Top 10 Scary Christmas Stories

Top 10 Scary Christmas Stories

These days, Christmas is thought of a time
for joy and laughter. Thats great – but many people don’t know that
Christmas time was traditionally a time for telling scary stories. Thats how we end up with stories like A Christmas
Carol. This tradition has faded over the years but
today, were gonna bring it back, were gonna stick a bit of spookiness into the Christmas
spirit. Make sure youre wrapped up and ready for this,
its about to get cold in here. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top
10 Scary Christmas Stories … Starting off at number 10 we have the Sock
Puppet[a]. This one comes from Ireland where many years
ago a man owned all the land around a village and rented it out to poor farmers for a profit. He was kind to his family but brutal to the
other villagers. He made a fortune from his cruelty. The villagers hatched a plan to overthrow
him. One Christmas night he threw a lavish party
while the villagers were starving in the cold. A villager arrived bearing a gift. He said it was a present for the rich mans
daughter. The girl opened it to find a sock puppet that
the villager had nitted. He asked for some food in return. The rich man gave him a single potato. The girl loced the sock puppet. She named it Charlie. She took it to bed that night. When the father went to check on her she was
fast asleep – but he noticed that Charlie was still on her hand – and its plastic eyes
were staring straight at him. The villagers were about to get their bloody
revenge on the rich man thanks to a murderous Sock Puppet called Charlie. Moving on to number 9 we have Christmas Tree
Decoration[b]. This a story from scary for kids about a girl
called Juliette who was decorating a Christmas tree. Her Mum was working late and so when she finished
with the tree, she sat down to watch some TV. It was then that she heard a scratching noise
at the door. She looked through the peephole to see a man
outside. He was a large, bearded man in a red suit
with fluffy white trim. He banged on the door loudly. Juliette asked whos there, the man said he
was Santa Claus and that he wanted to come in because he was cold and tired and hungry. Juliette didnt believe him. She told him that her mother wasnt home and
she wanted him to leave. His face began to go red and twist with anger. He knocked even harder and growled -Its Santa
Clause, Juliette. Have you laid out some milk and cookies for
me, Juliette? You know how much Santa loves his milk and
cookies!- … its a creepy start to the story and it only gets worse for Juliette from there. All Ill say is, make sure you don’t read it
after you eat … Moving on to number 8 we have The Figure[c]. This one comes from Arthur H who shared his
store on cage mom . com. He said -My mother, to whom I was very close,
passed away in 1964 when I was 17 years old. I left home that year and moved to Ontario
from Nova Scotia. In 1969 I met a girl whom I will call Karen
and we got married in March of 1970. In December of 1971 we were expecting our
first child. We were living in a small 1-1/2 bedroom bungalow. There was a fireplace in the living room. My wife and I loved the fireplace and we had
it lit every night. It was Christmas Eve, 1971, and we had just
finished putting the gifts under the tree and a nice fire gave off a beautiful glow. On the tree, one string of lights, which was
supposed to flash, had stopped several days before. It was five minutes to midnight when the fireplace
suddenly just about went out, and the string of lights started to flash — and the other
lights stopped flashing! My wife and I were sitting on the floor and
it had become very chilly in the room. I looked over to my Lazyboy chair … and
a figure was sitting there — my mother with a big beautiful smile on her face! My wife, who had never met my mother, said
she could see the same thing. This “ghost” never spoke, but just kept looking
at me and my wife and smiling. At 12 midnight, the fire in the fireplace
started up again and the lights on the tree stopped flashing and the others started flashing
again. I looked over in the chair and the ghost was
gone. No matter what I did to those Christmas lights,
they never flashed again- Next up at number 7 we have The Boy Who Killed
Santa Claus[d]. This one was written by Mark Allan Gunnells. Its about 7 year old Henry Childers. He asked his Mum to stay up past 10 on Christmas
eve but she warned him that if she didnt sleep, Santa wouldnt come that night. He hoped that Santa would get things right
this year – last year he asked for an X Box but got a playstation. His Mum told him not to worry, Santa was probably
all out of X boxes. But Henry had not forgotten. Henry had a rage inside of him. He had been plotting all year. He knew he was too little to fight Santa – but
he also knew that Santa liked to have the milk and cookies. He also knew that food and drink can always
be poisoned. Finish the story to find out what happened
to The Boy Who Killed Santa Claus … Moving on to number 6 we have Bloody Axe[e]. This story actually comes from an old horror
comic and the pictures youre seeing are from that. Its written from the perspective of an 8 year
old boy. He would lie very still under the old moth
eaten quilt his mother had made for him. He would lie wide awake and listen for sounds. One on Christmas eve, he heard the front door
closing and the clomp clomp clomp of his fathers mud caked boots. And then there was the sound of dripping on
the stairs. Drip. Drip. Drip. Then his father would pass by his doorway
and the light would cast his shadow on my bedroom wall and the shadow of the bloody
axe he carried in his hands. At breakfast the next morning, he slowly asked
his mother where his father went last night. She looked at him with sad eyes but never
