Warm White Deluxe LED Christmas Lights

Warm White Deluxe LED Christmas Lights

Keep the nostalgia of past holiday season
with warm white deluxe LED Christmas lights and bulbs. The comforting warmth of these lights more
closely resembles the familiar golden glow of incandescent Christmas lights but has the
same low power consumption of popular standard LED Christmas bulbs. This enhanced warm tone color is available
in 50, 100, and 150 bulb string light sets as well as C7 and C9 LED replacement bulbs. Use them indoors or outdoors to add that golden
candlelight gleam to decorate porches, Christmas trees or even a winter wedding reception. For more on Christmas lighting, check out
the 1000Bulbs.com YouTube channel where you’ll find inspirational DIYs along with detailed
videos of other professional quality products.

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