Triumph Bikes  ( @ Pune 4 year anniversary celebration.)

Triumph Bikes ( @ Pune 4 year anniversary celebration.)

Hey guys, good morning today is 1st of May Today there is a ride from triumph It’s going to Fort Jahdavdadh This is an old fort. It has been converted into a hotel like many of them have been because individual properties the owners They couldn’t maintain them is too expensive to maintain So they have converted them into commercial properties, and it works out well The Heritage remains and people get to enjoy Time right now is 6:15AM. This is the time when I was supposed to be at the showroom I’m running a little late. Let’s see, I know the directions I have them on my GPS so if I miss the ride with the group I can always ride alone and meet them at the Destination so I’ll see you guys then Stick around find out how this ride goes today. guys look at the street. It’s very beautiful its got trees on all its sides. Trees on left and right and trees in the median. It looks really beautiful. Wow, Look at these colors This tree has some flowers Whoa look at that Nice beautiful And Just like so we are coming close to Triumph Showroom it will be on the left side Let’s see if the bikers have already left Or it is yet to start there are tons of bikers Let’s see who all are here. Look at the AMG it’s a Mercedes AMG One of the most expensive cars SUV Looks stunning forward it to me (selfie picture). OK. Bye

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