Last Christmas I gave you my heart for the very next day you gave it away this year…… Hey!!!! give it to someone special Stop my [Oli] Pops [Oli] here and welcome to Ollie and also [Lizzie’s] xmas xTravaganza Quiz Extraordinaire of 2016 might not be repeating again. If it goes badly, but maybe it could be good. [why] are you looking at? You’re looking at my boy Yes, how long even in the room? He’s been a while he moves He goes places where ever he feels the [need] I like it we are doing a Christmas quiz a Christmas quiz devised by us both there’ll be three rounds a round of Christmas trivia questions around a Personal questions, which [will] [ask] each other and a final round which I’m not going to disclose yet. It’s Gonna be a surprise Surprise to me yeah you don’t know it’d be an anthology it’s gonna be great if you get the question right you’ll get a point and if you get a question wrong you’ll have to face the stocking [or] Forfeit and also the other stocking a forfeit because all the forfeits wouldn’t fit into one star [King] Yeah, how much was it worth [5] pounds? Thank you. No problem. I’m looking for spoilers spoilers anyway, let us begin with the Christmas Kawin Number one one what gift did the three Kings give baby? Jesus gold frankincense and Myrrh Yeah unfortunately as I go right you must face a forfeit from the bag of Forfeit Oh what [the] hell? [oh], you picked out. They’re supposed to be in the fridge Jolly [worthiness] stocking This is of course a german brat versed a very famous thing in Christmas Law brats thus well these are actually frankfurters whose brat most have to cook so he’s got the uncooked version. They are edible Are they yeah how to make the meal happy? [oh] you have to cook me? You don’t cook food Those cooking instructions. You don’t eat them cold appreciate me there you can’t [attend] Molly I’m not even wrong sausage right put the package down lizzie you having another one first off. It didn’t work next forfeit Oh, wow what a surprise? Well? She’s having a rummage. [oh] gosh. She’s found some bells We’re Gonna apply them to you some hell Yeah, I mean that was the least effective way of applying to you I think we should raise them into your hair some hair you take a strand, and I’ll take a strand It’s not stayed in very well. Oh damn damn Peggy. I’m girl you dingley That’s at his home with me. Yeah, especially [tastier] on sale everything here was on sale I’d say this is a high budget Christmas clothes. Are you ready for my [question] you feel extra [jingle]? I’ll jiggle it when I dance okay. What is the fifth round is name of course there are many reynders? What is the fifth she’s counting? I actually have no [idea]. Why are you counting fruit? No all right, not Gonna? Do that okay fritzl fritzl? Not [fritzl] there is no reindeer call fritzl [a] [pre-shot] fritzl was a very bad German man Very bad man and certainly [not] part of the Christmas spirit, so you’re off listen comet Well he is a reindeer and you have lost the second question I think it’s good at me getting honestly you think of a lots of Christmas knowledge Trying to get the same [past] the carrot oh, no. I think this is [Rick] Oh, yeah, you found our roasted chestnuts substitute because I didn’t have a way to roast chestnuts [so] bought some cashews you can eat some cashews. [oh], God. She hates it. You’re not enjoying that [I] god this is a horrible [forfeit] Quite like ha ha ha Christmas Christmas mess. I don’t like unwrapping your cashews all over the block my father you value All you need to shop the cash you look fine. Thank you your question What did Mariah Carey want for Christmas in? 1995 why Lizzie it was you know it wasn’t me actually it was you. Oh, oh you do Oh yeah that seems. Oh look at Karen. How about it, but luckily that bank oh Christmas joy luckily I brought some hummus with me for the occasion. So that’s what that you [did] wonder. Why the hell [Mister] zombicide? This is actually my dinner. [all] he’s actually keeps me here against my will [Mm-Hmm]. I’ve been able to eat my dinner yet I just didn’t want to share my Christmas carrot sticks with I thought who better, but my good friend lizzie We don’t put any butter or a movie dr.. Block you’re thinking about yeah yeah thinking how about me for the video Oh, yeah, his abs oh How about over that come here the manjula? Oh [the] kiss it’s moving about? Okay, now he’s going away [was] Chris got a lot less festive and a lot more sexual very quickly Angela now remember the middle What’s the score? Do you want to [me]? I think I’m winning. Do you want to me? Yes lizzie? Yeah, Elizabeth? Yeah, ldShadowlady me. What items make up a traditional price tingle at orange candles cocktail sticks. Yeah, fruit you’ve missed a vital part and a vital list of parts The blood of Christ or the Ribbon around the center, right? I know, I’m right lizzie [because] I went to Chris dingle every year for 20 years So no no no Chris dingle is no because I didn’t know if I was Gonna think outside of [England] is