True Ghost Story Won a Contest! | Black Friday

True Ghost Story Won a Contest! | Black Friday

Are you sitting somewhere dark? Yes, that’s
right, it’s time for another ghost story! This is a ghost story that I told on the radio
when was 15 years old for a tell us your scariest ghost story contest. And I totally won. The
prize was a night in a haunted house with 13 people along with beer and pizza. Weird
stuff went on there! Which I’ll tell you in another video in this series. But anyway,
here’s the story that got me to win the radio contest. It must have happened a year or two
before that, I can’t remember which year precisely, but I suppose I must have been 13 or 14.
My Grandparents lived in this very old house, I think one of the oldest in the city, on
their farm. And they believed that their house was haunted. By a nice ghost. They called
him “Old Dunc” because his name was Duncan. They said he was the man who had lived there
before they did. Sometimes you would hear footsteps in the attic. They said he lived
in the attic. And the lights would flick on and off. I had that happen once while I was
there one day, sitting in the kitchen on my own. I heard *clonk clonk clonk clonk* above
me, and the lights went on and off a couple of times!
They said that happened all the time. They’d be like, “Oh hey. Hey Old Dunc”. So this one
night… I didn’t spend many nights there… but one night, my two cousins and I… I’ll
call them Cousin 1 and Cousin 2. My cousins from Australia. They thought it would be fun
if we had a bit of a slumber party. So the three of us were to spend the night in Grandma’s
living room on the floor. I was sleeping on the floor by the fireplace, with my head closest
to the fireplace. Cousin 1 was sleeping on the couch next to me, and Cousin 2 was on
the adjacent angle to me down by my feet. While we were lying down trying to fall asleep,
the fire was going, and it was very hot. Especially as I was right beside it, I was very hot.
I had a hard time falling asleep. After a while, I felt very clearly, a presence
next to my head. Like you can feel when there’s someone beside
you, right, you can kinda feel… that there’s someone there. If that makes sense. You probably
know what I mean. But I felt like, so strongly, that there was
someone’s legs standing next to my head, like a man standing in front of the fire getting
warm. The feeling was so strong that I was like
oh… I moved out of the way. I felt I had to shift because I was in somebody’s way.
Eventually I fell asleep, and passing this off as something I had imagined, I said nothing
to my cousins in the morning. But, Cousin 1, who’d been on the couch next to me, said,
“Gosh it was so weird, last night I could have sworn I felt like there was someone standing
by the fire!” And Cousin 2 said, “Oh my God, I thought so as well!”
I was like, “No way! Yeah I thought that too.” We were so excited by what had happened, so
giddy that we’d had this shared paranormal experience, that we decided to do it again.
So a few days later, we were granted permission to spend another night there. We did so. We
slept in all the same positions; me by the fire, Cousin 1 on the couch, Cousin 2 down
by my feet. This time the fire was out, but we were too excited to fall asleep, waiting
for something spooky to happen. But nothing did. It wasn’t so hot this time, so I did
fall asleep. BUT. And this is the part that truly sounds insane. This part I don’t expect
anyone to believe, but I cannot deny what I saw. I woke up in the middle of the night,
I don’t know what time it was, but it was dark.
I woke up… and I shit you not… I saw a man walking across the living room towards
the fireplace. I watched him walk, and then watched him walk back. I remember what he
looked like. I could see what we was wearing. An old gentleman. He had on a hat, a checked
shirt like a Swandri, a pair of old trousers, braces. Neither of the other two saw this,
but I saw it clear as crystal, and I can’t deny it. I saw it, can’t deny it. I told my
Grandmother about this, and like I said, my Grandparents did believe their house was haunted,
and they were fine with that. My Grandma was a believer in ESP and things like that. I
told her this story, I described the man to her, she said, “Yes, that does sound like
him, that is what he looked like.” Maybe every night, Old Dunc just walks up
to the fireplace and gets himself warm habitually. I dunno.
At the time, I was very into spiritual stuff like that, more than I am now, I was quite
active with that whole kind of thing. I had done a lot of reading. I had read somewhere
that spirits can enter the home through mirrors. I dunno how much truth there is in this, or
if you’ve heard anything similar, I dunno. But I remember reading that spirits enter
the home through a mirror, if it is placed adjacent to the most commonly used door in
the house. In the case of this living room… that was the case! The most commonly used
door in the house was the living room door, it was access to the rest of the house, and
there was a huge mirror right next to it, adjacent to it on that wall.
I mentioned this to my Grandma as well, and she thought it sounded legit. She was like,
“Sure, why not. Maybe!” That is the story that I told on the radio
as a 15 year old where I got to spend a night in a haunted house as a prize.
I will, in one of my next ghost story videos, tell you what weird stuff went down at that
haunted house. With the people there. It was cool. Heh. So, I think that’s a cool story,
obviously this ghost wasn’t a mean ghost, but if you’re going to have experiences with
ghosts, wouldn’t you rather they were with nice ghosts? Who were just like, nice people,
and not… bad people, bad spirits? I dunno. In my last ghost video, I said please share
with me your own personal ghost stories or ones you’ve heard, things that have happened
to people you know, whatever… I have been really enjoying reading them, so please keep
them coming! If you’ve got anything, please by all means, comment below. I love reading
them, I love stuff that can’t be explained. Thank you very very much or watching, if you
haven’t done so already, please subscribe to my channel, I put up two new videos every
week. Take care of yourselves, I will see you next time! Byyeee!

