The Fairly OddParents – Christmas Every Day! – Ep.7

The Fairly OddParents – Christmas Every Day! – Ep.7

♪ Timmy is an average kid that no one understands ♪ ♪ Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands ♪>>Bed, twerp! ♪ The doom and gloom up in his room ♪ ♪ Is broken instantly ♪ ♪ By his magic little fish who grant his every wish ♪ ♪ ‘Cause in reality… ♪ ♪ They are his OddParents ♪ ♪ Fairly OddParents ♪>>Wands and wings!>>Floaty crown-y things. ♪ OddParents ♪ ♪ Fairly OddParents ♪ ♪ Really mod, pea pod ♪ ♪ Buff bod, hotrod ♪>>Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fry, chocolate shake! ♪ OddParents Fairly OddParents ♪ ♪ It flips your lid ♪ ♪ When you are the kid with Fairly OddParents ♪>>Yeah, right! (Sleigh bells ringing) (Sleigh bells ringing) ♪ On the first day of Christmas ♪ ♪ My true love gave to me ♪ ♪ A partridge in a pear tree ♪>>CHET UBETCHA:Yes, with thepartridge and pear treeshortage over, it’s Christmastime again.Good evening, Dimmsdale.It’s Christmas, and I’m ChetUbetcha.Yes, Christmas.(Cheering and applause) (Jackhammer pounding)Better than Easter, more lovingthan Valentine’s Day, andnowhere near as useless asArbor Day.Even the bitterest of enemieshave put their differencesaside as everyone anxiouslyprepares for the arrival of“Santy” Claus.I’m Chet Ubetcha saying Iho-ho-hope you have a MerryChristmas.>>Ugh!>>What’s wrong, Timmy?>>Merry Christmas, Cosmo– That he never had to spend Christmas Eve with Vicky.>>Hey, Frosty the Snow-Twerp! Got some more fruitcakes for you to wrap.>>Come on, sport, cheer up.>>I can’t, Wanda. Every Christmas Eve I’m stuck doing whatever Vicky tells me to do.>>I know- remember last Christmas when she sold you and your friends as ice sculptures?>>Ooh-hoo-hoo! I’ll take the Chester and AJ ice sculptures. Timmy will love these!>>So cold. I’m free! So cold. Man, every Christmas Eve my parents are out shopping and I’m stuck here with Vicky. But it’s worth it, because tomorrow is Christmas- the greatest day ever!>>Incoming!>>That’s the last one.>>Who are all these gifts for?>>Nobody- I just like making you work. (Fire crackling)>>Merry Christmas, Timmy.>>We’re ho-ho-home! (Both laughing) Oh, I’m in the spirit. (Electrical crackling)>>Merry Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Turner.>>Is it time for a Christmas bonus?>>Yep, this year you get to leave early!>>MRS. TURNER: Bye, Vicky.>>Wow, a Vicky snowman! (Torch hissing)>>Vicky is gone!>>Which means it’s time to decorate the house. ♪>>All right! Tomorrow is Christmas! You don’t have to work or shop or do anything that would make you bring Vicky back here, right?>>Nope, all we have to do tomorrow is be with you, Timmy.>>And drink eggnog. I mean, be with you, Noggy.>>Come on, come on! (Rooster crowing) It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas! (Snoring)>>Egg nog, eggnog.>>Merry Christmas!>>Mine! I mean, “Minely” Christmas, Timmy.>>Come on, come on! Let’s go see what Santa brought. (Gasping) Whoa, it’s amazing. And I don’t have to share any of this! I love being an only child. Geronimo!>>Mine! (Sonar beeping)>>I love the smell of Christmas in the morning. (Helicopter blades whirring)>>Dive, dive, dive! ♪ Christmas Day is here once more ♪ ♪ Gifts and love and joy galore ♪ ♪ A special day that wipes the floor ♪ ♪ With the other 364 ♪ ♪ I wish every day could be Christmas ♪ ♪ ‘Cause Santa brings gifts every year ♪ ♪ He’s reading my list he’s feeding the deer ♪ ♪ He’s hauling my gifts from the North Pole to here ♪ ♪ I wish every day could be Christmas ♪ ♪ ‘Cause every other holiday reeks ♪ ♪ New Year’s Eve is for Mom and Dad ♪ ♪ The Easter Bunny’s eggs smell really bad ♪ ♪ Valentine’s Day always makes me sad ♪ ♪ ‘Cause Timmy just can’t get a girlfriend ♪>>What? ♪ I wish every day could be Christmas ♪ ♪ ‘Cause nice fairies get their rewards ♪ ♪ I got pudding I got slacks ♪ ♪ I got all my back hair waxed ♪ ♪ Santa grants wishes while we relax ♪ ♪ And Timmy still can’t get a girlfriend ♪ Stop that! ♪ There’s just no other day like Christmas ♪ ♪ My family stays here it’s real cool ♪ ♪ Just me Mom and Dad ♪ ♪ I’m so very glad there’s no Vicky no Vicky ♪ ♪ No school ♪>>And no Vicky! ♪ I wish every day could be Christmas ♪ ♪ Then I’d get the best gift of all ♪ ♪ My parents stay home to say we love you Noggy ♪>>Mine! ♪ Wouldn’t Christmas each day be the coolest of all ♪ ♪ I wish it were Christmas how I wish it were Christmas ♪ ♪ I wish it were Christmas each day ♪ (Snoring)>>Well, he said “I wish.”