it Hell, isn’t it. Why is that a cracker? That’s a Christmas cracker. I’m not eating that that’s been in a stocking It’s Aurora spinning [said] we’ve got 30 more I like it all the dry get Christmas cracker you Doing that if it’s hummus next question next question well if you had one of the most uncooked Slid right now for fanfic next question neighbor all the reindeer in the world does it approximate population of 500,000 reindeer in the entire world and hunt like you today all of them That’s a joke just Santa’s please same questions [what] I asked you, but less specific Yeah Exactly right seems fair um Donner Blitzen comet Cupid give up rudolph you give up Madonna That’s not one. You don’t know that. You don’t know any names that right here. That is true I’ve called my club. I know that Madonna is not one, and [you] have to take a father okay? Christmas art device that’s a pen yeah an art device a variety of jumbo pens are free to art me Christmas art Yeah, no not the hat. Oh [not] Okay, I mean we’ve done makeup before so that doesn’t feel right That’s probably not I haven’t checked if this is okay to go on skin goes Christmas tree though, right and then the other side yep Like summer this is a [shape] [a] Christmas shape, okay? Why you just gonna be so Kawaii [to] [know] why teats are not green my question? Oh? Yeah? It’s quite an easy one you probably don’t know it. What is the name of the iCelandic Christmas aggressor eats, children bonus point? Do you get her cat’s name come on now Lizzy you know Icelandic Christmas Folklore, Helga Run Zelda Run Good one letter right not enough. It was Guerrilla Guerrilla the [RS] And her pet cat the you’ll care I gave you reasonable question This is reasonable if you’re into icelandic folk or see anyone imagine the icelanders are quite scared of [enter] the bank Yeah, no, it’s plain foil. Oh, no No, you didn’t say I someone in my mouth. Oh don’t eat the flower sector I got that snow no question what’s the name of the town in the movie how the grinch stole Christmas Christmas [no]? Right it’s a town called Christmas. There’s another thing. I definitely know what it is. [oh], that’s not Christmas I’m gonna eat my carrot sticks and helmets and just be sad [its] whoville You but the grinch [wasn’t] originally from Hoover. Have you seen the movie? Yeah? I don’t think you guys yeah, but like [know] there’s a movie adaptation out the who’s I think the original one I thought you watch mean the movie adaptation how they put the original didn’t you mean the book yeah cuz I said the Movie did yeah, that’s true alright rummaging around He’s a Christmas star. Wow is that Jesus below it no, but there is a Christmas cracker Look, I was not I would never would I’m angela okay. That’s quite [right]? [oh], yeah. Yeah, that’s working That’s it. Yeah, I’m like a tree beautiful Christmas I don’t feel like Christmas Are you saying that there isn’t Christmas and two friends having fun doing a quiz one of them covered in [flour]? [but] I agreed to do this I didn’t think this would happen no that’s cuz I didn’t say anything you would have said now yeah okay, how many varieties of Birds feature in the Twelve days of Christmas Partridge tell dot it’s one, so that’s why I’m Oh, that’s gonna be actually for you. Let me go for the song there’s a lot of birds Why those are very precious animal? I’ll do is five. [oh], you’re [close]. You’re not right no cigar It’s six really yeah, there is French hens total Dubs Heartridge swam To others what are the two of us? I’m calling [birds]. No [ten] is not calling birds 10 is lords a-Leaping Oh, you’re not wrong. There is six birds. Just don’t know what they are. Hey [there’s] not bad is it are you enjoying your time on all these Christmas quiz 2016 [edition] No, are you looking for – 2017 edition almost ugly friends, okay? My last question is yeah It’s actually quite related to the one you just [laughed] in the Christmas Carol Twelve days of Christmas Oh, wow, what gift was given on the seventh day Day O Christmas my true love sent to me seven swans a-swimming yeah [what] yeah boy? If you want to go into the red stocking this time, it’s a good one That’s where Chris sausages you you have found a label. Tree hat with bells. Yeah, you clearly wrote the label This is ridiculous at all and my final question for the Christmas trivia round what of maine for? Few groups of elves in the movie Elf featuring [Wilco] Jimmy was that everyone’s watched else It’s a Christmas classic now sugar. Yeah, I’ll give you that Peter I’ll give you that carbs [tubs] consisting of what how about hydrate. How does this food group? I mean either way you’re wrong pastor Yes, wait. Is it no, it’s Candy Candy Canes candy corns and syrup Okay, actually got that with sugar well unfortunately you’ve got that one wrong as well You know the [terrell] this one’s almost empty great Morris awfully [stuff]. Don’t run this room. Yeah, am Ia becoming a full tree now [I’m] [in] so miserable about Christmas always only it looks