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  1. one of my most recent ghost experiences was with my cat that passed away while i was at school almost 2 years ago, I was making dinner with my friend and she was sitting at my table waiting, and she saw a cat, I thought that it was funny since I don't have any pets in the apartment I live in and I asked her to describe it, she said that it was black and white and slender. I laughed at her a bit, and showed her a picture of Rambo, my dead cat, and she freaked out and said it was him she saw. The next night at around 3 in the morning I woke up and I always had a pillow on my bed for him to sleep on, and still do, at 3 in the morning I felt something graze my hand and rest there on the pillow, and felt this warm sensation and weight on my hand. after that I told my mom what happen and she started crying and laughing saying that he found me after I moved away.  :] 

  2. Awwwww old Dunc sounds adorable. Maybe the reason call felt his presence was because he was watching over you all to make sure you were warm and cozy and then the reason why you saw him (well whole figure) was because he was sad there was no fire for him to get warm by.

  3. My mom and I lived in this old cabin on an orchard for about two years. There are a few stories that are kind of intertwined with that whole area, but I'm just going to tell the nice one. Anyway, the guy who had lived there before us was this really sweet and cool person who played the sitar and liked to knit and after he moved out he would still visit every now and then just to hang out. And then his relationship fell apart and he got really depressed and he ended up killing himself. But my mom and I felt his presence around afterwards. He used to help us find things around the house. I remember hearing him whisper to me once, and I swear I could feel his breath on my cheek. And sometimes we could hear sitar music playing softly, but there was only one other house on the property and it was about a half a mile away. And this cabin didn't have electricity, so it wasn't the radio. I don't know. It was cool.

  4. I've had hundred of paranormal things happen to me, but the one I will never forget was when one night while on the phone with a friend, I had a random urge to sit upright in my bed, and the second I did so, I saw a little girl with a curly up do, and almost a Victorian style dress walk through my door and out of my room. She was transparent almost like Casper. I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and tears immediately fell down my face, and are doing so as I type this story. Before this incident I had commonly heard crying, humming, and voices of a little girl calling for her mother, as well as random things around my room being moved to places they don't belong. And at night, I would feel the hands of a small child at the foot of my bed, followed by cold chills and the sensation of my hair being played with. And when I was much much younger, I had a toy room where I played alone, and would hum random tunes, but once I stopped, an echo would hum back to me even though I was alone, and that same exact feeling of sadness and tears rushed over me. I don't feel the girls' presence any longer, but it was a good one while it lasted. And it's the only ghost I've ever seen with actual features. I don't believe it myself, but I can't deny it.

  5. Great Video! I love your videos, so I have a question. Your Eye-Make-Up looks beautiful in every video. Can you do a tutorial of this, please? (:
    PS. You've asked fo my ghost-story. I've written it on your first ghostvideo (:

  6. There are quite a few ghost stories I can share with you but today I think I will share the night my grandfather died. Apparently my mothers side of the family is very connected to the spirit world, because every ghost story I have is from them and myself. My grandfather had been very ill for quite some time and lived on the east coast while we lived in the west. The night of his passing weird things started happening. A cup broke, the lights flickered despite it not being stormy, and that night I talked with my funny cousin. Around 10 pm I felt the need to cry really badly despite minutes before laughing and having a good time. I asked him if something happened and he replied with "I'll tell you tomorrow." The next morning I woke up to hearing my aunt wailing because grandpa had passed and it hit me, my soul was upset because his spirit moved on. I was sad but I think my soul did a lot of the grieving for me. The odd thing was that my aunt also knew the moment he died because she mentioned to me her mother appeared to her when she was driving home from work and said he's okay now he's with me. Until next time, I'll tell you my mothers tales when she was young with her father.

  7. The other day it was storming really hard at three in the morning and my mom woke me up and told me that the windows on my car were down, so I went outside in the storm to roll them up. My car is an '87 model, so it has manual windows and while I was rolling them up with my umbrella held in one hand and my other hand rolling up the window, I looked over to my right and I saw a woman in a white nightgown standing there. Her eyes were like tunnels, they just kept going and going. She stood there for a moment and I could see her as clear as day…and then, as my neighborhood tends to have very much activity (apparently a massive circus accident happened close to my house in the 1800's) I just continued to roll up my windows and then I went back inside. A few days later I did some research and it turns out that in the circus crash, a woman of about 25 was killed while she was sleeping in her trolley cart. There was a picture of her, and it was the woman I'd seen that night in the rain.

  8. When I was younger my brother and I were home alone for the night. Our parents like to go out. I was maybe 13 my brother 7-8. And he was in the bathroom and yelled at me to get him some wipes(he was poopin) I told him to just use TP but he wouldn't. So I tried the guest bath and there was none. It was like 10-11 at night the house completely dark except for the light coming from the bottom of the bathroom door. I was coming back from my parents room with some wipes and I see a shadowy figure I thought was my brother. I said "I got your wipes go back in the bathroom" and the figure ran across the living room into the wall that separated the kitchen from the LR. And I yelled my brothers name and he was still in our bathroom.

  9. I now feel the need to make my own videos about my paranormal experiences I used to write them all down and record every event in detail.  

