The Try Guys 4-Year Anniversary Challenge

The Try Guys 4-Year Anniversary Challenge

-Happy anniversary! -Four years ago, today, the very first Try Guys video came out. -Can you believe that all of this
started with us putting on thongs? -Yes. -It has been a crazy four years and we thought we’d take this moment to reflect, and have some fun looking back at some of our old favorite videos. -So we’re gonna compete with each other! -Keith, -Hmm? 4 years. -What was that?!?! -We have a new channel now, so if you’re just discovering it, please subscribe. We love you, thanks for being a part of the Try Fam! -And if you want to make sure you see every video, just RING THAT BELL! RINGG THAT BELLLL! It’s a different company, it’s-we don’t work at Buzzfeed anymore. We work here! In Ned’s old house. *upbeat intro music* -So for our 4 year anniversary, we are doing 4 word, 4 second summaries. We have- [Ned] That’s a horrible title. [Laughing] [Eugene] Keith, [Keith] Mm? [Eugene] Keith [Keith] Yes? -Why is this how we start this? -Because Keith? Keith.
-Huh? -It’s me and you,
-Yeah? -Versus Zach and Ned.
-That’s true. We-we rarely get paired together. -Yeah, because we’re both the best. So, if you put us on the same team, it’s just not fair. -We have this basket with a bunch of old videos in it. -Wow, look at that! -And you’re gonna reach in, you have four seconds, to describe a video in four words or less. -And we can’t say any of the words in the title, and we can’t say any of the Try Guys’ names. -That’s right. It’s taboo, but only using our video titles. [Both] Tryboo! [Both] Tryboo! [Both] Tryboo- [laughing] [Both] Tryboo! [Ned] You got this!
[Zach] You got this! [Ned] You can do it!
[Zach] You got this! [Ned] You’re a genius, you’re a scholar, you’re an artist.
[Zach] Yeah, yeah-you got this, man. [Ned] You’re beautiful.
[Zach] Your eyes are so beautiful this close. [laughing] [Keith] 3, 2, 1. -No hair! -The Try Guys Go Bald. [imitating electric razor] -Oh my hair is gone. I’m insecure! [laughing] -For that we said, okay Keith and Eugene, it would be funny to go full bald. Let’s let Ned and Zach have a little bit of, hair left over, like receding, and uh, we just ran out of time with the makeovers So Ned especially, they couldn’t clip the bottom of his hair, so he looked crazy! -But when Ned put on that suit, [Eugene] He still looked crazy! -If you want to see Ariel lie, [Eugene] Watch her reaction to that video [Keith] She was like, “You look great!” [Eugene] You look beautiful!!
[Keith laughing] -Uhhhhhh….spank me daddy? -Try Guys BDSM! [Zach] Yeah! That’s not a line in tha- that’s not a line in the video– I don’t know why that was my hint! [Ned] I like it!
[Zach] I don’t know why that was my hint! -Did I like it? I– -He liked it. [Zach] I didn’t hate it. -He liked it. -Uh, Michelle Phan, brush. -Try Guys Try Makeup Tutorials. [Eugene] Yeaah! -Michelle Phan, brush -Look at me now, mom. Everything you wanted. -Uhhhhh-uhhhh-ahh The- the fucking [imitating music beat] -That was 100% over time, but stepping video. [Zach] Try guys try stepping.
[Ned] Try guys try stepping [Zach] I think I still remember that. [slapping noises] [Ned] Wow, that’s so good. -Did I look cool doing the thing? [Keith, off-camera] Uhm.. I’m not sure if I was able to capture how cool it really was. -Thank you for that – Umm… Knott’s Berry Farm scream. -Oh, that’s tough. There’s two. -Oh shit. There are two. -Fuck, oh fuck! I might have s- i might have just fucked us We have two videos that involve both. [Keith] Try Guys Transform into Monsters? [Eugene] No… [Eugene] Try Guys Crash Test a New Roller Coaster. [Keith]I mean I was like- [Eugene] wow, they’re basically the same video. -Well, no! They just have the same elements
[Eugene] Kinda! -The Knott’s Berry Farm. They both have a Knott’s Berry Farm, and they both solely involve screaming. -Yeah -Wow! [intense screaming] -Lots of screaming -Honest mistake -Well, you know what? I’m happy that that was what we got confused. -Yeah -Umm… Yum, yum, sloppy -Oh boy… Yum, yum, sloppy? -Yum, yum, sloppy. -[laughing] I’m so sorry. I ran out of time. -Yum, yum, sloppy? That would have to be, of course: [Ned] The Try Guys Try Edible Lingerie -Damn it! No The Try Guys Drunk Fast Food Taste Test [Ned] Ah, that’s a good one [Keith offscreen] Oh I never would have gotten that.. -Yum, yum, sloppy was a perfect hint. -Four seconds is not that much time [Eugene] Oh Bride, veil -Bride, veil? The Try Guys- [Keith] Try on Wedding Dresses? -No. The Try Guys Become Groomsmen For Keith’s Wedding. -Oh, yeah. That was a fun wedding [Keith] At the end Eugene was so drunk he had stuffed every bouquet, in the wedding, into his suit [Eugene] Which was my way of saying, “All these flowers always go to waste. What are we gonna do? Do you want flowers? Do you want flowers? Okay.” So I put it on my suit and I became flower man -Uh, um -Mama -Mama K-pop -Mama K-pop. Okay. Well- Wait, is K-pop not in the title of that video?
