Top 10 Walmart Black Friday 2017 Deals

– I have your list of the 10 best Black Friday deals at Walmart plus how to score a free iPhone or at least get a huge discount and
more tech comin’ your way. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Gotta lotta stuff in my hands. If you watched my last video, I had a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox One, a PS4. All of these items tied to a huge giveaway that I’m going to announce at the end of this video which
also includes a free iPhone. But with all the stores out there, and many of the Black Friday
deals quickly approaching, stores are inundating you, trying to get you to spend, and I
wanna make sure you save. If you expand the video description box, right under me, you’re gonna find my 10 favorite deals at Walmart. Keep in mind I’ve got a full round up for Best Buy, Target, Amazon. And if you’re subscribed to this channel, not only will you get those updates, you’ll get your door busters early. In the number 10 spot, a $300 price drop on a 65 inch Samsung curved TV. Just a great way to kick-off some of the TV deals that we
will see Black Friday. Keep in mind I’ll have a full round-up of the top Black Friday deals. In the number nine spot, a Shark
Tank, made in the USA deal. The Rocketbook Everlast Notebooks. Basically, whatever you write on the page, gets transferred to the
cloud through the magic of smartphone technology and QR codes. Very cool concept from Shark Tank. I will do a full in depth
review and unboxing of this, ’cause I know a lotta people
wanna know how this works. But anyhow, that’s one of the deals located right under this video screen. In the number eight spot,
the iPad fifth gen, $100 off. Down to 249. Big fan of that price drop
on a fully loaded iPad. In the number seven spot, $40
off the HP streaming laptop. 219, down to 179. In the number six spot, $70 off the Samsung Chrome Book three. 189 down to 119. These deals have not dropped yet, but for the deals located
right under this video screen, I will tell you, I’ve got
another favorite on the list. If you’re looking for an
awesome upgrade to your home theater in addition to all the TV deals, a soundbar steal from Polk Audio, really good brand, high end
audio, wireless streaming. This 31 inch soundbar is 120, down to 90, and one of the things
that I love about this, not only did I test this in a prior video, I sent this along to one of my favorite television directors to put to the test. – Havin’ a three year at home we’re not able to get out to
theaters as often as we’d like. With the addition of this Polk soundbar, with wireless subwoofer, we’re able to bring that theater experience
right to our living room. With it being Bluetooth enabled, we’re able to stream music from any of our devices, right to our soundbar. As easy as that (fingers snap). – In the number four spot, if
you’re looking for multimedia this Black Friday, beginning
on Thanksgiving in-store, DVDs, Blu-rays, as low $1.96. Awesome multimedia deals
and some gaming bundles, all tied to my number four pick, for the top 10 deals at Walmart. In the number three spot, I’ve got two audio deals that are part of a tie. The first is a scrolling speaker. Yeah, really cool Bluetooth speaker, and I will do a full in-depth unboxing so you can see the audio, but as I assembled it, I took it out. It scrolls out it’s highly portable. Beautiful audio, NFC
and Bluetooth pairing. What comes out of this is just so good, I cannot do justice to this review in a top 10 list, but stick with me. I will have this in the next couple of days, so you can check it out. Also, TrebLab. Look up this brand. One of the top rated
audio brands in the world. These are life-proof,
waterproof headphones. They are a huge steal on Walmart. Down from an MSRP of 150. At under 45 bucks, and yes you may see these for a couple
dollars less elsewhere, and I will point out if you don’t want to shop at Walmart where you can buy the Treblabs for
less, the 70% off MSRP. I mean these tested great in the water. We put them through all
sorts of tests, jump tests. Big fan of these. In the number two spot, this
is the year of the action cam. An HD action cam with
all of the accessories, down to under 45 bucks from 100. I actually, this is a good year for me. I don’t need to do a lot of
work to review new products. I profiled this a couple months ago for the subscribers of this channel. I gave a bunch of these away for free. The Activeon HD cameras, they’re great because we put them beside a GoPro and I actually shot an entire
YouTube segment on the camera. So as you can see this is the footage that I shot on this $45 camera. And then we put it beside a GoPro, which had an MSRP of about 500 bucks. The Activeon HD Action
Cam, almost held its own against a camera four
to five times the price. If you’re not shooting
National Geographic footage, this is really great,
waterproof, wifi ready. Absolutely love this deal located right under the video screen. In the number one spot, the iPhone deals at Walmart, better than any store. Let me tell you about them and then how to get a free iPhone from me. Most of the stores this
Black Friday are giving you discounts tied to gift
cards on the iPhone eight. But if you want the iPhone 10,
Walmart will give you a free $300 Walmart gift card for AT&T
subscribers on select plans, as well as on select Verizon subscribers. Being able to essentially
shave $300 off your iPhone, subsidized by gift cards, makes this the number one deal and also very unique. If you are looking for toys,
there are toy deals at Walmart, but just to be completely honest with you, I’m gonna have a much better toy deal, the first week of December. Possibly the second week,
depends on when the prices drop. But in my hands right now, is one of the most highly sought after toy
boxes this holiday season. It’s going to be under $35 bucks. You will not believe what’s in here. Stick with me. All right (hands clap). You’re watching right now,
the regular subscribers of this channel know I’m tied to all these freebies and giveaways. For those of you who’ve just joined me, or just subscribed, hi. What up? I’m gonna hook you up with a free iPhone this holiday
season, or any door buster. Very easy process. In the days that follow Cyber Monday, so stick with me through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond. I’m gonna do several draws right here. If you’re subscribed to this channel, and if you’ve commented in the last six months, you’re
automatically eligible. The comment could be anything. You love me, you hate
me, I have a huge nose, whatever it is you wrote,
you’re just as eligible as the next person if you’ve left that comment. The reason this is very
exciting for me, well yeah, I get to give away a free iPhone or another door buster of your choice. There’ll be several giveaways encompassing so many different items. So yeah (hands clap) that’s
what I had to say about that. Love you guys for watching. What else are you looking for? What other stores do you want
me to profile deals from? Got Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy. Name another merchant that you want me to search for deals from
and I will hook you up. And don’t forget if
you’re not yet subscribed, just click on my head right here. That’s the first step and if you need help turning on your notifications
or leaving a comment, just click here and that last big round up of deals all
tied to Black Friday, I got right over here.

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