100 thoughts on “Vintage Party Food Taste Test

  1. “That’s my stick!!!” “I’m taking your stick!!!” “My stick is just a little bit longer than yours.” “My stick is more accurate.”

  2. I will never understand the 40s and 50s and their obsessions with cottage cheese, mayonnaise, jello and jello molds. Like… why? 🤷‍♂️

  3. Rett: but first party snack , that have been around longer than you

    Queen Elisabeth: I remember that one, ooh did I enjoy that in my days

  4. I only discovered you guys about a month ago and since then I’ve been binging you daily. Your channels make me so happy. You’re a light in a muddy world.

    You guys are hands down soul mates. Don’t get me wrong…you have many
    many soul mates including your spouses and kids. But you guys have been peas in a pod for “ever”. Most of us probably aren’t as lucky as you…to have such a bond. God bless ya’ll.

  5. I really like these. You guys should do more of them. there are so many more interesting things from 1900's – 1990's that you guys could be discovering and guessing when it was popular.

  6. 2500 BC had delicacies, especially in the complex civilization of the 5th dynasty of Egypt and Mesopotamia, which included fish, barley, wheat, and honey and bread.

  7. Link: gimme dat stick

    Rhett: woah hold on, that's my stick


    Rhett: my stick's just a little bit longer than yours

    subtle Rhett, subtle

  8. They should make it so that they make a final guess with words then they do the board thing and if they land on the correct number they get the point. Not whose closer that would be more entertaining in my opinion.

  9. Is it just me or does everybody like the way link has changed over the chill I really don't

  10. I have no idea how their wives can kiss them knowing all of the disgusting things they put in their mouths. I don't care how attractive someone is, that is a huge NOPE.

  11. Do you ever wonder when rhett goes home and kisses his wife and shes like "whats the smell" and he's like "oh i had to eat a worm" and shes like " you and link must be good friends"

  12. They should give a point for guessing right and one point for landing in the right place. That would be more fair cause Link is athletically challenged

  13. I ate a worm for $1 once as a kid…it wasn't that bad, just tasted like the dirt on it 😅😅

  14. Neither of them have had bread bowl with spinach dip? Sometimes I wonder if they pretend they don't know what something is.

  15. Oh, and I learned about Rhett & Link from my Roku? Must be the new normal I been hearing about in the Root?

  16. Link: I WIN!!!'
    Rhett: Act like you've been there before.
    A reference to Link's two soccer goals in one game.

  17. Idc that Link is picky about a lot of things, I am too, but does he have to remind us every single time that he doesn't like something?

  18. Everytime link wears that shirt I swear its just a photo of his hair from the side view. But then I realize it's a fox. Every.Time.

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