Video: The Danger of Christmas tree fires

Video: The Danger of Christmas tree fires

What we’d like to do is show you the impacts of what happens when you have a dry tree in your house and it would happen to catch fire, just how quickly it could cause a problem during the holiday season. We love to decorate. It’s been very well known across Pennsylvania, people love to decorate their homes and whether it’s a live trees or lights, whatever the case, it’s very important to take a few safety steps and safety measures, whenever you do that. From a tree perspective, watering your tree, try not to bring it in the house too early. That cut that you make on the bottom of the tree is very important because it opens up the pores in a tree and allows it to absorb water. The lights that you put on that tree, they sat up maybe in the attic or somewhere in the basement for a whole year and haven’t been used. It’s important to go through those and make sure that the electric cords aren’t frayed and by all means, make sure you turn everything off at night before you go to bed. Don’t leave candles on, don’t leave the lights on. Make sure those things are all taken care of.

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