[Battle music] Greetings my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another VERSUS taste test. Today, I’ll be comparing Trader Joe’s candy bars to their originals. So Trader Joe carries two types of candy bars: one called the QUASAR bar, and one called the BOFFO! And based on their description, they sound a lot like a Milky Way and a Snickers bar. So here’s our lovely Snickers bar: and this is milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and nougat. This is 52.7 grams or 1.86 ounces So there is the Snickers bar…. So this is the BOFFO! And the BOFFO! is peanuts, caramel, and nougat, enrobed in milk chocolate. Sounds like the same ingredients, right? This is 1.8 ounces as well — 51 grams; so slightly lighter. Ooh! So, in terms of size, they look nearly identical. The BOFFO! looks like it might use a slightly darker milk chocolate. And, in terms of height, it looks like the BOFFO! is slightly taller. If we look at this cross section here, we see that the BOFFO! has a much higher ratio of nougat; and, it looks like it has less caramel. Interestingly enough, it looks like the peanuts in the Snickers are in the caramel, and the peanuts in the BOFFO! bar are actually in the nougat. So these actually don’t look that similar! I’m going to try the Snickers first. Itadakimasu! Mm-hmm…. That is a very familiar and friendly flavor! So what I really love about Snickers, both in flavor and texture, there’s a lot going on. So texturally, you got that exterior of that milk chocolate crunch; and you get through that ‘oozy’ kind of soft, stretchy caramel; and then you get lots of crunchy, roasted peanuts, which I just adore; and then you’ve got the nougat that kind of binds everything together! Of course everything is very sweet, but there is a good amount of salt in there as well. So it’s a…quite a balanced candy bar. All right! Let’s go ahead and compare it with the BOFFO! Ermm… Wow! There’s really no comparison really. This is not a dupe. This is not trying to be a Snickers bar, or if it is, it’s failing tremendously, because this is nothing like a Snickers bar actually. It says it has peanuts in it, but I really don’t taste much peanut at all. This is much more of a nougat candy bar. This layer here of nougat is much chewier and stickier and fluffier in texture than the Snickers bar; and of course, as you can tell from the cross section, there’s a lot more of it. I like the coating of the outside of the BOFFO! bar. It’s a little less sweet; it’s more of a dark chocolate, rather than being a milk chocolate; and it’s a little bit thicker too, so you’ve got more of this kind of crunch. I don’t care for the interior as much. I don’t really like that stickiness that happens and that ‘chew’. So now that I’ve said that this is not a dupe of this, which one do I actually prefer better? Snickers — hands down; definitely, definitely Snickers. Next lets compare the Milky Way bar and the QUASAR bar! So this is 52.2 grams and this is 51 grams. They’re going to be very similar in size. Milky Way bar is “a rich chocolate, creamy caramel, and smooth nougat”. QUASAR is “whipped chocolate nougat and rich caramel enrobed in dark chocolate.” There’s the Milky Way bar! And there is the QUASAR. The QUASAR looks to be a bit longer and narrower than the Milky Way. [chop] As you can see the Milky Way bar is whiter, and the percentage of nougat to caramel looks more like 50/50 as opposed to the QUASAR bar, which looks more to be.. 2 to 1 in terms of nougat to caramel. And it looks like the nougat may have some chocolate in it as well. Again, let’s try the original first! Mm-hmm! It taste like Halloween! That’s the only time I would eat these! Mhm! Nice little milk chocolate crunch on the top and bottom, and the inside is just really supple and soft. The caramel is not sticky, just slightly soft and chewy; and the nougat is really fluffy and not at all chewy. Very sweet, but very nostalgic! [laughs] Mm-hm! Mm! So, let’s compare that with the QUASAR bar! Hm… Mm-hmm! So the QUASAR bar has a dark chocolate coating, rather than a milk chocolate coating; but in thickness, it’s about the same thickness as the Milky Way. So it has that same kind of textural crunch. The interior though is a little less soft than the Milky Way which is just really soft and tender. This one tastes a little less sweet: it has a little bit more bitterness in the dark chocolate coating; and the interior doesn’t seem to be as sweet as well. I think in totality, I like the QUASAR bar better than the Milky Way. [laughs] Now that I think about it, there is this kind of intergalactic space theme going on: we have “Milky Way” and “QUASAR”. Hm! So who wins this battle between Milky Way and QUASAR? Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing! QUASAR bar for me! I hope you guys enjoyed that one, I hope you guys learned something; let me know in the comments if there are any other battles or comparisons you’d like to see… And, yeah! Thank you guys so much for watching and I shall see you in the next one– Don’t forget to subscribe; like this video; follow me on social media; and I will see you in the next one! Toodle-loo! Take care! Bye! Captions done by @marianimalcrackers on Youtube! [NEIGHING]

100 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s KNOCK-OFF Candy Bar TASTE TEST | VERSUS

  1. interesting enough, A couple years ago I found out that milky way bars are not always the same in different countries. Here in Australia it's always just all white with the nougat inside!

