The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.106 (2015.12.06)

The Return of Superman. Chapter 106. “The Gift of Waiting.” (Early morning for the twins) (Yawn) (Seojun wakes his dad up by acting cute) – Dad! / – Yes. Yes. Where is the dinosaur book? – Huh? / – Dinosaur book. Dinosaur book. Dinosaur book. – Dinosaur book? / – Yes. (Let’s see) Our room. Seojun. (What will he do without me?) It’s not there, dad. – It’s not? / – No. I’ll look for it. He’ll look for it for you. (Look for it now) (Lee Seojun is the problem-solver) (He goes straight to the bookcase) Seoeon, Seojun, you guys want fried rice? No. (He makes fried rice anyway) I found it, dad. Play with your brother. – Dad. / – Yeah. (Dad is focusing on cooking) (Meanwhile) (Moving) (Seojun is going up on the table) (Hanging) (He gets it secretly) (An egg) (Coming down slowly) (Behind dad’s back) Huh? Ta-da. You’re not dad. Who took the egg? Seojun! (The raw egg is in danger) (Crack) (Shattered into pieces) (If something felt uneasy, there was always trouble) Hey! Hey! Oh, what is this? (Slippery) Come back here, you guys. Come back here. (Their constant curiosity) (Struggling) (Grabbing) Hey, you… (Crack) Hey, you… Hey, you… Hey! Come here, you guys. Move it. That’s enough. (Furious) Who should I punish? Who cracked the eggs? Come here. I didn’t do it. – You did it, right? / – Yes. Right? He cracked it on the floor too. Should you do that or not? Let’s see your hands. (Fortunately fine) (Sighing with a mixture of emotions) Hang in there, twin daddy. It’ll only get tougher from here. Whether they cause trouble or not, Hwijae gets back to cooking fried rice again. It looks quite alright. How will it taste? Eat your food. (Seoeon tries a bite right away) – It’s yummy, right? / – Yeah. (Should I try it or not?) Seojun, won’t you eat it? I’ll eat it. Okay, try it. (Careful so that he won’t drop any) – It’s yummy. / – It’s yummy. It’s yummy? I made it. I made that. – No, this is yummy. / – It’s yummy. Ah… That’s it. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time. Dad, I’m done. Hwijae’s cooking skills aren’t so bad anymore? (After finishing breakfast) Madam Jung. Hi, how are you? Good. What are you up to? I’m feeding my kid snacks. She’s so cute. Madam Jung. Let’s meet up. I was about to take Seou… – To the local kids’ cafe to play. / – Yeah? Can you come? Then I’ll… Then… – It’ll be fun to play together. / – Yeah. – Let’s play there first. / – Yes. – And go for pork hocks. / – Okay. – Okay. / – Hold on. Hold on. Seou, it’s uncle. – Uncle. / – Oh, uncle… – See you later. / – Okay. See you later at the kids’ cafe. – Okay. / – Bye. Let’s go in. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. (Running into the kids’ cafe) (Jung Sia greets them warmly) Hwijae! Oh, wow! – Cute. / – Hi. Seou, Seou, uncle. – Hello. / – Hello. – Oh, my… / – Oh, my… Oh, my… You’ve grown so much. Hey. How are you? Same old… How are you? – You seem to be losing weight. / – No, no. – No? / – No. I’m so happy. I’m so happy. – Really? / – Yes, yes, yes. Jung Sia and Baek Dobin’s second daughter, Seou. She’s known to look just like her mom. Where is Seou flower? (Here is Seou flower) I dreamt of a ghost. A flower has bloomed. Flower, flower. Sia is like a little sister to me. I’ve known her since she was a kid. I met her at someone’s wedding recently. She mentioned Seoeon and pork hocks. Her kid loves pork hocks. I suggested eating it someday. I wanted to see her this time. Seoeon, bow low to her. Hello. That’s it. No, low. – That’s it. / – Hello. (Meanwhile Seojun is here…) (Already feeling excited) – Seojun, where are you? / – Seoeon. – I’m here. / – Seojun. – Come down. / – Seojun. Properly greet auntie. – To pretty auntie. / – No. Come down! Seojun. Come down. Ha ha. Come down. – Cute. / – Seojun. Seojun, come down. Greet auntie and Seou properly. Greet Seou properly. Greet auntie and Seou properly. Greet Seou properly. Hi, hi. Greet me properly. Yeah, bow low to her. – Hello. / – That’s it. (Cute boy) (Hug) (Seojun’s greeting is so passionate) Oh, oh, oh, so cute. Seojun, Seojun. What should I do? Seou, how old are you? – 4. / – You’re 4? I’m 3. Seojun, how old are you? – 3. / – 3? – Then you’re younger than Seou, right? / – Yes. Seojun. Seojun, does she look good with me? You have the couple look in pink. Yeah? It’s like father and daughter. Seoeon, look. Seoeon, look. – He doesn’t get jealous. / – No jealousy at all. Seojun. Seojun! They go crazy at these places. It must be tough physically since sons are so active. It’s no joke. And girls are different emotionally. I think they’re really different. (Looking around) Where are the boys? (Seou is looking for the boys) Boys! Seou. Seoeon. Let’s play catch. Catch me if you can. How’s that? He’s going to catch you. Seou, he’s going to catch you. – He caught you. / – I caught you. I’ll catch you now. – Caught you… / – I need to catch you. – Seoeon, you need to run away. / – I’ll catch you. – Seou, run away. / – I’ll catch you. Catch Seojun, catch Seojun. Catch Seojun. Seojun, run away, run away. Run away fast. Catch Seojun. Run, run. Catch me if you can. Seou, quick. Catch Seojun. (Gasping for air) Catch Seojun. I’ll catch you. Run, run. Run. – Go up. / – I caught you. (It’s your turn now) I’ll catch you here. (He doesn’t care) (Studying hard now of all times) He’s reading now. Are you a Harvard bookworm? Catch Seojun. Catch Seojun. – She’s going. She’s going. / – Going… I’m here! (Hahaha) – Come here. / – Seojun, hurry up. Come here. I’m going to catch you. – I caught you. / – Caught you… Are you hiding? You’re here! You’re here! You found him right away. Cute princess Seou doesn’t even get tired. (Adorable) The twins are having so much fun with her too. – Oh, my… / – Click. The twins now have a new friend and Seou has new friends too. (He’s running after her with his love) (I’ve never seen Seojun like this) Say, “I’ll enjoy the ice cream.” – I’ll enjoy the ice cream. / – I’ll enjoy the ice cream. I’ll enjoy the… That’s it. – I’ll enjoy the ice cream. / – Good girl. I have orange. I have… Banana. – Banana? / – Yeah. I have chocolate. That’s