The Wildest Christmas Party Ever? – December 24th – TimeGhost of Christmas Past – DAY 1

The Wildest Christmas Party Ever? – December 24th – TimeGhost of Christmas Past – DAY 1

December 24
You ever been to a Christmas party that gets out of hand because of a little too much booze? Well in 1826, there was the mother of all
Christmas parties gone wrong. This is day one of The TimeGhost of Christmas
Past, I’m Indy Neidell It’s Christmas Eve 1826, at the US Military
Academy at West Point, New York, and several young cadets plan a little Christmas party. Now, consuming alcohol is prohibited at the
Academy, so they are to make do with non-alcoholic eggnog. Okay, but eggnog – made with milk, eggs, and
cream, a winter tradition, needs brandy, bourdon or some other whiskey to be the real deal,
and more in line with what barely twenty year old cadets consider fun, right? It’s only a little bit of booze anyhow and
a few military men in their prime, so what could go wrong? Well, w know almost exactly what went wrong
from the ensuing court cases, in which 167 people testified. So, three cadets, one of them named Samuel
Roberts, take a boat to town December 22nd. The young men bring back a total of two gallons
of whiskey and a gallon of rum – that’s roughly 11 liters of hard liquor. Other preparations like smuggling small portions
of food from the mess hall to their quarters proceed. On December 24th, word spreads of a party
in the North Barracks, and around 10 PM, a few dozen cadets gather to enjoy the snacks
and the copious amounts of spiked eggnog. At 2 AM, a commotion is heard in room number
5, and the Cadet on duty goes to inquire. Eight singing cadets are told to pipe down,
but are allowed to continue. Then at 3 AM, Captain Ethan Allen Hitchcock,
a Lecturer on Military Tactics, hears noise from Room 28, and goes there to find six absolutely
wasted cadets. Furiously, he orders them back to their quarters. But the cadets are not quite so respectful
of authority by this point. As soon as Hitchcock leaves the room, Cadet
William Murdock convinces the others to play a prank on him. They sneak over to his quarters, knock on
his door, and run away and hide before he answers. Then they repeat this. Then again, but the third time, Hitchcock
has had it and goes again through the North Barracks, joined now by Lieutenant William
Thornton. They are soon confronted by dozens of drunk,
rowdy cadets. When Thornton orders several of them to be
arrested, Cadet Roberts punches him in the face, knocking him out. With alcoholic courage, the cadets are now
in a riotous mood. Furniture, windows, and doors break – an inquiry
lists 4,000 dollars worth of damage- in 1826 dollars. Cadets that were not part of the party now
try to organize a force to restore order. But the drunk cadets think that it’s regular
soldiers, so they barricade the barracks. At this point Hitchcock is assaulted, and
even fired upon. At 6:05 AM on Christmas Morning when reveille
sounds, a third of the cadets are still rioting, and regular soldiers from the Second Artillery
now have been called to restore order at gunpoint. In the chaos, some of the drunk cadets simply
show up to roll call barely able to stand, others are arrested, and some just continue
partying out of sight. In any case, the Eggnog Riots are over. The investigation that follows finds that
70 cadets participated, 19 of them and one soldier are tried by court martial, many of
those expelled, but some later granted clemency. Among them are future Confederate President
Jefferson Davis, Confederate General Benjamin G. Humphreys, and US Supreme Court Justice
John Archibald Campbell. The guy who arguably started it all, Sam Roberts,
is expelled and banned for life from serving in the US Army, but will become Secretary
of State for the Republic of Texas in 1841. What a party! So what does your most derailed Christmas
party look like? Let us know in the comments. And if you’re new to us, or you want to
revisit the past, check out or WW2 channel where we cover that conflict in real time
week by week, or the rest of our fabulous history content here on TimeGhost. and with
that I wish you once again: happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, or Kwanza,
or whatever makes you feel that this is the season to be merry! Love to you all and see you tomorrow for another
instalment of the TimeGhost of Christmas Past.

100 thoughts on “The Wildest Christmas Party Ever? – December 24th – TimeGhost of Christmas Past – DAY 1

  1. lol bunch of rich white guys had a crazy-ass party and it made history because of how many of them were future statesmen. X'D

  2. Lol. Why we never get historic films about this kind of stuff? I'm sure audiences not in tone with historical battles would love this.

