The Narrowest Bars In MTB? | Blake’s Narrow Handlebar Challenge

– Whoa! So twitchy! Paradise Palms, here we go, dude! Whoa! Oh oh oh! My heart’s in my mouth. Welcome back, you beautiful people. Yes, you have read right. I want to see how narrow I
can go with the bar width. Now, my preferred bar width is 770 or 760. I’m running 760 at the moment. I’m going to do a run on this ’cause I feel comfortable
until I get into the scary bit. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Aw man, super fun. The best cockpit setup
for myself throughout. I’ve been running this size bar for so many years now. I’ve got it so dialed in. 760, perfect for throwing
around on the trail, feels like a dirt jump bike. I’m in super control, but we’re not here just to
ride normal bikes, are we? We’re here to see how
narrow we can go on the bar. Now I’m going to head up to the top, I’m going to see what
bar there is up the top for me to put into my bike ’cause I feel like it’s
going to get narrower and narrower and narrower and I’ll probably be holding the stem! Let’s try it, see what next bar there is! Haha, oi, look! Here’s a pair of bars! The bar gods have left
me some bars to change. 700 mil Now, some people out there in the world do run bars this width. People go down to 600. Dare I say it, I’ll be riding ’em. Probably. But look at that. Look how many… That’s like an inch nearly
off each side of the bar. Pfft, right? Feels very narrow to me! Let’s get the tools. (whooshing) Oh man. Look how narrow they are. And they’re not the same rise bar, that’s even the worst thing! 700. It’s a good starting point
for narrow bike challenge and already it looks narrow. And low down. The old cross-country bars. Look at this. (laughing) Right. Done! All on there, correct cockpit style. That’s 700 mil size bars. Already it feels narrow. Like, narrow shoulders going into this. I’m going to hit a different trail. We’re out here at Rogate. Somewhere in Surrey, ah, Hampshire. Going to hit a trail just down there. A little bit different to the jumpy one ’cause I want to get
into some nitty gritty mountain bike style bar riding. I’m going to go, see ya! Ooh wow, that is very narrow! It’s like cross-country bike! (upbeat music) Watch that, watch that! Narrow tree there! (upbeat music) (upbeat music)
(laughing) As soon as I took off
this route thing over here I didn’t see that stump,
and look how close I am to this tree! Look, someone’s already hit it! I thought I was a goner. Like, people ride wider bars on cross-country bikes nowadays. 700 is quite narrow. It does bring me back
to my old days, though. Dirt jumping. Narrower the bar, the easier it is to do stunts and stuff, weirdly. No. 760 or 750 is pretty much the norm. 700 is narrow, so so twitchy. So twitchy. I want to fire through here again. Get to the bottom, push back up and see what the bar gods have
dropped off for me next. I’m regretting it already. (upbeat music) (panting) Oh my gosh. Right, that’s a big triple. It doesn’t look like it, but there’s a little landing just before. After it you can send it to flat and go big on a triple. I whipped it out too much because the bars make
it so much more twitchy to move the bike around
and it just went… And I was like, “Oh my gosh, oh!” (laughing) Narrow bars, scary! I feel comfortable to
the point where I’m like on the edge a little bit,
just like that triple. I think I should go back to top and get narrower bars. And go down a techier trail ’cause I feel too confident on 700. It’s only 60 mil away from
what I’m used to anyway! It’s nothing! Oh! Bars! Thank you, bar god! What size are these?! They’re like definitely
cross-country bars. Oh, let’s see! Oh my goodness me! These are… These are 600 mil bars! (laughing) Right, you don’t want to see me change another pair of bars, do you? ‘Cause that’s just boring, so I’m going to dig deep
and find my inner ninja. (yelling) What the hell?! Look how narrow they are! That’s like road bike width, man! That’s like when you’re on the drop. That’s like my gravel bike! My Digger, my Nukeproof Digger has probably the same width bars as this. That’s just enough room for grips. Like, if there’s another
size bar that I needa try I don’t think I’ll be able
to run grips because… Well, I can’t! Will it’d be, like, gripless? We’ll have to find another
way of getting grips. Right, 600 mil bars! Look at the state… That does not look right on my bike. 100% not. I can see it’s going to be super twitchy, it’s going to be very uncomfortable riding down the trail at high speeds with this thing just doing this. But I’m ready for it. Let’s go find a techy trail this time just to make it extra extra twitchy. There’s one over there. (laughing) Get up then! Whoa, so twitchy! Paradise Palms, here we go, dude! Oh my gosh! Whoa! Twitchy, twitchy. Whoa! Whoo! Oh, this is steep. Oh, this is steep. Oh my gosh. (laughing)
I survived! Ooh! All right, it doesn’t look
steep, but it is steep off the camera. The aim of the game is to
ride as hard as I would if I had my normal 760 bars. ‘Cause I don’t want this to hinder my fun even though it’s super sketchy. All right, I’m going
to come down here again and fire down that gully ’cause it looks pretty
horrible down there. Told you. Slippery. Nearly saw my bum. (laughing) (upbeat music)