  10. "…spirits enter the home through mirrors,if it is placed adjacent to the most commonly used door in the house…"  
    SH!T! I'm gonna move the mirror that I have next to the principal door (there are to many mirrors in my house)…I hate those paranormal things because I  had  a really bad experience in the past

  11. Apparently, if someone dies in the house/room with a mirror and its not coverd up with a sheet or something than the spirit can get trapped in the mirror

  12. I have two, the first happened at my mums house, and the second my grandmums. Well my grandmum Pamela had stayed with my and my older and younger sisters while my mum and stepfather was out of town. On one of the nights she was there she had woken up with a shadow of a girl at the end of the bed, she said that she had thought it to be me cause the thing had been bout my height so she dismissed it to be just I was checking on her or such, when she woke up, the door shut. When she asked me about it the next morn' I obviously knew nothing about it. I've always felt odd in my mums house. The second was just odd things that have been happening around my grandmum Linda's house. My brother had said that he had seen a black shadow near the computer in the basement which is where he sleeps, a friend had spent the night several weeks earlier and had told me she had seen something black on the stairs, and there can sometimes be heard voices. And I've seen tv shows on the paranormal that in some cultures it's known that mirrors of the person who had recently died are to be covered with a black sheet

  13. I have had many experiences with seeing ghosts/spirits. But one time there was a lady standing in my room, and she was wearing an old Victorian type dress, and the dress was the most clear thing about her. She was standing there watching me for around 10 minutes, every time i looked at her, she would slowly move closer to me. I could see my wardrobe through her (she was partly see through) but i could still see her body, and she was like a type of mist/cloud. This was probably the most clear spirit I've seen before. And the longest amount of time I've seen one for. I don't think she was evil/bad because i wasn't harmed or anything. I love your videos x

  14. The mention of mirrors made me think of a weird thing that happened to me. When I was about seven, my great grandmother passed away. She loved to collect bells and when my mom went to clean out her house, she took her bell cabinet. The cabinet had a mirror in the back of it. When I was looking in the mirror after my mother had put it in our living room, I saw my great grandmother sitting on our couch. She smiled at me and when I turned around, she wasn't there anymore.

  15. My piano teacher was home alone upstairs in he's room one night and he hears someone or something banging on he's garage door very violently for a good 5mins, he's dog starts crying and goes under my teachers bed and doesn't come out. While this was going on he's laptop was downstairs on he's kitchen counter and has a motion detector app on it and when it goes off it starts recording. The next day my teacher saw he had a new video. Scared but he watched it anyway, it was dark but you can clearly see something walk across he's laptop. Never happened again

  16. When I was 12 me, my 3 brothers, and my parents lived in a really old house. Like, it was built in the late 1800's. Well, every morning around 7 am, you could hear a clicking noise in the attic. Almost like someone was walking in heels. One night I was sleeping and suddenly I felt like something had just fell on me or like something jumped on me. I got up and looked around and saw a shape of some sort going back down the hall to the empty room that was at the end of the hall. The next morning we woke up and the front door was open. But it was locked the night before, and my mum always put a chair up against the door because the town we lived in wasn't the safest. But the chair was moved. And before this happened there was always weird things going on. Like, one time a shelf just fell over. And some lights flickered. And I would wake up to see my door open. But thats it.

  17. Not sure if this is true or not.
    There's a camp, Camp Seacrest, in California.
    So this camp has bears everywhere, not entirely sure why they let a bunch of teens there…
    Anyways, a while ago, probably in the 30's, there were some boys who found a bear cub, and played with it. They never found evidence of it's mother in the day that they played with it, so they took it lead it ot their cabin and played with it there. They still didn't see the mother, so they brought it in for the night. (That is the corny part that makes me doubt this…)
    And later that night the bear came in and killed the boys, broke down the door, and now there are bunks in there, and blood stains on the walls. I haven't seen the pictures yet, but people have them, of this Cabin Goodyear.
    It's now off limits because kids try to break into their and such, and so they are told not to go there because of all the bears that populate that area. So a friend sneaked (I hate that word….) out there with a bunch of kids and a camp counselor. 
    So, at first they just look in the cabin, walk around it, get scared at all these bear markings and look inside at the abandoned cabin. Then, kids started screaming and running. My friend and other kids got some photos, though. Apparently, there was a boy, standing by a tree, dressed in the fashion of the era. He had suspenders, trousers, and such. I haven't seen the pictures, yet, but I will ask again. Over time, the kids made peace with the fact that there is a ghost at that camp, maybe more than one. He doesn't come near them, that they have seen, but they do often go off into the woods, and several people have seen him. He ust sort of watches them, but never gets to close. At the mentioned sighting, some kids who were brave enough to get closer when they saw him, only started to run when he looked at them directly and started to walk towards them from the tree he was standing next to.
    Honestly, I kind of doubt this story, although there is supposedly evidence.

  18. Hi there Black Friday! (I'm Bee, I'm actually an investigator with the Sullivan Paranormal Society.) 😉 I adore your videos and wanted to give you a little input. In the Victorian Era when someone died in a house members of the family would cover up all the mirrors in a house because it was believed at the time that a spirit could get stuck in the mirror by seeing itself. It was also believed at the time that you needed to stop all the clocks in the house because a spirit had no sense of time so until it's body was laid to rest you weren't allowed to tell time in the house. Some seriously interesting things, if you ask me. I believe your ghost story 100%, feelings that coincide with others is just something you can't ignore. It also gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you have other people there going "Yeah! You're not crazy! I felt it too!" 🙂

  19. Its not a ghost story but… its really real feeling.

    when I'm in my room, i hear thump, thump, thump – clang all the time.
    i have a small attic above me, but its only small, so my parents think its a bird, but, it only comes at 0105 – its scary.