it. I have chocolate. That’s chocolate? He has a comedian’s instinct. Really? Baby’s chocolate. – This is a baby’s chocolate? / – Yeah. Wrong. – No, my chocolate. / – Oh, your chocolate? Yeah. – Wrong. / – It’s right. No, look at the picture. – It’s my chocolate. / – It’s mango. Chocolate. What’s this? Dad’s… – Ice. / – Coffee. Coffee? – Eat it. / – Yeah? – Ah. / – Really? Seojun, let me have a bite. I gave you some earlier. (Then I’ll get sulky) Ah. Ah. No. Mom? Uncle? – No. / – She’s giving it to you. – There. / – You saw that, right? You saw that, right? I want to have that. Ask Seou for a bite. – Give me a bite. / – You should say Seou… Seou… Give me a bite. (A tiny bit) She’ll give it to you. Why are you saying ah? Who first? – Who will go first? / – Me. – Okay. / – Me. Me, me, me. Seou… Like that. (Jealous) Me too. – Me too. / – How is it? How is it? (Then I’ll give you a little too) (Yum) Seojun, you’re giving some to her? Seojun, you’re giving some to her? – Oh, my… / – Oh, okay. Try a bite. (Then…) (Seoeon gives her a bite too) You’re giving it to Seou? – Yeah. / – Have a bite. – Have a bite. / – Which does Seou choose? (The twins love her) Seou, have a bite. Which does Seou choose? (They desperately wait for her choice) (The results?) (Sorry, I’ll just eat mine) You’re both out. You’re both out. You’re both out. You’re both out. You’re both out. You’re both out. You’re both out. Eat by yourselves. That was too tough. Seou wants to eat chocolate. Seou, they’re twins. Twins. Seojun, what are twins? Me. Him. – You’re twins? / – Yeah. What about these two? – Twins. / – Right? (That’s so smart) Seoeon seems to look more like you, no? – Right. / – Right? – Yeah. / – Seoeon… Who do you look more like? Mom or dad? Mom… Oh, mom… Seojun… – Who do you look more like? Mom or dad? / – Mom. They say they both look like their mom. Seojun, Seoeon, you both look like mom? None of you look like dad? Listen to me carefully. No, dad. Too late. No, dad. I look like dad. Seou… – Who do you look more like? Mom or dad? / – Dad. You look like dad? Yeah? She looks like her grandpa too. – Yeah? / – Yeah. Really? Seou, does dad play with you often? Really? But he won’t play with me. He won’t play with you these days? – He only does the dishes. / – Huh? The dishes. – He only does the dishes? / – Yeah. I made him do the dishes often these days. Seou, he even does the dishes? He plays often with you too? How often? It’s yummy. 5 minutes? You should know you guys are lucky. No. Do I play often with your kids or not? You do. Right? Seoeon, do I play often with you or not? You don’t. Wrong. You don’t play with me either. You said I don’t play with you, right? I really won’t play with you guys. I’m sulky. Look at me. (Hmph) – I won’t play with you guys. / – Hmph. Huh? Hmph. Huh? I’m the one who’s sulky. Hmph. Ha! I really won’t play with you guys. I won’t play with you, dad. Forget it. Forget it. Forget it? If you do something cute. (We’re still cute, right?) (I’ll let you go since you’re cute) The 5 siblings are quiet for a change. (Big sister is sleeping) Huh? Let’s go. (Am I dreaming now?) Bye. Bye. (About to cry) Want to come? Huh? Come here. Okay. Oh… Let’s brush your teeth. (Brush your teeth since you woke up) Your teeth. Ah. ‘Brush your teeth, brush your teeth’ Oh? Wait. Wow, Daebak. You have two more teeth now. Let’s see. Two below. What about above? Above. (How much are there now?) 4 above? Okay. There are 6 now. Daebak, your teeth. (I’m growing fine, right?) Greet him properly. (Play with me, uncle) (Dad goes away for a second) (Right away) (Daebak looks for dad) Daebak. Daebak. Peek-a-boo. Where is Daebak? (Dad is over here) (Expressing so much love) Kiss. Kiss. (Rejecting the kiss) Hey. Will you reject it? Reject? (Something in his hands) Monkey. Daebak, hi. Daebak, hi. Who is this? Daebak, hi. Kiss me. Kiss. Kiss. That’s it. Kiss. That’s it. You kissed it. Kiss me too. What about mine? You’ll only kiss the monkey? Let’s use this. Kiss. Kiss me. That’s it. Oh, nice. What about mine? Give me a kiss too. Daebak. (Daebak, I’m about to feel sad) Kiss. You’ll kiss this one. Kiss. You’ll kiss this one too. Ah, ah, hey. Ah, ah, hey. You love it too much. Kiss. Daebak, kiss me once. Kiss. (Turning away) Ha! (Dad is very disappointed) (Getting ready to heat his baby food) Dad. (It’s precious time with dad) (Dad, let’s play together) Kiss it. (That’s not hard) Don’t bite it. Just kiss it. (Dad is smiling again) Go. Walk, walk. Walk, walk, walk. Walk. Nice. (Donggook is proud of him) Sit down and rest. Rest. Want to do it again? Huh? Want to do it again? Go. Go. Walk, walk. Walk. You were fooled, right? You thought I’d catch you, right? Go. Let go for a second. Let go. Walk. That’s it. Look at you… Nice. (Thud) Get up. You’ll be running soon. Go. 1, 2, walk. That’s it. 1, 2… 3, 4, that’s it. 5, 6, that’s it, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, come on. 13, 14, 15, 16, that’s it. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, that’s it. 23, 24, 25, 25, 26… (He walks around the living room) This is easy. That’s it, 1, 2… 3, 4, that’s it. (He broke his longest walking record) This is easy. You did a whole round of the playground. Now stretch. (To protect the athlete) (Stretch time) Stretch, stretch, stretch. (It’s soothing) It’s a massage? It’s a massage? Since you walked a lot, shake your legs. Stretch. Stretch. Oh, look at your thighs. Oh, thunder thighs… (Will he become a soccer player?) Dad brought Daebak to a special place. – It’s a pretty hanbok shop. / – Seola, come. Seola, let’s go. Hold my hand. What brings them here? – Hello. / – Hello. – Greet her properly. / – Hello. I needed a hanbok outfit for his first birthday. Jaesi, Jaea, Seola, Sua all rented hanbok for their first birthdays. Which one will look good on Daebak? I was very curious. I need a hanbok for his first birthday. What do you have? There are set outfits first birthdays. Pants, top and vest, that’s a set. For the first birthday ceremony, there’s an outfit for grabbing certain items. You only wear it when you’re one, so you should set a concept… What would suit