does it not look like someone’s spunked on my painting hi guys good morning today is Sunday and today we are going to be putting up a Christmas tree so I just want to show you a few things I bought yesterday when we’re in Cambridge so let me just turn this camera around and as you all know I’ve got my Polaroid camera as well as the camera I’m filming on so I’ll show you a few snaps I took it Cambridge actually this is my paranoid Cameron Laura Dix for my birthday present got me this cool case and so this is like well I’ll show you my personal album actually you guys probably haven’t seen this here’s a bit of trivia you watch some of our videos you see me taking some of these photos I bought this camera when I was in New York so the first pictures I took were in New York that’s when I met Marissa no girlfriend that was the first day we brought Wilma home and you can actually watch the Brahmas I think it was a vlogmas last year yeah because we got her on the 30 for December so that was the day we brought Wilma home so on the 13th of December it’s our one-year anniversary of Wilma my family that was like Boxing Day we spent with Laura yeah that’s fun the same day that one didn’t come out but they were playing a game and there’s my friends that was the first time we did radio one that was me getting a coffee like before when it’s Radio one that’s from my hand oh actually my friends kissy Anna that’s rose and Emma the night before our wedding Laura’s really ill so she was really pale wedding day me and my dad and my bridesmaids pets that’s what we went to pool and that was in a video when I took a picture Lindsay before beads be Rosie Alex and Suzy obviously Shannon and cami looking great I love that picture and that’s just before we went out in West Hollywood I think I look uglier but that’s when I got back from LA that’s okay I look so ugly here but that’s a better photo that was just after we’d finished filming the show that’s our episode of the show and it’s a survival show when he’s I just texted him earlier actually because he’s just about to go to film a second so no they’re not digital what are they disposable so I found this disposable camera I got the classic premium quality and I thought I really want to take some like natural photos over Christmas you know I don’t want it to be like oh what do I look like also they’re really fun to do the thing where you hide it behind your back it’s only just go boom and take a picture real quick Selena had a bit of his tail amputated because he’d injured it and he needed it amputated and we took his cone off yesterday and he’s really happy was wasn’t doing too badly with his cone but you can see his tail there look at the end where it’s been shaved and amputated lubber I know strange isn’t it baby Rose has been begging me to wear my mrs. Claus outfit she’s been begging me for ages she’s been like oh yeah this Christmas you gonna wear that sexy mrs. Claus outfit or whatever and I was gonna wear out on Christmas Day but then I was like you know what Christmas Day it’s a day where you wear your pajamas or onesie it’s not it’s not like it’s not a sexy day it’s more of a country day and so she wants me to put it on today because we’re decorating the tree and she wants it so bad to the point that she went out into the garage cuz I got like this fancy dress box in the garage and she went got a thing I don’t know if it’s ever been washed okay Rosie has decided that she’s a cup of tea halfway through making a video because she’s not exhausted it must be exhausting looking that good so we’ve just been filming where’s the camera oh nice just go by the radiator oh and then she gets too hot and pants ah she the cutest bears Paulie she’s got ear infection I know so we have to keep and drops we do but anyway yeah filming that’s the camera that’s the light we’re filming this video called Christmas wish we had nothing planned we never script on video planet roses like let’s just talk about our Christmas wishes and I was like okay Seuss at that Andros decides on the spot her Christmas wish is for me to give her lap dance so now she wants to film me getting her laptop yeah I think it’s gonna be great for me can I come to you and then I’m gonna give this broad a lot brazen offence you so sexy down to here and then like the slipper the slippers browsers happen hey sexy it’s also comfort here’s a fun fact I did a module called pornography what is’t unit and did you know that you’re like way more likely to have an orgasm if you’re wearing your socks which is why porn stars always wear socks number two eyes here eyes up here here’s you think I look sexy to you because I’ve got a fun fact about itself if my men never been washed that’s disgusting I’m actually out you know when you’re living as me you reek sex appeal yeah sometimes you just gotta work in this is me working in like I know it’s a bit revealing people shouldn’t judge baby would kill me alright don’t tree Shane me are you recording yeah because it’s funny having a Christmas tree behind me also this is a vlog aka brought mess and I’m trying to vlog me doing real I think so right now I’m making a cookie my mr. Santa outfit on don’t you know I can eat a curry every day twice a day for the rest of my videos Island like yeah double curry curry followed by curry yeah that’s mine so I like what get some current Amen put it in like a Papa Tom yeah and then like put more curry on it South my men to me alright guys I’m gonna go I’m gonna go get my some fuckin lap dance jealous should be you know why cuz you’re you’re not as good a tree as me so okay then bye guys Rosie had a lap-dancing related injury the light broke and it Oh Wilma sorry Rosie it with you injury Oh Rosie rose all right so so Wilma knows you’re hurt look well knows mommy hurt you don’t really care you just want to be close to the radiator Joe yeah Oh point proven I’m sorry about your injury I can’t look that’s you know I think you can Christmas tree down now it’s an artic that we can’t really reach which doesn’t have staircase I have breath from all that lap dancing you took my breath away Rose Rose not dance me as well so did I take your breath away oh you just said that in a way