The Vicarage Drive Christmas Lights Display 2014

The Vicarage Drive Christmas Lights Display 2014

(Crowd cheering) Charlie: Oh, how things have changed in a year. Well, before I get too far into it… let me remind you of what was once my Grandfather’s small garage workshop. You may remember just over 12 months ago, you all helped me create “The Dream Maker”, and powered Christmas dreams for everyone in the neighbourhood; what I didn’t quite realise, was that I was not strong enough to control this amount of power by myself, the machine feeds off of the imagination and that’s where all of you can help me harness the full potential… of “The Dream Maker”! Welcome inside my Grandfather’s Magic Factory, see, it really has expanded in the past twelve months! Can you see the tree over there? That’s his latest creation, he says that he is keeping it from me, but I want to know what it does right now! Hmm but wait… Ever since the events of last year, my Grandfather has forbidden me from touching anything inside of his Magic Factory. Shh… Be quiet everyone, I can here footsteps… I think he’s coming! Grandpa: Ooh, you didn’t tell me you were bringing visitors today Charlie? Charlie: But it’s so close to Christmas and you have created all of these sparkling things! Grandpa: Now now dear boy, you know how busy i’ve been since you last used my Dream Maker and covered our house in 60,000 or so lights. I’ve only just finished off paying the bill. Charlie: But Grandpa, they are all L.E.D! Grandpa: L.E.D? Aah! Whatever that is, you didn’t get it back in my day. Now come along, dear child, leave these people be. Charlie: Okay, okay. I’ll be along in a minute. Or so he thinks… I want to see the power of this Christmas Tree! (to the crowd) If I touch it, you won’t tell anyone, will you boys and girls? (crowd) No! Charlie: Are you sure? (crowd – louder) No! Charlie: Okay then. Well, if you hear his footsteps, just shout *thinking* “Jingle Bells” Okay everyone? Now, let me go and find these instructions. The Tree of Imagination. I guess this must be the correct instruction manual. Right, let’s see what is says… Connect section B to connection J, followed by neutrallising the copper significant plunger into hydro-max sham-helix? It all sounds way too complicated. Unless, no, this will never work. (to the crowd) But what do you think everyone? Should we try and power the tree, using the excess energy from “The Dream Maker”? (crowd) Yes! Charlie: Well, let’s try it, you have convinced me, we’re going to do it! Now, let me try and remember how this thing works. You press that button just there, and switch the leaver on the right just about there. Oh no. Somethings wrong? (Fireworks launch) It seems that our system need a little bit of an imagination upgrade. We need to fill the inside of “The Dream Maker” with our magical thoughts. Think carefully everyone. I want you to picture the biggest and most beautiful Christmas Tree you have ever seen! Keep thinking everyone! Dream Maker: Machine power at 70%. Charlie: Nearly there! Dream Maker: Connecting to the imagination database. Charlie: Okay, I think i’ve got it! Okay “Dream Maker” let’s see what you can do. I want your power to control the “Tree of Imagination” And bring whatever powers it has, to life! Dream Maker: Connection to the “Tree of Imagination” is confirmed. Charlie: We did it! Now let’s see what this baby can really do. Look at all that power! Dream Maker: Warning! Warning! Power overload. Commence system shut-down. Imagination drives corrupted. Charlie: “Dream Maker”. Shut down. Cancel ALL orders! “Dream Maker”! STOP! Grandpa: (from behind the door) Is everything okay down there? Charlie: (worried) Yes Grandpa. Just. Everything is fine. Is everyone okay? Good! I think the “Dream Maker” has ran out of energy. Let’s get clearing things up before Grandpa realises I have ruined his new machine! Dream Maker: Secondary back-up generators online. Powering up 150%! 200%! Charlie: Wait, what? It seems there is now “too much” imagination! We need to “feed it” with the opposite of imagination! But what could it be? Ooh! I know. Reality. I need you all to picture Santa. He is reality. It’s nearly Christmas after all. Aah. Here goes. Dream Maker: Machine power restored to 100%. Charlie: It looks like we are okay boys and girls! (crowd cheers) Dream Maker: Program change detected. Official finger print I.D needed to confirm. Shutting down. Charlie: (sigh of relief) Aah, at least it is shut down now and cannot create any more damage! (footsteps) (crowd) JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! Charlie: Huh? What’s that? Jingle Bells? Oh no! Looks like Grandpa is coming! Quick! Everyone hide. Grandpa: What’s all that noise about, dear Charlie? Besides, I thought you went to bed hours ago? Charlie: But Grandpa, I can explain! Grandpa: Explain what young boy? You have given something away now. Charlie: Well, I meant no harm. Grandpa: What have you done now Charlie? Charlie: (nervous) Grandpa: Wait a moment. What is this connection leading between the “Dream Maker” and my “Tree of Imagination”? Do you not know how dangerous this could be? You silly young boy. Charlie: I just wanted to see what it could do, but the instructions looked so complicated. It was asking me things like, to connect the Gerstlauer thing into the Mondial Modem. Grandpa: That’s why you don’t mess with my inventions Charlie! Besides. It’s so much easier when you have the power of my imagination. Now, let’s get all of this really started! Charlie: Oh boy! I can just imagine it now! Grandpa: No one can under-estimate the power of the “Tree of Imagination”! Aah. Now i’ve seen what you have done here. It would have been much better if you had it on the streamline hyper-setting. Then to stop it over-loading, we could transfer the excess energy, to power your amazing lights display and give it that extra brightness. How does that sound Charlie? Charlie: Yipee! Grandpa, this is the best Christmas present you have ever given me or my friends. Won’t it boys and girls? (crowd) YES! Charlie: Now, let’s do this! Grandpa: Okay. Okay. Charlie and friends… Nice and loud so the “Tree of Imagination” can hear you. I need you to count with me, from 10 all the way down to 1. Can you do that? Dream Maker: Initiating “Display Mode”! Charlie: Then let’s go! Grandpa and Charlie: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! (crowd cheering) (fireworks launch) Charlie: It looks like you have made my Christmas so magical once again! You never cease to amaze me Grandpa! Thank you. Thank you so much. Grandpa: Oh you are very welcome Charlie. Now you see, let me stick to the inventing and you just enjoy what I create. And that goes for all of you as well boys and girls. But now, from both myself… Charlie: And me Charlie! Dream Maker: And me “The Dream Maker”! Charlie: Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year and next time, i’ll make sure I leave Grandpa to do all of the inventing. Grandpa: Well, that’s if I decide to carry on, young boy. Maybe one day, you can take over from me? Charlie: Really? Oh Grandpa! You really are the best. This just shows, we should always stick by the ones we love. Especially, over Christmas! Voice Over: Thank you for joining us for The Vicarage Drive Christmas Lights switch on 2014. But, don’t leave just yet. Our fantastic Santa’s Grotto Experience, will open in just 5 minutes time! That’s our Magical Santa’s Grotto Experience, will open in just 5 minutes time! Please see a member of our staff for more information. (cheering and applause from the crowd)

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