his face? Bandanas all look cool. – Yeah? / – The baby… Right? He has a round face. (Seola was bored) Is it yummy? It’s gone. – It’s gone? Want some more? / – Yes. What’s your name? Seola. – Seola? / – Yes. – Oh, Lee Seola. / – Lee Seola. Lee Seola. Lee Seola. Seola, you’re such a good girl. Yes, I am. Should we try on the clothes? Yes, yes. What about Seola? – Seola? / – Yeah. Seola. Daddy… Seola, come here. How will Seola and Sua look in their dresses? Ms. Seola looks pure. Ms. Sua looks elegant now. The twins look so cute in their dresses. That’s Manse? Come here. This isn’t him. Now it’s the main character Daebak’s turn. You think Daebak will look cool or not? He’ll look cool. – You think he’ll look cool? / – Yeah. Peek-a-boo. – You think he’ll look cool? / – Yeah. Peek-a-boo. (How will he look?) (Daebak in his traditional Korean outfit) You think he’ll look cool? How will Master Lee look? – You think he’ll look cool? / – Yeah. Peek-a-boo. Daebak. (Eyes wide open) Daebak. Daebak. You look cool. Pretty boy Daebak appears in his grand outfit. Daebak… You have your hat on, Master Lee. Master Daebak. You look cool. You look cool. How’d you know you’ll look so cool? Kneel. “Father, live a long, healthy life.” You had to do that every day in the old times. It suits you. Does this fit? Yes. What else is there? My first birthday picture… Is this just totally old-fashioned? It’s the traditional colorful top. Is this common these days? It’s rare. It’s back like the retro style. – Colorful… / – I want him to wear this. – I’ll have him wear it. / – Okay. Let’s wear the same thing as dad. He hears his dad’s voice and wants to go out. Whose is this? Give me some. You don’t want to? – Yummy. / – Seola too. Let Seola try it too. Good girl. (Meanwhile) You’re sitting all excited. You’re sitting there. (Dad loves the old-fashioned style) Where is Daebak? Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo. Where is Daebak? Oh? Where is Daebak? Daebak, peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo. (Wow) You look like me. Do you? (He looks like Sua) – He doesn’t look like me, right? / – Right. He… He doesn’t? Peek-a-boo. Come to me. – Person. / – Purple. – Huh? / – You’re wearing a hat. Did you eat? Kiss. Okay, okay, okay. It’s a secret. I love you. Now you’re a prince. – Wow, Daebak is a prince now. / – Here we go. (Ta-da) Daebak… The clothes totally transformed you. Cool. 1, 2… He walks so well. (Hey) (Bring the milk now) (Gold suits Daebak) Gold really looks good on him. Do many people wear this? The kings used to wear them. – Kings. / – It’s called a “cheollik.” The gold color is unique and only kings wore them. Dads love this. A golden dragon… Daebak, which do you like? Daebak? Huh? This? – You like this? / – Yeah. You like this? You want this for your birthday? Huh? Let’s see. Let’s take a picture and show it to him. Daebak. (Focused) You like this too? – You like this? / – You like this too? I think that’s cute. We look forward to Daebak’s first birthday fashion. (The best beggars of the Joseon era) Last chapter, at their dad’s drama filming set, the triplets transformed into little beggars. (Filthy) (Daehan the beggar is a survivor) (Minguk the beggar says he’s still hungry) (He looks like a heavy metal rocker at a glance) (Easy-going Manse the beggar) The cute triplets from Joseon have the best looks. (Mustache from bad medicine taken as a baby) You can’t tell if they’re acting or not. The cute beggars are eating. What will the triplets do today? The afternoon filming begins again. This is a thatched house. Father, you’ll bump into it. – I’ll be careful. / – Father. – I’m so cool. / – This… I’m being exiled after committing a crime. Geez. – This is cool, right? / – Yes. A brook. It’s cool. ‘A tadpole in the brook’ ‘It swims moving about’ ‘Back legs grow’ ‘Front legs grow’ – ‘Arms…’ / – ‘Moving…’ No. – ‘Moving…’ / – No. No. ‘Jump, jump, it became a frog’ – Rice for sale. / – Rice for sale. Rice for sale. – Rice for sale. / – Rice for sale. (No one will buy rice) – Manse… / – Say, “Rice for sale.” Rice for sale. Oh… Are you ready, beggars? Yes, yes, father. Are you ready? – Yes, yes, father! / – Okay. You need to cry. Can you? Raise your hand if you can. Let’s see who cries well. 1, 2, you have to cry now. You have to cry now. You have to cry. You have to cry. Manse, cry. Babies cry. Manse, think you’re a baby. (Manse the baby) Minguk, think you’re a baby. Cry. (Minguk cries too) Baby, baby, baby. Baby, baby. Okay, let’s do this. 1… 1, 2, 3. Go! The triplets get a makeover for the cameo shoot. (Not a mannequin) (Checking their hair and clothes again) (I’ll do well) – You need to cry. / – Okay. Sit down. You need to sit down. Sit down. We’ll start the rehearsal. Rehearsal, cue. What? What? (Slowly) (What’s going on?) (Hiding) (Manse is innocently standing by) Manse, run to dad now! Director, here! Manse, run to dad now! Director, here! (The rehearsal begins) (Daehan runs away) (A big crowd) (Argh!) (Daehan and Minguk watch carefully together) (Will Manse be okay?) Oh, dear! Oh, dear! (Confused) Oh, dear! I want to cry with you, dad. Okay, let’s do that. I’ll hide over there. Cry, okay? Do we have food? Put the food in that bowl. (The director will have them eat for the scene) (Daehan and Minguk will do the eating scene) Wait. No. The left should go in. Finally, the filming begins. (Prepared for the eating scene) (Will the pretty triplet beggars do well?) 1, 2, 3. Cue. (Realistic dust breeze) (The gang of beggars are mad) (Surprised by the realistic acting) (They must be mad) (Is Manse doing well?) (Scratch) (How should I act?) (The gang of beggars keep coming) (About to cry) (The actor is different from before) Cut, okay. (It’s already over?) Okay, good. (Father does this kind of work) (Hahaha) When I saw their looks, they were cute and they did well. I don’t know if the director will pay them but congratulations, boys, on your first shoot. I showed them where I work. It was very meaningful. Come on over. Daehan, follow me. Give him the gift. Thanks. Good boy. – Gift delivery. / – Take it now. (Who should I give it to first?) Over