Weirdest Misheard Christmas Lyrics Of All Time

(guitar strumming) – What? ♫ Hey ♫ (elves screaming) – Santa, what are you doing? – Chris, I’ve been gay for
a while, you know this. It wasn’t just last year. – Alright well, I’ll go
give this to someone else. – Yeah, I’d suggest that. – [Chris] I hate Christmas! – Ho ho ho! (shouting indistinctly) – Like a mother (beep) goat honey, you look crazy! Can you even fly with those thighs? Look at that nose, can’t even
light up a god (beep) fridge! I’m Olive, bitch! – Oooh, sleigh. (sleigh bells ringing) Sleigh, think about it. (laughing) (wretching) – [Girl] Whoa! (objects clattering) (groaning) ♫ My wish come true ♫ Baby ♫ All I want for Christmas is ♫ Food baby – Merry Christmas! – Happy Hanukkah! – Happy New Year! – And chicken and rice! ♫ Chicken and rice, chicken and rice ♫ Chicken and rice, chicken and rice ♫ (singing indistinctly)

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