100 thoughts on “We Shot The Ultimate Photoshoot With Our Cats • Ladylike

  1. Ultimately all three of them totally pulled off each of their unique visions…great job to 3 beautiful ladies and 4 purrfect kitterbots!

  2. “She’s almost a year… realised something oh wait she is a year” that just got me laughing 😂

  3. My cat would freaking murder me like she would’ve liked die first and Fridays like Claire jacket she would like to bite my face

  4. For Christmas my mom bought me and my 3 full sisters, and my half sisters if they were there, matching pj's and then forced us to take a picture in them.

  5. You girls sound like doting mothers… it’s adorable! As a cat person myself I loved this video. Thanks!

  6. Chantel has such a beautiful smile!! I know her signature look is the fierce stare but her smile is so nice

  7. Chantel dressed like that reminds me of the Ballad Of Mona Lisa, music video by Panic! At The Disco. But such in a good way! She looks like Brendon!

  8. It be kinda cool to see people wear steam punk outfits for a day around the off and outside to see how people will react to them wearing that type of style.

  9. The reason why most of the cats didn't behave is because of the camera flashes (even though shiny or bright objects can attract cats). Due to the camera flashes that happened quite regularly, the cats were spooked and didn't want to to endure any more pictures. Professional photographers, please be aware of this. Camera flashes can blind people as well as any animals, and because animals have way better senses than humans do the results of camera flashes can be way worse. I am not putting anyone down (or even trying to), I just want more people to be aware of this. My cat was permanently blinded by a camera flash and died a few days later due to the amount of stress that was put onto her.

  10. It looked like it was bring your kids to work day.
    Also all you guys did amazing on the photoshoots!! Lol

  11. I want one of each of those cards…i love them…I WANT TO SEE THE KITTIES!!!THEY'RE ADORABLE

  12. My cat would just sit through all this be the most laid back and adorable Flerken ever, wear whatever look all regal, and stare at the camra.

  13. I still can't get over the fact that I wished Freddie had used a faux fur jacket and a leather sofa, t could have looked cool.

  14. I wonder what type of cat Freddie’s is. She looks like my cat and she’s really small for a one year old, but my cat was really small at one too. Also the type of cat we think she is becomes fully grown at 5 years, and my cat has been growing so much!

  15. Roberta is a sweet diva, James is a cute floof boi, Mars is a darling good boi, and Bones is the dramatic elegant boi.

  16. Now I wanna do this with snuffles but there is no way he will let me hold him, he will probably lay in my lap or by my side, or he will just be standing up against my legs rubbing on them.

  17. I think they should make a mini series called “Ladylike next top model” and put real tyra banks and ashley graham in that series 💕

  18. The girls: Omg this is so much fun! Good boy!

  19. When the girl asked Roberta if she’s ready and she let out that lil airy meow I decided that Roberta owns all of my uwus

  20. Can you imagine the impression the fur kids will have of their Mum’s work after this? “What do you mean you had a hard day at work? You just sit around all day & have flashy lights go off”

  21. My husband and i do family photos with our cat and dog every year and even took them for santa photos but the most extra was doing wedding pictures with them lol

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