The Evolution of Santa Claus

The Evolution of Santa Claus

Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus First there was god, named Odin from mythology,
he rode a horse, with eight legs in the sky Collecting hay from kids,
who left them out for gifts Candy he would send,
no coal or no fish Here comes Santa Claus. From there he came St. Nick,
who actually exists A bishop who would reign,
and kill with kindness He’d put coins in their shoes
and help out the abused A saint we celebrate,
December 6th to date Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus When Germans followed Christ,
Nick was on the rise The pagans found a way,
that Odin could stay Sinterklaas was formed,
by blending the two He rode a big white horse,
like Odin did too Here comes Santa Claus Sinterklaas would spread,
through Europe and then They would change his name,
for example, Sir Christmas Lord Christmas And his name would soon become Father Christmas And Father Christmas came
on one of those boats, To America, to America With a poem written by a local man He got his hat and sleigh,
He got his reigns of eight And with illustrations by another man He got his elves to help,
he got his North Pole And that’s the story of Sir Santa Claus Oh Santa Claus
Oh Santa Claus And that’s the story of Sir Santa Claus Oh Santa Claus
Oh Santa Claus Hey guys, thanks for watching Epipheo’s
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65 thoughts on “The Evolution of Santa Claus

  1. we in denmark have the 24 of december but we alsow belive that is the day jesus was born… so i think we put 2 things together (we eat pork roste and we call hin julemanden) father chrismas 🙂 love the fact it starts with odin 🙂 but was there a canta in green colors to befor the red and white?

  2. About half of this is right. Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy abounds. Nice as St. Nicholas was, he also punched Arius for heresy. So, you better watch out!

  3. Interesting how NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with the Bible or with Jesus Christ. Great video for showing people just how blasphemous Santa Claus is.

    Move the N to the end and what do you get?

  4. i was hoping this would explain how all of this stuff got mixed with the christan holiday, since they are all mixed together for so many, similar to easter. i'd be interested to know how that works since i know people who believe in the birth of christ but also give gifts ala santa every year too… but good video anyway

  5. In Europe they celebrate St. Nicholas Day on Dec 6, but not in America. As most of us know, "Santa Claus" is for Dec 24 and Dec 25 on this side of the pond.

  6. hypnotic! cant get 'here comes santa claus' hook out of my brain. those trumpets sound cool (thanks for allowing me to be a part of this fun)!

  7. Saint Nicholas of Myra in Turkey – where he in the century was famous for his generous gifts to the poor – was the primary inspiration for the Christian figure of Sinterklaas.

  8. coca-cola didn't create santa in red, he's already in red but many people represent him in various way, even in as scary elf. coca-cola just make him more 'human'. written here : coca-colaconversations(dot)com/2008/01/did-coke-create.html

  9. think you sacrificed knowledge and learning for a "catchy" tune. This could have been much more informative in the same amount of time.

    I hope this isn't a new epipheo trend. Just start a new channel for children songs.

  10. What in the hell does, Odin, aka Santa Claus have to do with Jesus Christ? Christmas should be called Norse Fest or Yule Fest. It is not a Christian holiday, no matter what popular sentiment is. Thank you for the history lesson.

  11. Actually it is Santa Claus who got his free ride during Christmas, cause it is the memorial of the birth of Jesus, not Santa.

  12. In the Netherlands, we don't really do cristmas so big, we have 'Sinterklaas' (From Saint Nicolas) on the 5th of december. He also puts presents in your shoe just like saint nicolas put money in their shoes!

  13. Wrong, the Odin story has nothing to do the horse riding. It’s taking from the Revelation story in the scriptures, hence the white horse. Ignorance.

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