  3. Have yourself a Wonderful Winter Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Newtonmas,  Merry Christmas, Exuberant Life Day, Joyous Kwanzaa,   Happy New Year, Convivial Hogmanay, Рождество, Peaceful Mawlid, 恭禧發財. Thank you for your videos and all the thought, time and work that goes into them.
    This holiday season, I wish you peace, love, and health. Blah, blah, blah… screw that. I wish you lots of sex, booze, orgasms and hope you win the lotto.

  4. Either these guys were lightweights, or someone else brought some booze, because that's just not enough to give so much liquid courage to so many.

  5. We were a country just 43 years old.
    Most of these mens father were subjects of some crown, of a far off land.
    At 20 most had been out of school for 10 years already.
    Their life expectancy was just 47. If you made 50, you were an old man!!!

    This is a ditty written after the Civil War (possibly in Texas?)about that Christmas Eve,
    it was read by Geo. Patton, to the 3rd Army on Christmas Eve 1944.(the new nicer Patton)
    He had sent for it in Aug 1943, after freeing Champagne, and his men,
    drinking it dry over 3 days!

    So Thank GOD for the Rebels, who lend us their tales,
    and too their brothers, whom land up in jails.

    For its Rum, and Country, and someday a wife,
    that we'll fight all our foes. Rifle, cutlass, and knife.

    When the Comandante' comes peeping, so quite and true,
    We'll raise him with a toast, from the party we threw.

    If his face darkens, and anger we feel,
    a fine roundhouse punch. Will then seal the deal.

    In the morning, awaken by the bonfires last crackle,
    find your shoes, stumble to line up, for some fresh morning's cacklin'.

    There's a few of our brothers who've gotten the sack,
    but Ol' Sammy Roberts, he'll never be back!

  6. A piece of history that I, and most likely most of us, have never heard. Very interesting! Keep up the good work! See you tomorrow!

  7. That was a ride from start to finish. I don't have any christmas stories that even come close to that! Maybe that will change this year…

    Merry Christmas to everyone at TimeGhost! I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and have some time to relax, you deserve it after all the amazing content that's come out this year!

  8. I still enjoy The Great War but the new host just does not have the humor, energy, or passion of Mr. Neidell.
    Fröhliche Weihnachten aus Virginia!

  9. Ouhh i love this living room. 😋 the tree the ofen Indy itself everything looks like Christmas. I dont even have a tree. Christmas sucks if you are Alone. Whatever it could be worse 80years ago i propably had to be in the Battle of the bulge so all is good.😁😁 Merry Christmas

  10. It was a new year's party, and I concocted a punch I named Flying Furshlugginer. The punch had a base of Smirnov's vodka, 80 proof, and included a couple of pints of green creme de menthe, a bottle of lemon juice, lots of ice, and I forget the rest. I was staying at a friend's house at the time, and we had this great party, and I had a hangover the next day as if the Fat Man atomic bomb had gone off in my head . . . and kept going off . . . and kept going off, continuously, for most of that day. Never, ever again. Nobody rioted at the party, but there was a loud shouting argument or two, and neighbors came over to see what the fuss was, and they got wasted as well. Fortunately, they didn't have to drive home, just walk home, only one of them fell down on his lawn in the process and had to be helped to his feet by other partygoers. As for others who'd driven over, they all got back home safely (we called the next day and checked up on them), but two got tickets for drunk driving that night because they were weaving over the road. Also, apparently during the party two people went into a back bedroom and made, er, love, fell asleep, and were found there the next day, just as hung over as those of us who lived there were.

  11. LOVED this!!!
    I can't say that I've ever been to any Christmas party with any drinking at all. What?! Well, that has to be rectified immediately! 🤣

  12. Jag firar det bland annat med vin, öl och brännvin och brandy. Självklart med Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar god jul och julbön i Kyrkan. Julbönen i kyrkan tar jag dock först innan alkoholen.

  13. My wildest party included a parachute, some rappelling rope, a car, a flashlight and a some questionable judgement at a small airport in the freewheeling 1970s.

