The Arabian Nights – Christmas 2017

The Arabian Nights – Christmas 2017

[Director, Joe Douglas] The Arabian Nights isn’t necessarily the most obvious Christmas title and that excites me! The fact that it’s something different, and being able to find those little touches that make it feel like a collective Christmassy experience. There’s a million stories that
we can tell – well there’s not a million, there’s a thousand and one – but we’ve only got a couple of hours to tell them so it won’t be ‘all’ of the Arabian Nights. What we’re doing at the moment is kind of collating it and working out which ones we most want to tell and most want to share with the audience. Aladdin is of course the most famous one; ‘Sinbad’; ‘Ali-Baba and his forty thieves’; and there’s one, I think it’s called is it the ‘Glorious’ or the… ‘Magnificent Fart’. Colour, heat, magic, adventure and song. I’ll commit to those five things. [Music plays]

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