[Ned] Mm-mm. -Okay, mama. K-pop.
So it’s not the try guys watch K-pop videos. I don’t know if it could be anything! What video from K-con? [Ned] Has a mama in it. [Keith offscreen]: Need an answer. [Ned] One thing from K-con has a mama in it? -Uhhh..It has a mama in it? Has a mama in it??! The Try Guys Recreate K-dramas! [Keith] No, I believe the answer is Korean Cooking [Zach] Ooh [Ned] Remember that lady? She was like a mom to all of us. [Zach] I love her so much. [Ned] She was like Eugene’s mom, but not Eugene’s mom -She might be my favorite expert we’ve ever had in a video. [Ned] You’re the Korean mom we’ve always wanted to have -Really? [Keith, mockingly] Really?
[Zach] Really? -We got this-we got this-we got this -Baby poop -Baby poop? Baby poop. Um- The Try Guys Change Dirty Diapers [Keith] Boom, baby! Wow! You did it! -Yeah! Motherhood Part 2! You know the motherhood series was great. Because we talked about Ned wanting to be a dad. But when he met that actual baby, he turned into full dad mode. He was like hugging it, he was squeezing it and I was like, yeah. Ned’s gonna be a good dad. [Eugene] I did not want to touch that, baby [Keith] Oh, there was a baby outside of a taco stand yesterday, and I wanted to talk to it but it baby looked like it was just born and I’m like, I shouldn’t. -Oh my God, uh- VidCon, year two -VidCon, year two. That would have been our performance at VidCon, which was called… [frustrated grunting] Not Try Guys Restore your Faith in the Internet, it was this year’s. Last year’s was…um… It was like a hundred-, oh fuck, I’m so I’m thinking of this year. So…no. I can do it-I can do it-I can do it! [unintelligible] -The Complete History of Viral Video! There it is [Zach] Nooo! -What?! [Keith] Evolution of Viral Video! -Wait no both of you are wrong, I said year two! [Keith] That’s what I got -Everyone said Viral Video? -No, it was the first one. Things that Will Restore your Faith in the Internet So, he kinda said it. -That was year four.
[Keith] That’s year four! -But it was our second performance. -[frustrated] Oh my God! [Keith] We’ve been four times -Year two!
[Keith] Year two we didn’t do anything yet. -Year two, it was our second time! The second time we made a video at Vidcon! It was the second time, year two. What are you talking about? We made two videos at Vidcon. Why would I- why would it be the year three one? That makes no sense! That makes no sense! What are you talking about? What are you all talking about? -Ooh! Avocado! -The Try Guys Break Into Ned’s House, Santa Spectacular pt 2. -Wow, did you know the actual word for word title? -Because it’s one of our secret favorites as the Try Guys Santa Spectacular Series We thought would do super well, it didn’t do as well as we thought, but breaking into Ned’s house to leave presents is one of our funniest experiences we had as producers. -Oh I got a big ol’ dick [laughs] on my face! [Eugene] Well, that’s seven words, but -Oh God. I got a big ol’ d- -I got a big ol’ dick on my face?! Ok! It could be th-the it could be the Try Guys Photoshop Plastic Surgery Video, cause Keith wanted Ned to draw a dick on his face Try Guys Try Out Halloween Costumes? -Yes!
-Yeah! -Which one though? -Try Guys Try Perverted Halloween Costumes -Childhood Ruining Costumes [Zach] Nooo There were no dicks in that video! -Oh, did I get the wrong video? -Yeah! -Aw noo! [off camera] Wow guys, wow! -Oh no -This is the come [cum] on my arms [laughs] -Yeah that’s when we were the-the Bert and Ernie
-Aww [unintelligible] I didn’t- I thought it was the other one ’cause perverted costumes also were childhood ruining. Oh, childhood ruining! Sexy Pikachu.