    2nd thing: i feel shivers across my arms, hands and ears, like someone has touched me. 
    i also get a feeling like my cartilage is being pierced, when I'm at school in geography, only geography.


  20. I love hearing people's ghost stories too and since you asked so nicely, here ya go!

    I was about 19 years old and living in my first apartment with my boyfriend. The apartment was teeny tiny so the living room and kitchen were in the same room (the main room) with two very small bedrooms off this main room. When you opened the front door you could see directly into the little bathroom across the main room, past the bedrooms and this bathroom had a sink with a window above it. 

    I used to sit in front of this sink/window to do my makeup (best lighting) and I could see in the mirror the front door and the two entrances to the bedrooms behind me. 

    Sadly, the neighbor committed suicide in his living room and his living room was on the other side of the 1st bedroom's (my bedroom's) wall. He was a tall man, always busy working on something like his car, his T.V., etc. He wore these button up shirts with unusual prints on them and slacks all the time I'd known him. 

    One day I'm looking in the mirror, finishing my mascara when I see someone tall walk through the main room into my bedroom. I notice an unusual print on the shirt he was wearing that seems vaguely familiar. I am quite private about my space and don't have people over if I can avoid it so it could only be one person, my boyfriend but this man was too tall to be my boyfriend and I'm pretty sure my bf is in the 2nd bedroom with the door closed…confusion I get up and walk to the 2nd bedroom, open the door and see him sitting there playing a video game. Not only is he wearing some very plain clothing but he's scrunched down in the couch like he's been there for awhile but still, I ask if he just walked by. He said he hadn't and asked why I wanted to know but I told him it was nothing. I could blame it on him somehow so /shrug.

    The next time it happened I was home alone and doing my makeup in the mirror. I see my old neighbor plain as day walk through the main room into my bedroom. He did exactly the same thing he did last time. I got up to take a couple seconds to check that no one was there with me and there were no living individuals roaming my house I was unaware of, which there weren't. 

    Another nice experience and something about mirrors too, double trouble.

  21. When I was a kid I awoke vomiting on myself and by the light of the gas heater I saw a boy lieing on the couch … white shirt black blaze and trousers. veins exuberant .. then this other vivate memory I'm carried to my gmas kitchen sat on the counter … by a man wearing brown slacks and a yellow and brown plaid button up shirt with red suspenders.. He fed me cornbread & milk on a fork… Not sure if the memory is real or an actual hauting, as I was Just a 6month old baby when he passed… but I remember the day at the cemetery … I remember being distraught and lieing on his grave…

  22. my dad says not to stand in the in between for very long because spirits can latch on to you and enter our world. the in between consists of door ways, windows, and any other sort of "hole" in your house

  23. Love ghost stories. Here's my best one that of course actually happened:
    A few years ago I had this bf;
    One evening in the summer so it was still light out, we were lying in bed just trying to fall asleep. But he kept tossing and turning and covering his eyes, not wanting to but unable to look away from the ceiling. He wasn't saying anything. I ask what is wrong and he eventually tells me he is seeing something on the ceiling. I look and, though I don't have my glasses on, I can see it blurred but I don't tell him anything I just ask him what is he seeing. He tells me reluctantly what he sees… 
    What I was seeing was one large skull with a bloody red 'body' like a fat worm with other squirming white maggoty looking things following behind it! They are slowly wiggling out of the ceiling! 
    That is exactly what he describes to me that he is seeing! 
    I say; "I see that too!" Then tell him to roll over and ignore it. Then put up a mental barrier and it went away. 

  24. @It's Black Friday Can you make a video of you doing Bloody Mary in the mirror and record what happens as well?

  25. When I was a lot younger me and my family used to go to Plymouth for pur holidays. One day, we went to visit this Elizabethan house that's open to the public in the town centre. I felt deeply uncomfortable throughout the whole visit. At one point I was alone upstairs in this bedroom. I felt very clearly that someone else was with me, although we were currently the only visitors and my mum and brother were downstairs and was very uncomfortable. A week or so later we were talking about the holiday with family members. I mentioned the experience in the house and found out I wasn't the only one who'd felt a presence there. Another family member, a great aunt, had also gone to visit it previously, and had felt such a strong presence, she refused to go in.

  26. When I was younger, we lived in this huge house that was very very haunted. We lived there from the time I was born till I was about 8. We saw and her many things in that house so there are numerous stories that I could tell but this one is the scariest in my opinion. One night my brother got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. His room was down stairs and mine was upstairs. Well when I would come down stairs, I would run across our living room and sit in the rocking chair. So as my brother walked through the kitchen to get to the bathroom, he saw me run down the stairs, through the living room and sit in the rocking chair. He told me to go back to bed and continued to the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, I was still sitting in the chair. He walked up to me and told me once more to go back to bed. He said that I was sitting in the chair with my head down. He said I then looked up and I had no face and then I disappeared. My brother screamed like a little girl and refused to go back to bed for the rest of the night.

