We Snuck Into Santa’s Christmas Toy Bag and Went to the North Pole!

[Alarm buzzes] [Excited gasping] [Bells and piano music] [Gasping] Yes! It’s midnight, it’s midnight! Kaden, Kaden, it’s
midnight, it’s midnight! It’s Christmas! [Gasping] It’s Christmas! [Excited yelling] Let’s sneak downstairs
and see if Santa’s come! Shhh. We don’t wanna wake anybody up. [Happy music] [Door closes] [Footsteps] [Excited whispering] [Clattering of presents] It looks like these presents
are from Mom and Dad. Looks like Santa hasn’t come yet. [Gasps] Who’s that one for? “To Santa, from Jazzy and Kalia.” To Santa?! [Gasping] Boys, what are you guys doing awake? Yeah, you have to go back to sleep! What!? What are you guys doing
in that giant present box? Santa gives presents fer
everyone in the whole wide world. But, no one ever gives Santa any presents. Kalia and I, want to give Santa
a special present this year. A present? Yeah, it’s time somebody
thought of him for a change. Okay, but what are you
doing in that giant box? We want to see Santa’s face
when he opens our present. And, maybe get mailed to the North Pole, at the exact same time. Mailed? We mailed ourselves to
Disneyland, and Hawaii, so why not the north pole? But Santa’s not the mailman. But, he is the best delivery
guy in the whole wide world. Yup! So it could work. [Gasps] Can we come, too? There’s not enough room for you guys. Let’s wrap our own big box. Great idea! ‘K, we’ve got our own big box now. And I got our backpack. And I even got a present for Santa. [Clattering]
[Jingle of bells] [Footsteps on roof]
Is that Santa? I don’t know, but everybody hide. [Jingling of bells] Wait Kaden, take this walkie-talkie. [Jingling of bells] Ho, ho, ho, ho! [Gasp] It’s Santa, it’s Santa! Shhh. He’ll hear you! [Whooshing] Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooo! [Box clattering] What’s this? For me? Oh, these sweet kids. That’s so thoughtful! Oh my, oh my, oh my! I’ll open these presents
back up at the North Pole! [Gasp] It’s working, it’s working! I know! I’ll put ’em in the sleigh! [Magic bells jingling] [Chiming] I know! We’re gonna go to the North Pole! [High five] [Magic bells jingling] I think he’s putting us in his bag! Wow! Oh my, oh my, oh my. I’m so excited! [Bells jingling]
Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooo! Merry Christmas! [Whooshing] Boys, are you there? Over. Hi girls. We made it, we made it. We’re in Santa’s sleigh! Ho, ho, ho, ho, hoooo! [Upbeat music] Hey girls, what did
you get for Santa? Uh, we’re not telling, it’s supposed to be a surprise! She says it’s a surprise,
I wonder what it is… [Giggles] It’s Kyler, it’s Kyler! Kyler, what are you doing? He’s having a dance party! [Upbeat music]
[Baby cooing] He must’ve woke up! I don’t think Mom and Dad are there. Kyler, we’re having a dance party, too! Dance party! [Upbeat music] Whoa! Hi Kyler, this is Jack. Merry Christmas! We’re so sorry we left you behind. We’re on our way to the North Pole. And, were about to be there,
and we’re gonna meet Santa. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!
[Jingling bells] Awww! He’s singing to us! Let’s sing back to him. ♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way! ♪ I wanna know where we are. Good thing I brought the periscope! Found it. Where are we, where are we? Let’s check. [Thunk] ‘K. Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooo! Wanna look? [Jingling bells] Hey Jack, what did you pack? The girls brought a gift to Santa, I wanted to give him a gift too. [clattering of box] It’s Legos! Let’s build it, dude! You got some Christmas Legos. Okay, let’s build it. C’mon. Let’s work together. We’re passing Disneyland. Ooh. Hi girls! What are you up to now? We’re passing Disneyland! Hey Jack, they have a periscope! They said we just passed Disneyland! Where are we now? I think we’re in New York City. Boys, did you hear that! We’re in New York City! Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooo! Look, we just flew by Times Square. Santa flies so fast. I know! [In unison]
Santa’s gonna love this. [In unison]
Jinx! [In unison]
Jinx again! [In unison]
JINX AGAIN! Can you believe we’re inside his sleigh? I see a sparkly tower. No, really!? Can I see? Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooooo! Kalia, you spotted the Eiffel Tower! I’m so exited to give Santa a gift. He works so hard, he totally deserves it! [Energetic music] ‘K, look at what I packed. My dolly! Boys, we’re playing with our dolls. What? They’re playing with dolls? Oh, that’s boring. My dolly want’s to look outside. [Jingling of bells] A Christmas tree. You brought a Christmas tree? Yeah! You wanna know what else I brought? [Clattering of ornaments] Ornaments! Let’s do it! [Fun music] Look, I found a ballerina. [In unison]
Whoa! It’s looking way cooler. K, now we practically have, the fireplace in there.
