The Battle for the Republican Party: The Daily Show

The Battle for the Republican Party: The Daily Show

A senator in open revolt against the president
from his own party. And not just disagreeing
with him. Corker is saying
that the president of the United States
is incompetent, and cannot be trusted
in the Oval Office. Or near electrical outlets. And Corker wasn’t even
the only GOP senator to speak up yesterday. What he said in 140 characters, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake
expanded on old-school style. There are times when we must
risk our careers in favor of our principles. Now is such a time. We must stop pretending that the
degradation of our politics and the conduct of some in our
executive branch are normal. We must never regard as normal the regular and casual
undermining of our democratic norms
and ideals. The personal attacks, the
threats against principles, the flagrant disregard
for truth and decency, they are not normal. I will not be complicit
or silent. To that end,
I am announcing today that my service in the Senate
will conclude at the end of my term
in early January, 2019. Now, I know
that doesn’t seem flashy, because we’re so used
to living with Trump. But that was definitely
a slam, right? A senatorial slam. Like, you don’t
do a mic drop after that, you just gently
lay the mic in a coffin. So, that’s two deeply
conservative Republican senators who won’t run
for re-election next year denouncing Trump, bigly. Now, on the one hand,
uh, could you argue that if Corker and Flake really
believed America’s democracy was under threat,
they should stay and fight. On the other hand, you
have to admit there’s a freedom that comes from saying
that you quit, because now they can
oppose Trump without fear that it’ll hurt
their political careers, right? It’s like… it’s like once you
put in your two week’s notice. You can do whatever you want. Yeah. Now you’re that guy
at Jamba Juice spitting in all the juice.
(spits) Yeah, and by the way, they
didn’t give two weeks notice, they gave 15 months notice.
15 months. So now they’re gonna be spitting
in Trump’s Jamba Juice for the next year.
(spits) What, did you say
you want protein or pee? I put both,
I don’t know, whatever. And listen, listen,
these aren’t… these aren’t the only Republicans who are
causing trouble in the ranks, right? You’ve also got Senators
McCain, Murkowski and Collins, who’ve rebelled against Trump
in some way. So right now the Republican
party is not having a good time. They’re not having a good time. And there’s one man who’s enjoying it
more than most. Former White House advisor
and real-life Halloween costume Steve Bannon. REPORTER: Breitbart hailing
the news of Flake’s retirement with the headline
“Winning: Flake Out.” Steve Bannon’s reaction,
according to a source close to the former
Trump strategist: “Another day, another scalp.” Wow. I’m-I’m not surprised– Steve Bannon
loves collecting scalps. I mean, he does seem
like the kind of person who they’ll catch
wearing someone else’s skin. He just seems like that type. You see,
Bannon wants all Republicans who go against Trump to quit,
so that he can replace them with Trump loyalists.
That’s really what he wants. In fact, Bannon even said
he plans to challenge every single
Republican politician except Ted Cruz. Which is so sad for Ted Cruz. He even gets
left out of threats. Out of threats. I feel like,
even in a hostage situation, the kidnappers would be like,
“Everybody in here’s a hostage! “Everybody dow…
Except Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz, go. Go. Get out, get out.”
Even the cops would be like, “Send out the hostag…
No, not Ted Cru… “You keep Ted Cruz. We’ll give you everything
if you keep Ted Cruz.” But look, here-here’s
the importance of what
Corker and Flake have done. They’ve shown
that there are Republicans who are starting
to see the realities of the Donald Trump
presidency, right? Because even though
they may agree with Trump on his legislative agenda,
they are now publicly acknowledging
the danger of everything else that this man stands for.
Which includes pathological lying,
discarding diplomacy, encouraging white supremacy
and undermining the rule of law and the institutions
of democracy. So you may not
like Flake or Corker for their overall politics–
I understand that. But think of it like this,
think of it like this. In the crime epic that is
the Trump administration, they’re basically
like drug dealers who are trying to flip
on the kingpin who’s clearly gone too far.
That’s what they’re doing. They’re like, “I can’t do this,
I got to get out.” And others could follow.
In fact, Corker has said that “the vast majority of our caucus understands what
we’re dealing with here.” So this is not easy for them. And I think we should encourage
all Republicans against Trump to come out.
Yeah, all of them. Except Ted Cruz. So, for all you Republicans
who are afraid to speak up, we made this for you. My name’s Michael Costa,
and I used to deal Trump. I’m not proud of it,
but it’s the truth. When I started, I didn’t think
it was a big deal. I mean, I was in it
for the tax cuts. You know, who doesn’t
want to get paid? But then I saw what Trump did
to my community and I got out. Was I scared?
Hell yeah. I-I don’t want Steve Bannon
wearing my face. (sighs)
But I’m glad I left. So if you’re a Republican and you’re looking to stop
dealing Trump, call the number below. We can help you get out. -(phone rings)
-Someone’s calling right now. Hello? Oh, Hi, Senator Rubio. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
this is totally anonymous. Tell me your story. Michael Kosta, everybody.

