The Backyardigans: High Tea – Ep.20

The Backyardigans: High Tea – Ep.20

>>Hi, I’m Pablo.>>My name’s Tyrone.>>I’m Uniqua.>>I’m Tasha.>>And my name’s Austin.>>ALL: And we’re: ♪ Your backyard friends, The Backyardigans ♪ ♪ Together in the backyard again ♪>>PABLO: ♪ In the place where we belong ♪ >>UNIQUA: ♪ Where we’ll probably sing a song ♪ >>TASHA: ♪ And we’ll maybe dance along ♪>>ALL: ♪ We’ve got the whole wide world ♪ ♪ In our yard to explore ♪ ♪ We always find things we’ve never seen before ♪ ♪ That’s why everyday we’re back for more ♪ ♪ With your friends The Backyardigans ♪ High Tea. (Pablo makes engine sounds)>>Whoa!>>Hey, it’s me, Pablo.>>And me, Tyrone.>>I’m a race car driver and I’m gonna drive in the world’s fastest race. Hey, Tyrone, ready to race?>>Well, actually, no.>>Huh?>>You see, I’m a mountain climber. And I’m gonna climb the world’s tallest peak.>>Oh. Are you sure?>>Yep.>>Race car driving is really exciting.>>Well, mountain climbing is exciting.>>Yeah, but race car driving is exciting and fast.>>Mountain climbing is exciting and…and thrilling.>>Hey, you guys.>>TYRONE and PABLO: Uniqua!>>Wanna try race cars?>>Wanna go mountain climbing?>>Knock-knock.>>Huh?>>Knock-knock.>>What?>>Say, “Who’s there?”>>Okay. Who’s there?>>Tank.>>TYRONE and PABLO: Tank who?>>You’re welcome. Ta-dah! It’s a joke. A knock-knock joke.>>Oh, I get it.>>Tank who, you’re welcome. Very funny. Okay, Uniqua, but don’t you want to drive race cars?>>No, you wanna go mountain climbing, don’t you?>>Actually, I don’t wanna race cars or climb mountains because I’m a stand-up comic. I wanna make people laugh.>>But race car driving is exciting and fast.>>And mountain climbing is exciting and thrilling.>>Well, being a stand-up comic is exciting and funny.>>Race car driving definitely.>>Mountain climbing all the way.>>It’s all about being funny.>>Race car driving.>>Mountain climbing’s better.>>Definitely stand-up comic. (Tasha humming)>>I know what. Let’s let Tasha decide.>>Okay. Whatever she wants to do…>>We all do.>>Deal?>>ALL: Deal.>>UNIQUA: Hi, Tasha.>>Hey, Tasha.>>Hey, Tasha!>>Good afternoon. How lovely to see you.>>Hey, Tasha, don’t you want to do something exciting and fast?>>Or maybe something exciting and thrilling?>>Or something exciting and funny?>>Your choice.>>Whatever you want.>>No pressure.>>Well, dear friends, since it’s my choice, I think that we…>>Yeah?>>Should have a tea party.>>ALL: A tea party?>>Yes, a tea party where we sip tea, and lift our pinkies, and say, “Pip pip cheerio.”>>”Pip pip cheerio?”>>Oh, man.>>That doesn’t sound very exciting.>>On the contrary, it can be extremely exciting to make the perfect cup of tea. ♪ You and me, we’ll have the perfect cup of tea ♪ ♪ It will be so divine and the sipping will be fine ♪ ♪ We’ll stick our pinkies out ♪ ♪ That’s what tea time’s all about ♪ ♪ So come and join me Pip pip cheerio ♪ >>♪ It sounds rather boring I’d rather go soaring ♪>>♪ Or racing a speed boat out on the open sea ♪ >>♪ That sounds more like my cup of tea ♪>>♪ Come on, guys, bet you’ll like it if you try ♪ ♪ We’ll have a tea time quest ’til we find the very best ♪ ♪ Search out the finest tea anywhere on land or sea ♪ ♪ So lift your pinkie, pip pip cheerio ♪>>All right. Let’s just get it over with.>>Bring on the tea party.>>We’re ready.>>Oh, goody. But there’s just one teensy little thing.>>Yeah?>>To have a perfect tea party, you must have the perfect cup of tea.>>Yeah?>>And to have the perfect cup of tea, you must find the perfect tea leaves.>>Yeah?>>And there’s only one place where perfect tea leaves grow. The jungles of Borneo.>>ALL: The jungles of Borneo?>>TASHA: Where there are lots and lots of trees.>>PABLO: And vines.>>TYRON: And hopefully tea leaves.