  27. TWO ghostly experiences of mine I can recite right here was this period of time that I was followed for about 3 years by this young adult male figure in black. Everyone in my house could see and hear him, but I seemed to be the only one who he would tell details about himself to. I learned everything about him from his name to his weight, height, how he lived, what his house looked like, etc… He "protected" me and my sister for all the time we were in CPS custody. His presence was so strong that the other kids living with us would often feel his presence become too afraid to talk to me because they believed all ghosts were evil. At one point, I met an old man's ghost while living in a foster home with a crazy lady, my sister, and two other girls. If he was in the room with you, you would smell smoke. Both of these ghosts were always so attached to me for some reason… I often get others telling me that they feel an "otherworldly presence" about me. During the time I was in CPS, when I was suffering from depression pretty badly, complete strangers would tell me that they felt like something was compelling them to talk to me. Coincidence? o.O

  28. My dad's house is haunted and in the bathroom carved into the wall is the name Emma our house used to be a high school

  29. I'm sort of a new subscriber so I'm not sure if you had already previously mentioned it but are you going to be posting anymore ghost stories??

  30. One night I was getting ready for bed in the bathroom when my bathroom door just slammed shut and the lights flickered. I checked for an open window or something that would have caused it to suddenly slam, but all the windows were shut and everyone else in the house was asleep. Later that night as I was dozing I became aware of a presence in my room and distinctly heard footsteps, like, it was unmistakably the sound of someone walking on carpet. Freaked me the hell out.

  31. I remember staying the night with my best friend one night. We were walking out of her bedroom about 1:00 o'clck in the morning and there was a black figure of a woman standing at the end of then hallway. Suddenly there was footsteps running across the living room as we heard a child giggleing.

  32. You scared me a bit when you said that thing about the mirrors because in my house we have a big mirror which is right next to the main and by far most used door. The thing is especially in the early days of mine I would always fill a presence at night standing in front of the mirrors kinda smiling or being happy right now I can fill someone sleeping next to me….but it's k I guess cause I got used to it and I don't feel so alone lol…

  33. oh my god, i got so scared when you said about the mirror. i always face the mirror from myself at night because i believe that a spirit can see me, i thought i was the only one.

  34. JESUS Christ
    That is scary A F
    The reason why I found this so scary is because while I was watching this video I was sitting in my bunk bed and in my room I have a wardrobe opposite to the door which has mirrors on the inside of the doors. When I first moved into my house about 3-4 years ago I kept thinking that my house was haunted what made this even worse was that we had an old lady who lived next door (on the side of the house where my wardrobes are) every night she would leave the TV on really loudly and I could hear it in the middle of the night an it scared the living s*** out of me.
    Next to my wardrobe I have a fire place that had been shut so we can't light fires anymore (if you know what I mean). Every time in the winter, when there is lots of wind, I can hear a rumble on the side of my room.

  35. my mom told me she was haunted for a small bit of time before I was even conceived. it was when she was in her twenties at the time, she worked at a haunted house called house on haunted hill, the building was actually haunted by a priest a little girl and the little girl's caretaker. one day the little girl ghost followed my mom home. my mom was dating my dad at the time but lived together. my mom found the little girl ghost by the bathroom door crying, and my dad was in the bathroom. my dad said he herd the little girl crying when he was in the bathroom. and that was the only time it happened. I will never forget this ghost story my mom told me, cause it seemed the little girl was crying for my mom cause here in the present my mom and dad are divorced and never get along and my dad want a nothing to do with my twin brother and me. I thought this was very creepy and wanted to tell you.

  36. I had kind of a paranormal experience. I was with a group and my friend in st.Augustine FL just exploring and looking for ghosts from around 11pm-4 am and I saw some stuff and whatever, but at the last location we went to, the leaders of the group told me that this was the most powerful spirit that we could see today, which was some native princes that was murdered there, and that she often makes people pass out from draining their energy. me as a HUGE skeptic even after seeing the things I did that night, went to the area which was like a big cut out, or bald spot, in the trees and bushes, and that's exactly where they said they see her all the time. I went down there with Shelby and the guys started FREAKING OUT, saying we should leave like right there and they feel anger coming from there, I felt it a bit too but I wasn't going to be a pussy like them. but my friend was getting a bit scared so she left the area, they all stayed close enough to see me but far enough to feel comfortable. but I was right next to the trees and such and as soon as my friend left, the mood completely changed, like did a full 180. and I started feeling excited rather than anger or scared. like a whole lot of energy was just shooting through me I felt compelled to actually run around and spend the energy because there was so much of it. so I started skipping around and laughing and stuff like that, and I look back at my group and they are all just shocked. like they have never seen that before, usually when people go there they have zero energy left and want to fall asleep. and they start pointing at the trees and freaking out saying "SHES HERE!!! SHES HERE!!! I CAN SEE HER!" so I look back at the trees seeing if I can see her, and in the back kind if I see like a really dark shadow in the shape of a really tall person, I couldn't see any details or anything like that, but I had a strong attraction to her, like I felt that if I could see what she looked like, that she would be very beautiful. and I felt like she was happy to see me. she bobbed around in the trees and bushed and came tords me. and I felt like an overwhelming feeling of joy and sadness and it felt like I was seeing an old friend that I haven't seen in a really really long time and I wanted to cry from joy. I have no idea who she is or even her story but I just felt like I knew her a long time ago, and I guess she knew me because she had such a positive reaction to me.
    but shortly after she was gone and everything was back to normal, nor random overwhelming feelings and after that we decided to leave.
    I just thought it was really interesting that that happened and I thought I should share.

  37. i was in a hous ones with my parents and it was like a tour thing and we were copamping out side, the hile night felt like some one was following me and when we got back to the camp i went to sleep and about 12 ish i had a candel dropped on me and saw a flash. from my tent and i sat there and screemed be ause i was only 9 😐

  38. As a child, we would go visit my aunt out in the woods down here in Texas, USA. She lived in a house that was actually two house- a new house and an old huse, connected by a super long hallway. My 3 cousins slept in the "old house", while the master bed, amin livingroom, kitchen, etc were in the "new house".

