The Annoying Orange 4: Sandy Claus

The Annoying Orange 4: Sandy Claus

-♪ Jingle Bells, Batman smells ♪ ♪ I just crapped my pants ♪ Oh wait, I’m not wearing pants. [laughing] -Ho, ho, ho! -Whoa!
-Merry Christmas. -Who are you?
-Why, I’m Santa Claus. -Santa Claus?
Is that a fruit or a vegetable? -Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! No, I’m a person. -You’re kinda red;
you could be an apple. -No, I bring presents to all
the good children on Christmas. -Presents?
-Why, yes. -I want one billion dollars. -Well that’s a bit much,
don’t you think? -Uh-uh, I want a billion
dollars and a gallon of gas. -A gallon of gas? -Yeah, ’cause I’m running
out of juice. [laughs] -Oh.
-Get it? -Juice.
-Very funny. -[laughs] I’m an orange.
-I know. -Hey! Hey, Santa!
-Yes? -Santa, hey!
-What? -Can I give you a present? -Well… I guess. -[burps, laughs] -That was very naughty! -Hey! Hey, Santa!
-What? -Do you like to go to the beach? -Well… I guess, yeah. -Then I’m gonna
call you “Sandy” Claus. [laughs]
-That’s not my name. -Get it? Sandy Claus? [laughs] Oh, I “sleigh” me. -Ho, ho, ho,
yeah, very funny. -Hey! Hey, Sandy!
-It’s Santa. -Hey, Sandy!
-Santa! -Hey, Sandy, hey!
-It’s Santa! -Hey, you wanna hear the most
annoying sound in the world? -No! -Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! -Please stop!
-Nyaaaaaaaaaah! -Stop! Stop!
-Nyaaaaaaaaaaah! -Okay!
-Okay, what? -You know, there are some
naughty boys and girls out there, but you, you top the list. Who taught you your manners? You aren’t getting anything
but coal in your sock this year. -Socks? How can I wear socks? I don’t even have feet. [laughs] -[groans in frustration] -(Orange) Hey, hey Sandy! -(Santa) What? -(Orange) Can you move over a little? You’re giving me “Claus-trophobia.” [Orange laughs, Santa groans] Get it? Claus-trophobia? [laughing] -(Santa) Yes! Yes, I get it! Captioned by SpongeSebastian -(Orange) You’re an apple!

69 thoughts on “The Annoying Orange 4: Sandy Claus

  1. annoying orange your a tv show but cartoon network got rid of you can you make them put you back on there come on please do it for the fans

  2. Annoying orange: Hey, hey santa🎅 do you want to go to the beach?
    Sta claus:I guess yah…
    Annoying orange:Then I'll be call you SANDY CLAUS🎅
    Santa claus:that's not my name😜😂lololololol👊

  3. Are you the guy who cuts certain foods or fruits with knife and do you bring certain fruits or foods in the kitchen

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