Watts of Occasions Christmas Card

Watts of Occasions Christmas Card

hi thanks for joining me this is angie at
chic n stretch this is the card we’re making today here are the supplies crumb
cake card stock eight and a half by five and a half cherry cobbler cardstock that
measures four and a half by three and a half crumb cake again four and a quarter
by three and a quarter and then we’ve got scraps of whisper white and cherry
cobbler for our breathing right here in our circles I’ve got a doily here
don’t forget head over to my website leave a comment enter to win the kit
we’ve already cut out our major little bow there and it does include a whisper
white envelope the stamp set that we’re using is what of occasions and last week
in my newsletter actually I think I sent it over the weekend I mentioned that I
was going to be sharing a card similar to the one I was sending to my
newsletter subscribers so this was my the card you guys got last week with a
warm up card this is the card that I finally decided that I liked the most
that other one had a lot more layers of what I’m what I normally do I like them
both but this one is to minus a few I think it’s minus two layers okay I’m
going to score this at four and a quarter I just noticed I have garden
green ink on my finger and then fold this over to form the card base next
we’re going to get the Holly embossing folder and we’re going to emboss the
front of a card and then we’re going to emboss this crumb cake later so I’m
going to go ahead and place that in there and then all pause the camera for
just a second to get the big shot okay so here’s the big shot and then we’ve
got the big shot at form I’m going to take the embossing folder and layer it
in between these two cutting pads and run it through I’m going to take that people out and
get my card base because we want to invoke you to plow so let me just get
this out of the way for a second okay so here’s my fun of my card and I just want
to make sure that I’m centering it on there that looks pretty good so this
time we’re going to position it like this push another cutting pad on top okay so there we have it
isn’t it beautiful let me fold this back over again this is going to get attached
here but we first want to do some spongy so I’m going to take one of our sponges
with the con cake ink I’m going to also go ahead and punch the face of a card okay we’ll set that aside for just a
second and go ahead and attach this and get my snail this is going to get attached with
dimensional just going to put one in each corner now let’s attach our doily
just used in some liquid glue you can use your favorite adhesive and I’m just
going to place it right in the middle I love the doilies
okay now let’s stamp our greeting we’re using cherry cobbler ink and I think I
already told you it was the watts of occasion stamp set I promised everyone
that ordered this set that I was going to continue using it because I do really
love it just something about those light bulbs okay I’m cutting out the cherry
cobbler with the two inch circle punch and then I’m going to cut the greeting
out with a 1 and 3/4 circle punch while that’s drying I’m going to go ahead and
tie my bow with linen thread I’m taking two pieces to make a little bow we might have to make it smaller in just
a minute now that this is dry let’s go ahead and sponge the edges okay this is
going to get popped up with a dimensional I almost said glue dot okay
here’s no card when I put that on a little crooked
because my segment of noise and then just going to get attached just with
snail I should have used the liquid going it works a little bit better in
the house okay and now for our little bow I do want to trim it just a tad and then make the little bow a little
puffier and we’re going to add it with a glue dot set the paper piercer right
here I’m just going to pick it up and just kind of wad it up a tad and then
place it exactly where I want it and then add my bow sometimes when I go to
pick up the bow with the glue dot it unties my bow so that’s why I use the
paper piercer this time okay so then are they both are cute
aren’t they don’t forget head over to my website
leave a comment enter to win the kit have a great day bye

18 thoughts on “Watts of Occasions Christmas Card

  1. I like the doily addition. It mimics a snowflake, but is much softer looking. I love Cherry Cobbler and Crumb Cake together. I was also happy to see the jute bow and no additional rhinestones or sequins. The simplicity of the card is striking as it is. Nicely done!

  2. Love this! Not only is it beautiful, but it uses my favorite color, Cherry Cobbler, and my favorite embellishment, a doily, in a classic (but easy!) design.

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