there. – Thank you. / – Not me. – This is the director. / – Not me. Me? Thanks. Oh… With both hands… (Praiseworthy kids) Say thank you. Hey. Father, I got money. Where are you? Hey. Oh… – Say thank you. / – Oh… (Wow, I’m excited) Thank you. (Go, Ilkook! We hope your drama is a success) It’s time to study now. (The triplets are studying with dad) No. 1. Minguk got it correct last time. What’s this? When we went to Busan, Minguk saw the emergency exit and said only one person goes out of that. – It says only one can go out. / – Where? Over there. – It means only one can go out? / – Yeah. The kids were curious about traffic signs or lights when they were in cars. I wanted to teach them the signs properly. What’s this? (First question) Elevator. Elevator. – Elevator? / – Yeah. Oh, you’re going into the elevator door? This is an emergency exit. Emergency exit. Emergency exit. Run away into there if there’s a fire. – Run away? / – Yes, you must. Where to? Where you see this sign. Then there will be a door. Go out there. – What’s this sign? / – Elevator. Elevator. Elevator? People are going up in this? This is… Red person… Red person… – This? / – Blue person. Blue person. Red person… Right? The red one is for the ladies’ room. The blue one is for the men’s room. (I see) You can guess this right. What is this? What is this? – It goes up and down. / – Father. What goes up and down? – Elevator. / – That’s it! – Daehan is the best. / – Father. – Father. Father. / – Minguk. Father. Father. Father. Minguk, sorry. Sorry. – Father. / – Minguk, sorry. Minguk is the best. (Dad, it’s okay) This is a new one. What’s this sign? Hand. Don’t touch. Manse got it right! Applause! Right. – You’re the best. / – Best. That’s it. Now me… Okay. What’s this sign? Construction. Construction? Similar. What’s this sign? Towing. Towing? (Frozen) Manse, how did you get that right? You shouldn’t park your car. If you park your car where you shouldn’t, they tow your car away. Manse, how’d you know this? (Proud) Manse is the best. I’ll get the next one. Minguk, get the next one. No, me. Daehan, you get it right too. What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? Smoke. This is a sauna sign. Daehan, Minguk, Manse, you took a bath, right? You took a hot bath yesterday, right? We don’t have hot water here. We have hot water. If I get it on my glasses, I get new ones. Right. You get steam in the bathhouse, right? It’s steam. Is it the same as water? (Perplexed) Hot water comes to Japan. Hot water comes to Japan? (His pupils are all over the place) (What are you talking about?) (Oh, don’t you remember?) Manse remembers hot water from the Japanese hot spring. Manse remembers accurately. – Warm. / – Oh, it’s warm. – It was Japan. / – Father. Let’s move on. It’s too hard, right? What’s this sign? Food. Right, food. Food. What’s this? – Coffee. / – What’s this? Putting in gas. This is a service area. – Service area. / – That’s it. What should I do if I’m tired after driving? Rest, right? Then I go to a service area with this sign. – Do people eat that, father? / – Right. You can look for this sign when eating. – We go there when we’re hungry. / – Right. Dad, is that a service area? No, that’s not a service area. It’s the kitchen. (I see) We learned about signs today. If you see them in the future… – You’ll know, right? / – Yes. Applause. Come here. Sit here. I’m going to buy snacks. While I’m gone, if a stranger asks you to come, should you go? No. While I’m gone, don’t move. Stay here, okay? – Okay. / – Wait. (The triplets are left alone) – Do you have corn dogs? / – Yes. I’ll have 3. – 3? / – Yes. (A stranger approaches) Can I sit here? Huh? No. Dad told us not to go with strangers. – He said not to go with them? / – Right. Let’s go find dad. Want to go? (Early morning at grandpa’s house in Osaka) (Grandpa and dad are doing something silently) (Wearing tight clothing?) Here… (What is this doing here?) (Wearing tight clothing with a serious look) (Sunghoon looks determined too) (Heave-ho) (Done wearing the clothing) (Grandpa’s new taste?) (Sarang is playing outside with grandma) It goes in here. (His body is big for the clothes) (Argh) I can’t zip it up. (It barely fits) (All set?) This, this. Shoes. (My turn?) (Sunghoon wears a new style too) (He is Mickey Mouse?) (Heave-ho) (Mickey’s shoulders are puffed up) (Minnie is thirsty) (Swinging) (Wearing Mickey’s striped jacket) The men look quite determined. Is there a reason for that? (Oh, this is tough) It’s Sarang’s birthday so we’re doing this. Mickey Mouse. – Here is Mickey Mouse. / – Mickey Mouse. – Yes, Mickey Mouse. / – Mickey Mouse. Sarang loves Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. – My voice… / – Voice… What if I can’t do the voice? Just go high. Just try it. If she tries, we won’t do it. Mickey. Sarang. You sound just like grandpa. (Sarang is oblivious, rollerblading) I’ll go to daddy. Legs straight. (Hurrying to prepare before Sarang comes) (Excited grandpa) – What about… / – Huh? (Passionate rehearsal) (Laughing) Sarang is almost home. We’re here. Open it. – Hi. / – Hi. Let’s go in. Hi. – Hi. Let’s go in. / – She’s here. She’s here. (Nervous) (The athlete comes in) They’re all ready now. (Loud steps) How will Sarang respond? Sarang! Sarang! Hello. Hello. Wait. (Grandma is acting so hard too) Sarang. What is this? Look. Sarang. – Hello. / – Mickey Mouse. – No, it isn’t. / – No. Wow. Mickey. Sarang. No, it’s grandpa and father. No. – It’s Mickey. / – No. Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – It’s father. – Hello. / – No. It’s not! It’s father. Who’s father? – No. / – Who’s father? No. Tell him to take it off. I was born like this. Sarang, come here. – Come here. / – Take it off. – No. / – No. It’s father. Take it off. No. Who’s father? – He’s not here. / – Mickey. Another special guest appears then quite late. (Elsa the Snow Queen, Shiho) (Elegant queen, checking her wig again) (To celebrate Sarang’s birthday) (The Snow Queen is here) (Quietly moving) Oh, someone’s here? Someone’s here? It’s a friend. It’s a friend. Who is it? Is Sarang here? (I got a feeling) Mommy? Sarang. It’s mommy. No. – Who is it? / – Sarang. – No, no. / – Mom told me to come. What is it? It’s mommy. – No, it’s not mommy. / – It’s mommy. (I’m sure it’s mommy) It’s mommy. Mommy. – You shouldn’t cry. / – Mommy. Enough. Okay, okay, okay. Oh, okay. Oh. Oh, oh. Oh. Oh, sorry, sorry. Why are you crying? Why are you crying? Why are you crying? Huh? Because you’re not Mickey. Because I’m not Mickey? Right, sorry. I’m not Mickey. I’m not Mickey. Sorry, sorry. Oh, drink water. (Sarang is calm now) Sarang. Happy birthday. Sarang, give mommy a hug. Hug her. Sarang, happy birthday. Hug her. (Sarang hugs mom) (Mom acts like Elsa till the very end) Elsa. Sarang, I’ll get mommy. (We were caught, honey, stop) (Shiho Elsa, okay, bye) (Grandma is busy preparing Sarang’s birthday meal) (Today’s menu is short ribs) Hello. Mommy is here. Mommy is here. Mommy is here. Sarang! Happy birthday. (I missed you, mommy) (Good job, honey!) Sarang, happy birthday. (I love mommy more than Elsa) Sarang, what did you do in the morning? Sarang, Minnie, Mickey and Elsa came. Really? Sarang, Minnie, Mickey and Elsa came? (Shaking her head) Elsa came? (Acting coy) Who was Elsa? Mommy. (Yeah, you were more awkward than me) Why did you think so? Because she had your eyes. (Hahaha) (My girl is great!) Sarang, amazing. We thought you’d like Minnie, Mickey and Elsa. – You want the real characters next time? / – Yeah. (We’ll bring the real ones next time) Grandma’s food full of love for Sarang is ready. The cake mommy bought is here too. Sarang puts her candles in on her own. She’s already 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sarang’s favorite braised short ribs and seaweed soup too. – Come on, grandma. / – Okay. Do this and do this too. (Birthday feast full of grandma’s love) No, no, no. Go. ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you’ ‘Happy birthday, dear Choo Sarang’ ‘Happy birthday to you’ Oh, happy birthday. Oh, nice. – You did it in one go. / – Oh. Oh, you’re strong. – Me. / – You do it, Sarang. (Eating the cream on the candles too) Okay. Sarang, what do you want to be now? Spider-man. You want to be Spider-Man? Batman. – Batman. / – Batman. (This is a gift) The knife won’t work. Power. Power. – Power. / – Power. – With both hands. / – Power. Power. Cut it. Cut it. Lift it. Cut it. Power. (Too much) – Okay. / – That’s it. Power. (She loves eating and already started to eat) Oh… Power. Sarang. (It’s on your nose) Oh… Hands together. Thank you for the meal. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. I’ll eat the glass noodles. You will? (She’s 5 so she eats it with class) (You should eat meat with your hands) Sarang, now that you’re 5, you’re older. (Older?) Sarang, if you eat a lot, you’ll grow a lot. Look. Over there. (What is over there?) Father, I was here… – I was here… I was here… / – Here… Here. Here. Right. Sarang, you grew a lot. (She’s grown so much over 2 years) – Sarang, you’re 4 now, right? / – Yeah. You’ve done this show for 2 years, you know? (Sarang made many memories over the last 2 years) (What is the most memorable memory for Sarang?) – Who wants to eat it? / – Me! Daddy. (Making many memories with daddy) (Sarang grows bit by bit) It was the best. (She learned how to love in the last 2 years too) – What was the most fun? / – Minions. Minions. Minions… Our whole family did so much with you. – And Minions won? / – Yeah. (I’m still a little girl) Meanwhile, it’s lunch time for Daebak. Okay. – Come on. / – Okay. Drink some water first. (I’ll hold it) Drink some water. Should we eat food first? Okay. (Feeling him out) Daebak, you shouldn’t be fussy. Two fussy girls are enough. (Who’s talking about me?) (Daebak gives out his cup) Cheers. Cheers. That’s it. Cheers. That’s it. Drink up. (Smart kid) (Donggook tries to feed Daebak) Daebak. (Daebak rejects his baby food) (A spoon plane comes to feed him) Ah. Go ah so it’ll go into your mouth, Daebak. Go ah so it’ll go into your mouth. Ah. (I don’t want it) What’s the issue? Should I call mom? – Hello. / – Hi. Daebak won’t eat his baby food? He doesn’t like porridge these days. He asks for rice when we eat it. So he wants adult food. You want to eat with the adults. You… You made a few steps. You think you’re an adult? He’s patting me now. He likes fruit juice so mix that in. Okay. – Bye. / – Okay. (Fruit juice is mom’s emergency method) Come here. Come here. Let’s try this… (Yum) Is it yummy? Is it yummy? That’s it. (Daebak looks ready to eat) Ah. (He succeeds at feeding the baby food) I fooled you, right? Daebak, you’ll get to eat lots of good food. Just wait a bit. (Daebak and beagle sisters are going out) Daddy, where are we going? Into the water. Splah, splah. – Huh? / – Splash, splah. Splap, splap. Oh, splash, splash. Daebak is going to splash, splash. Sua wants to splash too. – Sua wants to splash too? / – Yeah. What about Seola? (What’s this voice?) Oh, is something wrong? What about Seola? Me… Sua wants to splash too. – Huh? / – Sua learned how to splash too. – Sua learned how to splash too? / – Yeah. I wish the kids liked water. So I taught Jaesi and Jaea how to swim. I want Daebak to be familiar to water too. And he likes it. So I thought it’d be a good idea to go. Seola, come here. – Hello. / – Hello. – Say hello, Sua. / – Hello. – Hello. Sua. / – Say hello, Sua, Seola. Daebak, it’s heaven for you. Daebak, you’ve never come to this kind of place. It’s a mini-pool that Daebak can enjoy too. Are the siblings ready? Let’s go. Splash, splash. Okay. Go where the instructor is. Where is she? Daebak too. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 1, 2, walk. Walk. Will you swim? – Daebak, welcome. / – Will you swim, Daebak? Daebak, welcome. He’s going up. Welcome. He’s going up. (I love water, I love toys) It’s just heaven. He doesn’t know what to hold. Sit down, Huni. Will you get up? How many months old? – 11 months old, same age as Daebak. / – Daebak. Daebak, your friend. – Friend. / – Friend. Friend. – Friend. / – Say hi to your friend. – Say hi to your friend. / – Hi. Daebak. – Hey. / – Hi. Say hi to your friend. You don’t care about friends? Splash, splash. Oh… Oh… Daebak, that’s great. – You’re a man. / – Daebak. Something came and went? What came and went? Oh… What came and went? Oh… Splash, splash. Splash, splash. Daebak, oh… Oh… What came and went? Daebak splashed. Splash, splash. Oh… (This is it) (It’s so cool) It’s water. Daebak, look. – Duck, quack, quack. / – He loves water. Duck, quack, quack. Daebak, bye-bye. (Getting used to it with the neck tube) Splash, splash. Splash, splash. Hands. Bear, bye. Splash, splash. Splash, splash. Oh, you go like that? Oh, you go like that? (Did I give birth to a pro swimmer?) Good. ‘A tadpole in the brook’ Kick, kick. Kick. (Peaceful for a change) You went like this before, right? Oh, oh… Like this. Oh, oh… It’s okay. – Sorry. / – Hug her. Kiss her. Kiss her. Kiss her. That’s it. (Sorry, Seola) Daebak. – Oh, you’re happy. / – Nice. Splash, splash. Splash, splash. (He sees a girl his age) It’s your friend. It’s you again. It’s your friend. Meet her. Look. It’s your friend. Give her a wink. Give her a wink. Give her a wink. Give her a wink. Oh… Give her a wink. Oh… Hold her hand and save her. He’s excited. It’s tough. Splash, splash. I’ll play over there. Want to go? Should I ask? Will you go to see Daebak or daddy? – Daebak. / – Will you go to see Daebak? I’ll do it. Come here. Wow, daddy will help you. 1, 2. Where is Daebak? Found him… Daebak was about to go on a date. His sisters won’t help him out. So that’s why they came here. Sua said she’d come here. It was perfect for Daebak here. You know? Bye. Bye. Oh… His sisters won’t help him out. Do many kids come? – Yes, many 30-month-olds too. / – 30-month-olds… – I’ve taken them swimming a few times. / – I see. But it’s his first time. Even younger kids come. 3 or 4-month-olds. Daebak, play with your friends. I’ll wash up your sisters. Wow, Superman. Okay. Your friend is here. – How old is he? / – 9 months old. Your friend is here. – Yes. / – I’ll leave you with him. Please watch him for a minute. Let’s go. Who first? (Shaking his head) (I don’t feel like swimming) – Will Seola go first? / – Yes. Yes. That’s it. Daddy’s duties start now. With bathing 3 kids, speed is the key. Phew… Stay here. You’ll be able to sleep well. You sleep well after you swim. Let’s wash up. Daebak gets a good wash too. Oh, your skin is all bloated. You were in for too long. (Daebak is done) This is tough. You guys came for a swim. Not me. How come I’m the one sweating here? Why is bathing you guys so tough? It’s so hot. It’s just me, right? Right? It was a bit tough for dad but Daebak’s first swim was a success. Seou, come here. How are Seou and the twins doing? – Seoeon, look at me. / – Okay. What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? – What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? / – Me too. – What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? / – Me too. – You moved your foot. / – No, I didn’t. What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? (Touch) Hwijae is playing so hard with them. I’ll catch you. Catch him! (A big bunch) (Dad is out of energy) (The kids are fine) I got you. You got me. – Not this. Hide-and-seek. / – Hide-and-seek. I’ll be it. Hide well now. Hide. Ready. 1, 2, 3, 4… 5, 6, 7, 8… – Where are they? / – Come here. 9… – Are you hiding? / – Yes. Seoeon, I don’t think you’re hiding yet. – Are you hiding? / – Yes. Okay. Ready. 1, 2, 3. Where are they? Where are they? I can’t see them. Where are they? Seoeon. Seojun. – Where are they? / – Here I am. – Seoeon. / – Ha ha. Seojun. – Wait. / – Ha ha. Where are they? – Seoeon, Seojun. / – I’m here. – Dad… / – I can’t see. Seoeon is right here. Seoeon, Seojun. I can’t find you. I’m here, dad. – I can’t find you. / – I’m here, dad. – I can’t find you. / – I found you. – I couldn’t find you. / – I found you. I couldn’t find you. Ah! I said I’m it and I can’t find you. Why’d you come? (Thud) (I wanted to rest, what a struggle) (Looking a mess) – Once more. / – Wait, come here, Seou. – I want to do this. / – She wants to play. Seou… What’s more fun? Playing with uncle or dad? Uncle. Playing with uncle is more fun? – Really? / – Yeah. She said playing with uncle is more fun than dad. – Geez. / – Seou, dad will be disappointed. He will cry. You like uncle? Let’s go eat now. – Let’s go eat now. / – Let’s go. Seou, it’s your favorite, pork hocks. Pork hocks! Here it is. Here it is. Here it is. The highlight of today. It’s Seou and the twins’ favorite, pork hocks. Eat up. – Eat up. / – That’s it. Eat up. Dad, can we eat now? You can eat. Dad, there’s no bone in this. Athlete Seoeon is eating like usual. (I’ll show you how to eat pork hocks) (Seoeon’s type of king pork hocks) – They like it too. / – They do. – Dad, a big one. / – You kids love it. That’s the biggest one. (This is the biggest one?) (Then I’ll eat it) Seoeon, nice. Bite it off. That’s it. How is it? How is it? – It’s good. / – Right? (She eats as much as the twins) Seou eats as much as the twins. Seou, you like it. Seou, you love it, don’t you? – Seoeon, is it good? / – It’s good. – It’s good. / – It’s good. It’s good. Seou, don’t do that. Not the princess. Mmm, it’s good. That’s it. (Ah!) (Mmm!) (Oh!) What’s with them? Are they dinosaurs? The dinosaurs are crying? What’s with them? Chicken? I’m a dinosaur. – Dinosaur? / – I’m a dinosaur too. – I’m a tyranno. / – It’s that time to love dinosaurs. Bite it off. Tyrannos don’t bite it off. (I’ll still bite it off) (These guys are interesting) Which is yummier? Pork hocks or pizza? – Pizza. / – Pork hocks. – Rind. / – Right? – Rind? / – Seou likes pork rind. I like this. Seoeon likes this? Seoeon and Seou like the same thing. This is mine. (You know how to enjoy your pork hocks) Ta-da. Seou, ta-da. Seou, see you often. Does she live far or close? – Huh? / – Her. You’re asking where she lives? – Bangbae. / – Bangbae? – Here. / – Come over. It’s far from our house. – At home. / – Yes, you live at home. – Should we play at Seou’s home next time? / – Sure. Seoeon, give her a kiss. (Getting ready for a kiss) – Kiss. / – It’s too… Okay, okay. – She will kiss you. / – Seou, kiss. – What if you get spit on me? / – Don’t get spit