The Black Friday Survival Starter Pack

– Hey what’s up guys, Keaton the turkey here, and right now it’s Thankgiving which means tomorrow is Black Friday which means you get the best deal ever on tech or
really just whatever you want. But it can get a little
rowdy, a little unsafe, some people can even get beat up, so I got a survival
kit, let’s check it out. So yeah guys, if you
wanna check out anything mentioned in this video,
links down below and also before we start drop a like
on this video if you guys know what Black Friday is, let’s try to shoot for 30,000
likes, because your boy might die, if no one knows
what Black Friday is, no one will be able to like call and say he died on Black Friday or anything, and comment down below letting me know if you guys know of any
good Black Friday deals that you want me to pick up, I’m gonna kinda do a haul this year, but yeah, let’s see what
you need to survive. (gobbling) So the first thing is, and my favorite thing on this list is, is my Snapchat Spectacles, these things are awesome, I tricked them out a little bit, I painted them so you don’t
actually know that I’m recording you right now, so you need these to let your friends know that you’re safe on Snapchat, and just safe in the world
of Black Friday madness. Make sure to add me on Snapchat, I’m just Keaton, and Snapchat me, letting me know you’re safe, I really care about you guys, and if you find any good deals, like
seriously, let me know on Snapchat. (gobbling) Now I know I always show
you guys a cool battery pack on these lists, but instead,
I got something even cooler, I got an eco-friendly battery pack, one that you can just actually throw away, and this one actually
works for the iPhone, so that’s always awesome, and I got a full video coming up soon, look at this, 1000 extra milliampere hours going into my phone, and charging it. (gobbling) Next thing I got this USB kill stick, which means that if you
plug this little thing into anything with a USB
port, it’s gonna kill it. It’s just straight up gonna kill it, it works on computers,
iPhones, you name it, this thing will kill it, so on Black Friday, I
like to get my deals, I like to make sure I’m the
only ones getting my deals, so if you get a deal,
and I don’t get a deal, I’m just gonna bring
this on out, and whoop! No I’m just kidding, I’m just playing, but seriously though, I have a weapon, and I’m not afraid to use it. (gobbling) Real talk here guys, my
doctor actually watches all my videos, and he
said that I need to stop the 5-hour energies,
and stop the Red Bulls, so I said, doc, no probs,
your boy Keat’s got ya. I’m on an all water diet. Caffeinated water that is. This thing is so good, oh! Yes, let’s go! So just real quick here, it’s water infused with caffeine, sugar, beautifulness and, hmm,
but it’s healthy though. (gobbling) This is the scariest onto the list. This is a pepper spray gun, look at, a gun that shoots
these pepper spray canisters, I’m scared of this, like
unless we hit 300,000 likes in this video guys, go hard
by the way, I would shoot myself in the face for
you guys, if we hit that, so you’re gonna need something
like this for pepper spray in case someone tries to attack you, there are actual cases of it,
just look at this video here. – Take your best shot. (tense music) – The weirdest one in the
list is the iPhone telescope. You guys have probably seen these before, let me know in the comments if you have. But, say you wanna sit
in that nice hot car while everyone else is
just super cold outside, you can, and then you can
see the deals, from afar. (gobbling) The last awesome thing on the list, and this is my favorite, I know
I’ve said that a lot today, it’s the Descender, so if anyone falls, you know, trying to get deals, no worries, you have tank tracks, this is legit a skateboard with tank wheels, you can roll over anything. But you won’t be rolling over the deals, just the people that, you know, want the deals. (gobbling) So yeah guys, that’s pretty
much it for this video, comment down below letting
me know of any good Black Friday deals as I said before, that’s pretty much it, if you guys stuck till the end, and don’t want me to die on Black Friday, make sure you go down there
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I hope your boy doesn’t die.

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