100 thoughts on “The Battle for the Republican Party: The Daily Show

  1. Open your eyes to inner story behind outside fake story from Bannon to pretend to be against trump. he completely works for him and the wealthy power force controlling conservative movement. Bannon is supposed to be the bad guy now, worse than trump so you begin to feel at least trump is not as bad as Bannon, and you keep supporting the viciousness of trump. How long will America fall for every fake story to manipulate our obedience. Trust not empty hearts. Even your children can identify them. If every minority and youth would just come vote in 2018, we can truly begin the revolution. Stop waiting for someone else to change it.

  2. All this video talks about is how bad Donald Trump is. And it's all about U.S. poltics. There is no empathy for the people of Zimbabwe who are being oppressed by a ruthless old dictator.

  3. Now is the time for just "regular old folks" – the PEOPLE to rise up and run for office. I'm currently looking into this for myself running for office. I'm sick of this CRAP and I know probably more than Trump (I actually read). I encourage you all to do it as well.

  4. I would like to hear Rep Ruben Gallego and Rep Ted Lieu read into the congressional record Speaker Ryan's weak, feeble responses to trumps attacks on democracy.

  5. don't hand out cookies for not supporting this disgusting fucking fascist. they didn't care about "grab her by the pussy". they didn't care about "they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists". they didn't care about "oooh i don't know what i said! i don't remember!" they didn't even care about the basic human thing, devoid of identity politics or "pc culture", that was "we gotta take out their families". they didn't care about the attacks on the press and constant demagoguery, or the way he shows signs of being a real threat to our democracy. but oooooh, he's a tangerine clown! he yells too much! you know what they're really saying. he makes us look bad. they believe antifa=nazis because they firmly believe that fascism is just too damn rowdy. don't act like they're on our side. republicans are still pieces of shit who are a major reason this country is the kind of place someone like trump could rise. not that establishment democrats aren't a part of it as well.

  6. Flake and Corker are slow-brained flakes. They've both voted with Trump 100%. Now they see the light that most of us regular people have seen for 16 months. Sage? No.

  7. Am I the only one who was waiting on the guy at the end to pick up a call from Ted Cruz and tell him it's a wrong number or something?

  8. would've been funnier if when he answered and this was the call
    "ohh, ! wrong number buddy"
    then he hangs up and says
    "that was Ted Cruz" Lmao

  9. Jeff Flake's speech will go down in history along side Patrick Henry's "give me liberty or give me Death" speech and the Gettysburg address and MLK's "I have a dream speech" .. Well done Mr. Flake.

  10. What many don't understand is there's no party for middle America anymore.

    Republicans seem down right evil, greedy and hell bent on maintaining white supremacy.

    Democrats are hanging their hats on professional victims such as gays, the masses of blacks who only want to have everything handed to them, women rights and transgenders going in any bathroom they want.

    Most of us don't like either but are forced to pick the "lesser of 2 evils"

    We need a political party for those of us who are just trying to keep the check engine light off on cars…

  11. Wahtthe fuck. why was the ad for a gun holster played before this? seriously the daily show had an ad about gun holsters??

  12. That number is a real number. I called it. I left a real message. Not a Trump supporter though. I will help people get out though.


  14. Back in 2011 the US showed it's stupidity and its ignorance, a Noah's Ark religious theme park was granted $43 million in state tax breaks. At the same time, “the state has gone through eight rounds of budget cuts over the past three years,” including cuts to “education at all levels” and a pay freeze for all teachers and state workers.
    And the USA wonders why the rest of the world laughs, and why so many Americans are so fucking dumb.

  15. Yet Flake, Corker and McCain all 3 voted WITH Dumbo against the people from suing banks. So what good are they saying they won’t seek re-election?? That gives them 15 months of being Dumbo’s lap dogs, “yeah but they hate it”. I read it as just another way for them to say “we got our so f**k you” – these jackasses helped to get CRAZY in the WH and now they BAIL on America?? Really? At least McCain has cancer and I can see him stepping down but the other two should be tossed out on their cowardly asses now, would be better than rubber stamping this ignorant administrations evil agenda.

  16. Why would anyone other than wall street possibly stand by him anymore? Why even vote republican? You have a divided party that no longer even knows what it means to be Republican. It is not conservative. It is…. what? wtf is it anymore? Why not go Libertarian or something? It'd be hard to be less competent than the current Republican party. It's so divided within their own party. They don't get anything done…

  17. Trevor, Trevor. Flake was trailing Kelli Ward in Arizona by a WIDE margin. He had no chance at reelection. Oops, I sound like all you media types back in October, 2016. But seriously, he had half the support Ward had. He quit because his time was done. He didn't want to run a losing campaign. So he and Corker are out. Sounds to me like Trump is actually draining the swamp. Get new people in there to get things done.

