100 thoughts on “Top 5 NEW Attractions Coming to Walt Disney World in 2019

  1. Breaking: at D 23's Destination D event, Disney announced that the new nighttime spectacular at Epcot will debut in 2020, but in Fall of 2019 after Illuminations ends, they will debut a limited time show called "Epcot Forever" which will feature classic songs from Epcot. Also at Epcot, the France Pavillion will receive a new show Beauty and the Beast sing-along show based on the live action film. This is not replacing anything and is an addition to the entertainment line up which is always welcome, and they said its "coming soon" so we can probably expect to see this in 2019 as well!
    In May of 2019 to celebrate Disney's Hollywood Studios' 30th anniversary, a new cinematic nighttime experience called "Wonderful World of Animation" will make its debut. It's gonna feature state of the art projections and the show seems to be taking place on the Chinese Theatre.

  2. I was at Disney World in July 2018, we were told that there was a Wall E themed ride being planned for the future. This was during the meal with a Disney staff member . Can you find out if that's true ?

  3. Disney World needs to go back to the basics and create rides that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is likely that we will never again see rides created like The Haunted Mansion, The Tower Of Terror, Its a Small World, and The Great Movie Ride. Themed areas of parks are fine IF they are timelessly created like Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Fantasy Land, and Tomorrow Land. Themed lands such as Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land greatly limit the amount of Disney World visitors who will enjoyably visit that particular section of the park. Disney World Imagineers always speak about following Walt Disney's vision for his parks, and what they are doing now Walt would have protested against. Walt would have been timelessly creative in incorporating different television programs, movies, and characters, into his parks. All in all, he would have been classic, futuristic, and he would know how to do it right. Disney world Imagineers will forever claim that they truly know the mind of Walt Disney himself, but no one will ever truly know the full vision and imagination that Walt had for his animation studio, his theme parks, and the world.

  4. I’m ready for illuminations to end! No offense but it’s dated! I’m super excited for Star Wars! I love your videos! 💜

  5. I went to disney last year in 2017. And I had so much fun. I definitely wanna go back again. I'm excited for these new updates coming in 2019. If I don't go in 2019 definitely 2020 or 2021 etc

  6. i love o watch u before i go to disney and show my family the hidden mickey and t]elling them things like this

  7. I get to go to Disney World for the first time in July and I am so excited. I love Toy Story, and Wreck it Ralph And Marvel and Star Wars. I am just so excited.

  8. i really wish they weren't adding more IP related things to epcot. i feel like its losing it's original purpose to educate and inspire. something like guardians of the galaxy belongs in hollywood studios, while something like frozen seems to fit more in magic kingdom. idk, maybe it's just be who's bothered by this. i get that they have to adapt to the times and to what's popular but epcot is my favorite park, so it's sad to see!

  9. waiting for another park to come, we need another park in the Asia-Oceania region, maybe in australia? or malaysia? whatever we need one here.

  10. You know what I'd like to see in a Disney park? EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE!!! NO ONE SEEMS TO REMEMBER THAT GREAT MOVIE!!! I WANT KUZCO!!!

  11. It’s really cool that the runaway railway ride is inspired by the modern Mickey shorts. It’s good that it’s being represented in the park

  12. Im going to Disney World in May this year so Im excited to see some new stuff 🙂 ive been going to Disney World with my family since I was 2 years old so its changed so much over the period of time that Ive been going. Im excited to go to Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios and ride that slinky dog ride :3

  13. Hey @TPMvids , I’m going to Disneyland Florida at Christmas can you make a Christmas Disney video and show the great things that happen at Christmas! P.S. I’m hyped for the new Mickey Mouse ride! Thx Lachlann

  14. I'm looking forward to THE CARS SHOW that's coming to HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS 😄!! My grandson LOVES them, so I can't wait to see his reactions to meeting them. Do you know if THE CARS attraction will eventually be added as well (like the one they have in Disneyland)? That ride looks amazing!!

  15. As soon as I head to Disney World very soon, the 1st ride I’m going on is Mickey’s Runway Railway. I am especially excited about the animatronics this ride would use, because those animatronics would stand out ( using an animated-like structure).

  16. When disney is trying to become a real life VR which i don't mind where we can put on glasses and see some real life stuff that would be cool.

  17. I’m gonna try something if you like

    Disney world: the most magical place on earth then dislike the comment
    Disney land: the happiest place on earth like the comment

    cough cough please? 😁😊

  18. i will be visiting disney world come next year,with all the new events and new things,my time there will be well enjoyed

  19. for the back of pixiar that we want to have that area is to have a back lot beihnd scene how they filmed the show

  20. we want to see is to change into for having no movie rides but make all of the movie rides live like having staff to dress up as their favorite actors and favorite actresss from what movies they like

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