Trent University’s 50th Anniversary

(music playing) Dr. Leo Groarke: I wanted to be President at a University where I could be “close to the action”. (music playing) Announcer: Fifty years ago our community’s dream for a university became a reality. And for half a century, with a forty-year partnership in Oshawa, Trent University has been challenging the way we think about the world… …and learning itself. It arose from the banks of the Otonabee River in the heart of the Kawarthas, Land of the Shining Waters. Trent was founded through the efforts of a citizen’s committee interested in creating a university to serve the Trent Valley. They delivered on that promise, and with a 100 acre donation from Canadian General Electric, Trent had found its home. Student: When you hear the word Trent, what’s the first thing that you think of? The bridge. Collaborative. Transformational. Inspiring. Inclusive. A focus on social justice. The small community. My dream job. Awesome. Dr. Narine: There’s a kind of spontaneous combustion that happens when you put a young person in touch with possibility, and you open up a world of potential change that they can effect. Dr. Carolyn Kay: So many students have said to me that the college has made them feel that they were a part of Trent, that they mattered, they felt they made extraordinarily important friendships with other students, connections to faculty, to the Dons in the college. “…and that is making the role of the teacher and the professor to be much more important, because only humans can do that…” At Trent we don’t just know your name, we know you as a learner and part of that is just the individual, personal connections that we have. Christine Ouellet: Exactly, all the professors know you by name. Once you get to upper year, you really get to go work right in the research lab instead of just watching from the sidelines. Hubert Chan: You’re actually able to meet the teacher, talk to the teacher and actually be able to ask them questions on a personal level and actually get to know them as a person rather than just an instructor. Vythegi Srithayakamur: When I was doing my undergrad here I knew all my professors by first name, and I was able to directly go up to them and ask questions. And by the time they graduate, I’m able to write very personal letters saying, “You should hire this student whom I’ve gotten to know over four years.” The more that I have the opportunity to run into a student in the hallways the better the chance that we’ll be able to challenge one another, grow together learn together, and discover new and brilliant ideas together. So, challenge the way you think. Challenge the way you think. Challenge the way you think. Challenge the way you think. (music fades to end)

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