(grunting and groaning) (upbeat music) Ooh, there’s a big rock! Ooh! It’s just twitchy as hell! It’s like I put my bike on drugs and it’s just like… It’s like everywhere! The minutest of turn on the bars makes the whole bike go
that way or that way, but not that way ’cause I’m like this. Well, that’s fine. That’s a little bit slow and techy. I think we should spice
it up and go faster because the faster it is, the more twitchier the bike will be because well, you do that and you’re going that way. Do that, you’re going that way! There’s a trail that’s
techy and fast that way. Follow me. (upbeat music)
(grunting) Oh my… Bugger me, shiver me timbers. (upbeat music)
(grunting) Aw, this trail’s sick! Oh my gosh, this is fast. Oh my gosh! Ooh my gosh! Man, just looking down
at that looks terrible. Look how narrow that looks. Like, when I’m riding, I don’t know what it is, I quickly just adapt to
what I’ve got in front of me just to make sure I can
get down the trail safely. Now, this is a… It’s twitchy as anything, don’t get me wrong. That is twitchy as hell, but it’s all right. But let’s hit some jumps
because I love jumps. And that’s when the bike’s in the air, just a sudden little movement, the bike just moves around in the air. Whereas if you haven’t got enough grip just to keep that bike
tracking on the floor, but when you’re in the air, a little bit of a twitch, oh my gosh, the whole bike
goes all over the damn place. I’ve got some jumps here I’m going to hit, this table then a hit then a table then the jumps… I’m just going to hit these jumps. Jumps, jumps, jumps, jumps, jumps. (grunting and exclaiming) (breathing heavily)
(laughing) That is so twitchy and yet
I’m going to do it again ’cause it actually felt quite fun. Weirdly. Maybe ’cause it’s different. That is cool. You get a table on that. Look how easy it is! Look at it! Yes! So easy! Right, I think that’s it. I got too comfortable near the end. Got a bit cocky just
doing tables and stuff, how easy it is just to throw away, throw the bike around. I’m going to head back to the top and see what else there is up the top. I’m guessing it obviously
is going to be narrower. (sighs) I’m glad this is not a big hill to climb. What the hell?! (laughs) Look at the state of these ones! Oh my gosh! Look! That’s 500 mil! 500 mil! I see a… I see a problem. I won’t be able to run grips on this. Like… There’s no room for grips! Look, that’s where the… Oh well. I’m just going to have
to run 500 mil bars! That’s ridiculous! Surely that’s got to
be the last one, right? Surely. Right, you don’t want to see
me change these bars again. Inner ninja coming out. (yelling) Whoa! That’s narrow ass bars! I can’t even put my grips on! That’s just going to be cheating, they’re going to be
over hanging by an inch and that’s not going to
give the true 500 mil! So I have no grips, so
I don’t know what to– Oh! Yes, rubber tape! I’m going to have to use
rubber tape on there. Thanks, Leo. There’s my grips. I am going to put my bar ends in ’cause I do like my body
with no holes in it. Voila, there’s my grips done! This is the most hack… This is the most bodged
thing I’ve done so far in my life. Look at that. Tape as bars. I should have just got bar tape, but I’m not a roady, so I
don’t have any bar tape. So I’ve got some mastic tape stuck on it. It’s actually quite sticky. I don’t needa go all the way to the bits because I’m not holding there
’cause I can’t get there ’cause of my shifter or my dropper. But that, I think I’m going to
be doing two-fingered braking All the way down this trail because I don’t know where
else to put my finger. I could do middle-fingered braking, but I might crush my index finger. Two-finger braking. Anyway, let’s go down a horrible trail ’cause I’m feeling a bit more… I’m feeling confident! Oh my… Blimey! Oh, where’s my dropper? There. Oh, muddy problems, look at this. No worries for narrow bars right now. Whoa, it’s actually quite… It’s actually quite twitchy. Ooh! Mud! I’m not going to mess about. I’m going straight into a… (grunts) Into a black route, S&M. Double red dot thing. That’s what it says right there. Never ridden this trail in my life. Wish me luck. (dramatic rock music) Oh my God! (dramatic rock music) Oh, I can’t brake! Ooh! Woohoo! Oh yeah! (dramatic rock music) This is uncomfortable. This is uncomfortable. Whoa! (exhaling heavily) I’m nervous right now. Only because what’s in
front of me is the S&M trail and it is this nasty little log drop thing into a flat drop, then a step on step off wooden structure that I have not ridden. With bars just like this. I haven’t ridden it, and I’m quite scared because it’s steep, it’s muddy, it’s wet and I don’t know what to expect. But it is the narrow bar challenge and without these challenges it wouldn’t be a challenge, would it? There’s a chicken route right there that looks gnarly in itself as well, it looks horrible, whereas
this is the one-way ticket all the way to the bottom with some drops and some fun bits. I’m quite scared. Let’s try it. Actually, let’s not try it, let’s do it. (rock music) Oh my gosh, dude. That… That was actually quite scary. I’m not going to lie, I’ve
not hit this trail before. Let alone on narrow bars like this. (laughing) I’m stoked! Stoked, it’s so twitchy! The only thing is if you just
look straight down the trail like that, and just don’t turn your bars. That’s hard when you’ve got
routes doing this everywhere. Ridiculous ride. I feel like I’m confident with these bars. Let’s go back to the top and
