Tomcat KaZees birthday party

Hello everybody! Let’s celebrate KaZees
birthday today! Let’s have fun! Enjoy this very special day! Hey friends it’s my birthday today let’s have a great party Ladies and Gentlemen and now please
welcome our famous dancing King Kazee Applause! Come on! Applause! Good evening ladies and gentlemen as we
just received the breaking news the main role of the musical premiere “Dance
Sensation” could now be filled with the star dancer KaZee Spencer who has already
been nominated for the Tony Award Hey buddy thank you for this awesome
party. We send you all our love from the Rainbow Bridge sweet bro! Thank you for
bringing me so much joy and happiness. I can’t say how happy I am for having so
wonderful friends like you! You make my day a very special one. I will never
forget this great surprise. I give you big hugs and be sure you are all part of
my heart. I love you all! Did you like it? Do you like to see more?
So watch my brother Alex or my brother FuzzE’s birthday party. Or
maybe you like to spend a “Caturyear” with us? Do you like to see more animated Videos? Enjoy friends! Thank You! The making of…

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