The Worst Things about Christmas

The Worst Things about Christmas

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas there are just few things that… …do I love Christmas? *CHRISTMAS* When I was a kid my parents tried to make Christmas really special for me They just did this one very stupid thing that ruined it every single year. Peter! Santa Claus is in the sky! Come on, Peter! Where?? Where?!! Oooh! You just missed him! -kill parents-kill parents-kill them both-kill them now- In my family, Santa didn’t only bring presents, he also brought the Christmas tree So on the night of December 23rd there was no tree in our living room and when I woke up in the morning of December 24th, I was blown away by a beautiful sparkling Christmas tree.. …until my beliefs were ruined again So it was all a lie… I’m sorry, Peter.. -kill parents-kill parents- A big part of Christmas Eve is the delicious food that you eat with your family Some countries have the exquisite, most delicious salmon… some countries eat the most flavorful, mouthwatering cod… In Slovakia, we have carp. It’s probably the worst fish in the world – it tastes like crap and it has too many little bones that can get stuck in your throat. So many people end up in an emergency room and what can ruin Christmas more than a trip to the f-cking hospital.. f-cking bone son of a b*tch I can’t breathe!! I know it’s not about the presents, but who doesn’t like receiving them.. However, there are certain gifts that just scream: I had no idea what to buy so I bought this. Wow! A cup! Bought at the last moment, right? 🙂 uuuh, a pillow! Two points down for originality 🙂 Scented candle! Are we good? Did I do something to you? Speaking of Christmas presents, you always get at least one that is absolutely awful. And the moments after that when you need to pretend you like it truly kill me. A toothbrush case and.. ..diabetic cookies! Well, I’m not diabetic, but thanks cousin Scott! CHEEK CRAMPS Before opening presents my family goes to church. I actually like the atmosphere of all the people singing Christmas carols but my mother sings in such an incredibly high pitch that all the people standing nearby are suffering. If there’s one thing I find bizarre about Christmas, it’s wishing people a ‘Merry Christmas’ It has become such an empty phrase as everyone is saying it to anyone they meet, you can hear it on every street corner and people you’ve never seen our you’ve never met are squeezing it into every possible situation. Merry Christmas! well.. merry christmas.. I guess.. Christmas is different in each part of the world. Last year I spent it in Argentina and you know.. the hot weather, the passionate South American people.. was definitely less conventional then back home.. Honey, were you in church today? Yes Mom, I was at a church service in the afternoon. And did you read the Bible, Peter? Yeah, I read 2 chapters in the morning and I will read more before the dinner. I’m glad to hear that sweetheart, we all wish you Merry Christmas full of joy and happiness. Merry Christmas to all of you too. I love you. Bye. Let’s party!!! *f*ck her, f*ck her hard!!* He forgot to hang up. Let’s pray. No, I love Christmas, I appreciate the time spent with family more and more every year as I don’t live with my parents anymore. So enjoy spending time with your family and.. ..Merry Christmas! Oh and if you’d like to give me a Christmas present…

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  1. Finnly the bad system of youtube do someting good when she put me on my recommended your video and now i glad to meet one of the best youtubers are on this site

  2. Can I say something but the reason why I hate Christmas is that u dont get what u actually want. Like if u can relate?

  3. Peter, I stumbled on your work and have really been enjoying your videos. Honestly I was disappointed with your ending to this one, using the dangerous stereotype of a Jew, money and devil like grunt. I hope you recognize the power of influence you hold. Such depictions of people lead at the end of the road to violence and hatred of the "other". Keep doing good

  4. For me i did not even get any presents but its not because im in the "Naughty List"😑 i dont EVEN belived in SANTA !!!!!!!😡😡😡

  5. Omg, playing Hava Nagila at the end was just WRONG …… soooo funny ……. but wrong – I'm going to hell for laughing so hard lolololol 😀

  6. Oh my goodness. This delicate, subtle antisemitism at the end it's so very Eastern European (I know it, I am Polish) so even if I do enjoy your African vlogs, I will not support you nor watch you anymore. And I know it;s not an airport, I don't need to anounce my departure, but maybe you could conciser removing or re-eddinting the end of this.

  7. Peter: In Slovakia we have carp. It’s probably the worst fish in the world.

    Swedes with herring: Pff, hold my beer.

  8. Yep Christmas on 24th normal Slovakia in Australia were i Live some of my non Slovakia family friends and friends are like tf you have Xmas on the 24th

  9. Oh Peter we also have a carp and wait until it sleeps in the tub. I've never smelled or tasted a lake-bed taste (I'm over 30y of age 😆) Maybe it's country specific (Poland). Carp is v popular w/ just salt & pepper and fried on a pan. It's delicious 😀 (and with horseradish 😀) Apart from that, I think that one month a year that you hear Last Christmas every day it's just sweet 😍 I love your and Teresa's films 💟💜💙

  10. "Are we good did I do something to you?" That's what I was asking myself every Christmas about my grandmother

  11. From ever since i discovered your channel,I forgot to watch other channel,now almost finish watching your every video,extremely waiting for your 1 million views and subscriber, recommending to my friends/sharing/clicking on banana before watching!!!!!Love from India,Heartily wishing your channel to reach million subscribers….

  12. Peter, the end is racist, the kind of old, deep racism, that is embedded in East and Central Europe , and unfortunately reminds me some German propaganda from 1933.

  13. The worst thing about Christmas is that it’s based off a religion and religion brings a lot of bad things

  14. Lol did you went to argentina, im from there, and yes the celebration of the christmas is very far from chill but is literally a party

  15. The end of the video is a pure dangerous streotype! all jews loves money and they all look like the Devil with big nose. PPPeter I am so upset about that. It looks like a propeganda made in the 1930's. very sad and racist act. Have you met a jew that did bad things to you perosnally? These are all streotypes made by the most unsuccessful people in history who looked for the minority to blame in their problems. the Jewish people brought to this world the best scientist and tech. developments! 90% of the revolutionary things has developed by jews. I am not Jewish but I have jewish friends which are so lovely, kind and intelligent. that I feel so bad that YOU decided to blame these normative people with old racist sterotyoes.
    I can write for hours but I must write it down here after seeing the end of this video. and if you have the courage to explain why you did that, maybe you have a reasonable exp. for what you've done. please explain yourself!

  16. In Romania, for christmas we murder porks and we eat their skin with salt, and make different foods out of their meat. We are an european country tho

  17. Have been watching all your videos lately in lovely London. Do appreciate the dry sarcasm however the purely racist and antisimetic ending of the Christmas video is no better than ww2 propaganda. What a pity that so much cleverness is hidden under cheap bigotry.

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