Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ◄ Early BLACK FRIDAY Deal

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ◄ Early BLACK FRIDAY Deal

– Today. – Waterproof Bluetooth wireless speakers. – Black Friday prices. (cash register dings) (light music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Casey. – Awesome, great, and I’m
really excited for today’s deal. I hunt down huge deals every day. No companies pay us to talk about them, and today, Braven, (gasps) we’re talking high-end, durable audio. We’re gonna do a smash test. We’re gonna do a soak test. We’re gonna do a winning
subscriber giveaway dance. – (laughs) That’s right. Make sure you subscribe, and if you are, I’ll dance for you at
the end of this video. – The winning subscriber dance so you all feel like winners
even if you don’t win, and before we get to that point, I want to remind you that I have access to all of the major Black Friday and Cyber Monday
doorbusters delivered early. Subscribers, we hook you up. This is the place to save more money than anyone else in the country. – Yep, we got you guys
covered all season long. – And it begins with today’s deal. Now I’ve profiled a lot of the lower end Bluetooth
speakers before, and yes, you could do great for $14 or
$15 but if you want high-end. – [Matt Voiceover] This audio system located right under this video screen in the description box is under 50 bucks for its first time
Black Friday doorbuster. You get your choice of colors. Even on Amazon where they’re
selling it for 80 bucks, you can see it’s hugely well-rated. The deal I found has that
12-hour battery life, water-resistant, it’s also a power bank. Let’s put it to the test. – And since this device
has Bluetooth capabilities, you can pair it with
pretty much any device like an iPod, iPhone, iPad,
anything, and through our tests, it can pair the device up to 40 feet away. – Yeah, the range was amazing, and it’ll also charge your
devices which is really cool so on this side right here, you can see there is a USB output. All I need to do is take a lightning cable or whatever connector it is you want, and in this case, we are going to power and charge an iPhone 6
Plus from the same speaker that is now going to play music. (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) Here we go. (Casey laughs) That’s some good audio. Now if we were to take this out, (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) it’s still going. You just dance a little bit. I’m gonna get water. – Okay, bye. – [Matt] Yes, Casey. (Casey laughs) (Casey laughs) Great dancing, Casey. Now I want to point out that
this is also very durable. (knocking) It’s also waterproof. (knocking) (Casey laughs)
It’s still working! Do you feel the Christmas spirit? – Yeah, I do. (laughs) (knocking) – And you get controls on this so you could control
your device conceivably. You could turn it on
or off, which is great, and listen to the difference between this and the computer speakers. Terrible.
– It’s really good audio. Brilliant. – The bass is great, the treble is great, and there is no trouble with this. If you drop it, you soak it. Great grab. I feel like I’m yelling a lot but I’m really excited. Casey, what do you think
it’s time for right now? – A giveaway dance even
though I danced earlier– – You’re gonna dance again! – We’ll do it again. – [Matt Voiceover] Using Tube
Buddy’s random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s
commented in the last six months, our first winner for today is LHJ. Thanks for watching the video. Just email [email protected]
for your freebie, and our second winner, Alex Garcia 1. Awesome! Same thing, just email
me for your freebie, and everyone else right now, please make sure you have
all of your notifications on for this channel so you
can get an email alert for all future deals and
also know when you win. – I’m gonna lean on you at the same time. – Okay. Yes, you won! – You won. (laughs) (somber music) This is the weirdest song I’ve ever heard. – It’s royalty-free. I can’t pay for anything. – How do you even dance to it? – Great sound, no? Or we could still.
– Wait, stop. (knocking) – You’re smashing me that. – Sorry, I apologize. – Oh gosh. – We’re just gonna shut the speaker off, and remind you that if you’d
like to make this grab, it’s a limited time deal, which you can find located
right under this video screen. Grab it. If you want it, now is your time. This is a doorbuster. What were you gonna say? – I was gonna say that
they need to make sure they’re subscribed and comment. – Why? – Because you have an awesome channel, and you save them so much money. – And then you can win. This or something else? Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for. You really excelled on
your dance internship. – I expect dancing a lot
in, like speaker videos. Yeah, I prepare myself for it. – You’re a great intern, Casey.

100 thoughts on “Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ◄ Early BLACK FRIDAY Deal

  1. Great deal, great dancing! But the music was a little schizophrenic … lol! 😉 Casey, love your bit at the end. You're really very good at this!

  2. just bought the aukey essential oil diffuser for Christmas . I've bought numerous deals & it's been great being alerted to deals I normally wouldn't find on my own.

  3. just so you know….you are popular amongst 6th graders her. my son and one of his friends talks about deals from the deal guy

  4. I feel like an idiot, but I can't figure out where to click to actually purchase the deals that your videos talk about. Please advise. Thanks!

  5. Hey Matt what's your favorite speaker for a kitchen/ living room? We don't have a stereo hooked up any more and want something for while cooking or cleaning

  6. Cute little speakers that are very tough. These are probably a better deal than the bamboo ones, right Matt? But the Bamboo speakers look real nice and I imagine that their sound quality is better at almost twice the price: $90 compared to $50. I'm trying to decide between the two. This speaker would probably work better in my car since my car isn't equipped.

  7. Those are EXACTLY what I'm looking for! A speaker I can take camping, drop it off a cliff into a lake and still hear my music. Seriously, I'm gonna buy this deal.

  8. Such mayhem with all the loud music, slamming and drenching water…love it! Perfect preparation for the holidays! Thanks for rockin' our world!

  9. I watched this video again because I'm on the fence between this speaker and the lighted alarm clock one…I just noticed that Matt scared the bejeezus out of poor Casey – you need to warn her next time … LOL

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