>>I know. (Clock beeping) I just wish he didn’t. (Rooster crowing)>>It’s Christmas! Again! (Snoring)>>Egg nog, eggnog.>>Merry Christmas, again!>>But, honey, you have to go to school and we have to go to work.>>No, you don’t- look! ♪ On the second day of Christmas ♪ ♪ My true love gave to me ♪ ♪ Two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree ♪>>Well, okay.>>The calendar has never lied to me yet.>>See, Santa came, again! It’s Christmas, again! Geronimo! Again! Cosmo, Wanda, you did it! It’s Christmas, again.>>Well, that was one big wish you made, sport.>>But there’s something we really should tell you.>>I’ve never been happier! So, what were you going to say?>>Uh, dive, dive, dive! (Toy train whistle blowing)>>MRS. TURNER: We hope you enjoyed your second day of Christmas, Timmy.>>These have been the best two Christmases ever! Wouldn’t it be great if we could be together like this all the time?>>It sure would, Timmy, but your mother and I have to work. Eggnog doesn’t buy itself, you know. No, you don’t.>>If it kept being Christmas I just don’t know what we’d do.>>We’d probably panic! Well, good night.>>It’s Christmas!>>Again?>>It’s Christmas!>>Again?>>Geronimo! Oof! Hey, this is a toy puddle. Where’s my toy ocean?>>WANDA: Well, you know, Timmy, I’m sure Santa is doing the best he can.>>He’s never had to make toys for this many Christmases before.>>Well, honey, if we’re going to have a fourth day of Christmas, I have to get more eggnog- and I’m good with that. Oh, thanks, Lockjaw. All right- nog! ♪ It’s the 15th day of Christmas ♪ ♪ And my true love gave to me ♪>>Pants?>>Uh, yeah, pants- okay.>>Wow, 15 Christmases and counting.>>I know. This is the best! Right?>>CHET:This is the worst!It’s ho-ho-horrible.As Christmas enters its thirdweek, the world screams,“Christmas is entering itsthird week!”Because it’s still Christmas,the banks are still closed.>>We want money!>>To buy eggnog!>>Stores are closed.>>We want food!>>And eggnog! To buy!>>And the schools remainclosed.>>I’m good with this.>>Everywhere, adults are doingall that they can to preventyet another visit from Santa,and military forces across theglobe remain on high alert.(Sleigh bells ringing)>>Deploy the decoy chimney! (Electric lights buzzing) Release the cookies and milk! (Whirring) Everybody pretend to be asleep!>>I hope I get a football. (“Jingle Bells” playing)>>Mmm, cookies!>>What is the matter with you people? I’m just doing my job.>>As the world falls apart atthe seams, people everywhereare asking, “Who is responsiblefor this and how can we tearthem limb from limb?”>>Uh, are you thinking what I’m thinking?>>Yeah, he’s cute when he’s angry.>>That may be true, but I think the world has had enough Christmas for one year. I wish it wasn’t Christmas anymore.>>Uh, we can’t do that, Timmy. We don’t have enough power.>>What do you mean? What’s going on? Who are you guys?>>I’m the Easter Bunny. These are the other holidays, and you in a lot of trouble, kid.>>I’m in trouble? What did I do?>>Your stupid Christmas-every-day wish means the rest of us holidays don’t get to deliver joy to the kids of the world ever again.>>Who are you brightly coloured freaks?>>I’m the Easter Bunny; that’s Baby New Year.>>Goo.>>It’s going to be a big year. Cupid, from Valentine’s Day.>>Sometimes love hurts!>>And please give it up for the comedy stylings of the April Fool.>>Pull my finger and perish! (Drum roll & cymbal sounding) (Canned laughing)>>And that’s Halloweenie Dog. (Barking)>>That’s not the spirit of Halloween.>>All right, he’s my dog. I just hate to travel without him. Yes, I do, yes, I do.>>What do you second-rate not-Christmas holidays want with our Timmy?