    One night, I was having trouble sleeping while visiting. As I was walking to the main livingroom down the hallway, a gust of wind kicked up around me. I started jogging, then running, but I tripped about 2/3 of the way down.

    I speed-crawled the rest of the way, the wind picking up strength, and as I passed some inset shelves that housed tapes, cds, etc…they started falling from the shelves by themselves.

    I jumped into my mom's arms in the livingroom and told her what had happened. Not only did she not hear a thing that had happened just a few feet away in the hallway, she then made me pick up all the stuff that had come down off of the shelves and go back to sleep- ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE. It was a loooooong night for me. I was like…8-ish.

  39. This is great cause I have a giant mirror next to the basement laundry room. I thought (I'm not so sure of it now) that the people coming downstairs to eavesdrop on the stairs by the mirror at 4 am are my family only pissing me off. I personally love it. makes my room very chilly…then again I do live in the basement

  40. So no one has to believe me on this, but this is my ghost story. It happened about one or two years ago when I was really into paranormal stuff. I had asked my grandmother if any paranormal things had happened in the family. She said yes, that in my old Aunt Gloria's house there was a poltergeist who was generally friendly. I forget what they called her, but I think it was Emily. Anyways, Emily just roamed the house like they did, and this was a huge mansion by the way not just a small house. She said whenever Emily got mad she would throw open door and throw things off of shelves and dressers and all that so I decided to check it out, and I experienced it first hand. No one has to believe me, but you said you love reading this stuff so I thought why not share it. I love you and your videos by the way ❤ ^_^

  41. At about 11 pm each night my apple iMac comes on by itself. My pet rat is normally running on her wheel at this time and all of a sudden she goes silent and just lays there on the wheel watching something. It's almost as if I can hear typing but the chair doesn't move and I have never seen whoever might be using my computer at night. The thing that creeps me out though is I have a mirror in my bedroom right next to my rats cage so it's as If my rat is watching something come out of it.I also have a GIANT mirror in the lounge above the fireplace and even though I have slept in there once whoever said haunting me is staying very well hidden. Even though I say that whenever my computer comes on I am always too scared to look if anyone is there but just before it comes on its almost as if I can feel someone creeping from the corner where the mirror is to the computer. But the thing is my bed is a cabin bed so it's always hard to see . But it looks like a shadow crawling along my floor

  42. I've watched all these fun stories but I am wondering where the one video is where you talk about the night you won in a haunted house? Could you link me? I simply cannot find it.

  43. I was about 8-9 years old and I had a party with my friends. I have my younger sister, and two of my best friends to back me up on this. Basically we were playing hide and seek/clap and myself, my sister and the younger of my two best friends hid in our wash room. (It was like one with a ledge a washing machine and tumble dryer) we sat on the ledge and covered ourselves with a blanket. I heard I noise like singing, but it was not very clear. I peeked about from the corner of the blanket(I was near the door) and saw a black shadow. It was walking closer so I put my head back under the cover. I didn't tell my sister nor my friend. About 5 minutes of waiting the older friend of mine, Niamh walks in. She gives up on the game after finding us and comes to join us on the ledge. When she does that the lights go off. Now all of us are on the ledge with the blanket. We all stop whispering and look up. The shadow from before is there. Frightened we are, yes, but because the shadow being at the

  44. when i was living in my family home about 10 years ago I was about 12 years old. I loved there with my mum and dad and three sister's.
    well… there always used to be small things happening before thing's got scary. when my sisters shared a room. at night they epukz hear footsteps up the stairs and the landing they would call out to my parents and about to them thinking it was them the footsteps would stop when they shouted. one night they got scared ram downstairs and my parents told them to go to bed and stop being silly. that stopped after a while. a few years went on I was 12 at this point and things got creepy my sister woke up screaming bear in mind she was not a child anynore so it was not get imagination getting the better of her. she said someone was pushng on her chest and she could not move and said the lamp shade was swaying as if someone knocked it. weeks went on and knives where places in strange possisions. I will always remember seeing a get figure going downstairs but the pace it was going was indescribable it was fast but glitchy?? anyway another night my mum was walking me back from brownies my parents light was on and it turned on and off a few times . we went inside and my sister's where downstairs in the living room watching tv .they said they hadn't been upstairs all night as they where scared. my CD player also used to turn in and off at high volume. after a while this stopped .

  45. One house my mom lived in had a nice ghost but also a very finicky one that apparently HATED my mom's decorating.
    Nice because the basement door didn't shut right and cold be pushed open easily if it was unlocked, and it was a long way down to the concrete floor. My mom had been doing laundry so the dpor was unlocked and my brother Vic was around in one of those baby walker things to stay occupied. He starts heading towards the door and rams into it, but it didn't budge like someone was holding it shut. My mom went over and moved him away and went to check the door, she tapped it and it opened.
    Hated my mlm's decorating because the knick knacks my mom had on shelves and the windowsill were always moved around or had gotten set on the floor, perfectly fine (all things standing upright, etc.). The latter things happened while Vic was in a playpen or different room entirely.