on her. (Since he’s a cute friend) – That’s it. Good. / – Spit… Seoeon, don’t be too aggressive. Seoeon, give her some fat. Say ah. (It’s for me?) Say ah. – She likes peel. / – No. No? (I like her but I like pork hocks more) (Disappointed) Hey, you shouldn’t treat girls like that. (Peeling it off diligently) Seou. Seou. This is for her? No, give it to me. This is for her. No, mine. It’s not yours. Yours is… – No. / – There. – Mine. / – He’ll give it to you. – Here. / – That’s it. – Seou, say ah. / – Ah. – Here you go. Wow. / – Wow. Seou, give me pork hocks. (Gloomy because Seojun didn’t give him pork hocks) Oh, you like it. (I’m happy) (I feel good, acting cute) (Perplexed, I asked for it) Seojun, here. Seojun, she’s giving you one. – Here comes meat. / – Say ah. Hmph. – Oh, my… / – Suddenly… Hmph. – Oh, my… / – Suddenly… (Sorry, Seojun) (I’ll eat on my own) Give uncle some. Thank you. (Unconsciously, he put the pepper in his mouth) (Surprised) Doesn’t Seojun wink these days? (Me!) – You winked, Seojun? / – Wink, Seojun. Wink. Oh, oh… Oh, oh… It’s a gala show of winks. Oh… (Wink) Seou, uncle is funny, right? (Nodding) Yeah. What’s so funny about uncle? – What’s so funny? / – Get out of the way. Ears. – My ears are funny? / – Your ears are funny. My ears are funny? (She has unique taste) – Say cue. / – Cue. High cue. High cue. (His ears are funny indeed) (The pork hocks are all gone) Let’s say bye and go now. Say bye to her. – Bye, Seou. / – Bye, Seou. – Bye. / – Bye, Seou. – Seou. / – Let’s meet again, Seou. – Bye-bye, uncle. / – Bye-bye. Now… Seou. Okay, okay, she doesn’t want to say bye. – See you again. / – She doesn’t want to say bye. Should we stay? Should we sleep at your place? Should we? – Take all three home. / – Oh, please. Let’s meet again, Seou. – Bye-bye. / – Bye-bye. I was shocked when she cried as we left. She didn’t want me to go. I was shocked. I want to go somewhere for 2 days, 1 night next time. (A theme park in Incheon) This is kids’ heaven and memory lane for adults. It’s a theme park. Which family is here to have fun today? Pirates are over there! Daehan, pirates and a ship are over there! Where are the pirates? Up there are the pirates. Pirates are over there! I want to ride a theme park. – Which one? / – Theme park. I have great memories of theme parks with my father as a kid. I wanted to make such memories for my kids. I wanted them to have fun and also make wonderful memories. – Should we go on this? / – Yeah. Yeah? Let’s go on it. Okay, let’s do that. Come on. Hold on tight. It’ll move now. (Heh heh) (So excited) Go! The alligator will go! The cow will go! Manse will go! Daehan will go! Minguk, go! Manse, go! Cluck, cluck. Quack, quack. Quack, quack. Giddy-up, so exciting! Daehan, go! Giddy-up! Daehan. (Where is Daehan?) Daehan, Manse, go. Dad, Daehan isn’t here. Daehan, go. Dad, Daehan isn’t here. (I’m here, Minguk) There he is. (Now Minguk is at ease) Hehe, I’m faster. What? (Quick move) (Minguk shows a fast duck) (Fun) (The exciting race is over) Okay. – Dad, there’s a boat. / – Let’s go ride boats. – Come on. / – A red boat. Where is it? Over there. This will be scary. Sit down. – Wow, red. / – Sit here. – Safety belt. / – Yeah, buckle it. Hold this. – Daehan, this will be scary. / – I’m not scared. – There’s a marine here. / – A marine. This is a boat so the marine will guard you. – Are marines really brave? / – Marines are brave. Marines are tough. We’ll lift our hands when we go to the top. 1, 2, 3, Daehan, Minguk, Manse! That’s it. (The ship finally starts) (A bit nervous) (Hold on tight) – It’s not scary. / – It’s not scary. (It goes higher and higher) Manse! – Manse! / – That’s it. – Manse! Daehan too, Manse! / – Manse! Daehan is scared, aren’t you? It’s okay. Manse! It’s okay. Manse! Okay. – Was it fun? / – Yes. Fun, right? Manse, was it scary? Now this is a ride that’s even scarier. Will they be able to handle it? Let’s go on this. They won’t be scared? Will it be okay? – If it’s scary, they can come down. / – Oh, okay. (Will they be able to ride it?) Oh, go ahead. Sit here. – How old is he? / – 5. He’s older. – This will go up and down. Is that okay? / – Yes. Let’s do a cheer. Daehan too. That’s it. 1, 2, 3. Go! (The ride gradually goes up) – Legs… / – That’s it. It’s going up. (Oh, exciting) Daehan, Minguk, Manse! (Queasy) (Queasy x 2) (Queasy x 3) (They survived the scary 3 bounces) (This is nothing) (They’re good) – It’s fun. / – It’s fun. It’s fun, dad. – Now scream! / – Scream. – Now scream, everyone! / – Scream! I’m scared now. Is it fun? Are you scared, Jaejun? – It’s okay since we’re here. / – Yeah. Daehan, Minguk, Manse’s here so it’s okay. Help! Worried that he might be scared, Manse holds Jaejun’s hand. (Proud) Manse was always like that, right? He’s the youngest but he was always caring. Look at those three holding hands. (Kiss) He took care of the little boy. When his brother was sad, Manse comforted him with his little hand. Stop crying. We can learn a lot from kids again. Father, I’m not scared. – You’re not? / – No. Daehan is brave. – Dad, I’m not scared either. / – Minguk is brave too. I’m brave too. (My sons are the best) Move over, move over. (Double handles) It’s a boat. My boat… (Is it fun?) Manse! Daehan! Minguk! Dad! The kids grew so much. Red princess. Dad wanted to have a theme park date with the kids and it was a big success. The triplets were scared of first challenges. (Shaking) The kids grew so much, they enjoy scary rides. It’s okay since we’re here. Dad just waited for them. The kids grew and now dad is touched. (The sun has set) Come here. Sit here. I’m going to buy snacks. While I’m gone, if a stranger asks you to come, should you go? No. While I’m gone, don’t move. Stay here, okay? Okay. – Daehan, take care of your brothers. / – Okay. If a stranger comes and asks you to follow them, you shouldn’t. – No. / – Then Daehan will raise his arm. Okay. Daehan, Minguk, Manse, I’ll buy treats. Wait up. (The triplets are left alone) Oh, it might go around. It’ll go around. That’s a spaceship. It’s not. No, it is too. Oh, it’s a big ship. (Fancy viking ship) It’s so long. It’s