said a word. By the end of the story though, we learn that
there is a connection with the rumours of the nearby axe murder and his fathers return
every night. Lets just say it doesnt have a pretty ending
… Moving on to number 5 we have The Carol Singers[f]. This is a story based on The Vanishing House
by Bernard Capes. The storyteller said that when they were a
boy their grandfather and father were alcoholics who never worked – they couldn’t play instruments
though. On one Christmas eve, they took took him Christmas
caroling with them. It was a dark night, snow was falling and
the wind cut through them like a knife. They came to a big mansion decorated with
Christmas lights. The grandfather knocked on the front door
and they began to play some old Christmas carols. The door swung open and in the dim light a
young woman stood holding a tray of glasses in her hands. She picked up a glass and handed it to the
grandfather who excitedly took it. The boy looked up to a window and saw a hideous
face peering out of the shadows. He looked back at the woman in the doorway
and her face was hideous too. They would live to regret the day they came
to that mansion and the grandfather taking the glass. Moving on to number 4 now we have The Clown
Puppet[g]. There were once 3 sisters, aged 15,12 and
7. They asked their parents what for their Christmas
gift of choice. The oldest asked for a laptop, the middle
for an ipad and the youngest for a small doll. On Christmas Day, the oldest and middle daughters
got what they asked for – they were over the moon. The daughter didnt receive a doll though – she
got a clown puppet. She thought it was cute and kept it. Two days later, the youngest daughter disappeared. The next Christmas, the oldest daughter asked
for an iPad and the middle child asked for a clown puppet. Sure enough, two days later, she disappeared. The next next Christmas, the last remaining
daughter asked for a clown puppet in memory of her little sisters. She disappeared aswell. The heartbroken parents never recovered – they
eventually became so poor they had to sell everything for money. One day they went into the attic to look for
items. Thats when they saw, in the darkness as the
very back – the clown puppet was sitting on a throne made from lollipop sticks. Arranged all around it were the severed heads
of the 3 missing girls … Next up at number 3 we have Grither.[h] This
story from Tales from The Darkside. It starts with a family gathered in their
living room on Christmas eve. The father was reading the newspaper and the
mother was knitting a sweater. The children, Jimbo and Steffa, were colouring
in their colouring books. They asked their father for a story. He told them the story of the grifter – the
most awful thing in the world. He lives in a cave at the north pole. The coldest, wettest place on Earth is where
The Grither makes his home. He sleeps in the wreck of a ship that somehow
got squeezed into the mout of the save. He doesnt mind the cold and he doesnt mind
the wet, but the thing he hates most of all is to hear someone say his name. He has very good ears and they get bigger
every time his name is spoken anywhere on earth. Sometimes his ears get so big, he can use
them to fly- … at this point, the Steffa said she didnt like the story, it was scaring
her. -Its too late now- the mother said -weve already
mentioned his name. The Grither is probably on his way to our
house this very minute- … those words would come to haunt them before the story ends … Moving on to number 2 we have Belsnickel. If youre watching this from a Germanic speaking
country, you may be familiar with this story. In that part of the world, Belsnickel is a
fur clad Christmas gift bringer. He has a long tongues and is typically very
ragged and disheveled. His clothes are dirty and ripped and he’s
known for beating misheard children with a stick … he’s a mythical creature that serves
as an almost anti Santa like creature. If its Santas job to deliver the presents,
its the Belsnickels job to make sure they deserve it … And finally at number 1 we have Purple Fingernails[i]. This one comes from the Scary for Kids website
and Ill read it as I found it. There was once a little girl who had a large
collection of dolls. One Christmas, she saw a doll in the window
of a department store that she absolutely had to have. It had long, flowing blond hair and a lovely
blue dress. But, the thing that impressed her the most
about the doll, was that it had lovely, bold purple fingernails. When Christmas morning came, she was delighted
to find the doll with the purple fingernails lying under the Christmas tree. She played with it all day, and when she went
to sleep, she put it on the table at her bedside. That night, the little girl was awakened by
strange noises. It was still dark outside. She looked over for her doll, but it was nowhere
to be found. The girl, puzzled, got out of bed and walked
into the hallway. The door to her parents room was ajar, and
she pushed it open softly and looked in. Her parents appeared to be sleeping soundly,
so she went back to bed. In the morning, she saw the doll with the
purple fingernails was sitting on the table by her bed, exactly where she had left it. She assumed that she had just been having
a bad dream. But when she went into her parents room that
morning, she found them both lying dead in a pool of blood. There were two purple doll fingernails stabbed
into their hearts. Alright guys thats all Ive got time for Im
afraid. I hope you guys have or are going to have
a lovely Christmas wherever you are! Maybe pass a scary Christmas story on to someone
you love, Im sure theyll appreciate it. Until then, thanks as always for watching,
my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video!

