P: Do a Christmas face. [funny music] Hi, look what I bought today! It’s a Christmas tree! D: The size of your mum. *rawr* ~dolodoo~ Probably is the size of … -Well actually it’s like 6 foot so -Oh. -You have a pretty hench mum if it’s, um, realistic. -Colossal mum. -Giga mum. -Ughhhh! -Yeah I think they’re supposed to be friends, they’re not supposed to make out. was like polar bears are the known enemy of… -Pervert! I’m just gonna dance while you’re box opening. -Oh god! Wat? It needs constructing! Didn’t factor this into your equation, did you? I bet you thought you were just gonna be like.. -Yeah [chuckles] -Ooh, it’s a 6 foot tree! Out of this tiny box. -There’s so many pieces! It’s time to be a man, Phil. -What? What? What? What even is this? -So we’re gonna have an unwanted four-hour break now as we read the instructions. ~dodododo~ -Apparently they’re colour-coded from A to Q. Mauve. Mauve. -It’s a colour than only people over 80 can see. [christmas tree music] -Finished! [laughter] -Do them in order! You’re the one that’s like, “Look at the sheet!” -You’re a sheet. -I think it would actually be much less effort to just buy a real tree and then spend three days hoovering [more christmas tree music] [thud] -What the f**king Christ? How did you manage to do that?! [Phil laughs] Oh my god! [D: My face] -I was going to hit you with it. [P: I was like- ] -Wow.. that’s God going “Phil, don’t hit Dan, because he’s awesome.” [even more christmas music] -Let there be light! [P: ~dadada~] [Dan gasps] They’re so beautiful! -They’re so bright. Wait, let me turn off the light. [Dan groans] ~mdss mmds mdss mmds~ Mmmmmmh. Twinkle mode. It’s a twinkle twinkle. Oh my god. -Aaahh. [more christmas music] Oh, the rave mode. -It’s looking really good now. Rave mode! Rave mode! Rave mode! It’s a rave tree! A rave tree! Rave tree! How to be sick into your turkey. *raawr* All the comments are gonna be “Dan, pull your trousers up.” [christmas music] Is it gonna be decorating time? Is it gonna be decorating time? -Um, we just realized it’s 3 in the morning, and we have to hand thread about 60 of these decorations. -There’s so many decorations to thread, it’s gonna take 12 years! -So we’re gonna finish it on Friday. Bye! [music] -Day 2. [explosion sound] [christmas tree music] -Is there anything that needs to be done? -No, I think it’s perfect- Ow! [Dan laughs] -Don’t [singing] It is complete! -So this is our tree [Dan sings] I’m getting really excited about Christmas now. We’re embracing the festive spirit. I can feel the Christmas seeping into my face. I’m gonna explode with Christmasness if it gets any more festive [groans] Rave time, rave time, rave time. Rave time, rave time, rave time. Don’t step on the glass! Don’t step on the glass! Tinsel in your foot, bauble in your foot. Bauble in your eye! Everybody cries when you go to A&E with a bauble in your face BLOOD! BLOOD EVERYWHERE! [Phil chuckles] -There’s been a slight accident. -What happened to its face? What?! I’ll fix you! Oh, that wasn’t- [laughs] Also, as it’s Project For Awesome on YouTube, I wanted to tell you about an important charity I’m supporting: “Giving Voice” is a charity which helps people who can’t or struggle to talk, to be able to communicate again and I thought this would be good to show you because organizers made a really cool YouTube video which helps explain that campaign so you can watch that in the below bar! *waawawaw* So remember, this is Project For Awesome, so we want the charity videos to get as much exposure as possible so remember to like this video and spam the comments a million times! Just go crazy! Keep commenting below all day 24 hours I’ll be there replying to some of them and.. yeah, let’s help this charity do well! Also, if you wanna be in my Christmas collaboration video, then there is a link below with all the information. Byee! [cheerful music]

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  1. Okay I know I’m not the only one who thought the tree was short, but they’re 6’2” and the tree was six feet. But that’s not the only reason I found it short. My living room ceilings are freakishly high, so we get a 10-11 foot tree every year lmao

  2. notices hello kitty advent calendar
    my friend: It's just an advent calendar now stop shouting

  3. i saw the determination in phils face wen he wanted 2 hit dan but then the slight disgust of his actions and wat had remained of them…

  4. Did he really just expect for the tree to come fully prepared for him to decorate? I’m worried <3

  5. I like how phil and dan are literally the same size as the tree😂😂

    Like if you watched this without scrolling through the comments 👍

  6. jumps around the room

    Is it can be decorating time?! Is it can be decorating time!?

    How fucking cute-

  7. Whenever I see people heights and then people who met them going "oh you're taller than I thought!" I laugh. Both my siblings had friends that were 6 ft and over. I'm so used to it that even though I'm tiny I can accurately guess the heights of people.
    But in this video I was tricked until I remembered that Dan and Phil were taller than 6ft XD I'm too used to having a giant tree

  8. When that trees Six feet tall and you expect it to look big but then you remember they're tol as fuck so they make it look short

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