>>♪ You and me we’ll have the perfect cup of tea ♪ ♪ So lift your pinkie, pip pip cheerio ♪ Here we are. The jungles of Borneo.>>Okay, let’s get some tea leaves.>>Have the tea party.>>And then do something exciting.>>TYRONE and PABLO: Yeah!>>There’s just one teensy little thing.>>Yeah?>>There’s only one kind of tea leaf that will make a perfect cup of tea.>>Yeah?>>And it only grows on one tree.>>Yeah?>>In this whole jungle.>>Find one tree in this whole jungle?>>But this place is full of trees.>>We’re doomed.>>Oh come, come. The only thing we have to do is find the tree with golden tea leaves.>>But how?>>Climb up and look around.>>Wow, this is one tall tree.>>It certainly is.>>TASHA: Do you see the golden tree?>>UNIQUA: Not from here. So how are we gonna find it?>>By zip of course.>>UNIQUA: Zip?>>PABLO: Awesome!>>TYRONE: Come on, you guys.>>ALL: Whee!>>♪ Let’s go zipping, guys ♪ ♪ Let’s go through the trees of Borneo ♪>>ALL: ♪ Whee whee ♪>>♪ Zip, zip, zip from tree to tree ♪>>ALL: ♪ Whee whee ♪>>♪ To see if we can find that tea ♪ >>♪ How ’bout these, how ’bout these? ♪ ♪ Think these might be the golden leaves? ♪>>♪ Golden leaves don’t look like this ♪ ♪ These are kind of silverish ♪ >>UNIQUA: ♪ Well, let’s keep looking ♪ ♪ And let’s go through the trees of Borneo ♪ >>ALL: ♪ Whee whee ♪>>♪ Zip, zip, zip from tree to tree ♪ >>ALL: ♪ Whee whee ♪>>♪ To see if we can find that tea ♪>>♪ Are these golden? ♪>>♪ No, my good fellow ♪ ♪ I would call them just plain yellow ♪ ♪ They don’t have a golden shine ♪>>UNIQUA: ♪ Oh, well, onward! Grab a vine ♪ >>♪ Let’s keep zipping, guys ♪ ♪ Let’s go through the trees of Borneo ♪>>ALL: ♪ Whee whee ♪>>♪ Zip, zip, zip from tree to tree ♪>>ALL: ♪ Whee whee ♪>>♪ To see if we can find that tea ♪ >>♪ There’s some more leaves what do you think? ♪ ♪ They’d be perfect for a drink ♪>>♪ I don’t see a golden sheen ♪ ♪ They’re just plain old brownish green ♪>>UNIQUA: ♪ We’re zipping fast, we’re searching slow ♪ >>PABLO: ♪ Through the leaves of Borneo ♪>>Hey, over there!>>Oh, I say. I think that might be it. Whee! The golden tea leaves of Borneo! Perfect!>>ALL: Whee!>>PABLO: You know, all that zipping around in the treetops is pretty exciting.>>Yeah, it was really exciting.>>And thrilling.>>Excellent. We have the golden tea leaves of Borneo. They’ll make a perfect cup of tea.>>So we can have the tea party now, right?>>We’re ready.>>Pip pip cheerio.>>Well, there’s just another teensy little thing.>>Yeah?>>To have the perfect cup of tea, you must brew it in the perfect teapot.>>Yeah?>>And drink it from the perfect teacups.>>Yeah?>>Which we just need to borrow.>>Borrow?>>From who?>>From the Emperor of the Ming Empire. We’ll just pop over to his palace and ask him.>>Aw, man.>>Come along, everyone. It’s not far at all.>>Making a perfect cup of tea certainly is complicated.>>You can say that again.>>Making a perfect cup of tea certainly is complicated.>>Quickly now. Don’t dawdle. ♪ I do hope the Emperor is at home. (Doorbell rings) Oh dear. No answer. I shall ring again. (Doorbell rings)>>Maybe nobody’s home.>>Nonsense. Hello, Your Majesty. Hello? Hello?>>AUSTIN: Who dares to ring my doorbell?>>ALL: Whoa!>>It’s me, Tasha.>>And me, Tyrone.>>And Uniqua.>>And Pablo.>>May we come in?>>AUSTIN: Oh, well, all right.>>ALL: Whoa.>>TASHA: Come along. Don’t dawdle.>>You know, that Emperor didn’t sound very happy that we rang his doorbell.>>Yes, well, there’s just one little thing about the Emperor.>>ALL: Yeah?>>He tends to be just an eensy bit grumpy.>>ALL: Uh oh.>>Ah, there he is. The Emperor of the Ming Empire.>>You know, this Emperor doesn’t look too happy to see us. That must be the tea set.>>Come along. Don’t dawdle. Good afternoon, Your Highness. We’ve come to borrow your tea set.>>You want to borrow my tea set?>>Yes, please.