see if there’s a smaller pair, which I doubt it because I don’t think I’m going to
be able to hold on anymore, because there’s like nothing! Nothing, I can’t even
get them any more closer! Look at that! Right, to the top please. Okay, that was terrifying. Absolutely– What the hell are these? It can’t surely go smaller! What the hell?! Come on! That’s not even a bar! That is not even a bar! Look how much grip I’ve got! If you put that there, look
where my lever’s going to go! I’ve got that! I might even have to
switch my levers around so the lever is on the end so I have to brake… I’ll figure it out. Let’s get ninja on this,
let’s get this done. (yelling) Look at that! That was the only way I could actually mount my brakes because I couldn’t put my brakes in here ’cause the bar tapers and it gets fatter or wider into the stem. The only place I could
do it is on the stem, so now, if you’re American or European, you could ride this bike
because your left brake’s on the left side! And your back brake is on the right side which is the wrong way for me. I like to have my back brake on the left ’cause it’s moto, you know? Clutch is always over
here and all that jazz. I couldn’t mount my dropper
post anywhere on my bars if it got in the way. I just had to… Tape it to my top tube. Where they shouldn’t belong. But I don’t need a dropper post ’cause I’m going downhill, dude. Right! That looks terrible. I recommend you don’t try this at home because this is stupid and I’m a trained idiot and I can do this. And the heavens have opened, and I’m going to go find
the muddiest, slipperiest, horriblest trail that Rogate has to offer and I’m going to go down it just for giggles. Right, there’s a trail down there. See ya! Finally at the top! The trail head, Rogate trail head! Look at this, we’ve got
an abundance of trails to choose from. I don’t know which one to go for. Enter the Sandman sounds pretty good. Tunnel Vision. That sounds narrow and I don’t want any branches hooking on this. I don’t want any branches hitting that. I reckon Tunnel Vision. (laughing) Just to make it even more scary. Ooh, mud! Thank goodness that’s shut ’cause I sure as hell not
going to ride that trail. That’s scary. Tunnel Vision! Definitely going to get tunnel vision. Look how narrow this is. This, my friends, is 400 mil, which… It’s not because 400 mils to there. I’m holding in there,
so that’s like 300 mil? A little bit less because
I have to brake as well! So that’s like 250 mil bars! This was stupid. It’s stupid. It’s not ethnical. Is that even a word? Right. I’m dropping in. It is a word. It’s in Blake’s dictionary. You should buy it, it’s on Amazon. Dropping in. Oh no. (upbeat music)
Oh no, oh no! Oh my flipping goodness! Tunnel Vision! Oh my goodness. Oh my… (laughing) (record scratches) I hit my front brake! That was the most scariest thing. My heart’s in my mouth. Like, I was like, “Why am
I going over the bars?! “I’m not leaning over the bars!” I’m hitting my front brake! I’ll do that again. I’m going to go like death
grip with my left hand so I don’t touch my front brake. I thought I was going into there! Oh my goodness me! Right, second time. I’m going way slower. And remembering… Ah, there you go. There’s another one. Oh there you go. Slow wins the race. Slow wins the race. Yeah! Aw, remember the back brake, Blake. Whoa my gosh! Ah, the heavens have opened! The British weather had descended on us! Oh, that was front brake. Oh my gosh. (laughing) I’m not continuing with that trail! Hell no! That is so scary! I feel like I just want to push to the car and get rid of these bars, man! I got mud in every single hole in my body. My nostrils, my mouth, my hands. My hands don’t have holes in them. My eyes, my ears. And the other two. No, they’re completely enclosed. Right. Thank you very much for
watching this video. I am soaked through to the bone. The British weather has
fulfilled its goal for the winter and it’s starting to rain a helluva lot. Now, I wouldn’t recommend using such bars like this on the trail. They’re so narrow, it’s pointless, you have no control, no nothing! Bar width is pretty key
when it comes to riding, you don’t want to be the
shortest dude on the trail and have 800 mil bars ’cause it just lowers your body weight all down to that top tube. You don’t want to have
such a narrow one like this where you don’t have any control! Find your perfect bar width. Mine is 760 mil. I love it, and that’s
where I’m going right now to out those bars back onto my bike and ride down that trail with ease because that
is such a good trail and I completely ruined
it with these bars. But I’m here to show you what it’s like to run
these silly handle bars. Terrible. They’re going straight into the bin. These bars belong on the New York streets, on the London streets,
you know, couriering all those lovely goods to other people. Thank you very much for
watching this rad video! Hopefully you enjoyed it. Let us know in the comments down below what else you want to see, like
one stupidly small crank arm compared to another so I’m like… Anyway, let us know in
the comments down below. Don’t forget to hit the globe, subscribe because you’re missing
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bars, that’s for sure! See ya!

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