too bad I went for it This is the guy so I can imagine people on a night out would work [a] Christmas night no not like this [alright] not not like oh It is of course now the end of round one the scores are currently poor lizzie I think I would [know] you did not win. [I] won but for now We’re moving on to the personal questions around with you It’s a little learn a little bit more about us while we prove that we’ve learned nothing about each other shall [we] begin I Once played the lead role in a Christmas play But what character did I play [fill] [out] you told me the other day asked us for your stuff. No. I was a present Yes, you were and [you] saying dad. I only told you that yesterday you have an advantage Yeah, I know, but I don’t listen a lot More we don’t run out of office. [I’ve] got a tangerine [at] Christmas tangerine. What do you have to eat that yeah? I got flowers farad. I mean you just have to eat a tangerine country’s not gonna taste. Good with the character You’ve got like all the orange foods [and] all the dried fish if we’d combo together we [could] about an actual balanced meal on my eleventh birth Not birthday on my 11th Christmas. What present did I get which left me with severe burns? [wow] that was good Christmas? I don’t make a false hair straighteners that is very me, but ah mini bake oven literally never cooked in my life [good] bike you burn yourself in a [I] taped it over and all the oil fell on hey Let me just say even telling me that you burned yourself was very misleading [and] not a very christmassy thing to do I can’t see [a] Christmas homunculus. Oh, God. This is good. We’re slowly going downhill in this Christmas clothes Yeah, this might be the best. You’ve ever looked. What’s my [favourite] Christmas food your favourite Christmas food. Can you specify vegetable or meat? No, just Christmas food [alright], then colleagues later vegetables. No wait pick some blankets. So that’s your final answer. Yeah yesterday It’s actually mince pies really yeah, really. Yeah, you asked me earlier If I wanted the yule log or the mince pies, and I threw you off by saying I don’t mind But really I would have preferred the mince pies don’t like that That’s trickery that’s Christmas trickery, and I do not approve you actually have this office life Why don’t you do the mince pie pop it? [I] don’t want to eat the mince pie All right, well luxury Iceland mince [pie] [suppose] you bow your bow also the [flower] is not Yeah, [we’re] much help having [a] little difficulty adhering to the flower is it delicious It’s not bad you [have] to eat a whole thing you know [flower], [oh] the song got stuck in your How horrible [fear] I look like a cow? [cause] I can’t speak my question. Yeah here would you say of my family is like your role model Yeah, mum, exactly what is to do with my mother my lovely Christmas craves. How many Christmas onesies has she bought me about you Oh yeah, she’s brought me many Christmas onesies to buy they [seen] what I don’t wear them. They just hidden right [here] There’s at least two at least here, and she got you well That’s a bit much. I even showed me these Christmas walk. I don’t go around showing people my Christmas onesie You’ve got a really told people about them now in the future Maybe I’ll wear them, but I’ve sort of kept them out of the way How many is it? It’s fine fanta one Generic Christmas [song] was like Star [wars] on it Not Elf one I got a reindeer one And I’ve got one other one which to come because the first one I got man [I] think it might [be] another generic Christmas [one]. [you] [look] like a snowman one That’d be pretty cool. You get me that for Christmas. I’m okay. I’m not your mom [polly] Next question wait who lost them we’re out forfeit. [you] sure you don’t want to eat the breakfast. I’m not eating raw sausage It’s not wrong They’re like leaking liquid that’s disgusting yeah, but like that’s the soft, but usually it says like ready to eat, ya know Maybe it isn’t so the next question is what is my Christmas family tradition [you] do those you have a family tradition every year We do the same thing. I’ll give you a clue we’ve been doing it since about 2005 ish, is that a hint in any way? Yes? You’ve gone to church. No you haven’t Did you see a shit hello back in the day, but I don’t think you have recently [eats] watched doctor who it’s not a tradition This is watching a television program [every] year as a family quad bike if you have to do a profit eat the tinsel oh Look now it’s snowing. Oh Terrible rumor. [oh], [I’ve] [ruined] the [hat] you can ruin my eye cider And I’m just gonna walk home like this that’s people like that. Yeah, they’re gonna think you’re crazy way noticed I’m a terrible friend. Which is true Which is true in what country on Christmas was I four years ago four years ago four years ago 2012 [yep], you were in America. I was testing you Easy one, Washington DC truth, how do you know that cuz I was also there yeah, why don’t [we] meet up cuz you’re lazy I’d never