    You're such a loser reactionary. "Hey everyone. Look I found a guy from the other side who agrees with US!!! Let's parade him around as a hero." Why don't you wait and see how he and Corker votes on policies while still in the Senate before you saint them as Honorable Democrats? You can have McCain, by the way. Oh wait, you already do.

    Yeah, there's no room for you in the Republican party, Flake. Take your shots going out the door like a coward. The new Republican party is not going to be the same old washed-up establishmentarians that the Democrats are still trotting out every year. Both sides need to get rid of the turkey-necked 85-year-old career politicians who ONLY worry about reelection and are afraid to make the tough calls for our country.

  18. tangerines is MY favorite colors, women's are?✌?NOT he's characteristics, ?HMMM incoherent YOU KNOW FOLKS, it's ALL UP TO YOU ?✌

  19. Just like every other liberal talk show/ media coverage I’ve ever seen. Misguided and quite frankly, stupid . You do a pretty good job of brainwashing our society. Props to you ??

  20. BIGLY SAD that the republikkkcans have gone along with trumpanzee's shit this long!!! Also BIGLY SAD to know that ALL of this B.S. could have been AVOIDED if people had only put their country before their hurt little hearts. Progressives… hoo MFers!!!!!

  21. Steve Bannon and Breitbart choosing not to go after Ted Cruz seems too coincidental. Perhaps Robert and Rebekah Mercer told him to leave Ted Cruz alone. Robert and Rebekah Mercer funded Ted Cruz's 2016 presidential primary campaign until Donald Trump won the republican nomination. And, Robert and Rebekah Mercer have supported Bannon and Breitbart since 2012, both financially and ideologically. The Kochs are typically viewed as the most influential republican donors, but the Mercers are not far behind.

  22. Trevor makes my day! Truly, his political comments help me cope with the fear, uncertainty and anger T causes me. Thank you very much.

  23. I feel bad for my baby daughter, I was watching this video on the tv and the loud song at the end came out and she got scared and jumped out! tone it down daily show no one I mean it NO ONE likes the loud audio at the end.

  24. I'm terrified of Bananon's thugs getting into office in place of Corker and Flake. That would destroy this country in a nanosecond.

  25. Hey daily show, would it be possible for you to up the volume on the mixers? Not sure why but your show is really quiet

  26. This is the Koch Bros money going for the most far right-wing crazies and supporting them. We are going to end up with half a nutty Congress. WORSE than now.

  27. Is announcing your not going to seek re-election legally binding? Because if I was a politician in this reprehensible administration that could implode and seems to be on that course I would denounce trump too…it’s called playing both sides

  28. I just saw a report from the media that gave me pause: it ask whether we knew what Ivanka does first thing after she gets up in the morning. Now, is there really people out there that are so starved for nonsense that actually ask themselves this? Every human being knows that a person gets up and goes to take a piss. I don't care if you're old, young or inbetween, you go take a piss. The Trumps are nothing special. They all eat, shit, drink, piss like everyone. So, why is there such fascination with racist offspring of the orange clown? Don't people have enough interesting things in their lives, that they have to sit and wonder about stupid crap like what this Trump offspring does when she gets up.

  29. a true leader doesn't bow to party lines, a real man and a true leader cares about protecting those who cannot protect themselves. He chooses people over pride, it's not the about a man who honors the party its about a man who makes the party honorable.

  30. Trump is an inept president, bumbling, no knowledge of proper grammar, no knowledge of how to be dignified and moral. At least he is documented with his gregarious and dare I say, comfortable with the bully pulpit positioning, and doesn't seem to take any measures to rectify and/ or learn how to be a leader instead of what he represents now; hardship, immigration reform failure, devoid of compassion , just absent of any redeeming qualities. Scandals, big and small, misogynistic, racist, Twitter Fiend!

  31. Bigly.. lol.. Seems like Trump got to you too ma man!! You gotta relax and take a break.. thats too much of Trump around you..
    Keep up the good work!!

  32. if i could rule the world for a second i would force all republicans into the independent party, and exclude rich republicans..

  33. The worst part is that the Cult of Trump and the hardcore GOP base…thinks that it's a good thing they're losing these people. The way they spin it, these people are RINOs, anti-American, and traitors who all need to be kicked out. Their words. Moderate conservatives, you need to take your party back from the fringe crazies who have started to define you by your silent support of the ideas and people (like Trump) who should be revoked and denied a voice capable of affecting change. After all, you wouldn't put a serial pedophile in charge to make sure that their ilk have a say in the laws governing sexual relations and marriage…would you?

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