yeah goodbye listeners it is good so up there amateur yeah right twist that thing yeah we just twist it right it comes down what’s now that the is no there’s no ladder I know I’ve never done this before I know it’s good to have a man around the house do don’t do this at home don’t even attempt to use at home what open antic it’s all right I don’t like how takes just say no I’m stance we twist it and it’ll come down towards you where your head is basically okay so twist it one way yeah yeah come on I know just comes down like crouch down that’s it I mean should be us like really tall at there yeah that’s a little lighter though another stop ringing Shh yes what what could you hear could you because you said this better be right away it’s something up there stop it well done oh my goodness well there’s the dog and why so surprised that I can do things rying on tormek spit go collect it off you oh that’s what refine well done no thanks there should be a big plastic ball on descending on them so first Christmas argument Christmas bickering no no put the camera down read boiling and make my knees have a break maybe you should lap dance me again I think not see anything like a tree oh yeah because that will that will give you breath fluffy self-raising okay seriously need to cross water I think we should wal K huh and then I think we should probe for Christmas tree cuz you’re wearing your quistis yeah fair I’m dressed as mrs. Claus I’m excited meant to be oh come here okay so the time has come for Rosie and I to decorate the tree which I’m really excited about because I love decorating trees can we put these on here somehow or no thank you great idea hold on how was sellotape or something does it have to be that particular stocking well there are others but this is my stalker really you’re sticking with that one this year that’s nice look at this table runner oh we can put it on the table that would make more sound on the table but the tables not clear at my brother oh this is stressing me out get the dog out of my lovely classy not very expensive decreasing in it I think oh my god babe I bought you that and forget about 2012 that’s docking you remember I had it in my old and flat and I had it under my tree okay I don’t know it’s because I didn’t have stocking yeah tonight right I did I made a very letter and everything and it was really it was super cute I’ve been living there yeah you put little things in it I think he was a prenup I wrote wasn’t it okay see this year we’ve gone with a Norwegian firm I’m joking it’s just simple shit from Asda but it’s gonna look lovely if there’s a piece missing this year as I blame you I just realized something I’m not even joking what you purposely left my pink tree in the Attic now yes you saw her in that didn’t you I didn’t see it I think it’s cause we threw it away did you remember yeah yeah no yeah no I let me tell you why no let me tell you how I know we were gonna throw it away right but after a decorator last year I put it back in the box fully decorated and so I said I’m not gonna throw it away because loads of decorations are moving in you okay captain so you’ve news just in I threw it away no you didn’t think I’m dressing up as mrs. Claus ever again you’ve just ruined Christmas playing you have why did you throw away my favorite treat I’m sorry I thought my favorite stocking Wilma no offense but why you wanna eat Christmas rose you’re missing shibby oh my god really really anyway I’ve got all really quick so I’ve never read no wake up in the Christmas tree yet but I’m excited to start so what we’re gonna do is start building it and when it’s perfect that’s when we’re gonna put the camera back on so you think that we didn’t argue while we were trying to get to that stage this is the boss fighting dream what did you do sit oh my god do you want me to do it Bracy good girl down good girl yeah you will not believe what has just happened we opened the Christmas tree box and we’re missing one integral piece how is it happened to us – our lives the second time this has happened to us and guess what each time it’s happened Rose Dickinson here I think your curse we’re gonna have to go by any trade it’s Sunday no God go buy anywhere that’s me wait loco what time is it no wait what time is it it’s yeah this Sunday suppose 8 o’clock okay bye why don’t you tell everybody exactly how you’re feeling right now not me woman cool that we’re not in the Christmas cheer anymore I’ll put the ball down she’s gonna break it she’s gonna break it Rosie careful your boobs look great though so silver lining my wife is picking up the cat’s what we like to call nugs put them into the toilet not funny it’s not what I wanted to do normally the cat goes outside it does ask outside but it’s restore me oh you look adorable hello gorgeous he only has fresh running water so yeah raising that dog is really really good mine’s better okay boomer was this Oh did the noise basically we’ve got this noise and if we do it will Mateus come throw away the noise oh the noise of intrigue starring and I was intrigued she thinks sex noise of injury during will verse no sample I just like to do because I love warmer so much I just do to her what was what was now pregnant Koenig Rosie had to clean the ear infection out of Wilma’s ear and then she kept sniffing it and then she wanted to eat the infection those your antibiotics you can have them in five minutes waa yeah it can be kisi no matter what like you look make out it’s pretty concerned you wouldn’t make out with me if I threw myself at he’s above Brit Roseberry inspection stains their fans it’s like a quack noise you’re gonna make a bark yeah oh yeah that’s it it’s at the water yeah antibiotics she pees Donald Duck’s here now she hates it when I pretend Donald Duck’s here don’t do it again penguin dude kept fucking penguins that Cesar good boy funny oh look at her protecting us cuz she thinks Donald Duck’s Dale’s dead ducks not dancers or win it don’t do it again I’m not go to well no it’s okay Donald it’s gone I’m just so tempted to do it again Johnny I’m not gonna do it again no Ducks were harmed in the making of this vlog your social life probably has been okay bye


