Top 5 Laptop Deals of 2017 (Better prices than Black Friday!)

– [Instructor] What are your best back-to-school laptop deals plus how do you save on a MAC? I have you covered! Plus a little give-away’s comin’ right up. (upbeat electronic music) Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the biggest deals on the planet. I hunt them down, and I also give my favorite gadgets away for free at the end of the video every week and I have got all sorts of crazy tech and lifestyle savings lined up. But I know a lot of you
are having back-to-school. Many of you are shopping for people who have gone back to school or
are going back to school. I’ve also heard from a couple subscribers who are doing some adult learning classes at night on top of your jobs and I wanna make sure that you are covered. So I wanna begin quickly with MACs. I just should mention
that all of the incentives tied to Apple computers
and the recertified models with that extended warranty from Apple, as well as the additional
savings tied to these, your best bet is actually
right now not Black Friday. There will be price drops then, but these are loaded with incentives. My favorite deals are located
right under the video screen. Now I’ve tested a lot of laptops. My favorite brands? Personally Lenovo. HP has actually made a
little bit of a comeback and I have some issues with
Dell customer service, but they do have deals as well. Located under this video screen, you can find a full list
of my favorite deals to make sure you get hooked up. If you are searching for a laptop deal, back to school and beyond, this is what I recommend. Don’t buy a Chromebook. If you are buying a Chromebook
and I know a lotta people love the Chrome operating system, please make sure it has at
least four gigabytes of RAM. Many of the models that you
see discounted have two gigs. That is not enough to make it through any of the basic tasks. I did find a couple of
models that have enough RAM, but I do wanna mention some
of the more fully loaded laptops with more substantial
Solid State drives. They are your better
bet this time of year. What else should you look
for in a great laptop deal? Solid State drive as
you just heard me say. That means that you’re
not using that traditional hard drive that spins
and gets hot and takes a little bit longer to process data. Solid State is the way to go, but keep in mind that many of the models that have 32 gigs of storage? Well your iPhone has more
storage than your computer. So please watch that. That’s a way a lot of merchants will play tricks on you to help you think you’re getting a huge deal when your laptop is just underequipped. And then you wanna make
sure you’ve got a good chip. It doesn’t always need to be Intel. There are other brands but
just make sure that the specs at least give you the
performance so you can get through a day and battery life. Lot of merchants will quote 11 hours as something where its more
likely you’ll get eight. On the fully loaded MacBook Pro, fully loaded to the point where
this is over $2,900 dollars, this laptop that we use in our studio apparently has a full-day battery life. When I’m doing intense
YouTube video editing on this, I can get no more than
three and a half hours. And I’m not alone. So just keep in mind a lot of the specs that the stores quote are
not always what you get. If you’ve made it this far, I’d love to know what are
your other back-to-school needs or back-to-work needs. I wanna make sure that I get ya hooked up. So let me know what you
wanna save money on. I’ll read through the comments and now, it’s time for give-away. I’m giving away a free
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