>>Hm. Well… No!>>PABLO: Aw, man.>>TYRONE: Aw.>>UNIQUA: Bummer.>>But Your Majesty, we’re planning a tea party and we need your tea set to make the perfect cup of tea.>>Oh. Hm. Well… No!>>Oh dear. Why are you so grumpy?>>Because being the Emperor is really hard. I have to sit on this throne all day long. It feels like I’ve been sitting here for a zillion years. And that makes me grumpy. ♪ A zillion years upon this throne ♪ ♪ Has tightened up my funny bone ♪ ♪ You can joke as far as the eye can see ♪ ♪ But not one chuckle will you hear from me ♪ ♪ I’m grumpy ♪>>ALL: ♪ You’re grumpy ♪ ♪ You’re frowny and you’re frumpy ♪ >>♪ I’m grumpy ♪ >>ALL: ♪ You’re grumpy ♪>>♪ And this throne is hard and bumpy ♪>>Maybe if we can make him laugh…>>He won’t be so grumpy.>>And he’ll lend us his tea set.>>Let’s try it.>>AUSTIN: You can try, but you won’t get a laugh out of me. ♪ You can jokey and hokey pokey ♪ ♪ But you won’t get a laugh okey dokey ♪ >>TYRONE: ♪ How ’bout this? Is it funny to you? ♪>>♪ I’ve seen it before try something new ♪>>TASHA: ♪ Have you ever seen such a funny dance? ♪>>♪ That’s not funny not a chance ♪>>♪ Have a look at this funny face ♪ >>♪ If that’s funny I’m a Ming vase ♪>>What a grumpy guy.>>He just won’t laugh.>>Oh for goodness sakes.>>Hey, wait a minute. I know what could work. Knock-knock.>>What?>>Knock-knock. Now you say, “Who’s there?”>>Hm, well…who’s there?>>Banana.>>Banana who?>>Knock-knock.>>Who’s there?>>Banana.>>Banana who?>>Knock-knock.>>Who’s there?>>Orange.>>Orange who?>>Orange you glad that I didn’t say banana? ♪>>AUSTIN: Brilliant! “Orange who?”>>TASHA: May I?>>AUSTIN: Sure. Of course, take it. Take the tea set. I can’t take it anymore.>>TASHA: Thank you, Your Majesty. Excellent work, old chaps.>>All right. Now we have the tea set of the Emperor of the Ming Empire.>>And the golden tea leaves of Borneo.>>Everything we need for a perfect cup of tea, right?>>Well, there’s just one more teensy weensy thing.>>ALL: Yeah?>>Water. You can’t make tea without hot water.>>Well, that can’t be hard to find.>>You’re right. It will be easy peasy. We just have to dash over to the Gushing Geyser of the Gobi Desert.>>The gushing what?>>Of the where?>>The Gushing Geyser of the Gobi Desert.>>What’s that?>>It’s where we’ll get the perfect hot water for the perfect cup of tea for the perfect tea party. You’ll see. ♪ Tea, tea, tea ♪ ♪ We’ll have the perfect cup of tea ♪ ♪ Now won’t you join me pip pip cheerio ♪>>Aw, man.>>When are we gonna do something exciting?>>And fast.>>Well, when you think about it, meeting the Emperor of the Ming Empire was pretty exciting.>>Yeah, you’re right. It was exciting and funny.>>Totally funny.>>TASHA: Come along. Don’t dawdle.>>Okay.>>Be right there.>>TYRONE: So, how far is this Gushing Geyser?>>Not far. Look. There’s the geyser.>>I don’t see anything.>>TASHA: Look where I’m pointing.>>That little hill? That’s the Gushing Geyser of the Gobi Desert?>>Well, it’s not gushing right now, of course.>>Obviously.>>The great Gushing Geyser only gushes once a day. First it rumbles three times.>>TYRONE: Whoa.>>PABLO: Whoa.>>UNIQUA: What is that?>>That was the first rumble. Two more to go.>>PABLO: So we have to get all the way over there before the third rumble?>>Exactly. Or wait until tomorrow.>>Wait until tomorrow? Oh, boy, oh, boy. The geyser only gushes once a day.>>TYRONE: Pablo.>>PABLO: Everybody stay calm, be cool. This was just the first rumble.>>UNIQUA: Pablo.>>That was the first rumble. Only two more rumbles. How are we gonna get there in only two rumbles?>>TASHA: Pablo!>>Yeah?>>There’s only one way to get to the geyser before the third rumble. Mongolian ponies.>>ALL: Wow, Mongolia ponies!>>That certainly is convenient.