  46. my grandmother believes in ghost because she says one time when she was younger and was home alone (my grandfather was gone all the time because he's a tug boat driver) she was painting in the living room and it was very stormy outside and the phone started ringing and ringing but she was too scared to answer it because she thought that it was going to be someone telling her that something bad happened to my grandfather so for about 20 minutes she didn't answer the phone and just sat there panicking and out of nowhere one of her grandmother's books fell off the shelf into the middle of the floor and idk why but that time when the phone rang she answered it and it was her sister telling her that their grandmother had passed away.

  47. my mom believes the ghost of the old man who lived here before us is here because every once in a while at the same few times a year there's a strong cigar smell in the hallway and apparently his kids found him dead with a cigar in his mouth

  48. I love all of your ghost stories, Black Friday. I've never seen a ghost before but I have always had a deep interest for the paranormal. I hope that you post more of these soon. By the way, Mr. Nightmare shares great stories if you're looking for a fright.

  49. my friends and i made a video of me doing bloody mary on my own in a dark bathroom at school. and sometimes cameras can pick up things we can't. we're pretty damn sure the spirit interrupted the video. u can post your opinion on it on joyce's video 'bloody mary challenge' bye guys!

  50. you should make a video with all your ghost stories in the comments and try to relate to them or something. as a young kid I had talked to graves and I remember making my cousin cry. I had quite vividly explained the drowning and death of a priest or something that I saw in a cemetery. apparently the guy I had named was his best friend. His friend was scared crapless by water and was extremely religious. I don't personally remember this, it was all explained to me by my cousin.

  51. I don't believe in spirits but something peculiar happened to me last year. I went to take a shower, as usual I looked in the mirror for a bit before I got in the shower. Got in the shower. Shower curtain covering my view of the whole bathroom. Then once I had finished my shower, I shifted the curtain to get out, got out, everything was fine, then I looked at the mirror, and I shit you not – there was blood splatted all over the mirror. I just stood there, staring, my eyes wide open, and even though I still don't believe in spirits after that, I definitely am skeptical. Ever since then I've been eager for another paranormal experience to see if they are real.

  52. When I was in pre-school almost every day my mum would drive me. A couple of times I had yelled from the back seat "Mama there's a black man in the tree" and when my mum would look there was nothing there.

  53. my spoooooky story

    when I was a little girl we lived in a large very old house. my sister was to young to remember moving there but I was about 5 and I can remember like it was yesterday. after moving in I refused to go down into the basement as a child I was extremely sensitive to spiritual things and my mother used to catch me staring at the ceiling or talking to nothing and I had quite a few "imaginary" friends and I was never scared until this house and I just knew the basement was a bad place. at night I shared a room with my sister and many nights I could always feel a presence of someone standing behind me I'd whisper to my sister and ask her if she saw anything and all she would do is cry until my parents came in. I tried to tell them about it and that it wasn't a nice spirit but they just thought I had over active imagination but I always knew that there were some not nice spirits there. the other thing is they never did anything but scare me with there presence because I also bieleve there was good spirit there also the old grandma who had died in the house surrounded by loved ones before we moved in I always liked to think she chased the bad spirit away and always looked after me and my sister while we played

  54. I'm stuffed I have a ghost in my house and in my room my mums room and in her/ghosts room one of the walls is a mirror

  55. Okay, here's a weird one. Not a ghost story but it's pretty freaky. I have had problems with sleep my entire life- getting to sleep, staying asleep, horrible nightmares and sleep paralysis to varying degrees. During my Sophomore year in college, I'd periodically have strange things happen to me in my sleep. I'd hear a very particular classical piece in my head but before it got to a certain point, a face would jump out of the dark and ask "Hello?" and scare the shit out of me. This went on for a couple of weeks and finally a friend asked me "Have you said hello back?". I hadn't thought of it, but that night I thought I'd give it a try. Sure enough, classical piece, face in the dark. This time after it said hello, I said hello back and a pale, lanky figure sprang up and ran away into a field. I was lucid, but it had very clearly led me into a dream of some kind. This thing had a face like a man and long limbs and ran on all fours. It was covered in blood and was herding a flock of small children in heavy coats away from a fire at the edge of the field, which they seemed adamant on getting closer to. I asked him "Why are you doing this?" but got no response. I just stood there and watched him getting scorched as he shooed away this same bunch of kids in colorful little coats back towards the field of flowers. It's never happened again and I can't say I want it to.

  56. I'm a psychic and the first ghost I ever saw was my great grandpa who I had never met. It would have been right about the time he had died. I was 5 at the time.

  57. I have no spooky stories unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps). Does it happen that there are also people who don't feel ghosts that much or at all? I have an extremely vivid imagination and it doesn't take much to spook me in the dark, but so far, I've had no spooky stuff happen to me of any sorts. 😐

  58. when I listened careful to her my fucking alarm went off and it scared the living shit out of me ;_;

  59. when i was at my grandmas one time i was sitting in the living room at like 2:00 in the morning and behind me i heard a loud stadic sound like it came from a tv or electronic but there was no electronic over there, so i continued watching my show but then it happend a second time but this time it was louder, so finaly i grabed my i pad and turned on this ghost radar app i have that detects the supernatral and to my suprise when i turned it on the app picked up a spirit that was in that exact spot and acording to the raidar it was close, when(i know some apps are scams but this one actually makes sense) i first came into this house when she moved in i imeedietly felt scared, heavy, uneasy, and worried. and about a week lader when my mom stayed there she heard it to. my guess on this is the spirit is atracted to something in the china cabnit over in that area, the china cabnit is filled with dishes and decorations from 1950. and quite a few items passed down in my grandmothers family. ( please exuse my shitty spelling )and even in my own house i will here shit in the middle of the night, and i only started hearing things after my parents hung up that framed picture of my great grandparents weading rings and wedding papers.