  2. Omg i tried the Boffo it's horrible. Way too chewy, the taste is cheap, hard caramel barely any peanuts.

  3. Woah! I didn't realise that Milky Ways are different in the US! In the UK we'd call that a Mars Bar (nougat with caramel on the top covered in milk chocolate), and a Milky Way to is just really really fluffy and airy nougat in milk chocolate!

  4. The quasar bar is probably similar to Milky Way Night (dark choc coated milky way!) YUM!

  5. i love midnight milky way, its dark chocolate.. im not much on milk choccy, a bit too sweet for my taste. love dark choccy, up to 90%…

  6. I like dark chocolate over milk chocolate. It is better for you as well. The quasar bar looked good. Got to try one. Blessings always.

  7. I imagine there's probably some sort of copyright in place to where there has to be a certain amount of differences in the TJ version to avoid infringing on the originals.

  8. i hope emmy tries Cloud 9 chocolate bars and all of its different flavors.. tbh, i prefer Cloud 9 over Snickers because they're less sweet for my taste and way more budget friendly! I hope Filipinos in the states make this happen! ?
    #EmmyEatsPH3 :3

  9. in the UK all major supermarkets have their own brand of popular confectionary anyway such as rebranded twix snickers mars bars milky ways and kitkats

  10. Love the way Emmy explains things. Gives me teacher / professor vibes… even when she explains something as simple as a candy bar flavor! Love it!

  11. I'm not a fan of most trader joes candy, I can't eat traditional candy because of health reasons so I'm always looking for alternatives, there use to be a company that had a healthier version of snickers and it tasted very similar to the real thing, but for some reason they went out of production, in my opinion it's because they could have really been in competition to the major brand and major brands don't like competition

  12. In England a milky way bar is called a mars bar. Milky way bars are just chocolate covered nougat.

  13. Is that a new milky way wrapping or is it just different from ours? Ours has a blue wrapping with stars on it! And I don't think it has caramel 😮

  14. Why is it everyone but me loves Snickers? I HATE the peanuts in them because I absolutely hate peanuts. I hate peanut butter. The only thing I like is my peanut butter cookies because it's not a real strong peanut flavor and has tons of sugar! Other than that, I hate peanuts! Please tell me I'm not he only one.

  15. Watching emmy for years now i developed a habit of eating tasty food and saying "mmmmmm" "mhhhmmmm" "yumm"

  16. I wish they'd do an inverted Milky Way or Quasar bar…… chocolate nougat and caramel on the inside…. tempered white chocolate on the outside (so it has a very nice snap to it when you bite). They could call it a 'Nebula' bar or something. lol On the other hand, if there is actually a "Nebula" bar somewhere out there already, never mind then. :

  17. Only recently learned that "Trader Joe's"  is the U.S. name of the German "Aldi Nord" chain, while "Aldi's" is the US name of the "Aldi Sud" chain.   Wonder what a similar product comparison between those two would yield?

  18. I'll take the Milky Way All Caramel any day! I never was crazy about the nougat. I would always eat that part first and save the best for last!

  19. Try a frozen Snickers!! If you have the regular or fun sized bar, before unwrapping, slap it on the countertop. The minis are a great size to pop right out of the wrapper, one after another, and another…

  20. Milky Way is that one candy bar that you absolutely dread finding in your candy haul on Halloween or at school parties.

  21. Hi Emmy love your videos, I’m from the u.k and you should do a video on u.s sweets compared to u.k sweet, simpler sweets as, their is a u.s Milky Way and a u.k Milky Way that are completely different and their are many more sweets/ chocolate you could try xx

  22. I love snickers but the chocolate is a little too sweet for me. I've seen a dark chocolate version that looks right up my alley

  23. I love dark chocolate so I think I’d like both of the knock offs but definitely would prefer a Snickers no question, it’s one of my favs 😉

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