The Untold Story of Mrs. Claus | Hannah Stocking, Anwar Jibawi & Alphacat

The Untold Story of Mrs. Claus | Hannah Stocking, Anwar Jibawi & Alphacat

Ah nog me dog sorry miss clause ive shifted way too much already I can’t did I ask you to count or did I ask you to pour? now nog me Dog ! yeah yeah right away Sorry Yo mrs. Claude you need a chill you’ve already taken like six shot are you sure you want to drink more is everything good at home It’s Santa I think the fames getting to his head and So are the haters Did you hear what happen with his ex bestfriend the elf he did the craziest diss track of 2017 You ain’t heard no bars better than this elf if Santa was a present I leave I’m on the shelf So weird. How different is he acting? Ok first, he can’t even eat the cookies with the milk because he’s lactose intolerant now Sawyer I’m so sorry to wake you up is this almond milk Thanks man sorry for waking you up, I gotta go peace peace, and he can’t even deliver presents because he’s afraid of heights now It’s really high ok ok ok What doesn’t even sound like mr.. Claus and He’s not the same Santa anymore. He does Cross-Fit. He juices Mary Gaines Mis bebés Okay, we’ll listen you’re a woman, you’r independent, you can send the presents yourself. You don’t need Mr. Claus. Let’s go. You are right. Da-da-da-da-dah, did he develop a stuttering problem ever since he got his own movies. He looks like a Girl quit playin won’t you get back with your boy you know what I’m saying and I know you agreeing with me because I’m looking good yes they’re back from the South Pole open this ayyyy Rap hard for my city, just like I used to rip off for you wait so the grinch is ya ex and what about Santa? Yeah, he was my ex but That’s why they assumed to be come on and get back with me girl because it would be ashamed if somebody were to ruin Christmas I mean, I don’t know who we have I can’t with you Grinch time. I need you go save Christmas We don’t want Christmas get ruined so going father on me come on come on rap hard for the South Pole Baburam hello Where is my Okay, you know what I’m gonna come out and say it I know that the fame has kind of got in your head and everything I’m Santa so so Don’t worry about it. I’m going to handle Christmas this year. You knew the whole thing mm-hmm all by myself. Love you This is the bags right mm-hmm right? Oh, do you have the naughty and nice list? Yes, I do. It’s right there This is right T-Thank you Yeah, these aren’t gifts um What’s your name? My name is lala lala oh That’s weird. It looks like you’ve been naughty this year You got some coal Yeah Hi, are you Alec? a hundred grand cash SANTA !!!! You sure are stinky old snowglobe You know why you made me give coal to someone on a nice list because you gave me the wrong list I’m so sorry. You don’t have a seat let me make some candy cane juice and you know what? It’s over you can find a new miss Claus. I’m still saving Christmas Who needs santa am i right Looks like it’s gonna be a pretty mess No, it’s not You’re the one gift I want on rap Not you the back. I’m sure there’s something in there. I want so all right now. It’s really on Hands off those gifts Oh my gosh. You finally left our mansion It’s a miracle. I’m so sorry for everything. I did I had to come get you back it’s just that helps distract really got to me, and it kind of killed my confidence a little bit, but I mean I Can’t have you leave me you know can you drink milk again? I still can’t drink milk it upsets my stomach but everything else it’s gonna be me and you now I promise oh look at him making little promises a Little get it cuz he’s short man get out of here looking like a 70 shag carpet wait yo- wait. Where did our presents go? HEY I JUST STOLE YOUR GIFTS CUZ IMM DA NEW GRINCH ABOUT TO STCK IT UP AND IM A DUMB RICH AND IM A DUMB RICH YOUR PRESENTS YOU PEICE OF SH*T

100 thoughts on “The Untold Story of Mrs. Claus | Hannah Stocking, Anwar Jibawi & Alphacat

  1. I just stole ur gifts cuz im the new grinch im bout to stack it up and now im dumb rich and now im dumb rich and now im dumb rich and now im dumb rich lol

  2. And why are you the one with the green suit blah blah blah you know you're saying dumb rich rate and dumb rich is for your being rich but you're dumb so don't say dumb rich or you can if you want to be dumb and Rich and I'm big fan of you I always watch your videos and she's so beautiful and Hannah stockings elf she looks beautiful to I like her too and tell Hannah stocking I love Lily Lily is like the best she's the Spanish I speak Spanish you want to know how this is how and tell them that I had to read this to you cuz you might not understand oh la la la lele tú eres la mejor tú eres mi Bakersfield y tú tú eres una combinación y esa cosa que nadie me encanta tu

  3. Santa ain't real the Green Tree Dragon knows where the Lord believe in him he's the only one he's a worship ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. If he’s afraid of heights how does go on his thing and fly away to get to peoples houses it’s not that hard to walk down the stairs how was your frayed of a staircase and he’s not afraid of the flying reindeer and his car a.k.a. Whip

  5. I am trying to be nice but.. the elf disstrack was soo bad that i died from laughing btw ruby should have been the grinch

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