Watercolor Christmas Card

Watercolor Christmas Card

hi thanks for joining me this is angie
at chic n scratch this is the card we’re making today here are the supplies
with white cardstock that measures eight and a half by five and a half garden
green I got two pieces of garden green so this one is five and a quarter by two
and three quarters and then this one is three and three quarters by three we’ve
got the quilted Christmas designer series paper and that measures five by
two and a half and then I’ve got two pieces of whisper white that measure
three and a half by two and three quarters that’s just in case I mess up
so you only need one okay so the first thing we’ll do is score our cardstock placing it here on the simply scored
scoring tool and score in it at four and a quarter fold it over to find the card
base okay next we’re going to add our designer series paper to the garden
green and look this is using black this is
using the Mary I can’t remember the name of the designer series paper I’ll make
sure I post it on the screen but this is using the black shimmer ribbon so here’s
the garden green here’s the black I can’t decide which one I like best
okay back to this card sorry about that Lane swerve right at least it was
related to the card okay I’m just gonna add this down here at the bottom I’m
trying to remember this might be my first Christmas card posted on my blog
I’ve shared plenty in my newsletter except this time I’m gonna stamp the
greeting first there we go I’m using a 1/8 circle punch the garden
green stitched satin ribbon so what we’re going to do is attach this with a
garden green cardstock and then we’re going to take the whole
punch and just punch a hole right there and I can never remember if I’m going to
go from the front to the back or from the back to the front so I’m just going
to tell you that because if I mess up then I’m going to start over because I
want to get it right it always takes me a couple of these to remember I think I
did it right but I’m not sure yeah so remember go from the top to the bottom
and that’s how you’re going to tie your bow and hopefully that makes sense
I want the bow to look good and go in the right direction and by going from
the front to the back that allows it to kind of go lay the way I want it to if
that makes sense okay now dimensional’s and we have one more step we’re going to
add a little metallic we write that right here if you’ll
notice on the black version I used a silver and then on the garden green I
use the gold I told you I use these for a swap so I’m a little short on the gold
stars okay so there you have it there’s both of them have a great day thanks a

14 thoughts on “Watercolor Christmas Card

  1. Angie, both colors are gorgeous. A great card for new crafters because it’s not difficult and the results are so beautiful.

  2. I watched because I thought it was a watercolor card……….that's what I am watching tonight. Pretty cards but wrong labeling.

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