  60. my cousin told me recently that some weird stuff has been happening. on night at 4 am she heard a really loud noise and she walked into the "living room" which is the game room they call it and the tv was on and blasted all the way up and they couldn't find the remote at all. her dad wasn't home and her brother never went in the game room that night. another time her radio was turned on and she hadn't used it in a long time and that's when she came home and her dad and brother often leave all the time. she asked her brother if he turned it on as a joke. he swore he didn't. she also has been telling me she hears footsteps upstairs when her dad isn't home and I believe I've heard then one night at her house. but nothing else happened after that time

  61. That's actually not that far fetched! My sister told me of a time when she was little, sick with cancer, and stayed mainly at our grandparents house.. She stayed there because they didn't have children or pets and were able to keep the house relatively clean.. One night, she said she had woken up and wasn't feeling very good, but didn't want to wake our grandparents. They were sleeping and she had already been feeling like a burden. Thankfully, however, she saw our grandma enter the dining room, stand there for a moment, then leave towards the laundry room. My sister was so happy because she was feeling sick, but at least she wasn't going to be alone anymore. She did find it kind of strange, however, that our grandmother went into the laundry room and didn't turn on the light. But she brushed it off and ran to the room anyway, calling for her. But when she flicked on the light, there was no one there… The laundry room is very small and there is no room to hide as an adult, let alone small like a child. Feeling more scared than anything my sister Rachael went back to bed and hid under the covers.

    The next morning she had asked our grandmother if she was awake last night and if she'd gone to the laundry room at all. Of course she denied it, and listened to Rachael describe the women she'd seen. She said she was wearing a light pink night gown, and white slippers and she realized then that even the womens hair was a little longer then grandma's. That's when we learned of the women who'd had a heart attack in the bath and ended up drowning, she was very old and usually had people help her bathe and so she'd wear a gown in the bath, and the pink one Rachael saw her wearing was the one the old women was found in..

  62. When are you going to tell us about the night you spent in the haunted house that you won? I watched all 5 of your Ghost videos and you haven't talked about it yet!!! I wanna know!!

  63. I don't deny this experience. But you seeing this? I think your brain was playing tricks on you. It could totally be hallucinations

  64. The research you did on the mirror thing makes sense about a feeling I had, when I went to the restroom of a pizzeria.

    There was this big, wall sized mirror facing the doorway and immediately I felt someone looking back at me that wasn't my reflection. In fact where I was looking wasn't even close to my refection. Of course, this would be a commonly used doorway.

    Anyway, I got the idea from this that they were a voyeur. I mean, the energy that came off of it was a feminine presence. Yeah, yeah, male goes to restroom, female in mirror. But my job isn't to make you believe me.

    I don't know if there were any other spirits there, but this one observed me very attentively. So I felt them more (that is if there were others in there). Looking back, she's rather young too.

  65. So there is an old wives tale about mirrors. If there is a mirror facing the door when someone dies or if mirrors or uncovered during a funeral, the soul gets trapped in the the house due to the mirrors. That's why the cover mirrors in cloth in houses where someone has died.

  66. After my grandad died when I was in high school, the lights in the house tend to flicker around christmas time, regular as clockwork. And, once I was staying at someones house and I woke up in the middle of the night and some guy in a tweed or corduroy jacket walked through the living room into the kitchen area – he didnt come back and when I went to use the toilet a short time later there was no one there, and if he had gone out the back I would have heard it (the place was pretty messy and lots of shit was piled against the back door). Apparently it used to happen quite a bit in that house, but it was the only time I experienced it.

  67. Ever since I was little, like 3, I suffered from horrible horrible nightmares. Always very dark, nasty, bloody, gory, and violent. My parents thought I was sneaking down stairs at night to watch television (I wasn't) and that was what was causing the nightmares so they dismantled the television every night so I couldn't turn it on. Well I kept having these nightmares and they started to get worse. After a while as I got older, I started seeing what I can only describe as "shadow people" following me around or just chilling places, particularly in one corner of my bedroom where the light never hit. I started to realized that I might have a ghost or something supernatural that was tormenting me I started asking it to leave me alone. My senior year of high school is what finally brought an end to my nightmares as I started dating a young man who was friends with a lovely lady who happens to be a witch. When her and I first met she asked me if I was suffering from nightmares. I said that I was. She then asked me if I was aware that I had three spirits that were attached to me. I said I knew but had no idea how to get rid of them, as I had asked begged and pleaded in the past and the nightmares just got more intense. Long story short she helped me get rid of them through a few rituals and an amulet. Now I no longer suffer those horrible nightmares. I still see shadow people occasionally but they mostly leave me alone, I've only seen one in my apartment since I moved in two years ago, and I suspect it was the woman who used to live in the unit who before she went to a nursing home.

  68. I don't really have much of one but pretty much I was home with my mom brother and my kid when suddenly we all heard something shatter we're all pretty accident prone so I just yelled out if my mom was ok because I heard it come from the hallway what happened was this jar candle that sat in the middle of the toilet tank in the hall bathroom and was their for months prior had been broken in the middle of the bathtub we have no idea what did this or why all we know is that there was no way it could have just fallen in there especially sense no one was. in there or near there at the time

  69. Your grandma sounds awesome! Actually your whole family sounds open to supernatural things and that is so sweet! I would LOVE to hear more about them!

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