come get to put this on your foot. Okay. We’ve heard out We have four night without improvising on the go quite nice like really cheap. Oh Was my favorite Christmas movie. Yeah, good luck miracle on 34th street. No, it’s our third Christmas I hate [rapper] crazy so lovely movies about Father Christmas’s Descendant, and how they take over and arthur’s a bit of a rubbish Santa in the end. He’s the best son because he cares. It’s a good man Sounds great what for oh my God you should wear one. Are you very much you were to look ridiculous and You have to make out with that guy. I’m not making out with that guy you just ate a parrot. Yeah, that’s normal That’s just like you know a bit of student Banner Miscalculated the number of office well, I thought we had the sausages But we didn’t have the substitute even then we like three sharp shoulder and a book well We’ll find out won’t we when the comments tell us that we would have died if we ate them What Christmas food do I like the least? Balls is the wrong answer that’s why I didn’t say it what I actually meant to say was mince pies False Excuse me. [where] [is] it? It’s past [name] is not Christmas They have those when it’s not Christmas do you yeah why horrible tasting things? [Naina] Christmas takes what I hate you hate this wrong it scatters the Christmas quick. That’s true Here’s it my dear because we’re not a dad all right. I’ve got these terrible stickers. I mom bought me for the convention lovely You’re right Okay questions. Mine. What is my favorite Christmas song your favorite Christmas song is that the beat is this it? It’s Gonna go to do deliver their dinner That one no, okay, karen doing that d please any of the bells to hell? I wasn’t actually gonna be out. You’re [just] dancing Yeah, dancing. Did it be? last Christmas I gave [you] my heart, but the very next day you gave it away Oh give up, no Sit, sit, sit sit You just keep putting your song you’re never gonna guess it. What is it them time to tell me by [Ariana] [Grande] I mean [one] It’s not a couple of years old some limit And yes new we go wrong again [to] get out of snow you [gotta] do it do it [a] little light sprinkling, and then I’ll know it’s Taste very nice is it my goodbye. Okay? You can do the rest of us with your eyes closed ah? no one Else just sort of floury taste to the air now hand desires as well I had beasts a final question [that] what did I get you for Christmas last possibly two years ago But I think it was the lightweight sheet which time I think of only Christmas present once so the one time How about the first time you got me a Christmas present? I remember what that was you got me? It was like a little thing little thing. I don’t know that was the first thing you ever gave me That was that was overload [I] can remember I be you and your own Round – I think I should get some extra point no But you can pick another terrible boss yet to do the rest this video book side down Wait, why these these won’t stick on very well, because it does he have [over] flowers look that’s my neck just cute You look same with is like [Halloween] [all] [over] [again] Currently the school is set at [one] to [one] so we go to the Tiebreaker round jota is no You don’t [I] haven’t told you we’re gonna split this yule log. Oh yeah see here finished with it Right so this could be you eatin a yule log in 30 seconds And then me sorry for half an hour right in the rest of it yeah, al qaeda Noodles making me dinner when I go [home]. It’s gonna be really [you] [go] [urinalysis]. [sorry] Joel, right? We’ll time [it] them will say [who] can eat the most in 10 seconds [I] just [grabbed] like what I get a pack Annie there we go Yeah, I’ve got alex and I’ll get a chunk as well. Merry Christmas y’all I Don’t like this Rockville, [I] don’t want it anymore feel sad. Yeah, that’s Christmas I mean that was a really badly thought out quiz but honestly it was still great bum do I get to him now no Rocky up is a present. [oh], wait. I lost you lost Yeah, I passed my bet but still that it a big pile of browns. I have a t-shape my hand sold chocolate all right Talking about soft Condo like a lumberjack in uggs [why] do you just me [alley] woven it cuz what’s a cat shit, so you’ve lost lovely, how do you feel? [I] [mean], [I] can’t really tell that same honestly either way, I’ve got lots of wrapping paper I’m gonna tell you to present the mail yourself challenge. We’re [gonna] do that but why are you hold this in place? We put this That’s really good. That’s a Christmas miracle is what that is you know in there? I’ve suffocated because this is a terrible example to children Yeah, that’s my channel anyway if you enjoyed this extremely pointless and probably terrible quiz leave a like and comment lizzie What do you have to say? She’s here. Thanks for watching yeah, bye [hey] [no], [no] [yeah], right. [yeah], okay. I will kill you yeah Be sure to sub to LDShadowlady and TheOrionSound for cool videos!!!

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