>>He better “unwish” that wish or he’s going to get an egg where the sun don’t shine.>>You mean the closet?>>But there’s nothing we can do- we don’t have enough magic left.>>What?>>Timmy, there’s something you didn’t know when you made your wish. Giving gifts to everyone in the world takes a lot of magic, so every Christmas Eve all us fairies in Fairy World get together and transfer most of our magic to the one man on Earth that needs it the most- Santa Claus! (Electricity crackling) (Phone ringing)>>Well, I don’t care- it’s “Ho-ho-ho,” not “Ho-ho-who.” Fix the sign.>>COMPUTER:You’ve got magic.>>Ho! Ho! Holy mackerel! I’m jolly again!>>When Christmas is over, the magic comes back to us. But now, because it’s Christmas every day, it won’t.>>We’re practically powerless.>>Because of this kid, it’s always going to be Christmas.>>Which means we don’t get to share our holidays with the kids- what’s up with that?>>I just wanted more toys and to spend more time with my mom and dad, and now everybody is so sick of Christmas they even want to get rid of Santa.>>He’s right! As long as Santa is around, this could happen again.>>Right- all we need to do is banish Santa to the imaginary day of February 33rd and get rid of him for good. But to do that, we’ll need a little magic.>>Hey!>>EASTER BUNNY: Yeah, and you two are a little magic.>>I’ll be here all week. I’ll be here all week.>>Okay, let’s get hopping.>>Santa is in trouble, and it’s all my fault! Got to get to the North Pole. (“Pop Goes the Weasel” playing in Jack-in-the-box)>>Ugh, this is hopeless. There’s nothing here that’ll help me get to the North Pole.>>MR. TURNER: Darn it, I’ve looked under this high-speed snowmobile, portable power generator, all this survival gear, a detailed map from our house to the North Pole so simple that even a 10-year-old child could read, and I can’t find the eggnog anywhere!>>This trip could be potentially dangerous, even life-threatening. Cool! But in case I don’t die, I better have a backup plan. “Santa’s in trouble and I’m off to the North Pole to help. If you see me, wish me luck. And help me! Don’t just stand there and stare- help me, help me! Merry Christmas again, Timmy Turner.” “Timmy’s Log. Stardate, Christmas. Feels like I’ve been gone for weeks, and at this speed, I’ll be there in no time.” (Engine coughing) I’m out of gas!>>RANCH GIRL: Welcome to Butte, the Gas Capital of Montana. Got your message on the Internet, Timmy Turner. Think it’s mighty fine what you’re doing for Santa. Merry Christmas, or as we say in Montana, you’re standin’ in cow manure.>>Awesome! “Timmy’s log. Stardate, Christmas. No food. So hungry must eat logbook.”>>CHILDREN: Bonjour.>>Are you ze one zey call Timmy Turner?>>Uh, oui.>>We got your message on the Internet, even here in Northern Québec.>>We wish you luck in your mission.>>Merci! You can keep the snails. I made it all the way across the ocean to Greenland and nothing bad happened! (Roaring) Well, that’s inconvenient.>>APRIL FOOL: Greenland- it’s not green and there’s no land- what’s up with that?>>Just one country away from getting rid of Santa for good!>>Yeah, and then we’ll be able to create our own super holiday. Hall-New-Easter-Weenentine Day!>>Hall-New-Easter-Weenentine Day?>>I didn’t think you’d remember.>>Hey, who the heck is that?>>Hi. Am I too late to get Santa?>>Who are you?>>I’m a holiday, like you. I’m, uh, Birthday Boy.>>Hop in.>>I do the hopping around here.>>No more toys for girls and boys! No more toys for girls and boys!>>SANTA: These toys stink! I’m running out of creative ideas.>>Kris, you’re working yourself to death.>>I don’t care, honey. As long as it’s Christmas and I’ve got the magic, I have to give the children what they’ve wished for.>>Psst- Cosmo, Wanda!>>Timmy?>>No, Timmy has a pink hat. That’s Birthday Boy.>>Listen, I’ve got to get to Santa before they do, but I’m going to need help.>>But we don’t have any magic.>>But you do have those.>>EASTER BUNNY: Hey! These tires were flattened with two fairy godparent crowns. Who could have done that, and where’s your diaper?