100 thoughts on “Washington Post columnist calls to ‘burn down’ Republican Party

  1. She cant help it, she has Down Syndrome, a Mongol called in Europe. Thats why this idiot is calling for violence, a reason to get indicted.

  2. I'm not a Democrat or Republican im a go Trumper that's my party that's my afiliation. In 2020 people like me who have never voted before are going to the polls and shut down the Deep state the corrupt government, antifa and every single one of the corrupt politicians,
    CNN MSNBC ABC CBS and their affiliates are history.

  3. No one wins in a 1 party system she is a moron with NO JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY, period keeps her job strickly by being anti Trump…sad

  4. What we need to do is send all these anti christ demons to Venezuela they can have there satan prayers all they want there
    God Bless America and President Trump MAGA 2020

  5. Pretty clear they're insane and have totally run out of ideas. If they ever really got into a war, they'd wake up pretty fast.

  6. I thought the "Party of Inclusion" condemned shaming and bullying… I guess that depends on whether you support them or not… watching the bobble-heads nodding in the background as she spewed her self-righteous opinions provided a clear view of their unifying lack of moral responsibility, as they openly call for discrimination and hatred upon those who do not share their views. This nationwide trend of summarily dismissing entire populations of our own countrymen and calling for their marginalization is a far greater threat to our Republic than the Russians ever thought of being. More than that… I give you the New Racism…. "and it ain't purty"….

  7. The Left is imploding so fast, and this idiot is inciting violence against Republicans.
    This woman should be fired and taken to a local emergency room immediately!!!
    TDS is killing her!!!!

  8. Democrats are polarizing the country and then complaining that we’re divided. This woman is talking like a hillbilly feuding with her neighbors. If that’s how it is, then run the democrats out of town. And when they’re gone, shovel their footprints off the path.

  9. Take guns, knives, clubs and face masks away from Democrats and the USA would be a safer place. Most killings are done in Democrat Party made and funded inner city ghettos, Vote for President Trump and Congress persons supporting him to get jobs back for black, brown and all American citizens First, to give us away to escape our violent democrat radicals surrounding us. Insanity is Voting the same way over and over again expecting different results. What do you have to lose, Pres.Trump Jobs are your ticket to flee violent neighborhoods. Democrats and RINO's sent our jobs to China, Trump is fighting to bring JOBS back to America for YOU!

  10. I love how, the hate mongerers, no other way to describe it, hate the Republican party so much and love the Democrats, so much. Could it be, that these people, forget, which party kept them in bondages? Denied, them voting, education, Civil Rights? Yep, you guessed it;, The Democrats!

  11. I feel like that's the kind of woman who hasn't been laid in years. She aint getting no action. She too busy trying to burn down the republican party lol.

  12. Wow, social media democratic agenda (players), is pissed there goals were not met 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 be pissed my friend be pissed 😁

  13. No we should shun Jennifer. Could you think you are? Oh that's right, you're with a party of haters. When you Democrats don't get your way all she do is call names and hate……. Oh and I forgot, you try to overthrow a sitting president. Go Trump 💪

  14. Hate, confusion, racism and lies are all the media and the democratic leadership can give us. You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

  15. Jennifer Ruben looks as evil and ugly as she is. Just look at that fugly mug of hers. Good Lord it should be a sin to look that ugly. The best part is, she knows it. That's why she is so hateful. Must be one hell of a miserable existence to live in her skin.

  16. This snowflake doesn't want anyone to say anything to offend her, but she sits there and threatens to level us. Her brainwashing is her demise!

  17. I have been proposing banning the Democratic party& the Antifa for some time now they need to go to A. Reedumacation Camp🏕️.. and if they don't reform themselves they may disappearo,😏

  18. the socialist communist democratic party is an un-American party ! the party of division ! the over taker of America ! a party full of terrorists . VOTE IT OUT OF THE U.S.

  19. Calling for the destruction of 50 % of the population is a call to violence and should be punished to the full extent of the law. I am sick of Democrats publicly calling for violence against conservatives and suffering no consequences. These people are calling for acts of terrorism.

  20. And this is how “reasonable” people can convince themselves of the reasonableness of building ovens to incinerate a whole class of people

  21. That woman appears to be totally insane, she lacks any sense of humanity. She must be forced to Apologise for inciting violence, and fired from Washington Compost.

  22. After TRUMP Wins We Can Exclude Democrats From Everything. Their Opinion Won't Count For Anything. Trump Can Run The Country Like A Business And Drain The Swamp Of Useless Overpaid Corrupt Do Nothing Politicians And The People Who Serve Them Like Indentured Slaves. Eliminate Half The So Called Departments That Only Waste Taxpayers Hard Earned Money. Take Hoovers Name Off The FBI Building. He Is And Was An Embarrassement. Get Term Limits Passed For The Good Of The Country. TRUMP 🇺🇸 2020

  23. While she’s at it, attach a self explosive to herself and detonate in the Democratic chamber of congress. Drain the Swamp🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Let's hope that entire panel of MSNBC loosers have severe accidents!! MAGA THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Democrats are evil burn them down!!!!!

  25. Jennifer Rubin should be given a one way ticket out of the country who works for the Washinton Post. She is a nutty columnist. She wants to take out Trump and all of the Republican voters by burning us out. She is a corrupt jewish columnist and I say, if you are not happen here in america, leave. The door swings both ways lady. You are nothing more than a loony elite democrat with a lot of money made here in the USA and no appreciation for being given the opportunity for success. We do your need you mouth. I say lets shut down the Washinton Post and fire this idiot and all the people who work there. Are all you liberals crazy or is it in the water.

  26. I agree with the ones saying that she is telling others to hurt someone , how is she thinking that they are part of a peaceful side of society and the government when you are inviting violence and assaulting another living being , they are horrible example of a human being or are they not of gods creations , are they demonic ?

  27. They would like to us dead
    These people are extremely dangerous. We sort of smirk and shake are heads at this woman, when ought to be taking her seriously

  28. Jennifer Rubin is awesome and smart. She's so right, we need to burn down the scumbags that have taken over our government.

  29. That’s NOT news, it’s a editorial. Would love to see news.
    Hate to inform the Democrats, that their vile behavior has made many like myself switch sides.
    Keep the Kleenex handy in 2020.😭

  30. Good to see the WP Hires the unbiased, unhinged & unbalanced. The post has all the news that's fit to line your cat litter tray.

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