The Three Fails of Christmas (ft. Bridgit Mendler)

The Three Fails of Christmas (ft. Bridgit Mendler)

(hooves galloping) – What up, everyone? It’s your girl, Superwoman. And every Christmas, I
experience the same three fails. (light Christmas music) Number one, creating my
Christmas shopping list. You see, the holiday season
has its way of convincing me that I like more
people than I actually do. Like straight up, if I was to text every single person on my phone right now like, “Hey, really need a friend to talk to,” one person would reply. My mom. And not even my real mom,
me dressed up as my mom. But when creating my
Christmas shopping list, ’tis the season to feel
like I owe erryone a gift. These are so bad. – I know. – You think I should get
Priya a card or a gift? – A card’s fine. – What about Kevin? – A gift. – Lauren? – Mmm, mass text. – Mmm, what about David? – Ugh, a double tap on
Instagram is more than enough. – Mmm. – Remember that time that
he accidentally grabbed your butt because he
thought it was his own? – Oh my God, that was so weird. But also kinda nice. – Wait. Dude, why is your list so long? And who the hell is Jamie? – Okay, my mailman. You know Jamie. – Who still sends you mail? – My insurance company! – And who is Alex? – The guy from the insurance
company who sends me mail. – Why is your ex’s mother on this list? – Why not? She made me dinner like
a solid three times. – Yes, in 2010. You haven’t had a boyfriend since I was on Good Luck Charlie. Charlie’s a teenager now. – Whatever, okay? Look, lemme look at your list. Are you dumb? Are you dumb, are you dumb? Why is Mark on here? Mark cheated on you. – Look, it’s the holiday season. Where’s your Christmas spirit? – You keyed his car last week. – Yeah, yeah. But that was before I
had my peppermint tea in my nice Starbucks cup. I am a different person now. Plus, you have Kelly on
your list and she spread that terrible rumor about
you back in high school. – Yeah. But to be fair, it was true. – Whoa, gross. He’s your cousin. – Okay, first of all,
Harjeet is my second cousin. Also, I didn’t know. Also, the Lannisters
do much worse than that and they have a hit TV show. So really, it’s not that bad. – I don’t know. Kelly’s still a jerk. – Yeah. So like a gift card? – Yes, but make it to 7-Eleven. Or wait, wait, wait. Get her a 20 dollar gift card to Top Shop. She won’t be able to buy anything. – That’s good. Can we agree to not buy
each other gifts this year? Like, my list is so long as is. – Yeah, deal. – [Lilly] Sweet! These are so bad. – Gimme more! – Number two, the surprise gift. Every year, there’s a couple people that I have a real conversation with. Like bruh, we don’t need
to get each other gifts. We’re past that. That’s like way too formal for us. We way too broke for that. So you both agree, no presents. And then this happens. (knocks) – Merry Christmas! (laughs) – What is this? – It’s your Christmas present, silly. Come on. – I thought we agreed to no presents? – No, don’t be ridiculous. It’s Christmas, of course
I’m gonna get you a present. (laughs) – Well why did we have the
conversation then, Bridgit? – I was still gonna get you a present. – Oh, were you? – Obviously.
(laughs) – ‘Cause we had the talk and here you are. – Well, it’s just a thing
people say but they don’t mean. – Where the F was the warning, bruh? Why did we have the conversation? You out here making me look
bad because I kept our promise? You know what a bad gift is? Lying, ya liar. Honestly, how do you sit upon your buttocks with it being so on fire? When you’re in this situation, you can do one of three things. Well, I had got you a gift too. Obviously, duh. Ooh, I donated to a charity in your name. – Awww, which one? – Which one? Oh, for whales. Yeah, whales, to ensure
whales get to go to school. It’s a huge issue. – Education? – Oh yeah, did you know like 50% of whales don’t get the opportunity to go to school? (loud beep) Aw, well you know, I got you a gift too. Yeah, it’s just stuck in the
mail and you know how it goes. But don’t worry, Jamie should
be delivering it like any day. – Mmm. (loud beep) – Oh well, I got you a gift too. Yeah, it’s just upstairs. In fact, I’ll go grab it right now. Wait here. (loud stomping) – Lilly, it’s like a
little chilly out here. Can I come in, or… (loud stomping) (intense dramatic music) (loud beeping) (loud beeping) (loud beeping) (loud beeping) (loud beeping) (knocks) Hello? Hello? (stomping) (heavy breathing) – Merry Christmas. – Awww. (laughs) What could it be? – [Lilly] I don’t know. – Makeup! – Yeah.
– Awesome. I feel like it’s a little
dark for my skin, though. – Oh, no, no, no. It’s like a new tan thing. – I don’t know. – I mean, Kylie’s doing it, so… – I love it. Oh my God, thank you. (sighs) You know me. (laughs) – Number three, secret Santa. Here’s the thing about
secret Santa, right. First of all, I wasn’t plannin’ to buy any of you a gift to begin with. So I know this whole
scenario has been created to save me money, but really,
I’m just spending more money. Second of all, it’s always
awkward and confusing when you’re trying to
decide the price limit because no one even sticks to it anyways. And third of all, I swear
to God, secret Santa is the second biggest political
situation to go down this year. The trades, the deals, the drama. Let’s be honest, no part of
secret Santa is a secret. (light playful music) – So, what’s the limit? – Mmm, what about $20? – What about $50? – $50? I don’t know if I like you guys that much. (laughs) – What about $5? – No, what can you buy for $5? – Fine, $30. – Wait, is that $30 including tax though? – Excluding. – Okay, what about shipping,
before or after shipping? – After. – What if the store takes cash only and the ATM’s fee is like 5 dollars, is that included as well? – Fine, okay. 30 dollars, that’s it,
including everything. We’re done. – Okay. May the odds be ever in your favor. (whistling) Psst, who’d you get? – Allen. – Trade with me, I got Carl. – Why? – I hate Carl, he walks so slow. (sighs) – This is for you. – I like Allen. – Who do you have? I have Carl, Lilly has Allen now. – I have Jess. I want Carl, he’s cute. – Well, I heard he walks slow. – Can I have him? – Psst, who do you have? – I can’t tell you.
(laughs) – Oh, so me? So you have me? – I can’t say. – Okay, so it’s a 100% me. – Yes, yes, I have you! – Oh, well way to ruin it, Scrooge! – Who do you have? – I have Allen. – No. I had Allen, which means you
have me because you lied. (sighs) – Not to mention that secret Santa is the perfect opportunity for
people who don’t like you to be hella passive aggressive with
the presents they give you. – Merry Christmas, Mary. – Oh, thanks. Wow, a pacifier. I don’t have kids. – Oh, I know. I just thought maybe you could
use it to shut up sometimes. – Oh. Okay. – Enjoy. – Oh.
– Merry Christmas. – Oh, thank you. Febreze? – Yeah, it’s to help mask
all the crap you talk. – I told you I didn’t start those rumors. – Yeah, well ’cause just for the record, Jameet is my third cousin! So, we’re basically strangers. Aside from these three fails though, the holidays are awesome. (light Christmas music) You get to wear
comfortable, ugly sweaters, eat amazing food, and see family. Hey, cuz. Tell your brother Jameet I said hi. Mm-hmm. I’ll see you at your
parent’s anniversary, okay? (loud crunching) What up, everyone? It’s your girl, Superwoman, and… – Bridgit Mendler! – If you wanna check out Bridgit on tour, which you should, her links
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– Yeah. – One love.
– One love. – Superwoman. That is a wrap and zoop! (yells)

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