The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

Mary was really scared when the angel came to her, there was one main angel called Gabriel. He was just a boy angel. She had wings and she was all white. The angel said, “You’re going to have a special baby.” And it was God’s son. She was quite excited. A bit scared. And she was like,
“oh my gosh, I’m gonna have the Son of God,” and then she was like, “I can’t, I’m not married and stuff.” Joseph, he was a builder. Mary told Joseph that she was having
a baby called Jesus, and it was God’s Son. And he was like, “What?!” Then Joseph saw the angel in a dream. I think Joseph was really scared. And then they went to Bethlehem. On a donkey. It would be quite hot. She had a baby in her tummy. And she would have been really heavy. She said, “Can we stop anywhere where there’s houses?” They had to try and find somewhere for Mary to have the baby. They went round the whole neighbourhood. “No, there’s no space!” Everyone said “NO!” in an angry voice because it was the middle of the night. “I said NO!” The last innkeeper, he said “yeah, there’s a
barn type thing around the back.” They had to go to a barn, and have their baby. It had sheeps. It was like all hay­‐ey and animal poop and sheep and things. Mary put baby Jesus in one of those troughs. They call the baby, Jesus. And they loved Him. And he has two daddies, God and Joseph. They both needed to look after the baby. The angel told the shepherds to follow the star. There was three kings. They follow the star all the way to where Jesus was born. When they get to the stable, they give them – Jesus – the presents. And then they got some angels as visitors too. And then there was a giant star. Everyone was there. Then there was a party.

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  1. I share this video every year with my Sunday school class, and watch it half a dozen times more throughout the year.   Love this so much.  Thanks to you and the kids!

  2. Is this music copyrighted? This video is using the same song… it starts about 15s into it:

  3. Can't believe that I'm finding this nearly 5 years  after it was uploaded to youtube.  This was a precious rendition of the Nativity as told as only children could. St,Paul's-wonder production.  I visited Auckland in 2013 and wish that I had known about this church and its arts program. I would have loved a visit to the church.  God bless!

  4. What wonderful stuff! Well done to all of you.  I've had so much fun with it this morning – I was going to say 4 minutes of fun but I've actually watched it five times… Thank you all so much.

  5. I'm a Kids church ministry leader in NZ and I'm so excited about showing our kids a NZ made gorgeous Christmas video! Thanks so much for sharing this xxx

  6. Apparently yours is so good a church in the States has done a version that's pretty darn similar…
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…?

  7. The preparations for the Christmas performance are up and running, and our preschoolers are practicing hard! The rooms have been decorated, the christmas tree in the hall is slowly gathering gifts for the kids from an orphanage, all is in mood for festivities!

    In the meantime, we are giving you the cutest Christmas performance ever 🙂 May the peace and love enter our hearts.

  8. Thanks, I'm leading the preschooler/start of school "Sunday School" at my church tomorrow and will show them this video. Thanks!

  9. Really funny and the family and friends are going to have been made to this message to your stab in urban by FN

  10. I used this video to help to explain the nativity story to my Russian students for when we did the nativity play. They all really loved it. Thanks 🙂

  11. Beautiful! Very well done!!! I placed a link on our diocesan newspaper website.
    — From the Catholic Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas USA

  12. THIS IS SO CUTE! I have the bible.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎇🎇🎇🎇🎊🎊🎊✔✔✔☑☑☑:D:);)^_^

  13. Our Sunday School kids have always loved this. Thank you.
    Visiting NZ earlier this year (from Aus.),it was noted that travelling from Auckland to Tauranga,is the..
    (Oh..) little town of Bethlehem!

  14. I don't know you, but music 3:19–3:39 reminds me (partly) of Tarzan's yell from Baltimora's hit, "Tarzan Boy". Jimmy McShane (1957-1995) would be very proud of this. Thinking of moment when Adam & Eve in garden of Eden, which perhaps was a jungle.

  15. My art teacher showed this to my class when we were paired to work with 1st graders, and one little kid yelled "BUT MARY DIDNT HAVE SEX!" Ah, kids.

  16. Merry Christmas every one!!!!!!! I have been watching this over and over again because I won't be able to attend church today ( by the way I am from Dunedin and 11 years old) so happy birthday Jesus ♡♡♡

  17. great Job! thank you so much!
    yesterday the Video was played in a church Service and it gave us all a very big smile.
    it was translated in german though and now I cannot find the German Version online.

    Anyone has a link?

  18. I love this video, and I love the music! Do you mind me asking what the name of the song is? or is it one that you composed and made for this video?

  19. Absolutely fantastic. Will be sharing this with our kiwi kids at Sunday School this weekend for sure. Well done to all who took the time to mkae it, brilliant effort.

  20. Such a great video! I love the music too! The first one is Celest by Ezra Vine, but how about the second instrumental (when they are in the manger) and the third song (for the party… ;o) ??
    An answer would be great! Thnx and God bless!

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