No, no I– You think we’re almost
to Santa’s workshop? We’ll we are. K, last piece. Yay, it’s done! I’m gonna give this to Santa, ‘k? Look at what I got you. [Squeaking lid] [crinkling of paper.] A coloring book! Thank you Jasmine, I love it! [Crinkling of paper] Okay. I hope Santa loves it! Hey Kaden, I found our stockings! Ooh! That has our stuff in it! What the, is this? Whoa! I took these off the fireplace
before we got in our present. Look at all the candy Santa gave us! Yum!
Yum! [In unison]
Thanks Santa! Jazzy I got your a present, too. You did? Here you go. [Tin opens] No way! You got me an iPod? Oh my goodness! And you downloaded games for me? I had to do a lot of
dishes to earn that money. Thank you! [Grunt] Hey Kaden, I wrapped a present for you. I brought a present for you, too. [Boxes clatter] I cannot wait
to see. What is it? Yes! Oh! It’s a Magic Eight Ball? Ooh, I wanna see it. Um, is Santa real? “You may rely on it!” Can Santa really fly over the
whole world in one night? “Most likely!” [Boxes rustle] [Gasp] I think we’re landing. Are we landing? Yup, we’re landing. Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooo! Ohhh! Feels so good to be home. Ho, ho, ho! [Bells jingling] Another successful Christmas. We got presents once
again, to the whole world! I better double check the
nice list to make sure, that I got everything right, and I didn’t miss anyone. I think I got everyone. [Heavy sigh] I think I can finally rest. We’re here, we’re here! Shh, Santa will hear us! Should we see if it’s safe
to get out of the box. [Snoring] I think I hear Santa snoring. Do you think he’s asleep? [Jingling of magic bells] Shhh, let’s get out and look. [More magic bells ringing] Hey girls, we’re ready to get out. Are you? Yup, they’re ready. Ready, three, two, one. Shhh. I think he’s asleep. I can’t wait to meet Santa. Should we get out of the box? Yeah, lets go. [Grunting] What’s that on his lap? I bet it’s his nice list. Let’s make sure we’re on it! [Playful Christmas music] [Paper crinkles] Jack.
Yes! Jasmine.
Yes! Kaden.
Yes! Kalia. Yeah, yay! [Gasp] A candy cane! No, Kalia, no, no!
We don’t want to– No. Well, Kalia! What are you doing here? [Gasping] Oh! And all of you are here, too! Please don’t be upset,
we brought you a present! Do you mean those big presents, wrapped by your tree? Well, we were inside of those, but we brought you this. Oh! And we brought these also. Oh my! It’s not often that I get presents. What generous children you are. May I open them? Oh! Did you make it? This is so you would
always remember this night! We came to your house
and gave you a present. I love it! What a beautiful job you did! Santa, will you open my present? Oh, it’s beautiful! What a beautiful and precious gift! It’s beautiful. Move that right there. Can you guys help me put this together? Assemble it? There, yeah. [Rustling] Don’t forget the baby Jesus. [Instrumental Christmas music] Did you know that it was the Christ child that inspired me to become Santa? Really? He gave us everything. “For God so loved the world,” “He gave us His only begotten son,” “That whosever believes in Him,” “May not perish,” “But have everlasting life.” And that’s the true meaning of Christmas. And this perfect child, the baby Jesus, is all about love. That’s the true spirit of Christmas. There are so many children,
with nothing in this world, and I try to brighten their
lives with the gifts I bring. And now, you have brightened mine. Should we sing a Christmas song? Yeah! How ’bout “Silent Night?” ♪ Silent night ♪ ♪ Holy night ♪ ♪ All is calm ♪ ♪ All is bright ♪ ♪ Round yon virgin ♪ ♪ Mother and child ♪ ♪ Sleep in heavenly peace ♪ ♪ Sleep in heavenly peace ♪ [Children] We love you Santa! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! [Happily laughs] Thank you for being Christ like, and bringing me such a special gift, on the night of His birth! Now how ’bout the milk and cookies! [Children] Yay! [Happy playful music] Thank you!
You’re welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. Santa could we ask you some questions. You betcha! How do reindeer fly? Do you remember the little magic bells that were on my bag? There’re some of those bells on the sleigh, and Rudolf is in charge of them and they help them fly. Oh! Now I get it! How do you fly around
the world in one night? It’s magic. And I also fly really fast, so I always try to stay ahead of the sun. Oh, I get it! May I have some milk, please, Santa? Yes! Santa I have a question. What does the star on
top of the tree mean? Well, that’s the North Star. And it was above baby
Jesus when He was born. And it guided the Wise
Men, and let all of the people, living then know that our Savior was born. Merry Christmas! Make sure to like and subscribe! And hit that bell for notifications! Comment below! And tell us what you want for Christmas. Smash that like button. We’ll see you guys next time! And always believe! Merry Christmas! [Happy music]

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