  14. Uhhh derailed parties, I could write a book about them but since we're in army stories mood I will tell you a story from my military service.
    It's 24 of December 2003, we're on a pic up truck heading for a outpost.." in the middle of nowhere " but we have to make a stop at a nearby village to buy some liqueur to treat an brigadier general that will visit the outpost tomorrow.
    Well as you probably guessed we went straight to the mini market and bought almost any kind of drinks that we could hide in our bags ..
    Later at the evening we all sat down and start to "reveal " what we brought, vodka, whisky, tsipouro ( rajkia) beers and for "snacks " canned " army issue " cheese and " zwan " meat also known as Godzilla 😂(their was also some weird smokes if you know what I mean 😉)
    The thing is that we was supposed to stay late at the dining room so we can learn some xmas songs for tomorrow but instead. .
    …. well. . A good advice is " never mix different drinks " … and we didn't follow it..
    In some point the officer in duty wakes up to find us completely drunk singing what in my country we call " dog songs " ( sounding like crying dogs) and laughing like idiots
    In some point completely freaked out with what is about to happen tomorrow if we aren't " presentable "
    He tells us something like:
    only to receive answers like:
    Chill out dude try to smoke some of this one , it's of the " good stuff " 😂😂😂
    Next morning.
    Brigadier general Malojikis ( remember that name) is at the outpost to visit us , the scene is completely surreal, 12 bulcky barely standing guys in camouflage singing xmas songs with triangle bells in their hands to an obviously drunk general ( he had to visit all the outposts in his command) then he asks our officer
    " hey what's the names of those dogs out there ? " ( two stray dogs named Malo and jikis " our officer know don't know what to answer
    "Ammm hmmm Mary and Jack sir!"
    Malojikis looks at him and tells him "or am to drunk or you don't know their names or your are taking me for an idiot make a pic " and he leaves
    Ones the general's jeep is out of sight our officer turns looks at us and starts almost hysterically to laugh and we to literally collapse in laughter ,personally speaking I couldn't stand on my feet
    We continued drinking for the rest of the day – including the general's liqueur 😂

  15. Marines. Devil Dogs. With Copious amounts of Alcohol and a Lack of Card games. Are destroying property and thinking they're in hostile territory? Yep. Never heard of it. Ever.
    (sighs) Fine. the regiment i'm told i will join is known for throwing people out the window while they are still hungover and sandwiched between ducktaped mattresses for cushioning…all so they can understand what it's like to let the team down and how the officer's headache must feel. This is of course alongside with year-round requests for permission to blow up junkyard scrap…sometimes melt it with thermite.

  16. Based on the video, stating that some of the ex-troublemakers managed to bounce back to high positions later illustrated the nature of social stratification at that time.

    Once a person managed to get into well-off circles, he was largely on safe ground. He might be down for a while but not out.

  17. jumped out of a train in the middle of nowhere due to one bottle of schnaps too much – had to walk 10 km to the nearest town

  18. There needs to be an "Animal House" style movie about this West Point class, complete with "Where are they now?" blurbs during the end credits.

  19. Well, it didn't take place during Christmas, but could you do a video on the Frankfurt beer riots of 1873? Mir wolle Batzebier!!!

  20. I live right across the river from West Point and never knew this story! The cadets probably got the barrels of alcohol from my town, Cold Spring, as to my knowledge the ferry for cadets went (and still goes) straight across the river to here.

  21. Thanx Indy  great video. A year after high school we had a New Years party at our friends house . It was a 3 vacume cleaner party . We broke 3 machines cleaning up the aftermath early the next morning .  Don's mother was  maaad ! we always used the Hoover scale after that to rate the wildness of a party . " it was the 70s man "  5 years later we Did another one at another friends Parents house on New years which left a Large Crater in the frozen ground from a Midnight Fireworks event .

  22. Ten years in the Navy so I've seen (*and been to) a few wild parties, though nothing quite on this scale. The craziest thing I will admit to was getting on a table in a Pizza Hut in Charleston SC with some buddies and singing Weird Al Yankovic's "One More Minute With You." We got a round of applause from the patrons and a polite request to leave from the manager.

  23. Such great work. The history teacher we all wanted. Your work on WWI should be used in high schools and colleges throughout USA. Please keep up the great work.

  24. "What could go wrong? Well, we know almost exactly what went wrong from the ensuing court cases . . ."

    You know it's going to be a fun lesson when it opens with a sentence like that!

  25. Sounds like a typical weekend at the USMC barracks at FT. Leonard Wood. 😎I once had to enter into the duty books the names of 6 drunken Marine Privates and a single Airwomen if you know what I mean. 😂🤣😭👍🏻

  26. Can't hack IT IN THE ARMY? SECEDE FROM THE UNION OR BECOME A CABINET MINISTER! i think this explains EVERYTHING about Politics…

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