  1. That fun fact though!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Also seeing Wilma is making me miss my dog while I'm away, they're the same breed😭😭

  2. That fun fact though!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Also seeing Wilma is making me miss my dog while I'm away, they're the same breed😭😭

  3. Wait…you got Wilma A YEAR AGO?!! I remember that vlog very well it was so cute I had watched it on repeat, but I can't believe it was in December 2014 :O Time flies

  4. Hilarious, but what I wanna know is: where did you get that Christmas tree pullover?!?! Love it, so cute!! (Yes, the sexy Mrs. Claus outfit was…in fact sexy, but the tree is more my style!! haha)

  5. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA SE LES PERDIO OTRA vez la patita del arbolito de navidad !!
    cΓ³mo me rei con esoo! onda las minitAS ree emocionadas porque navidad bla bla bla
    van a armar el arbol y se enteran de eso OTRA VEZ jajajajaj
    onda q hacen dos boludeces en la casa y "ya se cansan" claramente viven en un pais economicamente estable ¬¬

  6. Why don't you make a video of putting down the tree again every year? Like that you would have on video where the missing stuff goes πŸ™‚

  7. You two doing Vlogmas makes me so happy…. I love watching videos of you guys and having a new one every day is a DREAM COmE TRUE.

  8. I think the noise Wilma reacts to is so similar to a howl to her. One of my dogs will reply by howling as well, but the other two will just come and see what's up.

  9. About the duck sound
    Rosie : dont do it again
    Rose : im not going to
    few seconds later
    Rose : im so attempted!!

    Wonder whos older now..hahahaha

  10. Please be careful letting your dog play with baubles, if he bites too hard and it breaks it could really hurt itself! xx

  11. Everybody in the comments talking aboot tea. Well here's my favourite:
    Red Rose Orange Pekoe steeped for 3 minutes, dunked 10 times right after pouring the 196 degree Fahrenheit water into the large mug and 10 times after the 3 minutes are up. Then one and a half teaspoons of sugar(or some honey if it's available) and a levelled out teaspoon of creamer(can't use real creamer or milk due to lactose intolerance) and there you have it.

  12. it would be amazing if they had done a single vlogmas every year they were together… that way we could look back every year to see their Christmases…

  13. Logically I know that they're adults but I've just watched a few Rose vids from like 2013/14 and it amazes me how grown-up they look/seem now. Still silly and adorable but also mature.

  14. you guys are so crazy funny u the nice thing about u guys is you guys are so honest and clear to each other that's so nice

  15. I need to know where rose got her tree hoodie, i wanna look fire this Christmas even if it is still 5 months awayπŸ˜‚

  16. Are you guys doing vlogmas this year? crosses fingers
    Also, its 1:13AM and the struggle to not laugh is hard xD P.s…. ROSIE YOU SOUND EXACTLY LIKE MY AUNT XD (which is weird considering we're Australian and you aren't.. anyways, love from Australia xD)

  17. The ending is legend, also Roses face? And im pretty sure Rosie was hugging her from behind like in their yoga video they did.

  18. Me:*reads the bio*
    Caption author: RosesChineseBoobies


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