The PUNJABI Christmas Album

The PUNJABI Christmas Album

F-Series Music and the Association of Punjabi Christmas Music Preservation presents for you… Geeta Brothers Duet Group and Friends Punjabi Christmas Album Hits 2013 All your favourite classic Christmas Songs, now done in Punjabi! Christmas Time all my boys saaaaayyyy
HO HO, HO HO, HAI NI HO HO. (x2) Santa Clause please bring for me gift of goodness to for my daughterrrrrrs Put little little nice things in the stockings for my daughterrrrrs Scrunchies, hair clips, bracelets, little little things like this for my little little daughterrrrss I only have one request Santa, bring good gifts that
are really really gooooood. That are really really goooood. Some people drinking it sip by sip,
Some people
take a biscuit, dip by dip. (x2) It’s Christmas time, put away your brandy… time for a change of pace. Yo take a sip… Hai ni take a sip. Take a sip of this here Egg Nog, It’s Christmas time my homies.
Take a sip of this
here Egg Nog, Put away your Brandy glasses. Take a sip of the EGG NOGGGGGG. What you know, Why you acting all shy? Come girl stand RIGHT HERE. I know what you’re trying to do, all your tricks
and trickery, I KNOW THEM VERY WELL THO. Under the mistletoe, let’s make out girlllll (x3) OMG So much DIRTY SONG, Let’s play something more religious shall we? Holy Father Christmas, gave us a special gift. On the Lord’s name, On the Lord’s name. Family, Friends and Selfless Service. Don’t you ever forget about St. Nick’s sacrifice,
it won’t come again and again. (x2) She won’t open her freaking doooooors. She won’t open her freaking doors, so I climbed through the Chimney. She wanted to sit in my lap, I want looking
for her presents as you can see. (x2) *In my lap*
*and I her presents* *touch my bodyyyyy* Ni my Rudolph, he criessss.
With his red bright nose, awake he liesss. And all the other Reindeer, they say go die.
we don’t like yo… just run away. We don’t like you… Rudolph. Red Bright Nose baby, Red Bright Nose.
Yea Yea, Whoaaooo, Whoa. (x2) Brightens up that freaking nose… ohhhhhhooo Whoaaa. Then one day, the Baba came.
Said Rudolph, Tu Aja (Come with me) Said Rudolph, Tu Aja.
In front of the sleigh, take your place. NI guide me across the, Countryyyyyyyyyy YAAAAAAAAA. Celebrate Christmas with your brothers and sisters and listen
to the best of the best Christmas Songs! Hey Guys, on behalf of Geeta Brothers Duet Group we want to
wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hey Guys, We got a new album just for you
and I also say to you Happy Merry Christmist. Please enjoy this with your whole family, Thank you very much. Happy Birthday. Order this Bullsh*t NOW!

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  1. Ironically, this is the archetype of Canadian diversity and what it means to be an immigrant or first gen. in Canada. Though Jus' style is to parody Punjabi and Indian culture and traditions, he does it so authentically and with so much integrity that it serves as both an homage to his cultural identity/heritage, as well as a demonstration of his integration in traditional Canadian culture. To any non-Canadians, this is what Canada is about; our country is a mosaic of culture and we are proud to celebrate diversity and multiculturism as the fabric of our society (of course we have racists too, but they generally don't make the headlines). Part of the reason I love Jus' videos is that he artfully and creatively juxtaposes his Punjabi background (through parodying his parents/elders or customs etc) with stereotypical Canadian values and traditions. By use of farce and comedy, he not only makes us laugh with him at his lampoonery but simultaneously teaches us more about Punjabi culture and values. I have never wished to understand Punjabi more….just so I could understand more of the script in his videos. Still die laughing though!! Thanks Jus xx

  2. What are all the original songs to all his songs in his christmas album cuz there really good songs but i dont know the names

  3. This rendition of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is really more faithful to the melancholic tone of the original story imo…"Laal thika naak ni, laal thika naak ni, yeah yeah yeah yeah whoa whoa whoa whooooa…" lmao

  4. The Christmas extravaganza series has to return I have kept watching this series from 4 years ago also reveal who was the secret Santa killer

  5. All that face cotton has a certain half of my body singing too lol

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