THE Minimal Christmas Tree  – It Floats! –  DIY

THE Minimal Christmas Tree – It Floats! – DIY

We wanted a different Christmas tree They have been revisited many times But we wanted to get the very essence of it,
Something minimal I mean, In the end you want to hang ornaments
and find your presents underneath We really like Calder’s kinetic sculptures
And wanted to work with steel and balance So we thought of a series of triangles
Interlocking in space Floating
With plenty of room to hang ornaments And a free space underneath So it’s like the whole tree is an ornament itself

62 thoughts on “THE Minimal Christmas Tree – It Floats! – DIY

  1. Oh and remember you can follow me on Instagram or even support me on Patreon 🙂 (I mean, that'd be really cool! and it's Christmas!)

  2. I really like this video!! You showed some design process, talked about your inspiration, referenced how to make metal bender, and completed with a really cool project. Thanks!

  3. your voice has changed… love this idea of flat pack tree. i was gonna make one with plywood circles, pre-decorated with ornaments and lights . but never get around to doing it. maybe next year 🙂

  4. This is my favorite project of yours by an absolute mile – really creative & looks amazing – filmed beautifully as well 🙂

  5. Felicidades por tu trabajo, tu video es extraordinario. Me gusta mucho
    Los invito a todos a visitar mi pequeño canal de YouTube.

  6. Ya te veo reproduciendo todo el Circo de Calder a esala 1:10
    ¡Ahí tienes una idea para una serie! 😉
    Metele motores y ya lo flipas (se me va la cabeza)
    ¡Enhoabuena! Trabajo fino como siempre.

  7. ¡Que bonito tio ! y con una edición impecable, como siempre.
    Ademas relajante….. que más se puede pedir!
    Un abrazo Carlos y gracias por la idea y la joya hecha video.

  8. Awesome tree-sculpture. I hope you made it so that it plays a Christmas song if you hit all the triangles with a drumstick… If not, you know how to upgrade it next year. Thanks for sharing, Carlos!

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