The Birthday Party: A Chad, Matt & Rob Interactive Adventure!

The Birthday Party: A Chad, Matt & Rob Interactive Adventure!

authorities in Los Angeles are on high alert today after receiving a bomb threat from the same extremist organization that yesterday kidnapped media heiress Eileen Gump the urban militia known as the arms of Liberty also suspected of a jacking a recent shipment of black minivans have threatened to detonate a black work in WMD in downtown Los Angeles by midday a back if their demand for his family $1 rinse okay Simon it’s done there’s a spot right there targeted for there’s 112 regrets of human rights activist Christopher right there Liberty leader big there’s a good space you know we parking you to need the meters there’s a free lot around the corner there yeah but then we’ll have spot spot spot spot real a pop I’m breeze all hungry we just Park who gets their boss at teddy bear for his birthday it’s a pretty awesome gift if you ask me do you your boss look at that idiot oh you douchebag right there right there wrong nope yep idiot the heck ting me part man we parked like next time you drive you drive next time and then you can decide where we park if they’re gonna have chocolate cupcakes over Kayla oh look at this uh okay give me my money what hey you got the wrong guy wrong guys Matt nice to meet you alright sorry red what what the watch guys my money pump um can we just talk about money we have a moment Oh guys cook what are you doing crying yes what are you stopping they stop you you

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  1. Who are these idiots and why are they after them when it's clear that there not the ones there looking for. I can't understand this one. It's not funny.

  2. you are on the books of the history of video art, did you know? check it out!
    Maurizio Ambrosini, Giovanna Maina, Elena Marcheschi (a cura di), "I film in tasca. Videofonino, cinema e televisione", Felici editore, Pisa 2009 at pag.134

  3. Remember when you go to your youtube page and there wasn't an advertisement at the top of the page?

    Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO

    Remember when there wasn't advertisements that never go away?

    Remember you couldn't have a limit to favorites?

    Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?

    Remember when we could rate stars not like?


    Post this in every video and lets start a youtube riot

    Thumbs up so this is on top 'eh

  4. @flo2777 that's how youtube makes it's money if they switched it back to the old youtube you realize you would have to start paying to watch videos right?

  5. Thank you so much for doing things like this guys! I used your tutorial on interactive videos to make a cool way to show the world my senior thesis!

  6. GUYS!
    You guys are great
    Can you guys please make more videos
    I have been seeing your guys videos since the beginning
    Please come back!

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