The Patrick Show: The Birthday Party 🍩 | #SpongeBobSaturdays

[moaning] What? Ah, what happened?
Where am I? Uh, oh yeah, the party! I must have passed out
in SpongeBob’s kitchen. On the ceiling. [music playing] This show was filmed
in front of a live studio audience. See SpongeBob, I told you
we shouldn’t stay up past 8:30. Things get real crazy after 8:30. Would you like another
spot of tea Ms. Nibsy? Oh, you would? Whoo, chamomile, chamomile, chamomile! Ah, she really knows how
to pound ’em down, huh SpongeBob? [snoring] SpongeBob?
SpongeBob? Sponge– That’s a good looking doughnut. [laughing] What the… This donut’s connected to SpongeBob. Huh… Oh. It worked! [laughing] I don’t think I’ve ever seen
a doughnut this nice before. [laughing] Except maybe that doughnut
SpongeBob showed me last night. A doughnut this nice
could really make a guy happy. [snoring] This is SpongeBob’s delicious… Ah, I am eating… Oh no, it’s SpongeBob’s… [crying] [phone ringing] – Hello?
– Hey Patrick. [screaming] Hey Star, its Squarepants.
That was some party last night, huh buddy? – Ahh!
– That’s exactly how I feel about it. Ah! Lucky for us I video taped
the whole party, so we can relive it
over and over and over again. Don’t watch that tape! I’m waiting to watch it
with you, silly fish. I’ll be right over.
(phone clatters) Sheesh, Patrick’s so excited.
I better not keep him waiting. Oh, no! That video will show me
stealing SpongeBob’s donut. Oh, oh, oh… [moaning] I gotta hide this thing! [screaming] [screaming] Nothing goes with a video like toast. Let’s toss some toast in the toaster
and watch this bad boy. [screaming] Uh, ow, ow, hot, hot, hot! Get out of the way, Patrick I gotta go! [moaning] The attic! [panting] Wait, I don’t have an attic. – Hey, Patrick!
– Ah! – Hey, SpongeBob.
– Are you ready to– I don’t have anything behind my back,
so don’t look there! Ok, no problem.
Ready to see this? The official testament of how
heartily we party, hearty… [Patrick moaning] Noo-ooo-oo! I took it, SpongeBob!
I took your donut! I’m sorry! Oh Patrick,
you really need to see this video. I want to give you this, because your my buddy and a donut
this nice could really make a guy happy. You mean… this is mine? Of course, it was your birthday. – When?
– Last night, silly! Oh, thanks buddy! Hey, wanna share it? Sure pal! Pretty good, huh? [music playing]

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