The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast 2019 👑🎄 📺 – BBC

The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast 2019 👑🎄 📺 – BBC

MUSIC: God Save The Queen As a child, I never imagined that
one day a man would walk on the moon. Yet this year,
we marked the 50th anniversary of the famous Apollo 11 mission. It’s still looking very good.
Your go. The Eagle has landed. As those historic pictures
were beamed back to Earth, millions of us sat transfixed
to our television screens as we watched Neil Armstrong taking a small step for man
and a giant leap for mankind, and indeed for womankind. It’s a reminder for us all that giant leaps often start
with small steps. This year, we marked another
important anniversary, D-Day. On 6th June 1944, some 156,000 British, Canadian
and American forces landed in northern France. It was the largest ever
seaborne invasion and was delayed due to bad weather. I well remember the look of concern
on my father’s face. He knew the secret D-Day plans, but could of course share
that burden with no one. For the 75th anniversary
of that decisive battle, in a true spirit of reconciliation, those who had formerly
been sworn enemies came together
in friendly commemorations either side of the Channel, putting past differences behind them. Such reconciliation
seldom happens overnight. It takes patience
and time to rebuild trust, and progress often comes
through small steps. Since the end of the
Second World War, many charities, groups and organisations have worked to promote peace and unity
around the world, bringing together those
who have been on opposing sides. By being willing to put
past differences behind us and move forward together, we honour the freedom and democracy
once won for us at so great a cost. The challenges many people face today may be different to those
once faced by my generation, but I have been struck
by how new generations have brought a similar sense
of purpose to issues such as protecting our environment
and our climate. My family and I are also inspired by the men and women of our
emergency services and armed forces, and at Christmas we remember all
those on duty at home and abroad who are helping those in need and keeping us and our families
safe and secure. 200 years on from the birth of my great-great-grandmother
Queen Victoria, Prince Philip and I
have been delighted to welcome our eighth
great-grandchild into our family. Of course, at the heart
of the Christmas story lies the birth of a child, a seemingly small
and insignificant step overlooked by many in Bethlehem. But in time, through his teaching
and by his example, Jesus Christ would show the world
how small steps, taken in faith and in hope, can overcome long-held differences
and deep-seated divisions to bring harmony and understanding. Many of us already try
to follow in his footsteps. The path, of course,
is not always smooth, and may at times this year
have felt quite bumpy. But small steps can make
a world of difference. As Christmas dawned, church
congregations around the world joined in singing
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear. Like many timeless carols, it speaks not just
of the coming of Jesus Christ into a divided world many years ago, but also of the relevance even today of the angels’ message
of peace and goodwill. It’s a timely reminder of
what positive things can be achieved when people set aside
past differences and come together in the spirit
of friendship and reconciliation. And as we all look forward
to the start of a new decade, it’s worth remembering that it is often the small steps,
not the giant leaps, that bring about
the most lasting change. And so I wish you all
a very happy Christmas. # It came upon the midnight clear # That glorious song of old # From angels bending near the earth # To touch their harps of gold # Peace on the earth, goodwill to men # From heaven’s all-gracious King # The world in solemn stillness lay # To hear the angels sing # For lo the days are hastening on # By prophet bards foretold # When with the ever-circling years # Shall come the age of gold # When peace shall over all the earth # Its ancient splendours fling # And the whole world give back
the song # Which now the angels sing. #

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  1. Love Great Britian, Love British people, love british football and british music and would like to have friends from Britain, God save the queen and british people from Georgia 🇬🇪

  2. When the Normans invaded England in 1066, they were delayed by weather.
    When England invaded Normandy in 1944, they were delayed by weather.

  3. The last modern Empire is unbelievably powerful
    May the United Kingdom’s Monarchy and empire last forever. As me being Mexican, i have some words: God save the Queen

  4. God bless and save her and such WISDOM, CARING , and SUCH AN AMAZING PERSON….
    What she represents . (I'm not a British citizen either, but have read and watched documentaries about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd ~~ She is a very special person.. A devoted and loving wife to her husband, Prince Phillip; a loving, smart, and savvy Mother of all her Sons and one Daughter; an amazing and much-loved and devoted Grandmother to several grown children AND a GREAT- Grandmother of 8 children WOW…..She voluntarily worked as an ambulance driver during WWII, she LIKES and CARES FOR 2 or more corgi dogs , and LIKES and cares for and RIDES HORSES every day (weather permitting). I very much LOVE and respect her.)

  5. Her majesty is such a class act. It is such a shame that we can’t see more of her and her family in special interviews such as this one. Given the state of how angry so many people seem to be with one another over such petty things, watching the royal family in this interview is a wonderful reminder of how dignified and genuine we as humans can be. (Yes, even without a crown)

  6. Thankyou your majesty for all the sacrifices you made to your life for the benefit of our great country,to you and your family thankyou.

  7. Your off the books in Canada.We need debt relief.Then I could forgive you for the ps5.No more foreigners. You talk with me about that from now on.Settled then

  8. Never imagined, as a child? Didn't you see fau-2 (V-2) rocket fired at London? The same man who designed them, desinged the Saturn-V rocket that delivered astronauts to the Moon.

