The Best Card Stock For Greeting Cards

The Best Card Stock For Greeting Cards

Hi Stamping Friends! Jackie Bolhuis from Klompen Stampers and I
am back today with this weeks quick tip. Today I want to talk about the thick cardstock. How many of you guys have used either the
whisper white or the very vanilla thick cardstock? You know what? It’s an absolute must in my stamping world
whenever you’re making a card that the base of it is white or vanilla. As you know our white and vanilla cardstock
are awesome for stamping on but they’re not quite as heavy as your colored cardstock so
if you don’t use color cardstock for your card base then make sure you are using this
thick because it will give your card a much heavier, nicer feel to it and not be so flimsy
looking. Now a little key with this thick stock; make
sure you score it before you fold it because it does fold a little bit harder if it’s not
scored. So I have scored already, now you’re kinda
getting a double tip today because I’m always asked “when you score something, do you fold
it with that scoring line in the middle or with the little bumpy ridge in the middle?” And it seems totally backwards but the way
to fold it is the bumpy little ridge from scoring, that should go on the inside. So I can feel my ridge there I’m going to
fold it that way and then I do like to use my bone folder to just give it a nice crisp
fold. So remember next time you place an order if
you don’t already have it and you use it pick yourself up some vanilla and some white THICK
card stock and use that whenever your card base is white or vanilla. So I hope you like this week’s tip. Make sure to share it with your stamping friends
and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Even though this video is a quick tip I share
lots of other videos that show me stamping complete projects and share a lot more than
just the quick tips so I hope this is helpful for you. Have a stamp happy day!

5 thoughts on “The Best Card Stock For Greeting Cards

  1. There's a great tip in today's video, not only for the type of card stock to use for your card base, but also which direction to fold after you score. Was this new information to you or did you already know?

  2. Love…love these tips. Both have been puzzles for me. Lol Especially the fold direction: I know full well I've probably folded both ways not realizing there was a more effective and consistent way to fold. Thanks so much. Your videos always are so well done.

  3. Great video! I was wondering what the thickness of the paper you use? I was looking at 110 lb card stock and it is still fairly thin and flimsy looking. Any recommendations?

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