Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips & tricks 2018

Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips & tricks 2018

Hi everybody! It’s Wes from Printful. I’m here with Elina, she’s on our marketing
team and today we’re going to talk about Cyber Weekend tips & tricks. Let’s start off with what is Cyber Weekend,
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, what is all that and why is it important? Yes, you kinda already mentioned it, the Cyber
Weekend is Black Friday, the Small Business Saturday and then following up on Monday it’s
Cyber Monday. It’s this huge shopping thing online, in
stores and just a huge, huge deal that’s going on and everyone is preparing for it. Although it is something that originated from
the US and it’s still very, very big there it’s slowly making its way to Europe, Australia
and other places. It definitely is something you want to keep
in mind if you’re running a worldwide store. Why is it important for us to get involved
in that and try to make sales? If we look at some of the stats number one
item that people are shopping for during these four days is clothing. That being the number one thing that people
are shopping for and it being the number one thing that we offer, it just makes sense that
our customers are prepared that we are prepared and we can just see the sales skyrocket. It’s a great way to boost sales because
most of the shopping is done between Black Friday and Christmas. Actually, 30% of the entire year’s sales are
done between those two dates. You need to stand out, everyone is doing the
regular things so this time we’ll actually think about some of the ways how you can be
more prepared and think beyond the classic sales and free shipping things. So before we start planning what sales or
promotions we’re going to run is there something we need to know before getting into that process? Yes, definitely, because when you get started
it’s very important to do your research. People, store owners, everyone is going to
do something, there will be a sale, there will be a promotion and it’s really good
to do your research. Look at some last years things that important
brands did, or even the year before, so that you don’t do the same mistakes they did
or even better so that you get inspired by really cool ideas that others have done. So let’s say you want to do a bunch of promotions,
that’s the problem, don’t do a bunch. Just be smart about planning them out. Obviously you can search for inspiration on
different websites and look for emails that you really like or any other kinda promotions,
but just be smart about the thing you want to do for your store, because if you do all
of them it’s going to be super overwhelming and nobody is going to benefit from that. Your customer will be confused and you will
not get the sale. And also you need to think about traffic. How will you get people to your store? Obviously, people are searching for things
online so a very important thing is making sure that you have the right keywords for
your products, for your images and so on. We have a couple of blog posts about that
so you can feel free to read those and make sure that copy that you use for your website
includes very important keywords. Yes, that’s super important just for people
to find you in general. Do you have any tips for us on how to be prepared
for this in general? The number one thing which is important is
for you to look at your website is it running properly. It would be a shame if you get people to your
store and it’s just not working, you know there’s a technical glitch or the cart is
not working properly, the loading speed is too slow, obviously people look at these things
and they do matter when everyone’s shopping and especially it matters when it’s only
a four day window. And then also make sure you follow the trends,
obviously, mobile shopping is a huge trend at the moment, people are spending more time
on their phone looking for a website, for a store that is convenient and easy to use
on their phones. And from what we know from last year mobile
sales where almost 70% of the entire sales that were happening. Make sure that when you look at your website
you check it on mobile, make sure that it works, that people can see the product, that
everything is working smoothly. You don’t want to be the one who’s missing
out on all the sales simply because your website or your store is not optimized for mobiles. Let’s dive into that – do you have any tips
for us on how we can stand out from the crowd? Number one everyone is going to do free shipping
so jump into that bandwagon as well. Think about different ways how you can do
it. You don’t have to do it for every single
purchase, you can do it for orders starting from $50 or $30. If you reach that amount you get free shipping
or if you buy two, you get free shipping. A bunch of different ideas that you can think
about so you don’t actually lose money. Another thing is looking at a very clever
email copy. There are so many puns that you can do with
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and the upcoming holidays as well. If that’s your store’s thing and you are
known for clever copy, definitely think about ways on how you can implement that for the
Cyber Weekend. Another thing that I think is very good are
flash sales. Just because they come with a sense of urgency
and nobody wants to miss out on a good deal. Let’s say you do a really quick popup on
your store that basically says we’ll be having this huge sale for only two days and
there is a little countdown that’s happening as well. People have a sense of urgency they know they
only have two days to grab all the goodies they want and that helps you out as well because
if they miss out on these two days you can think about extending that sale and that way
get customers that left the cart and didn’t make the purchase. If you can afford a little bit more, think
about maybe spending that money on sponsored posts or Facebook ads or maybe even reaching
out to some influencers it’s not something that you absolutely have to do, but just considering
that there are so many online retailers at the moment and that the game is changing and
that everyone really needs to find their spotlight if you can afford it i think it’s a really
good decision to spend a little bit of money to either send your product to Instagram influencer
who can then help you get sales through their posts or spend a little bit on Facebook ads
or Instagram ads. If that is something that your brand can afford. You can also make sure that your product pictures
look spectacular that’s another thing to keep in mind, most of our shoppers are visual
people, we like to see things before we buy them, it’s not so much about reading what
the product is all about. it’s much more about seeing what the product
is about. Maybe that is something you can do. Order samples or if you have them at home
even better, grab a friend go on location shoot cool pictures and that way maybe you
don’t even have to spend a whole lot, but you get quality photos that you can use for
your website and help with the conversion rate as well, because people are mostly visual
shoppers so they care about the product and how it looks aesthetically. Do you have any do’s and don’ts for us during
Cyber Weekend? Definitely, big don’t is don’t wait until
the last moment to run a promotion, to fix your store. Like I said this is a huge deal and it makes
up 30% of all annual sales and people will be shopping. You want to be prepared and get started with
it basically now, you don’t have a whole lot of time to waste if you want to make sure
that there are deals going on your store. Make sure that your customers understand the
way or the path that you want them to take. If there are call to action buttons make sure
that they are clearly visible or if there is a description that they need to read make
sure that they can see it and just think about these different user experience aspects that
come into play when people are shopping. Make sure that you have good selling points
and one of the selling points you can use for your store is customer reviews. If there are people who made a purchase on
your store, just make sure to ask them for a little quote, put that on your website and
it’s a really good selling point. People want to trust brands that they are
shopping from and if they see that someone else has already made a purchase and even
better is happy about the purchase they made a great affirmation that I should do it as
well, I should shop on this website because it’s secure, people have done it before
and they like the product and I just clearly understand what it is that I have to do in
order to get my product. Another cool idea is if you are a small business
owner, which I’m pretty sure most of you might be, it’s really good to emphasize
that. There’s the Saturday that is completely
dedicated to small businesses, it’s actually called Small business Saturday and it’s
basically about empowering all the local and small businesses, people who are really trying
to make their brand stand out. There are a lot of different websites where
you can actually download badges. You can place them on your store, on your
products, so that people see when they are shopping on your store they are actually supporting
a small business and that’s a really good selling point that you can take advantage
at. Not only throughout these three days but as
a constant reminder for your store. Another good thing that kinda goes along with
the badges and other things we mentioned is talking about your story and how your business
got started on your about us page or anywhere else on the website. Make sure that people know what your story
is all about, simply adding the badge is good, but you can step it up and take one step further
with updating the bio, about us page, our story page and making sure that message of
your brand, your idea gets transferred through and customers can see that and read that and
learn more about your store. Elina, thank you so much for all of this really
great information! Is there anywhere we can find more in-depth
info. Or to learn more about what you’ve been
talking about.Yes! We have a bunch of different blog posts that
cover Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming holidays as well so you can just check out
the description and there will be links to blog posts and other things. Well, thanks for watching and best of luck
this upcoming holiday season and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and Youtube channel.

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