expat who wants to tell you what the girls want; Asians, Koreans, white men, young men, whatever. Women's instincts were formed in the hard times of the stone age. They have multiple criteria. Status is important for a long term partner. Tingles are important when they are ovulating, and especially when they are already taken care of (e.g. in a relationship or living with their parents).

  48. Interesting video. I've been watching a lot of the street walking videos from other vloggers and I have noticed that you see girls with all sorts of guys. Old, young, fat, skinny etc. One thing I noticed is you rarely see really obese guys with girls or girls with slobby looking blokes with rough looking clothes or unkempt beards which makes sense anywhere really.
    It might be just the videos I watched but middle eastern looking guys didn't seem to do well with the ladies either. Lots of them walking by themselves or alone.

  49. That is hilarious about them liking bigger guys because they will get better fed. 😀 Also biologically it makes sense. In ancient times being fat was a symbol of high status in many cultures, it meant you had access to good resources in a world where starvation was a real possibility. Look at the portrait of King Henry VIII for example, he is portrayed as almost as broad as he is tall, it is totally exaggerated. It's only in the modern world that being skinny has become a mark of high status in wealthy nations where you don't see starving people.

  50. Regardless of where in the world you are there are young women that may prefer older men. Generally it's due to them becoming tired of the down side/s of the younger men/boys. When they get over their affinity for the cute, bad boy, exciting only because of their less predictable ways which are mostly due to stupidity and thoughtlessness, then they start to realize that the things they do like about those young guys can be found in ALL ages of men. So once they experience some of the fun with you that they have with them, they open up to dating a broader age range. Then, of course, you have the matter of how we tend to learn better how to treat, talk to, and all around handle women as we get older so we can usually give them a better experience in most, if not all, ways. So while it's always advantageous to be younger, in this world obsessed with youth, there is still hope and opportunity for us all.

  51. APPLE worked many places. Professionell. …Kool.
    But did you go to Isaan many Times, you storyteller????
    Come to the point .
    So, how much you paid the pigs, why the chin. Owners needed you, how is your Thai, how much you made. and so on…….with 6~ 10 Honeys.
    Half on ice, half too greedy. .
    Mr. ThailandKnowsTheDeepSecrets

  52. Love your video but something startled me. I am a black man 5,7 about 209lbs. 51 yrs old. Do these Thai women even deal with black men? I dont want to waste my time and money if I am going to be looked at as less because I am black. What say you

  53. Totally agree with some of the comments that have been said all that matters is money and how much you are prepared to spend. Do some of the guys who go to those bars think that the girl actually wants to work there. They are there cause it’s more money than work in a paddy field a lot of them have at least 1 kid so they have a family to feed especially if the father of the child has done a runner although a lot a lot of the girls working in the bars still have Thai husbands or boyfriends who know and encourage them to work in the bars in order to fleece the western patsy from their cash.You could be the elephant mans more deformed brother and the bar girl will still go with you and tell you how handsome you are as long as you pay for the privilege. But a warning there still appears to be a lot of western male sex tourists who go for a flying lesson off the top of a condo in tourist enclaves having disappeared with a bar girl or ladyboy that they have met in the street or in a bar so it still has an element of danger although the corrupt local police classify it as a suicide. As long as there is Poverty and corruption in places like Thailand Filipinos for eg you will always see old (or young for that matter)fat western horror walking around with a young pretty bar girl who is doing in order to make cash or in the worst being case scenarios being forced to do it through coercion by a criminal gang

  54. Have you heard of any horror stories of guys getting married and then the gals take off once they get to the UK or America for a younger/richer guy?

  55. Question: one of the other vlogers said never bring one of these girls to your hotel as then you could be target for theft. Is such crime common and a concern if we are otherwise cautious about who we bring home and not flashing our cash and discrete about our income, et.??

  56. A guy in his 50s has already been with a spoiled, ungrateful north America women. They are grateful to get attention again. Sure it's about money but it sure cost alot less and they sure alot more appreciative.

  57. Simon, Interesting vids, but you really must keep your dialogue concise. It takes you 20 minutes to say what could be said in 2 minutes, in the meantime people lose interest and move on.

  58. I had the Thais laughing as I am 5ft 9 ,172 lbs and in my mid 50s,I can eat a whole table full of food and drink 10 beers afterward, well I ate 3 dishes of food and a bowl of soup before my Thai friend finished her soup,she looked at me like I was kinda cheating her then I said dont worry I will order more,and did,she bust out laughing and said ,I love you,we had a great time.😎

  59. People that say money is everything, there is that.. but really.. when you stop looking down on them as 3rd world ignorant people that you are saving. Spend some time outside of the big cities.. see rural thailand.. RESPECT them as people, with feelings, hopes, dreams.. family. You can push past all the bs.. and you will find a good one. It's YOU that is the reason they take your money.

  60. The new hoes want love and pleasure. The old hoes with a retirement plan want an old man. A guy like me at any age is just gonna be genuine and I never had much money or bragged about cars. 6 packs are for teenagers and drug addicts. I can pull women. I can spot the train spotters too.

  61. Same things with strip clubs in America. Your Thai tips work at a strip club in Detroit, Las Vegas, Tampa or Atlanta.

  62. I do so love your uploads and posts, but might I just suggest out of mere sharing of thoughts. While you are talking, maybe you can show video in the background at times, about half the time, of scenery of Thailand, or street life or whatever. I enjoy the information you post, but I have watched other videos and it seems to come across better and capture the attention span better when video backgrounds are pertinent to the discussion or subject matter or just out of entertainment purposes, more scenery or natural lifestyles in Thailand to go along with the commentary. You might try it just to feed the audience's attention better? Just a suggestion, not a complaint or seemingly know-it-all directives. Merely a suggestion is all.

    If you are talking about grocery shopping or getting an apartment or how to get along with someone you are developing a relationship with, show guys shopping with their intended prospective, or show common apartments complexes if that is the subject, or simply show farmer's markets, or walking along the waterfront and beaches and the likes. I know you have done videos of shopping and such, but when you are talking about things which you do a lot of, and we are that much more enlightened for it, you more often have a sit down discussion with us. It would possibly capture the audience's mental frame of mind more to show subject matter in the video rather than studying your handsome visage all the time….LOL

    Thanks for your patience and all the many many videos we love that you offer.

  63. Bc fat n old uncles tend to be more willing to pay alot more for attention and sex than the young ones esp the good looking ones, so ofc they'd be easier to rip off.

  64. Girls are the same everywhere they like men to be clean polite and generous this will carry you a long way in any country.

  65. Hello . interesting thoughts. .  good videos –  I can agree to most of it.   its Money isnt it ? not allways I had a few ladies- –  around in Thailand – – they ddint want anything – for happy ending – or sex.  .   I was so surprised –  has any same experience ?Personly I prefer more mature – 30 and up . 45.. they have been the best and quite nice..  all the Young 20-  25 has a thai boyfriend with guaranty no matter what they say to you…

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