>>This diaper may be stinky, but it sure is fast. I’m travelling at the speed of smell! (Thudding) Santa, we’ve got to get you out of here.>>Who are you, and why do you smell like a dirty diaper?>>I’m Timmy Turner, the dope who wished it would be Christmas every day.>>Well, son, wanting peace and joy in the world each and every day is a wonderful sentiment.>>But you’re getting coal for the rest of your life.>>COMPUTER:You’ve got coal.>>Fine- I don’t care if I never another decent present again. You’ve both in a lot of danger, and– Oh, no, they’re here!>>What are you lesser holidays doing here?>>We want to stop Christmas and we’re here for the magic. Get him! Darn it- mistletoe.>>I like you as a friend. You’re a good person.>>You’ve jingled your last bell, bub! Get him!>>Hey, they’re using us like sponges to absorb the magic from Santa!>>I find no joy in this. Losing holiday spirit.>>He’s weakening. What’s up with that?>>Not so jolly now, huh, Crinkle? New Year, hit me.>>Oh, no! (Cackling)>>When this double Grade A egg explodes, it’ll blow you to February 33rd, which does not exist- then Christmas will never come again!>>No, leave him alone! It’s not his fault. I’ll never let you hurt Santa!>>How you going to stop us, huh? You’re just one little kid.>>RANCH GIRL: No, he ain’t. He’s just the kid who got here first. (Whinnying)>>Wow, it’s every web-enabled kid in the world! (Whooping)>>We can’t fight kids, can we?>>No, we wanted Santa gone so we could bring our own holiday-specific joy to children.>>So they’d love us, too. That’s what’s up with that.>>But we do love you guys.>>Really?>>What’s up with that?>>Hey!>>Just, you know, not as much. I mean, Santa brings us toys and Christmas brings our families together.>>Birthday Boy has got a point. All I do is leave eggs that go bad if you don’t find ’em.>>And all I do is get kids to play horrible pranks on one another.>>Yeah, but I make kids fall in love with each other.>>Ew!>>Point taken.>>We’re sorry, Santa. We were both stupid and jealous.>>Yay, Santa!>>Can you ever forgive us?>>I don’t have time to forgive you- tomorrow is Christmas again, and as long as it’s still Christmas I have to give the kids what they wish for!>>That’s it! That’s how we fix this. Do you know why it’ll be Christmas again tomorrow? Because we keep telling Santa we want some toy or doll or some stupid thing. And Christmas Day, Santa grants our wishes, whatever they may be. But if every kid in the world wished for it to be the day after Christmas, that’s what Santa would have to bring to us- December 26th. Quick, everyone write Santa a letter! Tell him you wish it were the day after Christmas. ♪ I wished every day would be Christmas ♪ ♪ Jeepers how foolish I was ♪ ♪ It isn’t a gift it isn’t a toy ♪ ♪ It’s the family and friends that I really enjoy ♪ ♪ I wish that tomorrow weren’t Christmas ♪ ♪ But I wish that the feeling would stay ♪ ♪ ‘Cause Christmas can always be there in your heart ♪ ♪ And never be locked to just one single day ♪ ♪ It’s great that tomorrow ain’t Christmas ♪ ♪ In Dimmsdale and London and Rome ♪ ♪ If I had just one wish I think it’d be this ♪ ♪ I really just want to go home now ♪ I really just wish I were home. Mom, Dad, wake up! It’s not Christmas anymore!>>It’s not?>>Yes, the endless Christmas isfinally over.People across the globe areslowly returning to theireveryday lives.And the bitterest of enemiesgladly return to being thebitterest of enemies.>>It’s a miracle!>>What’s that awful smell? Hey, an egg fell out of Timmy’s noggin.>>Egg noggin.>>Mine!>>WANDA: “And furthermore, under no circumstances is any fairy allowed to grant an ‘I wish it was Christmas every da” wish ever again.>>Wow, they added a new rule. You really got to mess up big time to make that happen.>>We’re proud of you, Timmy.>>Thanks, guys.>>Now, all we have to do is make amends to Santa for making him work so hard.>>How do we do that?>>How many houses do we have to hit?>>All of them. Merry Christmas, Noggy!>>Merry Christmas to all, and to all–>>Once per year! ♪

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