dangerous. It’s for adults. Little ones aren’t scary. I was so scared, I shook. That girl is so scared, she’s shaking. – Do you have corn dogs? / – Yes. I’ll have 3. – 3? / – Yes. Then a stranger approaches the triplets. (Who is it?) – Can I sit here? / – Huh? – No. / – No? Dad told us not to… Dad told us not to what? Dad told us not to go with strangers. – He told you not to go? / – Right. Go over there… (What’s going on?) Can I ask you a favor? I told my kids not to go with strangers. I want to do a test on them. Can you ask them to go with you? When we were learning the signs, Minguk saw the children’s protection zone and said, “You shouldn’t follow strangers.” What’s this? – You shouldn’t follow strangers. / – Right. – Should you follow them or not? / – No. You shouldn’t follow strangers, right? He knew you shouldn’t follow strangers. But I was curious if he’d really follow them or not. Plus, they failed the test last time. If a stranger comes… – Minguk, shall we go? / – Yes. You shouldn’t come. You should go. You should go? Why? Then you’ll get in trouble. You should go. You shouldn’t come. Dad told us not to go with strangers. – He told you not to go? / – Right. Go over there… Let’s find dad. Let’s go. (Inner conflict) Let’s go over there. With dad… No, I’ll go see dad. Dad, dad, dad. Minguk, where are you going? – Dad said no. / – Right. But we better find him. Let’s go over there. Oh, no… That’s shocking from a parent’s viewpoint? Manse, I’ll leave you here. (You’ll leave just me?) I’m going. (Ilkook is frustrated) (Where on earth is dad?) Hey. Did I say you should follow strangers or not? Thank you. Thank you. Did I say you should follow strangers or not? Not. You don’t know her. You shouldn’t follow her. We went to look for you. – Oh… / – No way. You don’t know her. I said don’t follow her. You shouldn’t follow her. – I missed you. / – Bye. Thank you. See you again. See you again? You shouldn’t follow strangers, kids. If you do, you’ll never see me or mom again. (Really?) Minguk, should you follow strangers or not? – No. / – Right. Manse, should you follow strangers or not? – No. / – Right. Daehan, should you follow strangers or not? – No. / – Dad, that… Then why did you? – You shouldn’t follow strangers, okay? / – Yes. I trained them a lot. They answer my questions well. That they shouldn’t follow strangers. But they followed her so easily and I was shocked. I better keep a close eye on them. Especially since I have 3 kids, it’s easier to lose them. I have 2 hands and 3 kids. I better be more careful. I really learned my lesson. Where did the Choo family go? Sarang, it’s your first time here. What about you? – It’s been a long time. / – Me too. I’ve been here a few times. – 3 years ago? / – What about mom? She has never been here. Go in. (Great charisma) These aspiring judokas are working hard. Will Sarang take on the challenge too? It’s the instructor. Hi. Long time no see. Has it been 10 years? He’s my senior. So he’s daddy’s senior too, okay? College senior… He’s the highest here. Sunghoon, you used to have matches here. Warm up here. – Teach kids when they come later. / – Okay. She didn’t really want to come. She cried doing judo last time. (She looks awkward today too) (3-year-old Sarang’s first visit to the judo hall) When Sarang first visited, she was so scared. When she came again after waiting a year, she had so much fun. (Trying to flip him over) (Hollywood action) How will it be after another year today? Let’s go. – A proper greeting. / – A proper greeting. That’s it. Let’s go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Legs apart. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Wow. Let’s do the fall. Go like this so you don’t hurt your head. – Legs straight. / – Hands forward. Okay. Like this. – Look at your belly button. / – Again. – Good. / – Good. Again. – Good. / – Good. – So good. / – 1, 2. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Then look. (Sunghoon shows her first) – Okay. / – Good. – Okay. / – Good. Good. Wow, good, Sarang. Like this. 2, 3. (Focused) – Try it. / – 2, 3. – Turn. / – 1. Turn. Throw over. Okay. – Both fell. / – Right. Both fell? That’s okay. Greet properly. Go. Sarang showed her will to beat with her dad too. (She tries to trip him over) (Trying hard) (He fell) Sarang won. Now she’ll go against an aspiring judoka who is one year older. (Go, Sarang) Bridge. Bridge. (The pressing practice is over) (Next is tripping) (Sunghoon is focused on her) Hold it. Over. Bow properly. Good. (Thanks) Stand up. (A medalist’s special course) (Watching her dad teach judo) (She has a match with the master) (Hi-ya) Good job. (Sarang will like judo now, right?) (Conversation with the champion) (Quietly) How did you become so good? I practiced a lot and ate a lot too, so I got good. I was good at judo but I played soccer, baseball, basketball and swam too. I liked judo so I practiced it a lot. How did you grow tall? I ate a lot and slept a lot. He used to be skinny as a kid. I wondered if he could be a good athlete. I was skinny. I wondered if he could be good. Then he became the world’s best. (Work hard, everyone) The triplets start their first marathon next week. Run! Go ahead. They don’t focus. – Don’t go the other way. / – They separate. Will they be able to complete it? For Daebak’s first birthday, his dad works hard. And they look forward to Daebak’s ceremony. What will Daebak choose to grab? The lovely mother and daughter’s fun date. (Model poses) Will the surprise event for dad succeed? (The twins become angels) Oh, cute, cute. They waited so long for today. How will the day they dreamt of go? The Return of Superman. Chapter 107. “The Long-Awaited Moment.” Don’t miss out.

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Santa Claus and the Naugty List

Santa Claus and the Naugty List

Welcome to Kiwis to Pistachio, your One-Stop Vegan Guide. And today our family is celebrating Christmas Eve. So what we’re going to be doing is open up our stockings, to show that Santa Clause brought us something. He just came by in the sled, T.J. told us he was in the living room and left […]