>>TASHA: Mongolian ponies are the fastest running ponies in the world. Now, come along. Don’t dawdle.>>TYRONE: Whoa.>>PABLO: Easy.>>TASHA: Steady.>>The second rumble.>>We’ve gotta go!>>We can make it. Gallop, ponies, gallop! ♪ Gallop, ponies, gallop across the desert plain ♪>>♪ Gallop, ponies, gallop, faster than a train ♪>>♪ Gallop, ponies, gallop, there’s no time to delay ♪>>♪ Whinny if you want to, shimmy if you need to ♪ ♪ But gallop, ponies, gallop, gallop your hearts away ♪>>ALL: ♪ Gallop, gallop, yee-haw, gallop ♪ ♪ Gallop, gallop, come on, gallop ♪ >>PABLO: Look! Faster!>>♪ Gallop, ponies, gallop, time to get rushin’ ♪>>♪ Gallop, ponies, gallop ♪ ♪ Before the geyser starts gushin’ ♪>>♪ Gallop, ponies, gallop, faster than you knew you could ♪>>♪ Whinny if you want to, shimmy if you need to ♪ ♪ But gallop, ponies, gallop while the galloping’s good ♪ >>ALL: ♪ Gallop, gallop, yee-haw, gallop ♪ ♪ Gallop, gallop, ya-hoo, gallop ♪>>UNIQUA: You know, this galloping is pretty exciting.>>TYRONE: It’s really exciting.>>PABLO: It’s exciting and fast. ♪>>And now to brew the perfect cup of tea. The perfect teapot, the perfect tea leaves.>>TYRONE: You know, I still don’t see anything gushing.>>TASHA: Just you wait. Any moment now.>>ALL: Whoa!>>UNIQUA: Whoa, look at that!>>PABLO: It’s gushing!>>TASHA: And it’s filling up the teapot with hot water. Ah, perfect. ♪ Mm, heavenly. Teatime, everyone.>>TYRONE: Cool.>>UNIQUA: All right.>>PABLO: Teatime.>>AUSTIN: Ahem. Knock-knock.>>UNIQUA: Who’s there?>>AUSTIN: Justin.>>UNIQUA: Justin who?>>AUSTIN: Just in time for tea, I hope. Plus, I brought the sugar.>>Excellent, Your Highness.>>Thank you.>>Mm.>>Thanks!>>And now, dear friends, the perfect cup of tea. Pip pip.>>ALL: Cheerio!>>AUSTIN: Mmm!>>ALL: Mmm! ♪ Tea, tea, tea this is the perfect cup of tea ♪ ♪ So lift your pinkie pip pip cheerio ♪>>TYRONE: You know, I never knew having a tea party could be so exciting and thrilling.>>And exciting and funny.>>And exciting and fast.>>TASHA: I did. (Tasha’s stomach rumbles) Oh, my.>>PABLO: I say, do you know what would go perfectly with this perfect cup of tea?>>TASHA: Why yes, old chap. A snack!>>PABLO: Wanna come to my house for some peanut butter and jelly?>>UNIQUA: Yeah!>>TYRONE: Mm, peanut butter and jelly.>>AUSTIN: Yummy!>>TASHA: It’s my favourite.>>PABLO: I’m hungry.>>TASHA: Pip pip.>>ALL: Cheerio.>>TYRONE: That was an exciting tea party adventure. Don’t you think?>>UNIQUA: Yeah.>>TASHA: Totally.>>PABLO: Sure was.>>AUSTIN: Very exciting.>>ALL: ♪ We’ve got the whole wide world ♪ ♪ In our yard to explore ♪ ♪ Now it’s time for us to have a snack ♪ ♪ Meet you next time when we’re back ♪ ♪ With your friends, The Backyardigans ♪>>PABLO: See you next time!>>TASHA: Ta-ta.>>UNIQUA: See you later!>>TYRONE: Later, chaps.>>AUSTIN: Next time.>>TASHA: Yummy. Snack time!>>PABLO: Yay! Pip pip cheerio! ♪

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  9. i distinctly remember it being tasha and uniqua being the emperors of a temple and they are the ones who are told the joke. unless I'm mixing up a different episode with this one? It's most likely the case

    also, that knock knock joke uniqua said to the emperor was used SO MANY TIMES by me when i was younger!😂😂😂

  10. I love you since I was a kid I didn’t like you anymore but I like you when I’m growing up now

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  12. I have several Questions:

    1. This title lied to me! I don't see any signs of any Hippies, Drugs or characters getting high.
    2. Euniqua is trying WAY too hard to make jokes.
    3. I miss my plastic tea set. I mostly drank Milk/Water. Yeah that's right. I used to have tea parties. I don't see any of you having the pair to admit it!
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