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  2. That awkward moment when you poison the milk and cookies cause santa didn't give you an xbox but santa isn't real and it's just been your mum eating the milk and cookies the whole time.

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  9. A couple years ago when I was around 10 my nana bought some Christmas decorations from one of those places where the owner of a house passes away and the stuff inside is sold to people. Anyway she had bought some little snowmen for my sister, my brother and me. We had cats and they liked lounging around in all the spaces to hide in the messy room me and my sister shared. I picked out a snowman with a cute little top hat. I’m not sure if it’s true, but my mom told me that the ancient Egyptians thought that cats could see evil beings. I was surprised to see that our cats did not want to even pass our room once I brought the snowman in. Later that night, I felt restless and anxious. It was really hot despite it being December. Then I swore I heard some kind of chanting outside, but I didn’t want to look outside. I finally decided to use needing to use the bathroom as an excuse to get out of there. When I returned to the room the air felt stiff and I looked over to the snowman. Its eyes had a red shine but no red lights were on. I finally broke and ran to my mom crying. I told her happened and she promised to have her boyfriend at the time burn it in the morning. She threw it in the dumpster and told her bf about the snowman. The next day we cleared some space out of the driveway since pine straw is always everywhere in that neighborhood and burned it. Despite the highly flammable material it took hours to burn. When it was finally burned the air in my room cooled and was easier to breathe. The burn mark on the concrete is still there to this day 3 years after it happened. Keep in mind that’s 2 hurricanes for me. Irma and Michael have both had a pound at it!!! It still sends a chill down my spine just thinking about it.

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  12. Of course you tell scary stories at Xmas. β€œThere’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of christmases long, long ago.” We know.

  13. "The Grifter" was the basis for a 'Tales from the Darkside' episode in the 80s. If you can find it on YouTube, I recommend giving it a watch.

  14. I love how people have "Elves on the shelf." Can you image saying that there is a tiny being that runs around while you are asleep and watches everything you do ? OH HELL NAH

  15. love the video as usual, only I had a good laugh when you got the the Grither…when my brother and I were younger we used to stay with our granny over the summer. She would let us stay up late at night and watch Tales from the Darkside and of the episodes that came on one night was called "The Grither" same story as this one lol. When we went to bed, my granny laid there repeating its name over and over saying, its coming its coming, we almost cried hahaha!

  16. My twin sister thought Santa was a demon because she was so scared of Santa she refused to take a picture with our dad when he dressed up as Santa for a charity event at our church and my dad was actually sad because my sister ran away from him when he tried to give her a hug and my sister now hates Christmas and gets uncomfortable around. guys dressed as santa

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