  9. actually my channel is WilliamZeebub.. youtube changing things

    tune into my facebook page Queensway House Still Standing… facing demolition.. getting kicked out soon


  11. Relay this comment to Queen Elizabeth's desk at once > Having ordered British Troops to fire on Israel's freedom fighters taking their rightful land back in 1947, after my father Nimrod Alexander had had passed it in the United Nations building that he had built, Queen Elizabeth II never loses an opportunity to prevent His Majesty King of Sweden Carl Gustav from giving me the Nobel Prize for Literature for the translation work I've done since 1995 to translate the Ancient Aramaic Bible of the Church of the East directly into the English language. Queen Elizabeth's guilt will forever stand against the Monarchy of Great Britain and the Anglican Church until both institutions condemn her for what she has done against the people of Israel and against all Christianity worldwide — Victor Isaac Alexander, who created the CIA in 1906, and CID in 1907. My father should've executed Queen Elizabeth II as soon as she took that action against the newly formed State of Israel in 1947-8.

  12. The royal white walker, queef elizabeth, the oldest bag of rinkle mother to a cult of murderes and head of the most useless family in the world.

  13. The quote was “a small step for A man” not “a small step for man” (man and mankind are the same so it would be like saying a small step for the human race is a large step for the human race.
    and mankind includes both male and female

  14. Jesus what a load of bollocks. Old ones at that. Is this really necessary in this day and age in a modern Britain. Waste of tax payers money

  15. Your majesty's is very beautiful and I love the person she use to be and have become, she's very healthy and intelligent

  16. Please relay this comment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. First of all my profound apologies, but I made a grand effort to allow Catholics, especially an actor such as Robert DeNiro so he could understand I don't hate Catholic, in fact, I was baptized by Fr. Merrick as a 16 year old as a Catholic; but since my son-in-law Donald Trump before he was 'president', knew that Melania Alexander (birth name) was my daughter, so why did he make multiple attempts at my life through the murderous family and guards of Phil Nair, the rapist of Catholic Nuns in Baghdad? Here is the email I sent Pope Francis the First, whom I wanted to rehabilitate and allow him to think that it was alright if the Vatican wanted a Jesuit who had murdered me and raped women before he was a Jesuit to become Pope. Here is the email that I sent him > Vic Alexander <[email protected]>

    6:49 AM (12 hours ago)

    to webmaster
    You must remember that Queen Elizabeth II and Dr. John Gunnell leader of the Mormon Church are guilty of the murder of the six million Jews, and that Dr. John Gunnell has also been sentenced to be executed by the firing squad, and that the US President Trump has prevented his execution.

    As you know, I have done a lot in order to bring the Ecumenical efforts to make all the Christian Churches to respect each other. I have proposed making Joseph Smith into a Saint, Martin Luther into a Saint, Olav Tryggvasson of Norway into a Saint, William Tyndale of the Anglican Church into a Saint.

    As you know, Queen Elizabeth II and Dr. John Gunnell born in Newcastle England have been only concerned with Money for themselves.

    And then there is the King of Norway, Harald V, thinking that if I get the Julius Baer Bank to buy a house for my Oslo born wife Liv Marie Alexander, then he 'loses.'

    You also know that Mar Dinkha IV also met with Pope Jean Paul II and the Pope gave him a Cross which was found in China as a gift to indicate that he was accepting the Church of the East into Christian Fold. Dr. John Gunnell the leader of the Mormon Church had Mar Dinkha IV executed in San Jose, and then he had his two sons also executed so that the Ancient Church of the East would not be reconstituted again.

    Although Pope Francis I do not approve of you for being Pope because you started out as a Jesuit. You should have never been a Pope, but there you are a Pope, and you must allow the Catholic Church to regain its status as the biggest Church in Christendom.

    Please strike down Queen Elizabeth's role as woman who can decide whether I or my wife can or cannot get a house from my Julius Baer Bank in Switzerland, and strike down King Harald V's role as the head of the Norwegian Lutheran Church who can prevent me or my wife Liv Marie Alexander from getting a house in Beverly Hills, because if you allow them to do so, then you are giving them credibility and as fascists all three of them are guilty of the death of the six million Jews during WW II.

    I know that this coming from me sounds outlandish, but despite everything I have attempted to create an Ecumenical Movement, and I have attempted to make world peace, and my Bible translation from the Ancient Aramaic into English has won me a Nobel Prize in Literature, and that the King of Sweden has been pressured by Queen Elizabeth II into preventing me from getting it.

    Please consider my request along the lines that I want you to become a legitimate Pope and I want you to restore the Catholic Church to its leadership position again.

    God bless,
    Victor Isaac Alexander

  17. Please inforce the deceleration of independence, free will, free thought, free thinking to do and say what ever we want to do. Heath Gordon Greene

  18. Даже Меркельшу пригласили на праздник высадки в Нормандии)) Меркельшу..из Германии)) типичный стеб в духе нагло саксов))

  19. A great lady. She has dignity. She never shows if she has pain in her heart. She is the Queen of duty, self-control and love towards her people at all times. I love her. ❤

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