1. That fun fact though!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Also seeing Wilma is making me miss my dog while I'm away, they're the same breed😭😭

  2. That fun fact though!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Also seeing Wilma is making me miss my dog while I'm away, they're the same breed😭😭

  3. Wait…you got Wilma A YEAR AGO?!! I remember that vlog very well it was so cute I had watched it on repeat, but I can't believe it was in December 2014 :O Time flies

  4. Hilarious, but what I wanna know is: where did you get that Christmas tree pullover?!?! Love it, so cute!! (Yes, the sexy Mrs. Claus outfit was…in fact sexy, but the tree is more my style!! haha)

  5. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA SE LES PERDIO OTRA vez la patita del arbolito de navidad !!
    cΓ³mo me rei con esoo! onda las minitAS ree emocionadas porque navidad bla bla bla
    van a armar el arbol y se enteran de eso OTRA VEZ jajajajaj
    onda q hacen dos boludeces en la casa y "ya se cansan" claramente viven en un pais economicamente estable ¬¬

  6. Why don't you make a video of putting down the tree again every year? Like that you would have on video where the missing stuff goes πŸ™‚

  7. You two doing Vlogmas makes me so happy…. I love watching videos of you guys and having a new one every day is a DREAM COmE TRUE.

  8. I think the noise Wilma reacts to is so similar to a howl to her. One of my dogs will reply by howling as well, but the other two will just come and see what's up.

  9. About the duck sound
    Rosie : dont do it again
    Rose : im not going to
    few seconds later
    Rose : im so attempted!!

    Wonder whos older now..hahahaha

  10. Please be careful letting your dog play with baubles, if he bites too hard and it breaks it could really hurt itself! xx

  11. Everybody in the comments talking aboot tea. Well here's my favourite:
    Red Rose Orange Pekoe steeped for 3 minutes, dunked 10 times right after pouring the 196 degree Fahrenheit water into the large mug and 10 times after the 3 minutes are up. Then one and a half teaspoons of sugar(or some honey if it's available) and a levelled out teaspoon of creamer(can't use real creamer or milk due to lactose intolerance) and there you have it.

  12. it would be amazing if they had done a single vlogmas every year they were together… that way we could look back every year to see their Christmases…

  13. Logically I know that they're adults but I've just watched a few Rose vids from like 2013/14 and it amazes me how grown-up they look/seem now. Still silly and adorable but also mature.

  14. you guys are so crazy funny u the nice thing about u guys is you guys are so honest and clear to each other that's so nice

  15. I need to know where rose got her tree hoodie, i wanna look fire this Christmas even if it is still 5 months awayπŸ˜‚

  16. Are you guys doing vlogmas this year? crosses fingers
    Also, its 1:13AM and the struggle to not laugh is hard xD P.s…. ROSIE YOU SOUND EXACTLY LIKE MY AUNT XD (which is weird considering we're Australian and you aren't.. anyways, love from Australia xD)

  17. The ending is legend, also Roses face? And im pretty sure Rosie was hugging her from behind like in their yoga video they did.

  18. Me:*reads the bio*
    Caption author: RosesChineseBoobies


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