Oh, yeah, I remember that one now -Ouch! Chest, hang, bra. -Oh, The Try Guys Try Boob Weights? -Yeah! -Yeah, nice! -That was honestly just me piecing my words. -That was very confusing. [Eugene] Ouch! Chest, hang, bra! Oh! You had a boob boy dance that made it in a few times, didn’t you? -Oh, yeah! -It’s your face, that’s the weirdest part of it. [laughs] why is your face- -I’m having a great time! -Daddy likey -I don’t know which one,
two more words! Few more words- -First! -Ok, ok -The first time -Ok, ok -Daddy likey first?
-Daddy likey, first time [laughs] [off camera] How many of the answers have daddy in it? -Alright, well, I know daddy likey is from our Anime Expo Series Okay, Try Guys Try the Anime part 3, -the performance
[Zach blows a raspberry] [Ding]
-That’s the title! It was from the Try Guys Try Cosplay. It was the first time you said daddy likey in a video. It was you in this wig going:
[both] Daddy Likey! -Yeah. No, I remember that. -Oh! Our favorite video, yeast. -Try Guys Bake Bread Without a Recipe -Yeah -That is the best video
-Yeah [Keith] We’re gonna have more coming soon, guys.
[Eugene] So many! [Keith] We’re gonna make a whole season of that by itself. Straight to Netflix That’s the dream. Start tweeting Netflix. -Long story short Keith, and I love the Great British Bake Off [Keith] Yeah
[Eugene] So much, or Great British Baking Show depending on where you watch it. -There’s a new season, have you watched it yet?
-New season, yeah -Yeah, I don’t mind the new host. I think Prue is a great judge. -Let’s tweet about it -Wah, wah! Bzzz -Oh man, what? Wow, wow, bzzz [Eugene off camera] What are these words you’re thinking Zach? [Eugene] Yum, yum, sloppy?? You’re terrible at this! -This game was my idea!
[Eugene] What’s wrong with you? -Okay. Wah wah, buzz
-It’s that… [off camera] No, you can’t do mime] -Wah, wah, buzz? Oh, it’s Try Guys Raise Robot Babies. -Yes! -I thought it was wow, wow [Zach] Uhh-any story from that? The robot baby had a penis and it was so funny. -I realized that Eugene, perhaps could babysit my child, because we did a pretty okay job babysitting a fake baby. -You guys lost that video. [Ned] I mean, on a technicality [Eugene sings] JJ Fang [Ned and Eugene sing together] better than Keith and Zach’s baby! -See why am I not paired with Eugene? [incomprehensible noises] -Wow guys, four years. So many memories! -We know each other so well -Every single one of these is like so much thought -Try Guys holiday calendar -Thank you guys so much for watching our videos. It really means the world to us the fact that we have this whole basket of nonsense to talk about. -Even today, the four of us were standing, staring at our board being like: How can we keep making the best content possible and getting as much of it out as possible? -We’ve had four years together, but what’s gonna happen in the next four years? -The basket will be four times as large No! Twenty times as large, nay, fifty times as large. It’ll be a huge ba- In fact, it won’t be a basket, it will be [Keith] A barrel
[Eugene] A barrel! [intense music plays] -Try Guys Game Time! -No, that is not what this is -[stammers] Literally this was a game [theme music plays] -Can we talk about this dad beard?
It’s great! -Thanks, Zach. You know, my dad beard, it’s really growing on me [Keith] OHH!
[Ned laughs] -Daddy likey!

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    My counselor looks like Zach I stg..

    I remember when i first met him and walked in to change my schedule and I flipped out a little because he looked so familiar.. I later then (scrolling on youtube) see a try guys video and flip out due to the similarities of my counselor and Zach Kornfeld..

    And I have no friends that watch them so I can't prove a point to them :')

  3. I personally loved the Santa series, perhaps it's one of those late bloomers that explode with popularity in later years

  4. Are zoning laws different in California? Wondering how they are allowed to run a business out of a residential home

  5. "Our company isn't BuzzFeed Media anymore, it's The Try Guys & Co. And we don't work at the massive $1,000,000 BuzzFeed office anymore, we work at Ned's old house."

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    2019: You sure about that?

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    Seriously! idk why they just seem soo Lovely together….😁

    * My definition of lovely and ur definition of lovely may be diff. So no offence

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